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It's the morning of the 19th and it's clear even to the inexperienced traveler that the city has a different air to it. If it wasn't the atmosphere that got them, then the stalls lining the streets would. Many people are still working on getting set up for the night festival, but the stalls that are complete are lining many corners and they are filled to the brim with bright colors. From afar, the streets look like someone threw a rainbow of paint across the city.

They haven't seen anything yet.

It's not yet time for the festivities so any visitors are free to wander the streets. The natives seem to be delighted if amused at all the people interested in the holiday and are happy to sell anyone as much colored powder as they want. They are glad to explain the fascinating origins of the holiday or even talk shop about what they're planning to show off later in the night. It seems that not even the gloom and unease that might have rolled into town with Union has caused these people to falter with their grandest tradition.

Sometime close to noon is when things change. The natives all kind of stop what they're doing. The colored stalls start to close up and everyone looks tense. Those who visited last year might take this as their cue to get ready.

A long, rattling trumpet sound rings through the streets and that is when all hell breaks loose.

It's every person and pokemon for themselves. Have fun everyone.

[Ooc: Feel free to make your own top levels in addition to using the prompts below! Have fun guys!]
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[Maka's focus when the video opens is on her Meowstic, Stella, who seems very alert as if searching for something. The Pokemon's ears raise up slightly (but don't unfold) and her gaze shifts restlessly all around.]

This is the fourth week she's brought me out here. I have no idea what she's looking for, it's not like we're training, she's just looking for something.

[A pause while Maka turns the band onto herself, looking perplexed.]

It's kind of dumb that she can "see" things I can't despite both of us being Psychic types. What kind of Psychic type can't foresee anything, right? [Maka you're also a Fairy type and even so, you don't actually want to foresee at all.] I wish she'd tell me what we're looking for instead of just dragging me off without a single word.

[Cats, even when they're imbued with abomination powers they never change. The message ends there and Maka goes back to trying to find whatever they're after.]
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As discussions branch and mount in Union about how to handle Gigas's diplomatic overtures, news of a more pleasant variety reaches the city from Glacier. Although still rebuilding from their own city's far more disastrous dragon attack, the people have banded together to host "The Thawing", their annual celebration of the coming of spring. In appreciation of all Union has done for them, all citizens of that city are invited - encouraged, even - to attend. Glacier has its own pride, after all. It would like to show its new allies what it looks like at its best.

Just...don't expect to go without a sweater or a jacket. The city may be "thawing", but that doesn't mean it's warm.
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[The Rei that comes on the video feed today is not her usual self.  She looks drained, tired, older somehow, and every bit as somber as always.  There’s a pinched quality to her eyes, a faint hint of makeup used, and her outfit is the most formal kimono she owns.  Black, decorated in with scarlet and gold, a ceremonial Hino family head’s attire.  To those that are familiar with her family customs, or with Rei herself, there’s only one reason she’d bother to put on this outfit. Her voice is firm, steady, and obviously practiced, a Gardevoir at her side bowing to the camera.  But there are still cracks in her mask, little bits of her composure falling away.]

People of Union, I come before you today with more ill tidings.  As many of you know, my father, Councilman Takashi Hino, has been missing since the attacks upon our city.  I regretfully need to announce that late last night, his body was found in the ruins of a collapsed tower.   He has passed on from this world and into the next.

[Rei breathes in, breathes out, clearly trying to steady herself.]

His aide, Kaido Furukawa will temporarily assume Councilman Hino’s duties to the Council until arrangements for a replacement can be made.  However, despite his illustrious political career, he is not a Hino.  Therefore it falls to me to take his place as the head of the Hino Family, and as of now I will assume those responsibilities.  My residence will remain Hikawa Shrine in the Ninetales Vale, but all Hino family business will be carried out at the Hino estate.

[The Gardevoir bows again, passing Rei a notepad.  She taps it, and for the first time a smile graces her lips.]

