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[The resident shitbird shifter has been relatively quiet as of late, probably recovering from the Day of Fire and appears to be lounging on the roof of Hikawa Shrine when he prods his Warp Band to a video setting. Fluff, his affectionate Sylveon, is draped all about him, and climbs to rest her head atop his as he taps the device.]

So call this a little out of left field, but is Fortune Telling an ability one can be taught?
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Hold it steady Cubone!

[The video shakes uneasily at first, the Cubone doing his best to do just that. It takes a moment before the shaking stops, and the feed shows a fourteen year old Eevee shifter standing in the doorway of a house. She grins, bouncing on the balls of her feet, her ears twitching alongside her tail. An Azurill - nicknamed Serenity - stands at her side, looking up at Naomi. A month ago Naomi attempted to run away from home, no doubt causing quite the stir as her family looked for her.]

Hi everybody! It's me, Naomi, my Mama finally gave me my warp band back. 'nd y'know what that means?

[She giggles, throwing her arms out to her side and jumps forward on one foot.]

I. [She hops on both feet.] Am. [And one more time, crossing the threshold of her house on one foot, pumping her fists in the air as emphasis.] Free!

[Her arms pinwheel once her invisible game of hopscotch is done, and she plants both her feet on the ground, brushing off her yellow sundress and readjusting the giant bow that's wrapped around her neck.]

I know a buncha stuff must've been going on. Can someone fill me in or, or, or, better yet does anyone wanna play?

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[Text - Backdated to before Cordelia's birthday and hidden from Cordelia herself]

Seeking someone to watch 8 Eevee Evolutions and 1 Eevee for a night. Experience dealing with troublesome, energetic Pokemon preferred. Loving home is a must. Will pay.
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[Well. This feed opens up to a somewhat familiar member of the Hikawa shrine. Eiji, who does look a little different than before; it seems he hit his final evolution sometime in the last week or so. His already prominent purple scales are a bit more numerous around his face and it looks like there's a constant puff of fog from his mouth every time he speaks or takes a breath.]

[He's anything but serene or graceful when he addresses the feed. If anything he looks a little uncertain but he tries to get it together. He tips his head in greeting.]

Good morning, everyone! I'm sorry for the interruption but ah- My name is Eiji Hino and I wanted to let everyone who didn't already know that Miss Nozomi Toujou left for a spiritual retreat with Eli Ayase and I will be the one looking after Etteilla until she returns.

[He dips his head further down.]

I plan to do my best for the shop until she comes back so please come and visit us in the Ninetales Vale. I'm afraid I'm not much of a fortune teller, but we have a number of charms and books that may suit your spiritual needs!

[Action: Around the shop.]

[Come visit! Eiji is doing his best to run around and take care of things. He just went from a part-timer to management so he's trying to get himself in order. A few of his pokemon are also roaming the shop trying to be 'helpful'. Eclair the Pumpkaboo is just kind of spooking people while his Skitty lays on the floor by a window soaking up sun.]

[Hina, his Talonflame is perched up high at least chirping when a customer comes in so Eiji can attend to them. Otherwise he's trying to make sure the shelves are nice and organized. He's going to make sure Nozomi didn't regret putting him in charge!!]

[Either way, when she chirps, he turns and offers a warm smile and a bow.]

Hello! How can I help you?

[Action 2: Around the shrine.]

[Its not really a secret that Eiji evolved during Day of Fire. His presence is about three times more pronounced than it was before. His scales which were smattered all over him before have taken up most of his skin. In addition to the wings he gained several months ago he now has a long, dragon-like tail which is twitching back and forth as he seems to be concentrating on something. His eyes were a bright, icy blue that seemed to almost glow and from his mouth was a constant puff of fog. The air around him is also a tad colder than it aught to be normally.]

[He holds his hands up and in a swift motion a formation of ice follows the movement until it's several feet high.]

[He stands back kind of staring at it in disbelief before smiling lightly and holding his hands up again to try and get it to go away again.]
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It's the morning of the 21st and it's clear even to the inexperienced Unionite, Refugee, or Citadel resident that the city has a different air to it. If it wasn't the atmosphere that got them, then the stalls lining the streets would. Many people are still working on getting set up for the night festival, but the stalls that are complete are lining many corners and they are filled to the brim with bright colors. From afar, the streets look like someone threw a rainbow of paint across the city.

