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[ Video Part ]

[ Melaka comes onto the Warp Band with a very simple question. A very simple, important question ]

S'there any practical purpose to wearing a cape in battle?

[ Action ]

[ That question might've been seen as being strange. In a way, it was. But right now, Melaka was going around town flanked by four large beasts for burden - four large mountable creatures. You might have seen her riding on one of the four before now, but right now, nah. She's just walking in tandem with four Dunsparces. All of them have capes with a blue inner lining, but all have a different color outer lining to their capes - one of them is red, one is yellow, one of them is green, and one of them is black. How these Dunspraces got these capes, how they are so immaculate.. all of these are mysteries. But all of them are walking - well, sliding - with dignity (except the black one, who seems to be lagging behind everyone else) and they are...

on the hunt for the best bowl of curry. ]

Yeah, I know. [ She answers the yellow one ] I know...

[ That said, these Dunsparces are HEROES. Any sort of wrongdoing seen or assumed to have seen in their path? They will jump into action. Melaka, for her part, just looks exasperated. They are great allies, but... still... ]


May. 15th, 2015 12:11 pm
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[The feed opens to Banzu sitting at the desk in his office, the camera obviously having been placed on something to give a more formal view.]

Good morning, everyone. I've got a couple of opportunities that people might be interested in.

First off, I'm looking for people who'd be interested in learning to operate Pathfinder, either as pairs of humans or a human with a Pokémon who has hands and isn't weak to Fire. If you work out, I'd be hiring you to pilot Pathfinder to and from the Tropical Island for a variable portion of its regular trips. Details will be discussed one-on-one.

Secondly, I have a Bibarel and a Diggersby who I haven't had much for them to do in a while. Rather than them just spending most of their time in the Habitat, I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in looking after them and giving them more chances to get out.

If either of these opportunities interest you, please contact me so that we can discuss the details.

Banzu out.
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[ As she often does, Melaka is in the Habitat, holding her and hers with training - specifically, today, it's a single elimination tournament with all of them. The babies, of course, are going to lose, but as long as they do their best, that's all she can hope for. So you might come across some duels of Melaka and/or any of her pokémon getting into some battles with each other! This might not be strictly organized and devolve into playing around and/or exhibition matches.


This will go on most of the day, and it'll be a sweat-making thing that anyone could walk in on, popcorn about, whatever. And it's later in the day when Melaka is on the warp band to, sweating something fierce, ]

Hey. Remember when there was that tournament when Team Evolution showed up the first time? What if we did something like that again?

[ She doesn't have the means to organize it, but there's a lot of rich people here, maybe they could. Or she can find some other people who really want to be made stronger. ]
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[ It was the middle of the night when she took the band, her party well on their way toward the forest shrine. But as soon as she saw the announcement, she knew this couldn't wait. She was trembling--both angry and afraid of what was happening, and what could very well happen to her by saying this. But it didn't matter at this point.

Team Evolution messed up, and Rory was probably still playing coy. Someone needed to call them on their bullshit.

Elly takes a breath before speaking. Even with the light of the campfire, she looks a bit pale. ]

I'm doing this beyond my better judgment. I shouldn't be saying the things I'm about to say. So let me begin by apologizing. To my friends, my co-workers, to anyone who I've had the opportunity to meet in both Union and Caldera; I've been deceiving you. I'll get to that eventually, but that's not why I'm here on the Band.

I'm here to warn you.

Regarding the Enhanced. I know very little about them myself. They're somewhat common knowledge to citizens of Gigas-- [ A pause. ] Like myself. Rory is right, something about Gigas prevents us from having any answer to Enlightened, unless they come from other places, like Caldera. I don't know when the project started. What I do know is from my training, and even that is severely limited. They're... savage on the battlefield. There were even drugs that were manufactured in the Gigan military to try to replicate some of the combat prowess of the Enhanced. They work, but...