However, I will also be organizing and funding a new charity organization and diverting some of the family capital towards funding it and rebuilding the city of Union.  Details on that will come later, but do be advised that I will not be entertaining offers of new business ventures at this time.  If you have preexisting business agreements with us, I will continue to honor them, as that would be my Father’s wishes.

Moreover, and on a more personal note, I will welcome visitors at the shrine, both human and Pokemon alike.  An open ceremony will be held in the Noble Quarter for my Father’s burial this evening.  All who wish to attend are welcome to do so.

[What she does not say is that she’s not attending, though she assumes anyone that knows her will already understand that.]

Thank you for your time.

[She closes out the feed and will not be taking calls for the remainder of the day.  Anyone wishing to talk should simply visit her via action threads.]
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The warriors of Union fought hard, and in the end, victory was their reward. Seeing the battle lost, the fanatics of the Elite Four fled into the night, those that were not killed or captured of course. Sveta was nowhere to be seen, nor was her mysterious companion, and as its rage was reaching its peak, the mighty Dragon simply vanished in a blaze of energy, recalled by its trainer but not before slamming the mysterious red dragon into another tower for good measure.

As quickly as they had come, the gods of Union vanished, leaving behind the ruined, devastated city. What was once panic has subsided to a quiet shock and horror as the dead and wounded are gathered and people try to find out what was damaged and if their family and friends are still among the living.

While the damage is great, the defenders of Union can take heart in the fact that it could have been much, much worse. The habitat suffered a major blow with a great hole blasted into it, but it is otherwise undamaged and salvageable. The forge likewise had one smithy station destroyed from a divine claw smite, but is otherwise unscathed. The signal tower took moderate damage from the initial attack, but it is reparable, given time. The biggest toll, however, is on that of the people. The Residential District, as well as parts of the Entertainment district lie in tatters. Several towers are gutted, and a few even fell completely, many of the citizens inside them trapped and unable to escape. In all, the death toll numbers around 700, with at least 1,000 wounded, and is expected to rise as rescuers desperately comb the wreckage in search of survivors. Never before has Union lost so many of its citizens, never before has such suffering and violence come to Union. People are afraid, they are angry, but, in the true spirit of Union, they are banding together. The City of Union has survived. But it will never be the same.
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[Gordon hasn't been out and about quite as much this past month, and, when he has been spotted around town, it's typically with his family. There's no red haired youths in evidence today, though, unless one counts a Growlithe.]

[The elderly man wears his old jacket, the one without the protective enchantments and no special features beyond just being rather good at keeping one warm. His breath clouds as he walks his pokemon, the Growlithe staying close at Gordon's side, while a silver Eevee bounds ahead, inspecting this and that, bothering any pokémon they happen to come across.]

Hey, watcha doin? Wanna wrestle? I'm real good at wrestling! I'll show you! Come on!

Buddy, don't bother people.
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I got a Pokemon.

[There's no preamble. Vin is just broadcasting and immediately talking, now that she understands how this thing works. She stares down at the Warp Band.]

I'm not sure if I'm doing it right. Watch.

[She pulls back, to show her first (and only) Pokemon: a big, hulking Mightyena. It glares at the Warp Band with baleful eyes... and growls.]

Soonie, sit.

[He growls.]

Soonie, come.

[...He growls.]

Soonie, have an existential crisis.

[... ...He growls. Vin looks back down at the Warp Band.] I think I'm missing something.
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[Today when Rei addresses the Warp Band, it's in her most formal attire, her clothing perfectly pressed and everything about her as positively lovely as can be. It's important to her to present this face to Union, for both of them. And for her family name. She didn't care much about how her father perceived it, but she didn't want to make trouble within the Council either. It might make things harder on Ninetales Vale, and she couldn't have that. She had responsibilities, and she had her reasons, and to be honest? She wanted to look good for the announcement.

