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This new wood is great! I've been making some stronger fishing rods, anybody want one? My prices are very reasonable I assure you.

Edit - another Voice post a few hours later:

Hey, any Engineers available? The Rangers are asking for a bulk job on the new rods, and it's hard to manage on my own. I could use some help. We'll split the profits, of course.
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[Levi has it set up so his Warp Band's video is facing the stove of his little apartment. He's on the other side, staring the camera down. There's a fry pan on the burner (not turned on, but it's hard to tell with the black and white feed,) and he's holding and egg over it. The Pokemon egg he got from the Breeding Center after the earthquakes.]

[It's trembling and there's cracking noises from the inside, glowing a little bit at the cracks that are slowly appearing. Obviously, whatever Pokemon is inside it is about to hatch and needs a little bit of help from Levi. He's obviously helping a lot. He gives the camera a sharp look, his eyebrows furrowing as he glares furiously, and gives the egg a rap of his talon claws. A visible crack appears and the egg starts to open at the bottom. He's holding it about a half a foot above the pan, so it's not a very long fall.]

[Still, when the Pokemon suddenly slides free of the egg with a sharp baby cry, it splats against the frying pan with a loud slapping noise. Levi swears a little... but only because its made a huge mess in his otherwise spotless kitchen. All for a dumb joke. The newly born Goomy burbles and slowly rights itself from the inside of the pan, purring up at Levi and drooling.]

Shit. I wasn't countin' on it being as messy as a fucking egg. I was gonna make a dumb breakfast joke too... What the fuck are you, anyway?
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[The egg had hatched some time last night, a little baby Eevee.. Bertholdt hadn’t been there for his birth, and the morning after turned into a wild goose chase to find this eevee, but all in all the tiny thing was eventually cuddled up in some warm blankets and fed.] It seems many of us have had hatching as of late..

…Does anyone have advice for young, fragile, baby pokemon?

[Bertholdt knows a lot about pokemon, he can tell you the facts and recite a book of information to you. Take care of pokemon in their childhoods or adolescents but.. a baby? Just hatched baby pokemon? He’s a little worried and has been since getting his egg.

Any advice is good advice.. ]

closed action; (posting order bertholdt -> eren -> levi;)

[Little to Bertholdt’s knowledge Eren and Levi were about to take more self-taught flying lesson today, meeting up with the Ranger after work as they discussed their days. Well, Eren discussed things, Levi just scowled like usual and called him a shitty brat and the world continued to go round.

What made today different for the tall, sweaty, teen was his pokemon of choice to today’s exterior patrol. On Wednesdays most of the other guardsmen never saw one another till the end of the day so what better time to give Larvitar some breathing room than now? The pokemon didn’t seem to get along well with humans, Bertholdt didn’t blame him..]
Today was nice, wasn’t it? Who Sunny Day are we under do you wonder?

[The pokemon has grown a little closer to Bertholdt, showing off his lazy nature just letting the other carry him and agreeing tiredly -- defiantly nap time.]
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[After the expedition to the mountain, things had seemed to settle... at least for a moment. Levi had taken the time to come home, have a couple drinks and relax on his weekend off..... Wait a minute, of course he didn't get to do any of those things. That meant people didn't bother him or that people treated him like a normal person. Neither of those things ever happened.]

private to Eren and Erwin )
[Sunday C - Everyone]

[It seems Levi has finally gotten some peace and quiet. He's in a park near the Pokemon Habitat again, but this time he's alone. He's lounging back on a tree swing put in by the recreations office and hogging the whole thing to himself. He may or may not have dozed off while trying to read the newspaper, which is fallen down against his legs. Bug is resting on his chest, cleaning him a little but only managing to get a gooey bug spot on his friend's nice shirt. Levi's free to talk to, if you dare wake him up....]

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