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Who: Feliks and Fai
What: Recovery fluff, in between events. Sparkly dork boyfriends being obnoxiously couple-y at each other in the comfort of their own home.
Where: The Łukasiewicz family estate, Feliks's room.
When: Backdated to early or mid-February

The night sky is changing overhead... )
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Who: Feliks and Fai
What: Snuggles and catching up
When: After Fai's return, before leaving for the White Dragon event stuff (so like the 26th-27th?)
Where: The medical center in Union

Take every chance you dare, I'll still be there when you come back down. )
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[It's a lengthy journey even by air, that our intrepid heroes find themselves on. The veteran fliers set a quick, but not grueling pace at the suggestion of the Valkyries. Arriving to a battleground when a god had taken the field tired was not wise, they'd said, and who could really blame them? The prospect alone of facing down one of the beasts of legend would be enough to send most men fleeing in the opposite direction, but one who was working with a human? That was all the more reason to make sure that proper care was taken on the trek. And so for a day the party traveled, a caravan of birds, dragons, reptiles and the odd flying robot making steady time across the Rolling Plains before setting down at the north-eastern edge.

The curious would find that not far from where the tents were pitched, the green hills turned jagged, the land going from verdant to a sea of dark glass. Obsidian shards spiked upwards, spires gleaming in the moonlight like razor sharp teeth, setting an ominous tone for the evening's respite. Tents were pitched, fires were lit, and the more warlike companions even began a drum circle and dance. Valkyries and shirtless Calderan volunteers, a small number of visiting mages, and other more mysterious folks all curious to see the god and to help with the relief efforts. The camp, despite the circumstances, was at least a lively one.

And then came the final day.

Over the Obsidian Flats they went, the massive shapes of Boldore and Tyranitar visible even from up in the sky. And...further perhaps even more stunningly, a gigantic lake almost large enough to call an inland sea, sprawled out below. Rivers snaked out of it all around, and the water itself was a pure crystal blue. But perhaps the most awe inspiring sight of the whole journey came once they cleared the Flats and the area around Glacier came into view. An expanse of white, thick snow covering the ground this early in the year. Arctic forests cropped up here and there, snowcapped trees and a frigid looking river marring the perfect canvas beneath. And more Pokemon , of course. Gigantic Avalugg shook the ground below, and a new species plodded along, chewing amiably on the trees, largely unconcerned by the humans overhead, and the occurrences in the distance.

Along the coast a city was in flames, people streaming out of its ruined gates, desperately fleeing along the rivers before whatever it was came back. Smoke curled up along the skyline, burned hamlets and outlying settlements that'd already been destroyed.

It seems like they weren't too late, and it in the moment of respite there was a chance for our heroes to at least get their bearings and prepare for the Dragon God's return...]

[OOC: We will be opening some of these areas for bonding within the next few days for everyone who is taking part in the expedition.]
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[This... is not a Warp Band which has been active - or within range - in a long while. The image is fuzzy and looks somehow grubby, perhaps to be attributed to the fact that the device has spent almost a whole year stuffed into the bottom of a bag.

The young man on the screen, though, doesn't look like he needs any help looking like a mess.

The fair feathers covering his head are ruffled and matted, and on one side of his head they show signs of having been singed by something. What can be seen of his clothes looks like rags and tatters, repaired in places with caterpie silk, woven vines, feathers, wool... all manners of debris. The once-blue gemstone attached to his forehead looks dull, now faded from blue to dirty yellow. From what can be seen of his face and body, he's not only incredibly filthy, but also a large number of meals short of a healthy weight. He has a nasty-looking cut on the left side of his face, running right across his eye, which is swollen and looks infected.

He offers the camera a bleak, apologetic smile, and the chipper tone in his voice sounds incredibly false.]

Hello everyone. I'm, ah- My name is Fai Flourite. I went missing from Union last autumn.

[He shifts a bit. There is a muffled splash followed by the aggravated chattering of a Floette off-camera, and Fai winces.]

I'm currently a bit... stuck. I'm on my way home, but- mm, I don't think I should be Teleporting in a while just yet. Last time I did, I ended up in a swamp. Which, incidentally, is why I'm a bit stuck.

[He attempts a laugh, but it sounds pathetic. He averts his eyes, as if he can't even face the camera. His voice drops into a mumble.]

But I'm coming home. I know I must've worried some people, and... I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.