They haven't seen anything yet.

It's not yet time for the festivities so any visitors are free to wander the streets. The natives seem to be delighted if amused at all the people interested in the holiday and are happy to sell anyone as much colored powder as the want. Sometime close to noon is when things change. The natives all kind of stop what their doing. The colored stalls start to close up and everyone looks tense.

A long, rattling trumpet sound rings through the streets and that is when all hell breaks loose.

It's every man and pokemon for themselves. Have fun everyone.

[Ooc: Feel free to make your own top levels in addition to using the prompts below! Have fun guys!]


Apr. 25th, 2015 01:20 am
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[There's a bird guy perched on a railing outside of Hikawa Shrine-- that much is visible to the feed. He's fiddling with a glove-covered hand that doesn't appear to be moving, and then glances at the Warp Band.]

So I guess all the earthquakes and the tunnels taught some of you some important things. I know at least one group met someone believed to be the Savior. Were there any other significant events? I wasn't along, so I'm trying to catch up.

action; hikawa shrine

[In the meantime, Ankh appears to have learned how to cook. While a lot of what he makes tends to be sweet or cold or both, it's given him something to do and it's given him a way to help out around the Shrine, even if he'd never admit to that purpose. With Eiji having been seven kinds of out of sorts after his return from the tunnels, he's made a small container full of what look like mochi balls. They're crude and potentially too-sweet, but they're something.]

[They're also being balanced atop the pile that Eiji has become in his room, now that they no longer share one.]


[Anyone else in or around the Shrine is free to catch him on his way to present these to his depressed lizard.]
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[Today's video is brought to by a Frosslass with a pen and a paper.

And several angry Pokémon. They have trapped Martin (with the exception of Brigadier, who is holding the Band) so that the sign Tiria wrote and pinned to his shirt can be read.

Martin, meanwhile, is just so done.]

I have a death wish and tried to stay behind with the Savior in the past and probably die.


This is the second time I've tried to died since coming back to life.

My Pokémon are not happy.

Am I sufficiently shamed, Boar?

[The Doublade hisses and Brig shuts the Band off.]


Mar. 27th, 2015 06:06 pm
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[The video feed is bouncing around and actually rather dizzying to watch, but there's a periodic view of a one Talonflame shifter perched in a tree not too far from Hikawa Shrine. After a while his voice filters to the Warp Band, and the video settles and moves closer.]

You turned the video on, Fluff. Come up here.

[Another moment of dizzying motion and the feed shifts to show Fluff, Ankh's Sylveon, proudly perched on his lap. He rolls his eyes.]

I take the time to get back in a tree and you're immediately stealing my shit. You little klepto.

[Except there's only fondness in his tone, which is possibly strange to hear.]

Ah. I'm looking for someone named Souda. Can someone tell me where to find him? I may have work for him.
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[The residents of Union who are tuning into the warp band just now will find themselves treated to the sight of leaves...and, oddly, a curious blue face leaning on close, her twin antennas wiggling.]


[Dai, do you even know that your thing is on?

The man himself can be heard chuckling in the background as the video shifts to accomodate the both of them.]

I know, Blue-- and be careful, you're getting goop all over the place again.

[Woopers. They were stupidly cute, but people tended to forget that they liked to slime themselves up on land. The slime stung-- and, while Daisuke was smart enough to wear gloves, Blue was currently getting bits of bark and dirt stuck on her. It was a complete and utter mess.

But, it didn't seem like Daisuke cared. His own white pants and coat were marred with dirt as well. Bits of twigs and dried, brown leaves were stuck in his hair. There was a smear of dirt on his cheek.]

It's a pretty view, isn't it? [He smiled,] You can almost see the whole forest from up here!

[Off screen, another pokemon spoke up:] --do. Ski Skiddo. [You're forgetting something important, Dai.]

Oh-- right. It might take me a bit to get back home, but don't worry. J knows what to do if you need anything.

Woop! Wooper! Skiddo!

[You didn't need to understand pokespeak to know that the two pokemon were protesting something dreadfully important as Daisuke closed off the feed.]
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[Someone is playing with a certain scaly vagabond's warp band when the feed comes on. There's an echoed giggle and the band sort of bobs up and down like it's being made to float. For a second you get a screen full of Pumpkaboo. Looks like Eclair decided to get a little mischievous today like she's ever not.]