Clearing her throat, hands folded out of view, Rei speaks in a solemn voice.]

Good afternoon, everyone. This is Rei Hino, High Priestess of Hikawa Shrine and daughter-heir of Councilman Takashi Hino. I know it's been some time since I actually broadcast anything, but something happened to me a few days ago. I've been trying to process all of it, to sort out my thoughts. As many of you know, Ami Mizuno and I have been courting one other for some time now.

[She takes a breath, lets it out, and stares significantly at the camera.]

That chapter of our lives has now come to a close. We are no longer dating.

[Lowering her eyes, Rei smiles a wispy little smile and raises her hand to show off a ring.]

We are engaged to be married, and plan to do so within the next year. I want to thank each and every one of you for your support during our courtship, and for your continued support during the transition. It brings joy to my heart knowing that some of you took time out of your day to help her with her proposal plan.

[Her eyes flick up, her lips peeling back in the happiest smile she's ever given in any sort of public appearance. It's as much a dig at a certain someone as it is an expression of genuine delight.]

Thank you for listening, and Happy Salvation to all of you.

[Closing down the feed, Rei lets out a breath and awaits the inevitable flood of visitors, neighbors and callers. It's going to be a busy day.]

((ooc: Ami may threadjack threads here and there, and Rei can be found in Hikawa Shrine if you'd prefer in person interactions.))
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All across Union, its citizens prepared to ring in the Salvation holiday with cheer. Dedicated to their beloved Savior, many of the houses were decorated with garlands, ornaments and other fineries in preparation for this truly special holiday, and while it had been uncharacteristically cold the last few days, not a single flake of snow had fallen. Children eager to start the festivities the following day did their best to stay up in the hopes of possibly catching a glimpse of one of the Delibirds they saw the previous night. However, try as they might, the late night would get the better of them, and soon the city was asleep, nestled warm in their beds, dreaming of parties and presents, candies and cakes.

As they slept, the first snow began to fall, snowflakes silently dancing through the night sky, dusting rooftops and covering sidewalks in pearly white. It would seem that a Salvation miracle was at work in Union that night. The streets were empty, save for a young woman and Pokémon, scarcely visible even in the lamplights. Her steps made no sound, even in the accumulating snow, and she left no footprints, the strange Pokémon by her side taking the time to peer into every window.

Should anyone wake during this peaceful snowfall, they might find the young woman and her companion in their room, transparent as a fog, a placid smile on her face. She did not speak, but simply smiled warmly, almost maternally, before disappearing from view.

When dawn finally broke, the people of Union would find a simple gift within their home, rested alongside a familiar note. The snow from last night coated buildings, streets, and sidewalks, blanketing the city in white and shimmering in the gentle, early morning light.

((OoC: This is a Salvation Mingle Log for all characters. There are decorations and the like in various squares for celebration around Union, so feel free to tag around!))
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The rescuers have been allowed a night's rest following their arrival on the outskirts of Glacier. Though there is ample evidence of their enemy's presence in the form of burning buildings and ruined settlements, the creature itself appears to have wandered off briefly to wreak havoc in a different corner of the frozen tundra. Or perhaps it was taking a brief siesta following so much exertion - murder and destruction was tiring work. Whatever the case, it seems to be an opportune time to descend into the city and assist those remaining there.

If they are brave, they might even try to take back the city itself. But the primary goal, of course, is to save as many people as possible before the great dragon returned.

The few people of Glacier who had guided them this far point out the less-traveled paths by which it may be possible to enter the city unnoticed. It is determined that they will fan out in groups, both in search of survivors and in search of the companions of the dragon who had so effectively laid waste to the city. Perhaps they might still gain the upper hand.

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When responding, please list the Pokemon your character is bringing with them.