[And with that, the feed cuts out.]
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[Be glad the medium of video does not come with the extra bonus of smell, because the scent of burnt feathers is definitely nothing for the fainthearted. Nonetheless, the fact that Fai is a bit singed is pretty visible, and he looks rather rueful about life in general.]

Today, children, we have learned that overcoming your fear and bravely doing something you kind of want to do but that you're also terrified of doing is not always a good thing.

That is to say, sometimes you're scared for a very good reason.

[A rather vexed looking Floette is flying around him in circles, several vines protruding from her flower and appearing to try to soothe the singed patches of his skin with wet towels.]

Or, to put it another way, if you're severely claustrophobic and also a Flying type? Don't venture into Magnet Cave just because you're really curious, okay? This brought to you by the lecture I'm sure I'm going to receive on the subject pretty soon.
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[You thought it was going to be a quiet afternoon. But it was me, Dio! As you go about your business around Union, either you'll be accosted by something and/or witness an incident.

It's a Kingler, waving his claws around like he owns the joint. Cause he does. You just don't know it yet.

He also has an eyepatch for reasons. If asked how he got it, he'll wave his claws at you menacingly. BOW DOWN PEONS OR YOU GET THE CLAWS.

Well, that is, if he doesn't fall over when he chases you. The possibility exists and is very real.]


[Also seen around Union: A familiar blond. She appears to be looking for something, and isn't quite paying attention to her surroundings. She seems concerned.]
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[When the feed clicks on, a serpentine body is obscuring most of the camera’s view. There’s a curious peep a split-second later, and then Huzar the Dragonair is leaning back to stare at the Warp Band, head tilted slightly to the side.]

Did we do it? Is it going?

[Blossom, a dainty-looking Leafeon, pads a little bit closer.]

It’s making the noise and the light. That must mean its awake and we can talk to it.


[Huzar beams, but quickly grows more serious, wrapping herself into a coil and narrowing her eyes. Like her trainer, she’s the sort to cut to the chase without much in the way of preamble, or basic etiquette.]

The thing is, we’re worried our mom and dad are trying to replace us.Cut for length, and vague, misinformed discussion of human mating habits! )
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Who: Fai and Yuui
When: Some days after Fai's been cut off.
Where: Their
What: Serious talks are to be had and Yuui might finally have grown some balls.
Warnings: Possible language?


I would be my brother's keeper / I would learn the healer's art. )

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[It's rather widely known by now, at least among the noble families, that some of the Flourites were involved in a very public - and rather loud, when it came to some parts - argument at a dinner party recently. Since Fai was the catalyst, perhaps that's the reason he's looking a bit sheepish.]

My family has kind of decided to cut me off financially, at least for now. [He shrugs lightly, barely looking bothered - almost amused, really, but perhaps also a bit bewildered.] Not as bad as being disowned, and really, it's not that effective since they didn't cut my twin brother.

[He laughs, but then makes a slight grimace, pulling up his knees to rest his chin on them.]

A~ny~way, it still feels a bit strange to live off his money, you know? Which is silly, because I've always lived off my family's money, but I suppose I've never been much for making sense anyway.

The point is, I feel like maybe I should actually get a real job and get money that way instead.

[A hesitation, and now his laughter sounds more embarrassed.]

Except, of course, I have no idea how you do that. Do you just go around asking people until someone says yes, something like that? I'm good at science and math and such things, but I've got no idea how useful that sort of thing is for making money, so maybe I should just focus on more practical skills?

...I must sound pretty strange to normal people, huh? I mean, people who've actually had to take care of themselves properly instead of learning which fork comes first, that sort of thing. But there it is. I'm only really good at being a noble, and that's not much good for anything at all, so I guess I'll just have to learn something new.
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Action: At Magnet Rock )


Uh. Hey, folks.

[And there's Kanji's face on the screen, looking rather proud. Not quite as those who know him might recognise it, though. Zig-zag markings in golden yellow sit at the side of his face, and a small one across his nose. His ears have changed, long and pointed, tipped with the same colour - small nicks out of them look almost like battle scars. Compared to this, the blond colour of his hair's nothing...]

Well... Ain't any hiding it, is there? Been dreamin' about this day since I was a little kid... Always wondered what it'd be like. An' ... [he laughs] here we are. Brand new me, huh?
Feels kinda weird, though. Like I'm gonna break everythin' I touch. How long does this take to get used to?