[ There is a lot of hesitance there, and Elly looks away from the camera, trailing off. It takes her a moment to be able to continue again. ]

These people should be approached with extreme caution, if you do find them. As was pointed out, one of the side-effects to the experimentation that made them Enhanced is instability. I'm not sure what causes it, but most of the Enhanced I served alongside were already a bit... skewed. Certain things made it worse, but it varied depending on the person.

I've never heard of an instance where Enhanced have caused disturbances like this, so I have no idea what is going on. Rory and Dr. Verdine--I'm kicking myself for not figuring this out before, since that woman is involved--might not even know themselves. Or they might be hiding something. I can't say. I can make assumptions, but I can't say for sure.

Team Evolution itself doesn't function the same way that the greater populous of Gigas do. To be sure, there are agents in Team Evolution that are from Gigas, but as far as I know they are not directly allied. To that, it's possible that they do want the best for these Enhanced. If it was Gigas, I can't say they would make the same concessions.

How do I know this? Well... As said, I served alongside them. Until a few months ago, I was a member of the Gigan military. I was recruited at a young age, and until about a year ago, didn't know any better that my actions would have such a lasting, horrible effect. I know that is no excuse.

I am no longer aligned with them, before anyone asks. If anyone is even listening to me anymore--I understand if you aren't. As far as my commanding officers are concerned, Elhaym Van Houten died on the battlefield. And as far as I'm concerned, she did as well.

I don't expect any of you to trust me, but I'm sick of lying, and I want to help. All I can do is tell you what I know, even if it might put me in a bad place doing so. I don't care anymore. Union has been more than welcoming to someone like me, and, after living here and meeting all of the people, I know where my loyalties lie.
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[ So Salvation has come and gone, she's had her time with her sister, things have moved on - but Melaka, who has gotten in the habit of checking Union's TM slot now and again after she realized that as a Ranger / as a trainer she gets free access to it... found a new one she didn't recognize there. She taught it to one of hers (specifically, she taught it to her creepy Drowzee, Guide) and she went around experimenting with this new Secret Power. And lo and behold, as she did, she found that it could make pocket spaces in rocks. And trees.

Secret Bases.

Not sure what to make of this, Melaka now is going around the city seeing if she can figure out the rules for it (it does seem she can only make one at a time) and seeing if she can find some one with a particularly cool interior. But the result is that Melaka and an collection of Pokémon (her old tried and true Toxicroak, Lurks, as well as a somewhat anxious looking Druddigon and the ever floating Guide) are testing out new locations!

Is it in this tree next to your house? This rock on the corner? She'll try out of the city eventually too, but for right now, this is kind of fun. So if you saw her appearing into a hole in a tree or something after the Drowzee's eyes flashed, that's why.

Have at ]
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[When Pamela appears on the warp band’s video feed she looks a little tired and exasperated. She’s sitting in a room at home, and several of her Pokemon can be seen in the background.]

How do you correct persistent behaviour problems? I’ve tried explaining things, I’ve tried positive reinforcement and I’ve tried taking away privileges, but it’s still continued. In a couple of cases, the problem behaviour is hazardous for others, so that’s what I need the most help with.

[As if to punctuate her point, Tulip the Pumpkaboo is spinning in the background and fires off Confusion. Luckily for Pamela, Lily, her Gardevoir, is prepared. The video cuts out for a moment as Lily teleports Pamela out of harm’s way. Instead, Marigold the Combusken is struck and Pamela has to scramble to keep him from setting her couch cushions on fire. After a couple of chaotic moments, she returns her attention to the warp band.]

See what I mean? Any helpful advice you can offer would be appreciated.

[She turns back to Tulip, raising an eyebrow.]

Tulip, sweetie, we talked about this. Spinning around is one thing, but firing off Confuse Ray like that? It’s not okay.