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[It's a lengthy journey even by air, that our intrepid heroes find themselves on. The veteran fliers set a quick, but not grueling pace at the suggestion of the Valkyries. Arriving to a battleground when a god had taken the field tired was not wise, they'd said, and who could really blame them? The prospect alone of facing down one of the beasts of legend would be enough to send most men fleeing in the opposite direction, but one who was working with a human? That was all the more reason to make sure that proper care was taken on the trek. And so for a day the party traveled, a caravan of birds, dragons, reptiles and the odd flying robot making steady time across the Rolling Plains before setting down at the north-eastern edge.

The curious would find that not far from where the tents were pitched, the green hills turned jagged, the land going from verdant to a sea of dark glass. Obsidian shards spiked upwards, spires gleaming in the moonlight like razor sharp teeth, setting an ominous tone for the evening's respite. Tents were pitched, fires were lit, and the more warlike companions even began a drum circle and dance. Valkyries and shirtless Calderan volunteers, a small number of visiting mages, and other more mysterious folks all curious to see the god and to help with the relief efforts. The camp, despite the circumstances, was at least a lively one.

And then came the final day.

Over the Obsidian Flats they went, the massive shapes of Boldore and Tyranitar visible even from up in the sky. And...further perhaps even more stunningly, a gigantic lake almost large enough to call an inland sea, sprawled out below. Rivers snaked out of it all around, and the water itself was a pure crystal blue. But perhaps the most awe inspiring sight of the whole journey came once they cleared the Flats and the area around Glacier came into view. An expanse of white, thick snow covering the ground this early in the year. Arctic forests cropped up here and there, snowcapped trees and a frigid looking river marring the perfect canvas beneath. And more Pokemon , of course. Gigantic Avalugg shook the ground below, and a new species plodded along, chewing amiably on the trees, largely unconcerned by the humans overhead, and the occurrences in the distance.

Along the coast a city was in flames, people streaming out of its ruined gates, desperately fleeing along the rivers before whatever it was came back. Smoke curled up along the skyline, burned hamlets and outlying settlements that'd already been destroyed.

It seems like they weren't too late, and it in the moment of respite there was a chance for our heroes to at least get their bearings and prepare for the Dragon God's return...]

[OOC: We will be opening some of these areas for bonding within the next few days for everyone who is taking part in the expedition.]
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Who: Ami Mizuno and Friends
What: A very special birthday party!
When: September 10th
Where: Union, Hikawa Shrine

[It'd been a lot of effort to get all of this together, but secrecy was basically impossible so Rei and company had given up on making Ami's birthday party a surprise one. She was just too sharp, and it would've taken the poker face of a Rock type to manage any sort of secrets from her, so Rei'd just convinced Aurora and Madame Curie to get her out of the way so they could get things set up without having her fuss too much.

The decor was simple, but fitting. A lot of the flame motifs around the shrine had been covered over with watery patterns, and everything was set up around the central fountain. Soft blue light flooded the late summer twilight as many paper lanterns were covered over with cerulean paper to subtly tint everything the proper shade. Several tables and chairs were set up, one for gifts, one for food, and the remainder for guests to sit and eat. Cheerful music played throughout the courtyard on Rei's phonograph, classical pieces with a bit of modern flare, much like Ami herself.

And the food. Oh, the food. Enlisting the help of friends she'd gotten together quite a spread. Fish, steamed vegetables, dumplings, sweets, soups, a small feast all set out for the taking. There was also a sizable drink selection too. Juices, a few kinds of sodas, an interesting Calderan pepper-drink, and even a few light wines.

Basically, Rei had probably gone a little overboard, but it was a party!

OOC: Assume your character was invited if they have CR in any way with Ami! It's a party! Feel free to tag around and mingle, put up your own top level, however you want!

World Fair

Aug. 22nd, 2015 08:57 pm
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In the week of lead-up to the fair, the whole of Union had been ablaze with excited chatter, industrious preparations, and quite a fair number of new faces. People from all over the known world had begun to trickle in with the announcement, some representatives and workers from each invited civilization, some excited young trainers and travelers, hopeful prizewinners and showboaters, cooks, warriors, clothing designers, and of course a wide variety of Pokemon. You couldn’t look anywhere (even a trash can) without finding somebody new, and every single person was absolutely thrilled to be there.