[Eiji is off in the distance a bit, sitting on top of a great big Mamoswine. He appears to be strapping a bunch of building supplies and other useful things to him to transport them to the other side of town.]

There you go, Gamel. We've still got a lot of work to do, but things are really coming along!

[He pulls on a strap to make sure it's secure. He's in the process of checking another- unlooping it and relooping it when he continues:]

When we're done here, we'll have a big dinner for all your heard work, okay? I-- Waugh!

[Gamel lifts his head in a very abrupt way. Clearly the mention of food got his attention more than anything else. FOOD??? THERE IS FOOD? WHERE IS THE FOOD?????? He takes off running with Eiji haphazardly trying to cling on for dear life. ]


[LOOK OUT UNION THERE IS AN ELEPHANT LOOKING FOR FOOD. Eiji would just leap off and fly to safety but he's stuck holding the straps down so they don't lose all their supplies. HELP? ]


Feb. 8th, 2015 04:08 pm
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action; hikawa shrine

[With the recent events and the attacks by the Enhanced, the whole of Union had been in a buzz lately. Quietest, perhaps, had been a small collection of Pokemon left behind by their trainer when he went off to adamantly train on his own. Even the vindictive Fearow had mellowed out in his aggressive trainer's absence, having taken to staying perched on the roof or somewhere near it as though he were waiting.]

[Fluff, for her part, had effectively adopted Eiji in the absence of her trainer, often sitting in his lap or on his shoulders like she had with Ankh. She was convinced, with every fluffy fiber of her Fairy being, that Ankh would return to the Shrine, and so she had to keep her chin up and keep Eiji from being too upset. She even went as far as to accompany him to the Forest Shrine during the attacks, battling alongside him of her own will.]

[So in the figurative lull after the battle, she had become somewhat restless. It had been too long, now, even for her to still have complete faith in Ankh's return. So she was pacing up and down just outside the Shrine when a familiar presence dully registered to her. When she'd identified that yes, it was Ankh, as the vague shape of him meandered into view, she started making a huge fuss. So here she was, yipping and barking and going as far as to run full-tilt into the Shrine, leap into Eiji's lap, and then running back out.]

[Ankh, ...is literally a huge mess. But most noticeably, he's different. He's evolved again, it seems. The left half of his face covered in rust-colored feathers and black scaling, and he now sports an enormous pair of wings attached to his back, the right of which he is covering most of his body with while the left remains mostly neatly folded behind him. Fluff wastes no time in running straight for him, still yipping and barking and being a general visage of excitement. It wasn't until he lost his balance and dropped, gracelessly to sit on his knees with his wings all drawn up around him, that she settled down and climbed partway into his lap.]

[Her yipping ceased the moment she took note of his state, and he brings his left arm up to pet her, not-quite smiling at her.]

...Hey, Fluff.

[ooc; SORRY FOR THE NOVEL DNGJKRDH hi guys the Shitbird is back.]
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[It had been a small thing, to get this gift together, but he had a good feeling about it. He was never one big for these kinds of holidays, but when it came to people he cared about, he tried to do his best.]

[Ankh? Well. Ankh was someone he had a hard time putting into words. He was frustrating, arrogant, prickly, and unfriendly but at the same time he knew that there was a lot more below the surface. He also knew that there had been a change in the nasty little Fletchling he brought home injured a few months ago.]

[Honestly, he had every intention of trying to nudge him back to the wilds but it really did look like Ankh had found a home here. So, Eiji would just accept that.]

[Ankh likely wouldn't get that, but that's sort of part of what this gift was about- it was a means of sharing the holiday with him, who he knew had probably never celebrated it before, but also it was kind of a means of letting him know that this was his home. He was apart of their strange little family.]

[He sent Hina out to go collect him and lead him back into the main room of the shrine. Eiji has a small wrapped package in his hands.]
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[It's a new face. There are a few false starts, and it looks like she is trying to communicate, but the sound isn't working.]

--really brown around here.

[There it goes.]

Where are all the flowers and leaves and things like that? Doesn't anything grow around here? How do you deal with it? It's kind of depressing.

Anyway, my name is Sanae, and I just came here from Citadel. It's really different. How are there so many people in one place? And who built all those big towers? They're huge! Do people actually live in them?