[Pamela’s Gastly, Crocus, is extremely possessive of his “mommy”. So possessive, in fact, that he surrounds her with toxic gas anytime someone gets close to her just to make sure everyone knows that she is his.’s a very good thing that her evolved Enlightened abilities include a complete immunity to poison.

Rather than hacking, coughing and being weakened by the poison gas, Pamela just facepalms and sighs.

Not again.

9th [Video]

Dec. 5th, 2014 02:52 pm
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[ The video clicks on with Melaka looking very awkward. She runs a finger along the scar on her face. She then looks over her shoulder, where there's the glowing eye of a Trevenant, who gives her a little nudge. Melaka then inhales and starts proper ]

Anyone know where there's cheap housing which is bigger than... [ Where she lives now uh. ] The apartments closest to the factories. [ The one room ones that she's lived in for years now ] Got more Pokémon now - feeding 'em and all and don't mind the Habitat, but more've 'em oughta fit where I live, right?

... Thanks.

[ How does she end this... ugh she runs a hand through her hair and- ]

Half considering making a shack outside the outer walls...

[ CLICK. THERe. That was hard, asking for that sort of favor about a major change she's considering. Also, if you want Action you might see her scouring the less ritzy areas of town for properties that are open with one or more members of her overall team ]
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[Hi Warp Band users, have a video of a Frosslass.

A Frosslass who, if you understand Pokéspeak, is chiding someone for being so foolish as to come all the way out here when he clearly can't.

Also it's outside on the mountain. What?]

Yes, Tiria, I get it. Give me my Warp Band back, please.

[Still chiding and telling him she's started a feed, she obeys. Martin comes into view--he's in a cave of sorts. He looks...pretty sick. Boar and his Misdreavus are off to the side, giving him Looks while a Swinub cuddles in Martin's lap.]

I...this is embarrassing, but I seem to have pushed myself too much and can't make it back to Union right now. I will be fine, but it may take me a few days to get back. [Boar starts in about how of course he pushed himself too far, he didn't even take a week off before going traveling, training non stop for a week, and hiking to the highest part of the mountain he could feasibly get to. Does he want to die twice?

Martin ignores him]

So...please, don't worry. I'll be fine.
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[The video feed opens up to a scene of a teenage girl out in the Rolling Plains, standing there looking extremely confused as she stares at something off the screen with wide eyes. Small feline hands adjust the camera to get it to zoom out a bit, and the source of Yakumo's befuddlement becomes quite apparent. And she's not the only one. A Pikachu and a Breloom are gaping right beside her, and a baby Riolu seems to actually be hiding behind one of her pant legs.

All this because her Drilbur, Ishihara? Has evolved! And unlike the cuddly, cute, super friendly little Pokemon she'd met before...Excadrill is decidedly rougher looking. Shiny, sharp, newly pointy bits stick out all over and the Pokemon looks extremely proud of itself. The change is jarring, and apparently Iori has decided to broadcast it to everyone with a Warp Band.

The girl takes a tentative step closer...and the Excadrill seems to sense her unease and tries smiling. It's awkward, given it's fearsome appearance though, but it seems to help. And it's about then that Yakumo notices what the Meowstic is up to and practically jumps out of her skin!]

Oh! Oh! Iori, you...

[A pleased purr follows, and Yakumo reaches out and picks up the Warp Band. Since she's got an audience, she figures she may as well go ahead and ask the question that's on her mind.]

Um...does...anyone know how to take care of Pokemon like this? I...haven't got a lot of experience with anything like an...Excadrill. And I'm not really sure how to keep him happy. He seems...[She swallows, offering the Pokemon an awkward smile...] a lot different.'s personalities change much, after an evolution?

[Because this is a pretty intense looking Pokemon...]


Nov. 23rd, 2014 08:13 pm
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 [Hello, good people! Have a fidgety young lady addressing the feed, shifting from side to side.]

Um, hello. I, um... I'm sorry for taking up some of your time today...

[A Duskull is in the background, doing her hair.]