The World’s Fair, hopefully the first of many, sprawled out across the Entertainment District. Large swathes of the area had been cordoned off for the event, stalls and tables, booths and small shelters set out and erected over the course of the week. Local workers and travelers dug in, working in shifts to get everything together on time. Voices sang out around the grounds, work chants accompanied by the beat of hammers and nails, with every soul pouring their hearts into their tasks. A busy time, certainly, and one fueled by a desire for harmony, profit, and to start off the idea with a bang.

There were, of course, a few noticeable exceptions. The open invitation to Gigas that the Council had so warmly extended had been accepted in due time. Those who numbered themselves amongst that great city were distinguishable by their less than friendly countenances and penchant for taking notes, no doubt analyzing the city of their enemies. One likely familiar face made her appearance partway through the week, disappearing quickly into a tent and remaining indoors for the rest of the preparations.

Come opening day, people had already begun lining up at the entrance, awaiting admission. The queue stretched for blocks and blocks, a serpentine loop of people and Pokemon all eager for a chance to see what this fair was all about. Like everything else surrounding the event, there was a certain buzz to it. Chatter filled the line, questions and queries hanging on everyone’s lips. Did you see that robot? What’s that smell? Did you see that Maxime de la Puffette was planning on unveiling her fall lineup here? Oh! Oh! And there are three idol groups! Risette may even make a performance! and there was another rumor that buzzed through the line as well. Gigas accepted the invitation. And so did some of those people from the Archipelago…

Once inside the grounds proper, a dizzying array of sights, sounds and smells assailed every visitor’s senses. Music blared, machines clinked and clanked, food sizzled on grills, exotic spices wafted down the paths, unusual Pokemon let out cries of surprise and delight, and people ooh and ahhhed. Technological wonders stood out on stages, concerts presented a variety of music in every style imaginable, there were whole areas set aside for nothing but eating and fashion, while martial artists, Pokemon and brawlers duked it out in the various arenas. And above it all, airborne Pokemon soared and wheeled, banking and turning as their riders and egos clashed in a competition of acrobatics and skill. All of this could really only mean one thing, and even if by chance you were a Crustle living under a literal rock, you couldn’t miss it.

An event like nothing held since the Cataclysm, and something wholly unique had begun today, and for one week only. The First World’s Fair!

[OOC: This post is open to all players throughout the next week. Feel free to tag around, start your own top levels, and generally have fun during the fair. Some new and familiar faces will be tagging around as well, and may tag into your threads!]


Aug. 2nd, 2015 08:37 pm
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[The resident shitbird shifter has been relatively quiet as of late, probably recovering from the Day of Fire and appears to be lounging on the roof of Hikawa Shrine when he prods his Warp Band to a video setting. Fluff, his affectionate Sylveon, is draped all about him, and climbs to rest her head atop his as he taps the device.]

So call this a little out of left field, but is Fortune Telling an ability one can be taught?
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[Yuuna's been notably absent from Union for most of the last week. She's had her reasons, mostly a sudden and urgent need for a few days away from it all. She'd taken her Pokemon, Merrill had gotten a goodbye kiss, and that'd been about it. And those few days away? Had been extremely eventful.

The video feed opens to the sight of a bedraggled Yuuna with hair sticking up all over the place, a little grubby from traveling, and with an odd flicker in her eyes. A Politoed's hands visible on the edges of the camera, the little goober holding it so she can speak.]

Sorry I've been gone the last few days, if anyone was worried. Probably should've been better about keeping in touch. I know Right came looking, and that means I probably should've cancelled class and that's on me. Anyone who was expecting lessons? I'll be doing free makeups starting tomorrow. Get in touch and we'll bang out a time.