But... [A slight blush starts to creep onto his face, tinting the ends of his ears.] This is kinda awkward. Could someone warp me, uh. An extra large set a' clothes? Only the set I brought don't, uh, quite fit right now... Ma, if you're watchin' this? Sorry 'bout that, but... ya know.

[He lifts a hand to scratch his head, revealing an arm similarly marked with angular patterns in yellow and black that suggest gloves, and black bands bearing short spiky studs that sit around his wrists.]

Maybe somethin' with wider sleeves, too? Guess I know what I'm doin' next week...
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[It's been almost three weeks now, and Fai is still at a loss. He needs advice. He needs good advice! So of course, he'll turn to a bunch of strangers on the network - well, some friends too, but they don't exactly outweigh the strangers. but hey, at least he can be sure that his family probably won't see it, since they don't spend much time using their Warp Bands nowadays.]

[So have a tousle-feathered teenage boy in an obviously outgrown blue pajama with Poliwags on it. Don't judge.]

O~kay, I have a little question for you people.

Say you have this huge crush on someone and they feel the same about you and everything should be just fine except-

[He takes a deep breath, and when he lets it out you can actually see the drapes in the background fluttering. Stupid wind powers aren't good for much else.]

Except you know your super rich and influential family are going to disapprove. And not 'disapprove' as in think you could do so much better, you shouldn't commit yourself too much at your age, maybe you'll see things differently in a while. I mean more like huge rows and insulting them publicly and you quite possibly getting disowned.

[He makes a small grimace, sighing.]

Especially since you more or less just broke off the engagement with the girl they wanted you to marry.

But the thing is, you have to tell them. So how?
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Who: Fai and Yuui
When: Backdated to the beginning of last week
Where: Around the Ice Rock
What: Twin Glaceons for the twins.
Warnings: None


What differences do you see? )

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[closed to Fai]

It's been a stressful day, actually it's been a pretty stressful week, and coming home from a particularly heated argument with his family all Yuui wants to do is curl up with something hot and sweet to drink, preferable with his twin and/or a good book for company and just relax. Unfortunately, coming in through the door and spotting Fai, this did not seem to be a possibility. Because Fai was moping. Again. Just like he's been doing on and off ever since Feliks had gone off to train on his own. So far Yuui's been mostly fine with it, if you disregard the small stab of jealousy he doesn't seem to be able to completely get rid of, but today with his already frayed nerves he finds that it gets to him more than usual.

Taking a deep breath to calm himself enough so that he won't do something stupid like snap at his brother he rests his back against the front door for a moment before properly entering the apartment. He manages a smile that is just the tiniest bit forced as he begins to prepare some hot chocolate for them both, if Fai is to busy sulking to want any Yuui can always use his portion for a refill.

"You're pining again." He keeps his voice as light as possible, careful to keep the tiredness and annoyance, most of which have nothing to do with Fai really, out of it as much as possible. "When does he return again, so that I can have my sunny, smiling brother back?"


Mar. 4th, 2014 12:00 am
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The 10th day of Team Evolution's visit dawns.

The night before, the Council had sent out another message commenting about their decision concerning the machines. They could not in good faith return any to Team Evolution after what had happened. But in exchange, they would offer an example of Warp Band technology and explain the means by which Union trainers and Pokémon communicate. This particular Warp Band could operate only one way - it could only receive messages directly sent to its particular address. There was no chance of the team being able to tap in to the network.

The Council did not make any comment on the extraordinary events that had occurred the previous day. It seems nobody knew anything about Mega Evolution or what to make of it.

Early on the 10th morning, representatives from the Council could be seen speaking with the leading members of Team Evolution once more, and though Rory appears disappointed, he does not argue overly much. The rest of their team is already in the process of packing up their tents... To the side, Crystal and Sakina can be seen, having reappeared after their unceremonious departure earlier. Crystal stays close by Sakina at all times; the latter seems vaguely disoriented.

Idle talk would have it that they intend to leave before noon. But there is some time for last minute conversations still, though they would necessarily need to be short.

Before departure, Rory has something more to say as well to anyone within earshot.

"We thank you for your hospitality, and we hope that we have given you all something to ponder. I will not belabor our departure by repeating what I said previously, but it is truly our fervent goal that we may build a world where neither humans nor Pokemon need live in fear. If any of you wish to contact us, we have been told that this Warp Band is capable of receiving direct messages. We would be glad to hear from any of you.

