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11th Action + Video

[ Video Part ]

[ Melaka comes onto the Warp Band with a very simple question. A very simple, important question ]

S'there any practical purpose to wearing a cape in battle?

[ Action ]

[ That question might've been seen as being strange. In a way, it was. But right now, Melaka was going around town flanked by four large beasts for burden - four large mountable creatures. You might have seen her riding on one of the four before now, but right now, nah. She's just walking in tandem with four Dunsparces. All of them have capes with a blue inner lining, but all have a different color outer lining to their capes - one of them is red, one is yellow, one of them is green, and one of them is black. How these Dunspraces got these capes, how they are so immaculate.. all of these are mysteries. But all of them are walking - well, sliding - with dignity (except the black one, who seems to be lagging behind everyone else) and they are...

on the hunt for the best bowl of curry. ]

Yeah, I know. [ She answers the yellow one ] I know...

[ That said, these Dunsparces are HEROES. Any sort of wrongdoing seen or assumed to have seen in their path? They will jump into action. Melaka, for her part, just looks exasperated. They are great allies, but... still... ]
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You know, I've never thought about it. Aerodynamics, maybe?
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Yeah. I really don't think it has any practical purpose in fighting. They used to be for keeping warm, but pretty much anything with sleeves is more convenient. Now they just look cool! Or silly, depending on who you ask.
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I don't see a lot of people wearing them lately. But that might be different in other cities.
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Looking badass? Duh.
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I'm more of a dramatic long coat guy, but I can go for a good capelet or something now and then!
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But a cape, like a long one, you could use it as a picnic blanket. Or a skirt, in a pinch... Or like, to fight a Tauros!
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No, no! Ok, hold on...

[There's a small chorus of confused Pokemon noises as he digs through his camping tent for a spare blanket. When he finds it, he holds it up.]

You use it to hide where your body is! Like this -- OK, Emilia, you're the Tauros! Use Tackle on me!

[The Houndoom looks a little confused, but obeys, trying again and again to charge him as he uses the blanket to distract her.]
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[Feliks demonstrates the principle a few times, then gets bored. The fourth time, he slips off to the side, then tackles Emilia, sparkling in amusement as they both fall to the ground.]

See? It's like, you have to be flexible about using what you've got!
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Capes are for showoffs who want to win fights by confusing their opponents with how utterly ridiculous they look. I'm not against them as a fashion statement, but no one serious would fight in one if they could help it.

[She thinks.]

Although if you can get one in your hand, you could use it to wrap up an enemy's weapon, I guess.
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If you've got a Pokémon who insists on wearing capes, practicality probably isn't on their mind.
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Sound like a bunch of showoffs to me.