Sukuna, Kodama and I are staying in the habitat for now, until we can find somewhere a little more permanent. Do you know where we can find housing? Any help would be great, thank you!


[Sanae had heard stories, about a shrine in Union. Apparently, the priestess there could see into the future. She must have been extremely powerful, right? Did they have a ton of followers? She hadn't heard who or what the shrine was for, so some investigative work was in order.

Anyone else would probably just walk up to the shrine, introduce themselves and ask questions.

But not this girl.]

Okay, Kodama, you're my eyes in the sky.

Pip pip!

And Sukuna, if anything goes wrong, you distract them.


Alright! Let's do this!

[All right, this plan was awesome. She knew it. Her pokemon knew it. There was absolutely no way this was going to go wrong! She was like a leaf on the wind. Sneaking around the shrine, she knew that she would be able to find what she was looking for! Even... if she didn't know where to start looking. And wasn't exactly the sneakiest person out there.

So, at random times during the day, she can be found in various places--either hiding behind a tree, or by the purification well, or any other number of shadowed and not-so-shadowed areas. Kodama has probably fallen asleep in a tree somewhere.]
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[Well, that was definitely an eventful day. The Shrine was probably oddly quiet, with both Eiji and Hina having gone out to look for Rei.]

[Now that everything had been taken care of (Rei found her Charmander, said Charmander was given proper medical attention, He'd made sure Rei had made it to the gates, etc) Eiji found that he was very, very tired.]

[Between Evolving, spending some of his life to temporarily heal the Charmander, and then rushing back to the city with the sick Charmander, who could really blame him? He makes it through the entrance of the Shrine grounds before he huffs a breath, shakes his wings out and then promptly passes out in the snow.]

[Feel free to find him on the ground and poke him. He will be sporting a new pair of leathery wings now that he finally obtained his first evolution.]

[ooc: Open to anyone who might be visiting the Hikawa Shrine! Please come bother him.]


Dec. 11th, 2014 07:18 pm
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[The video feed cuts on to a flurry of pink feet and blue-tipped ribbons, and halfway through a terse swear on the part of a one Fletchinder Shifter. For a moment it's quiet and the view is of the ceiling of Hikawa Shrine, before it moves and Ankh's face briefly swims into view before right back out.]

Can you-- knock it off already, I know you're excited. Quit.

[His face swims back into view and he seems to realize belatedly that the thing is showing video, and his expression goes from irritated to absolute horror in negative three seconds.]

--So! There's a Sylveon following me around. Dunno where sh-- it came from. Not mine. Anybody wanna claim her?

[Fluff, for the record, is very much his. She's just evolved from his affectionate Eevee into a Sylveon, and he's mortified of people finding out that he actually cares about her. Aforementioned Sylveon leaps up onto his shoulder and makes a pleased sound, nuzzling his hair.]

Would you-- stop that!


Dec. 9th, 2014 03:06 am
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Who: Luke, Asch ([personal profile] albertstyle), and you!
What: After almost 2 months, the twins return from the wastes.
Where: Just inside Union's gates.
When: 09/12, around 9AM

[He was tired, hungry, and still kind of scared when they finally saw the city on the horizon. It felt like a mirage, but it was all he could do to hope that they had finally made it home. Once they'd become lost, Luke and Asch had been forced to survive with only the help of their Pokemon and their Shifter forms. For two spoiled, pampered young men it had been more than difficult. At least, in their Pokemon bodies, they had a bit of instinct and were able to survive. This had also forced them to evolve. Once Fennekin, when the two twins finally arrived at Union they were bigger, taller... Two identical Braixen with curiously green eyes entered the city, looking skinny and beaten up, their fur scruffy and unwashed. Unhostile, the Guard let them pass through and they wandered inside, Luke feeling almost apprehensive.]

{We're actually home... can you believe it?}

[The twins had never quite gotten the hang of changing back and forth from their Shifted forms, so they've been stuck like this for quite a while. It would be simpler to change back and make a beeline for the Fabre estate, but while they were still unsure of how to change back it was difficult. At least, this time, they could climb steps. Luke looked at his twin, almost unsure... Over the course of the months he'd gotten quieter, listened more. He had relied on Asch to get them out of the trouble he'd put them into. His loud mouth had been quieted, at least for the time being. They were home, and that was what mattered. Hopefully, they would run into someone they knew on their way back to the mansion to help explain what was going on. The last time they had returned as Pokemon hadn't been very pleasant.]

