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So, uh...

[A quick bolt of electricity whizzes by in the background before Chie even gets started.]

...Does anybody have any experience with getting Pokemon to stop being afraid of things?

[And again, in the other direction.]

I mean, afraid of, like, everything.

[There's a low buzzing sound and Chie turns around to briefly reveal a Rotom hiding behind her shoulder.  Once it sees the Warp Band is on, it dives back behind her.  She sighs, shaking her head.]

Usually I'm the one who's afraid of Ghost types, but this is just ridiculous.
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[It isn't often that Lenna leaves Union for extended periods of time, but this week she's off on a training trip to the Tropical Island just south of the city.  It's been a few weeks since her second evolution, and she's been anxious to see what her new abilities can do - especially since she seems to have spontaneously developed a secondary typing as Dragon.  Some of her powers still involve the Water type, though, so she's dressed in a swimsuit as she walks along the beach in preparation for her training.  Anyone on the island might see her in one of a few situations.]

1. [Trying out the familiar first, Lenna swims out into the water a short way, kicking out with her legs and floating on her back for a few moments as she concentrates.  There's a bluish glow from her body, and within moments a huge tidal wave kicks up under her, lifting her up and out of the water.  She does her best to balance on top of the wave using her mastery over the Water type, but it doesn't work so well the first few times and she ends up either falling into the water and washing ashore, or losing her balance and faceplanting into the sand.  After a few attempts, though, she manages to stand up on top of the wave, riding it in and hopping off onto the sand once it's finished rolling in.]

2. [Next, she's going to work on her new Dragon type abilities.  And for that, she's going to need a sparring partner.  Summoning Kelger the Lucario from her Warp Band, Lenna strikes a rarely seen fighting pose, her fingernails lengthening into full-on draconic claws as she rushes forward to unleash a series of incredibly strong attacks.  The seasoned warrior Fighting type does his best to block her where he can without hurting her in return, and the attacks that do land are dampened by his secondary Steel typing.  Any lingering damage to either of them left at the end is taken care of with a quick Heal Pulse.  This is recognizable to anyone familiar with the Dragon type as an Outrage attack, but curiously, Lenna has somehow managed to avoid the confusion effect that normally hits after the attack ends.]

3. [After the training is over, it's time to relax a little.  Lenna has found a nice spot under one of the palm trees to lay out a towel and relax for a while, stretching out in the sun and enjoying the feel of the warmth on her skin.  She's got her Pokemon out to play and relax a little too - Kelger the Lucario, Alexander the Dragonite, Bartz the Jumpluff, Needle the Yanmega, and Krile the Skitty can all be found frolicking about in various areas nearby as Lenna relaxes.  She's counting on some nice quiet time alone, especially since she's dressed in what she would still think of as something a little embarrassing, but of course life rarely works out that way.]

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[ Video Part ]

[ Melaka comes onto the Warp Band with a very simple question. A very simple, important question ]

S'there any practical purpose to wearing a cape in battle?

[ Action ]

[ That question might've been seen as being strange. In a way, it was. But right now, Melaka was going around town flanked by four large beasts for burden - four large mountable creatures. You might have seen her riding on one of the four before now, but right now, nah. She's just walking in tandem with four Dunsparces. All of them have capes with a blue inner lining, but all have a different color outer lining to their capes - one of them is red, one is yellow, one of them is green, and one of them is black. How these Dunspraces got these capes, how they are so immaculate.. all of these are mysteries. But all of them are walking - well, sliding - with dignity (except the black one, who seems to be lagging behind everyone else) and they are...

on the hunt for the best bowl of curry. ]

Yeah, I know. [ She answers the yellow one ] I know...

[ That said, these Dunsparces are HEROES. Any sort of wrongdoing seen or assumed to have seen in their path? They will jump into action. Melaka, for her part, just looks exasperated. They are great allies, but... still... ]

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