"We understand our previous actions caused a great deal of damage within this city. While we can do little to beg your forgiveness, we do wish to leave you with a token of good will."

He will bow, then.

"Perhaps we can agree on one thing - let us hold faith in the bright future of this world!"
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[Closed to Fai.]

Deciding to buy their own apartment had been a good choice even though they had their own floor in the Flourite residence, this place offered a lot more privacy and gave them both the opportunity to relax without having to worry about their patents or the inconvenience that came with staying in hotel rooms. It also gave Yuui the opportunity to cook his own food, the ingredients for which he'd just been out shopping for.

"Hello. I'm back!"

A few pokémon came running towards him as he entered the door, all of them bonded to him, and he neither saw or heard any sign of Fai or any of the pokémon bonded to him which was unusual. Even if Fai had decided to go out it was still odd for all of his pokémon to join him. Oh well, his own overprotective feelings aside Fai was a big boy and could handle himself, and bending down to properly greet everyone he made the decision to try and not worry too much about it. Putting away the groceries, and fixing himself a nice cup of tea, he settles down into the couch to read a book, his baby togepi settled securely in his lap.


Feb. 23rd, 2014 12:09 pm
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With everything going on, I think it goes without saying that we should be treating these new visitors with the utmost respect. The reason, however, might not be what one would immediately think of.

Yes, they come from a very different background. Their theology is very different than ours, and trust me when I say I like the idea of using Poke Balls about as much as anyone else. The machines are dangerous. A lot of us were down there, and we can attest for how much they hurt people and Pokemon alike. It seems all too convenient that they want them back and the only offer they give us is a literal display of skill.

I don't like it. I don't like it at all.

If they want their machines back, I think that they should give us something in return. Something material, something that we can use. We've been able to use the machines for good things as far as research is concerned, but it's very obvious that it's just the tip of the iceberg. What are they hiding? Why are they so tight-fisted when it comes to helping us, when it's very obvious we have something that they want?

I'll be voicing my concerns to someone who will hopefully listen in the next few days. If there are other things people want to add to the quickly growing laundry list of things that should be made apparent to the council, voice them now and I'll address them as I can.

[Filtered to friends]

I wanted to let you all know, I might be disappearing for... a while. I'm returning home, for hopefully a short amount of time, to talk to my father. He's a senior member of the council, and it's been mentioned before that they make decisions that might be viewed as... as detached. I don't know what my feelings are on Team Evolution, but I do know this: We shouldn't be giving them everything that they want. I have a feeling that that might be exactly what the council is thinking of doing, and I'm going to plead my case.


Wish me luck.

[Filtered to Fai, backdated to just before Team Evolution's arrival]

Fai, are you in town? I need to talk to you about something, preferably in person.


Feb. 22nd, 2014 10:18 pm
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[Fai is looking unusually somber, and even in monochrome, it's easy to tell that he's a lot paler than usual. On his shoulder stands Babycakes, now evolved into a Floette, like an equally serious guard of honor with her flower like a rifle against her shoulder.]

[The young man says nothing at first, just holds up a rather skillfull sketch of a poké ball. Those with a bit of knowledge in history should probably recognise at least the general shape and design of it.]

Nevermind that they put those machines there to force Tyrantrum to evolve without their consent, but... they use these. Team Evolution, I mean. They keep pokémon imprisoned in these things, just like in the old days.

[He draws a deep, shaky breath.]

Despite how abhorrent this practice is - and believe me, I understand if you're angry - we should remember that they are from a different place with different laws. Wild accusations and demands aren't going to do us any good, is it? It's better if we try to reason with them, try to make them see why such treatment is wrong.

After all, the people in the old days were not all evil. If they were, why would the Savior have thought us worth sacrificing herself over? They were just ignorant.

But I thought you should be... warned.


Feb. 22nd, 2014 12:00 am
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They were noticed a half hour before they arrived.

The Guardsmen atop the city walls, their keen senses trained to observe anything out of the ordinary, had not failed to observe the flight of birds disturbed from their nests and the distant shuddering of trees. The pace was steady. Not of wild Pokémon meandering about, but of something with fixed, determined purpose.