Why don't you just use me, kiddo?

N-No, I can do this! I'm fine! Uh, where was I... oh, r-right!

[She gulps, turning her attention back to the 'audience'.]

Lady Lucina gave our thanks to all of you in Union, and I... just wanted to add my own as well. You've all been so kind. No wonder you've lasted for so long... a-and it's time to repay such generosity.

... Unfortunately, I'm not really as talented as Lady Lucina. Or strong. Or wise. Or...

...Are you sure you don't want to use me?

N-No! I really! Let me try one last time... What I mean to say is... W-what does the city need most right now? Out of everything in the city, what could use the most help?
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[Everyone today is graced with seeing Tohka on the network! She looks a little dirty and sweaty, but the reason for that is...pretty obvious. She's training! a ring of fire, facing off against what appears to be the angriest looking Charizard anyone has ever seen. So this probably isn't the greatest time to be making a video, but that doesn't seem to occur to her.]

Hi everyone!

[Hopefully no one gets motion sickness as she rolls to dodge an attack.]

Is there anyone else who wants to train with me? Trogdor will get tired sooner or later, so it'd be nice to have some backup!

[The Charizard in question makes a snarl of disapproval at that, breathing another stream of fire at the girl...who blocks it with a Protect.]

I'm right outside the city, so feel free to just show up!


[And sure enough, Tohka will be outside the city there for most of the day and evening, facing off against Trogdor when he has the energy, albeit aided by her Vivillon's attacks from above. Challenge Mode ahoy!

Feel free to stop by and join her! Or just watch and eat popcorn on the sidelines like her Goomy.]
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[During the Soulfasting celebration, Jinxie can be found in Ninetales Vale wearing a hoodie designed to look like a Drifloon, sitting behind a table set up with what looks somewhat like a shell game - three little ceramic decorations designed to look like a Duskull, a Gastly, and a Misdreavus covering up whatever hides underneath.  There's a sign in front that reads 'A WINNER EVERY TIME' with a list of prizes below:

1st Prize: Ghost Pokemon egg of your choice
2nd Prize: Magic charm from the Kurain School
3rd Prize: Pokemon food - special Ghost type blend]

Step up and try your luck!

((OOC: I'm basically just going to randomize for everyone who comes up to play.  It won't exactly be a shell game so much as 'pick one and get the prize written on the piece of paper hidden underneath' for ease of threading.))

[Eggs left: Drifloon, Misdreavus - pending 1 win for Melaka
Charms given: Confusion x1, 1 for Elly, 1 for Quinn]

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[On the video screen this afternoon are Maya and Shinrei, decked up for Soul Fast. Both of them look rather excited.]

So, it's that time of the year again, everyone! Soul Fast is beginning, aaand I wanted to remind you guys that Ninetails Vale is selling masks and performing the usual ceremonies, as always.

[Maya seems just slightly disconcerted when in the background, Kuzuryuu and Ichigo begin talking.]

What’s a birthday, anyway?

Are you fucking kidding me, even a two-year-old could figure that one out from context.

[Maya clears her throat, rolls her eyes, and continues.]

For anyone unfamiliar with Soul Fast, it's the festival in which we celebrate the communion of the world of the living and that of the dead. It's a great time to honour lost loved ones, or beloved pokémon!

[She leans over and rubs Shinrei's back-scruff, making sure not to disturb her painted fur.]

God, I’m just wondering! What’s your problem, anyway?

I don’t have a problem! Seriously, do you have a brain in there, what else could a “birth day” be but the day someone’s born, moron?!

And what’s wrong with NOT knowing what it is?! I’ve got a brain, but I’m still trying to figure out all this human stuff, alright?!

Pokemon get born, too, dumbass!

I woke up in front of a shrine! And I - rrrgh, never mind! I should’ve figured you’d be an ass over a simple question.