{ooc: Asch and Luke are back! They've evolved into two scruffy Braixen and are back home after 2 months spent surviving outside of Union. Asch and Luke will both be replying as we go, so have fun!}
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W-W-Wait!! Not so fast! Slow down! I-I'm gonna fall off!

[ It's a little hard to see given the up and down motion, but it's pretty clear Maki is not on her own two feet. Instead, she's riding the green-back of a Skiddo, her first Pokemon that she actually bonded with on her own that wasn't from an egg. She somehow got convinced to let him take her for a ride, but she had no idea just how intense it would be for a girl who was more used to proper tea parties and fancy ballroom dances. ]

L-Look out! I can't stop--!!

[ And so the video cuts off as Maki and her Skiddo suddenly find themselves crashing into a cart full of fruit, breaking apart the wooden cart with a deafening crack! ]


[ Maki and her Skiddo are going to be crashing around the city, a cat atop of a goat. She's trying to get a hang of riding one, but it's not going well. Her Skiddo prefers to charge at things in his path, rather than go around. Because apparently that's no fun.

At the same time she has a reason for being out on her Skiddo, planning on trying to learn how to ride it so she can go see Nozomi to speak about certain...personal problems. ]
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[Eiji flips the feed on. He looks kind of uncertain. He opens his mouth to say something and suddenly, instead the nose of something big and furry takes over the screen. It snuffs loudly for a moment before backing up.]


[Eiji gently slides back into view. Sort of. He's mostly being overtaken but all that fur jeez, Gamel.]

Ah! Sorry for the interruption but I had a question that maybe someone could help me answer. Gamel seemed to be kind of distressed today and when I asked him what was wrong- he told me that he wanted to evolve, but couldn't. I couldn't quite figure out what he meant by that, but...

Does anyone know how a Piloswine evolves and how I can help him? He's begun stress eating and I'm worried both for him and also for the Shrine's food supply...
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Who: A whole lot of losers (this can mean you). Specifically, Ankh, Eiji, probably all of the Senshi, Martin, Elly and Fei. Nozomi? Possibly more Love Lives?? A WHOLE LOT OF LOSERS... I tagged everybody I knew would be here that I knew the canons for. :<
What: Hino Eiji's birthday!!
When: October 22! All day, all night, as long as y'all wanna celebrate this hobo.
Where: Hikawa Shrine.

He was pretty sure Rei had said something about it being Eiji's birthday. He didn't actually care overmuch, since she had come to him with the request that he take Eiji and distract him until a specific time, and given him the idea of making him buy ice cream. Ankh liked ice cream. In fact, it was about his favorite thing. So when it had been suggested that he could force Eiji into buying him some, whilst still fulfilling some kind of request from Rei, it meant he was getting ice cream and having the grumpy Shrine Maiden indebted to him (at least, in his own mind). So while there was the vaguest of concepts in his head that this was a distraction for some kind of celebration in honor of Eiji, he was mostly interested in the fact that he was making the vagrant buy him something.

And so here they were, Ankh dragging Eiji by the sleeve, heading into town.

"You walk too slow, how do you walk this slow? You're taller than I am."
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Who: The Love Live! Girls, anyone who lives at Hikawa Shrine, and anyone leaving and entering the shrine! And stalkers. There are stalkers.
What: Practice for performing on stage! Their first practice ever.
When: Sometime in the afternoon, after school is over.
Where: Hikawa Shrine, Union.
Summary: Honoka has finally managed to amass a group of people to get together as a little musical group to perform. They are going to try to practice together for the first time, and that could go any number of ways.

"Hello everyone!" She shouts once all the girls who she expected to come to practice arrive. "I wasn't sure where we could practice, but I'm so glad Rei let us come here and use the courtyard! So!"

She stands, feet at shoulder width, in front of the girls, looking determined as ever.

"We'll do some singing first! And after a little break, we'll try dancing! Someone will need to clap for us to keep time, but we can alternate who does that so everyone gets to practice dancing. And then! We can get something to eat when we're done! If there's someone you don't know, get to know them a little bit before we begin our practice!"

"Okay! Let's start!"

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