[She swallows and looks away for a minute.]

I've had some really big things happen though, out in the mountains. Some pretty...crazy...stuff to be honest. [Slowly she steps over the threshold of the city gate, almost like that act in and of itself was important.]

I'm not really sure how to say it. Considering that a lot of people I know had this happen when they were teenagers or kids? I'm not sure it's even that big a deal to most of you, but I figured it wasn't something that would ever happen to me. [She holds up her right fist.] Hell, I can't really say that I'm sure how to even begin to put all this into words. So. I guess I'll just have to show you.

[Closing her eyes she concentrates, visibly relaxing, and her fist begins to glow. Electricity leaps and sparks along her hand.]

I'm not really sure why, but...yeah. I'm definitely not who I was when I left, at least not entirely.

[And then the feed closes down.]

Action Around Union:

[Yuuna spends the next few hours walking from street to street, looking over places, old haunts like cafes, the Dojo, the Theater, the Pokemon Habitat her dad's Workshop in the Industrial District, Ranger HQ, and eventually...home. Friends are more than welcome to stop her. She's just got a lot of stuff on her mind and a lot more to think about ahead of her.]
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[Today’s warp band feed features two individuals, and one massive gigantic grey blob. Friends might recognize Yosuke Hanamura and Yukiko Amagi. And some might even guess that blob is the infamous “Snor-Lord” but then they might also easily not, because really he’s just kind of a dweeb. There’s a serious look in the teenager’s eyes, like they have something incredibly serious to say. And even the infamous outlaw Snorlax seems quieter than usual.]

Hey. So, Yukiko and I sorta had an encounter the other day. Like, one of the divine kind.

[He takes a deep breath.] One of the gods contacted us. And it had some pretty important things to say.

[Yukiko’s head dips as she greets the viewers, and she pushes up her glasses before speaking in an equally solemn voice.]

It was a god named Suicune. It said it was the North Wind. The...Gale that brings the frost. One of the winter gods, I’d guess. It had kinda a lot to say, but it was, mostly because it wanted us to ask questions and not the other way around.

[He nods, looking at her and then back to the feed.]

And the answers we got weren’t exactly good. [She breaks in with a nod.] No, they really weren’t.

[He takes another breath, trying to recall everything to the best of his ability.]

We asked about Gigas, and Sanctuary. Turns out the gods have an opinion on them, too.

[She takes a breath as well, and Snor-Lord’s hands drop down onto both of their shoulders. The big brute leans in between them and grunts.]

It also said a few things about the gods too, and how they think. Like...they definitely are testing us. And they have a reason. But it didn’t say what, and it seemed like it was working for another god. Which I guess points to a kind of hierarchy?

[Snor-Lord nods again and speaks in a serious series of Snors/Laxes/Snorlaxs.]

Yeah, it was also kind of a jerk. Talkin’ about manners like a big lamer.

[Yosuke rolls his shoulder in irritation, not wanting the big pokemon’s hand there.]

Get your paws offa me! Anyway, it was seriously freaky. Especially with what it had to say. But we couldn’t sit here and keep this to ourselves. We’ll be here if anyone’s got any questions.

((ooc: Replies will come from either Yosuke and Yukiko and Snor-Lord, and if you prefer action they’re in one of the residential district parks. If you want a joint thread or one of them specifically, let us know in your header!

Also, order doesn't matter- feel free to boomerang either one of them if the other isn't around! It will help make things go faster :D ))


Jun. 25th, 2015 12:48 pm
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[The focus of the video looks like a small sculpture of a Honedge sitting on top of cloth. Looking closer shows that the sculpture is made of ice and…there's a slight tinge of frost around the picture as well.

The camera shifts as it's picked up and the sculpture too. Maka holds the Warp Band in one hand and sets down the miniature with another.]

Aria, I asked you not to put those on my projects.