...Um, anyway, like I said, this is a really important festival for ghost pokémon and the like, so remember to honour them with like, sweets and stuff.

[She looks like she's losing concentration.]

Uh, we... will have all sorts of things for you to participate in, and--

You were probably still BORN, stupid! Maya brings Ghost-type eggs home sometimes, I’ve fucking seen them. Just because YOU don’t know anything doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be common sense!

How can it be common sense if I don’t know anything?! That doesn’t even make sense, idiot!

Your lack of damn knowledge is what doesn’t make sense! Were you this idiotic BEFORE you died, too?!

Shut the hell up! At least I’M not an insensitive asshole that’d bite someone’s head off for asking a goddamn question, unlike YOU!

Well who the fuck asked you to ask me, shithead?!

I asked because you brought it up, dog breath!

[Maya finally gets up, handing the warp band to Shinrei, walks to the doorway, and yells. Shinrei winces when she does, waving sheepishly at the camera.]

I'm trying to make a video here! Shut up already!

[She returns to the camera looking exhausted.]

Does anyone know how to make stupid boys stop arguing?
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Who: Lenna Charlotte Tycoon, the Kagamine twins, and open invite for all
What: A Soulfast-themed charity concert and dance
When: Sunday night
Where: The Tycoon family estate
Summary: Lenna is hosting a charity event to benefit Union's poor and homeless population, along with refugees from war-torn communities outside Union's walls and people who are moving into the city but need some help while they get on their feet.  The entire city is invited, and donations are not required but are strongly encouraged in the form of Lenna smiling and making big moe eyes at everyone as they enter until they do.

[It's the beginning of the Soulfasting holiday, and despite the complications with Cresselia and Darkrai, Lenna has miraculously managed to pull together the final preparations for her charity event at the last minute.  The party itself is being held at the Tycoon mansion in the noble quarter, and the doors have been opened for any and all who wish to come and make merry.

The spacious foyer of the house has been set up with numerous tables with food and drink for the various attendees, plenty of room for dancing and mingling, and of course a large stage at the front of the room set up for Rin and Len Kagamine - Lenna's roommates and the headline performing act of the night.  There are donation boxes situated around the room, and Lenna will also be accepting larger donations personally so that she can secure them elsewhere in the house.

And because of the time of year, there is also a table set up with plenty of Pokemon-themed masks for people to wear, with a fancy sign hand written in calligraphy: 'Courtesy of the Tatsumi Gallery.'  Lenna herself is wearing a
short red party dress with matching heels, greeting everyone as they enter and more or less just buzzing about making sure everyone is having a good time.]
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[Somehow, Cresselia wove a special space, a giant stage that didn’t seem to exist either in the Dream World or in the Real World. However, its presence and appearance were broadcast live across the sky of both the Dream World, the Real World above Union, the Labyrinth of the Full Moon, and the Labyrinth of the New Moon. For this stage had a purpose, and that purpose was making her no-good bull-headed husband Darkrai listen to reason.

And by reason we of course mean her side of the argument.

The carefree words of Rin set fire to her imagination; if she was offering to sing a song then Cresselia would ensure that song was sung at exactly the being who most needed to hear it. And thus, the stage. She hoped Darkrai enjoyed the show.]

[OOC: All participants in the Labyrinth of the Full Moon and Labyrinth of the New Moon may take part in this as desired (and the uncompleted logs will eventually dovetail into this). They have nominal control over their own outfits so long as they’re generally light in color and sparkly, and can, with permission of the player (but not necessarily the IC permission of the character), marginally change the outfits of their companions should they be deemed not sparkly enough. Cresselia is encouraging all members to submit performances or songs about her dispute with Darkrai. Generally, they should all emphasize the following themes:
-Cresselia is right and very intelligent and beautiful
-Darkrai is wrong yet again and should feel ashamed of himself
-Also Darkrai should be grateful his kind and loving wife is willing to put up with his being wrong
-The humans are all right and deserve a bit of help, it’s not like it was before
-If Darkrai keeps this up he can look forward to sleeping on Earth for the next few years