News spread quickly, as it ought. The Council was aware of the situation in five minutes flat, and the guard on the walls surreptitiously tripled in the same amount of time. It didn't take much longer for idle citizens to realize something was amiss, and as the rumors propagated -- There are people coming through the forest! -- so, too, did the number of people thronging at the gate craning their necks to get a look.

They emerge from the forest, their pace brisk and their numbers thirty strong. Many wear attire that is hardy, made for traveling - leather boots, thick wool pants, and long jackets in shades of deep crimson and black. Others, clearly of some higher rank, are clad in suits or other formal wear; a few wear pristine white coats that must have only just been changed. As they approach, most stare coolly upwards at the assembly gathered before them atop the walls of the city.

At their lead stands a man with a mild smile and shaggy red hair. Two others stand close beside him: a young woman in a crisp, fur-lined white coat, sleek black hair pristine and perfectly in place and a gentle smile on her face and an aloof woman with brown hair wearing a sharp suit who appears extremely disinterested in the proceedings.

The company pauses. And there is a long, awkward silence before the man with the red hair takes a step forward. He speaks, and his words, though understandable, have a strange, foreign inflection.

"My name is Rory Donnachaidh. We have come on behalf of our people to serve as a diplomatic presence to your city."

...Another awkward pause.

"...I believe it is appropriate to say - take us to your leader."

He smiles more broadly, as if he's made a joke.


We are Team Evolution.

We represent a group of people with a common purpose - to restore humanity to the peaks it once ascended and to raise up all Pokémon alongside us. We call ourselves Team Evolution for the only path forward for both human and Pokémon is to evolve. When we realized that our signals could be detected no longer, our scouts reported that the reason was human sabotage. Imagine our surprise to learn that a human civilization lay so close to those mountains... But what do I say? You, of course, must all have experienced surprise in equal measures, no?

We have come here for reasons twofold: to establish relations with this city and to retrieve the materials that you have been holding for us. It was a prototype, you see, and we would wish to have it returned.

Of course, we understand that you have little reason to trust us and great reason to drive us away. We will not attempt to enter your city if that is preferred - but we will camp outside, between the forest and the gates, for the space of 10 days, after which we will depart, with or without our materials. We hope you will be willing to speak with us during this time. We would also like to... hold a demonstration to explain our actions, if you and your Council are willing.

Please, come and speak with us if you have any questions. That is an offer extended to anyone in your fine city. I shall personally ensure that any visitors are treated with the greatest of courtesies...

((For approximately 10 IC days, the people of Team Evolution will be camped outside of Union. The next part of this event will require sign-ups. There is an accompanying OoC post to this post here. Please see that post for more details.

Please feel free to use this IC post to talk with the NPCs. All responses here will receive an NPC response.))
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[Well, someone is certainly using the new video function to its full advantage. That is to say showing himself off by pirrouetting happily for the audience - presumably someone else is holding the band - before saying anything at all. That sure is a snazzy waistcoat, and a very sharp ruffled shirt. The fact that he's chosen to combine these two items with a flouncy skirt and something quite like this only makes it more fierce, right? Right.]

[Then he's leaning in against the camera and smiling widely, in a way that suggests even through a recording that this boy might not always understand all the subtleties of personal space.]

Well, that was all rather exciting, wasn't it~? [If he'd ever been utterly terrified to the point of possibly suffering a heart attack during that entire intermezzo, he certainly isn't showing it now.]

I don't know about the rest of you guys, but after all that adventuring and all that followed, I've got some steam to blow off before I spontaneously Selfdestruct, you know? [He laughs, happily bouncing a bit where he sits.]

So, what do you say? I'll be hitting Teeter's later tonight, and anyone who wants to come can tag along~. Drinks are most definitely on me for all those who can and want to drink. Sooo~, how about it? Anyone else care to loosen up a bit and have some fun?


[And indeed, later that night Fai is to be found at Teeter's. and he'll buy anyone a drink who asks for it, prattle happily at everyone he recognizes - and some people he doesn't - and generally looking slightly out of place in those fancy, fancy clothes of his that just scream nobility. The pokémon that are with him are similarily dressed up to the teeth too. If you've never seen a rather stroppy Croagunk in a little dress, well, here's your chance.]

[Still, nothing seems to be stopping him from having fun, so do follow his example. Feel free to pester him, or be pestered by him, or be a sudden and involontary perch for a Pidove in a tiny vest, or anything else that you can imagine.]

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