[She's speaking to someone off-camera, but right after she does the camera is panned over to a Froslass that seems to be forming another sculpture with…her ice?

This time it's a Gengar, appearing to be leering right at the girl.]

She's been doing this since the solstice…I mean, I appreciate her trying to keep the house cool, but--[She doesn't like that Aria is set on creating creepy sculptures of Ghost types to tease her trainer.] It's freaking Hades out.

[To explain that, Maka pans the camera again over to a Houndoom that seems to be…freaking out just a little at all the ice and chill.]

…And it's getting my projects wet. [Not to mention the ice sculpture of the Gengar is creeping up on her as she's speaking. Once it's close enough, it begins to rub itself against her face.] --Ah! Cut it out, Aria!

[The feed ends there with a ghostly giggle.]
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[The boy on the other end of the feed looks cheerful despite the atmosphere of the city, as they prepare for their assault to reclaim Sanctuary. His voice, however, is a little more somber.]

Yo, I'm Yosuke, Yosuke Hanamura. I just got here a few days ago from Citadel, with my dad. I don't know my way around Union very well yet, and I was looking for a place where I could pick up a pair of kunai or something. I lost mine on the trip here, and I need them for helping Sanctuary get rid of those Gigas creeps.

[Which, sadly, he's really not all that great with. But going in with just his fists doesn't sound like a good idea either. As does him going at all.]

I totally owe you guys one if you can help me out. Peace!


[Have (1) Yosuke Hanamura exploring Union to get a feel for the new town he's going to be living in for a while. A Bidoof trails behind him, looking hungry. It keeps piping up, asking for a snack. Yosuke can't understand it but he does understand that it's asking for food. He turns as he walks, to talk to it-]

Dude, we just ate like twenty minutes ago, how the hell are you still hungry-

[When he stumbles right into a collection of garbage cans and goes face first in one. He seems a little stuck.]
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Who: Merrill, Yuuna, Isabela, Maka, Sinbad
Where: Ruins East of Caldera
When: Early May
What: Exploring some of the ruins.
Warnings: None that I'm aware of!

[A new month, a new adventure. This really was the sort of thing Yuuna lived for. She wasn't a Seeker, true, and she wasn't a treasure hunter, it was just the thrill of the unknown. New places, new Pokemon, new...everything, really. That was what always kept her coming back, and why she'd never fit in with the others at school. She had a disease, she figured. Wanderlust.

And that's why she's pausing outside the entrance to these ruins, looking at the Magnezone with it's magnetic lamp, hand on her hip, just sort of spacing out. After a moment though, she turns to the group.]

Right. New ruins. Stay close, don't wander off, and for the love of the Savior don't pull any levers or switches without discussion. Got it?

[That seemed sensible. Though, the two young Enlightened seemed smart enough to know better anyway...]
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[ action - grassy knoll ]

[ Between having no useful Pokémon and losing her composure upon seeing a god in its full splendor, Haruka had not been at her best during her journey into the past. From the looks of her now, however, she's put that behind her. There are new areas to explore, a new Rhyhorn to send running over rolling hills, green grass to nap upon....

....and a whole clowder of pink kittens roaming all over her recumbent body and meowing loudly while one, sitting apart from them, looks on with disgust. Does her new Trainer have no dignity? No sense of self? This is not what she'd signed on to witness! ]

Hey, hey....

[ Standing next to this display, her new Rhyhorn shakes its head and sneezes. Even its sneezes sparkle. ]

[ audio - locked to divine defense force ]

[ Unwinding aside, important events have transpired. Haruka's tone is appropriately solemn. ]

The gods have returned. Our initial Mission is now complete. From now on, we'll devote ourselves to ensuring the past doesn't repeat itsel--

[ There are some hissing noises, and a bit of static. ]

Oi - not so rough, Skitty - I'm sensitive -

[ The transmission ends rather clumsily with that. ]

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