Feel free to write your own lyrics or describe your performances/refusal to take part in this tomfoolery as you wish. This log will remain open but this signals the general winding down of the event which will end at midnight tonight]
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With the thick mists upon them and people being hurtled between worlds, Union was certainly abuzz with rumors and concerns. Much had been tried, but nothing had managed to willfully bridge the gap between the world of dreams and the world of mortals. But on this night, a sense of anticipation was palpable. Something was going to happen. And, at the stroke of midnight, something did.

The moon, which had stood gibbous in the night sky, suddenly became full. Shining a gentle beam of light down onto the earth, its reflection shone clearly and brightly upon the nearby lake. And here it would stay. In the morning, no sun rose. The sky remained dark but the shine of the moon lit the city of Union in an eerie glow.

Those who travel to the lake shrine will find that where the moon shines, the waters have parted. A sturdy stone staircase descends into the depths of the lake, with moonlight shining upon it like a spotlight.

Those with the courage to enter will have to step into the darkness. Once their foot crosses the threshold they will find their world turned upside down as they are overtaken. When they awaken, they will find themselves besides some companions, perhaps known, perhaps not, and surrounded by a shimmering haze, an enormous maze of shifting walls and colors with no end in sight.

Welcome to the Labyrinth of the Full Moon.

[OOC: All plot logs for people in the Real World will occur here. Please make the first post with all the names of the people in your group in the subject line so people know where to post. Mod responses will come about once every 24 hours as long as at least one person has posted.

The group listings are here. We will not be running randomizers anymore, but you may still sign up with a full group of at least three if you can find one and tag in. Keep in mind though that the log may not be finished depending on when it is posted. You may also hop in an existing group as long as all existing group members give permission and the group is not full.]
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[The sun shines brightly against the bright blue sky of Nami's dream while a cool breeze drifts in. Waves tumble against the white sand as many Milotic come to shore. Some of them even carry Feebas on their backs. Nami, in her human form, is there to greet them all.]

You're all fin-ally here! The surface world isn't so bad once you get the hang of it. And to welcome you all here, POOL PARTY!

[Nami steps to the side like a someone ready to present a huge prize. Sure enough there's a bunch of large swimming pools to accommodate even the biggest of pokemon. There's tons of those floating rings, beach balls and other pool toys for others to use. Lili the Dragonair and Squirt the Poliwhirl chill in one of the pools while Swift the Murkrow sunbathes on one of the coconut trees that dot the beach. A small Pumpkaboo by the name of Gordy floats around while humming some tune it only knows. Anyone who comes to Nami's dream are dressed in appropriate pool party clothes because why the shell not. If there's a frown in the crowd, Nami will be there to splash water them.]

((OOC: Open to all and have fun!))
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DREAM 1: Implied death of younger person )

DREAM 2: Severe injury? Also guilting )


[ Mel's division of the Ranger is on "standby" ... whatever that means. Really, she's thankful for it after her first foray into the Dream World because, ironically enough, it was exhausting. When she's in reality, she's trying to see who else is there whilst she's there and awake, as well as to make sure Union isn't burning or anything. But she's also tired and a little bit jumpy - as if the fog and the impending Soulfasting is making her closer to the dead. And she doesn't like that. At all.

Maybe she should figure out some offerings while she's here... or check out the Old City to see if she can, once more, fail to find his body. (no one ever did, after all) ]

[ OOC: Melaka's in an out of the Dream World this week. I've supplied two dreams here for people to step in on when she's asleep in the real world, and a physical run in for her in the Real World. I've also got her on the Dream World meet up thing here, and if you'd like to figure out anything else, PM me or something! I know both dreams are a bit self-indulgent (I wanted to finally play with her past), but if you want they can mutate into more action-y or comical ones depending on how things play out ]

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