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[After being silent for a few weeks, Kaido, Mari and Atsuro's place has been suddenly bustling with activity.

At first it was just moving and cleaning and pokemon occasionally running around, but today there's the sound of hammering and a lot of voices...

... and halfway through the afternoon, when people are starting to get out of jobs/school and into the streets, a makeshift wooden stand is erected outside the building, with a big sign on it that reads:


(And under it, in smaller letters that from the scratchy handwriting are probably Kaido's:

Until we run out, anyway)

Mari, Kaido and Atsuro are taking care of the stand, looking much tanner than you'd usually see them. Ask them for a glass? Mingle? Trip on one of the pokemon running underfoot? The possibilities are endless]

[[You can tag any of the characters, ask in the subject line if you're talking to more than one, or just mingle in the mingle area]]
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[If your morning somehow wasn’t chaotic enough, if you’re walking through the residential district, you may hear... raised voices]

...--and don’t slouch, Nikaido. You make me look undignified.

Oh yeah? How the hell am I supposed to do that? It’s freezing--Savior, how do you do it?

Focus and determination.

Your hair’s getting in the way too, what the hell. Never does that for you.

[Has Kaido always been this tall? Did Satsuki seem this cranky before? It’s not very hard to figure out what happened, especially when "Satsuki"'s bundled up in three sweaters and "Kaido" is proudly wearing a uniform.]

Er... guys...

[The tiny girl in the too-large hoodie would be Atsuro, currently stuck in Mari's body. As for Mari herself, she's surveying the world from her shiny new vantage point, perfectly content to let Kaido and Satsuki bicker as long as they don't break out the weapons]

[[You can interrupt Kaido and Satsuki, but all four characters can be tagged individually. Just specify who you're talking to!]]


Aug. 30th, 2014 05:17 am
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[Hello, Union.

(Or anyone else within reach, really)

It's three am. Are you asleep? Good. You can stay asleep.

If you're awake or just dozing and within reach of your warp band, though, you might see a public transmission]

Yo. So who the hell else is up?

[Kaido is definitely not asleep, and he's bored]
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[If you're walking around the residential district today, you might run into Kaido.

Or, to be precise, Kaido and a new pokemon.

He's sat the pokemon on a bench and is crouching in front of him, staring into the pokemon's face. And being stared at back, though this gaze is more curiosity and less... whatever Kaido's glare is (his face is always like that okay).

They've been staring at each other silently for a while. You might want to snap him out of it, or he might not even realise you're here]
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[The Advance Party has definitely made great progress, but they are now in the middle of the Western Desert. While they are reasonably well-supplied, it's not necessarily pleasant.]

Savior. Why is it so hot?

[This is open to all Advance Party members! Feel free to make your own threads and mingle as you wish!]
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[Today, some people on the streets of Union might encounter a rather worried-looking boy (or a young man, depending on your point of view), running around, obviously searching for something or someone. He also seems to take great care not to bump into people or touch anything metallic - and if you look closer, his hair is practically standing on end (at least the hat helps hide that) and the air sparks and crackles around him sometimes. Uh, probably it's a good idea to keep some distance away from him.

And what he's looking for is--


Some other (or even the same) people on the streets of Union might be startled by something suddenly whirring past them. It's vaguely white-ish in colour and oval in shape, and--and it's a Togetic, obviously enjoyed the newly acquired Flying type. It zooms around, not paying much attention to what or who it almost bumps into - you can actually hear a kind of high-pitched... giggling? For someone who evolves with the POWER OF FRIENDSHIP, it certainly doesn't seem concerned enough with its trainer to even come near him, if you exclude zooming past him to tease him]

Ack--Togepi, come back here! Er, should I even still call her-- Togetic, come back here! We need to at least check-- yes I can see you're okay, but still! Togetic!

[... Yeah, the poor guy is getting pretty exhasperated. Everyone is welcome to help him get his Pokemon under control, help his Pokemon get MORE out of control, or just watch and laugh.]
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Who: KIRYUUIN SATSUKI, Tadashi Nikaido, and their innocent witness
Where: Outside the gates to Union
When: AT DAWN (well, sunday the 27th)
Warnings: A lot of ridiculous screaming and some violence.

(Note: anyone around at that hour is welcome to have witnessed this stupidity)



Apr. 11th, 2014 06:46 pm
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At around 8 in the morning, a shooting star landed outside of Union's front gates. It left no crater, and didn't even make a lot of noise, but still attracted a fair amount of attention.

Anyone coming to investigate would find a young girl with red hair and a simple dress lying on the ground as if asleep, along with a set of shattered shackles. At the sound of another person approaching, she sat up and blinked a few times, looking around curiously.

[Later, video. The strange girl bows formally before the camera.]

For taking me in when I had nothing, I offer my sincerest thanks. As repayment, I wish to make myself useful, and so I also offer my services in whatever manner you would find useful.

My name is Morgiana.
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[Late night broadcast is go! Have an extremely excited blond.]

Did anyone see that just now? That light? And all those flowers? I've never seen anything like it!

[Luuuuuux, why are you being so loud, it's late... Camille coos from off camera. Go to bed.]

I can't sleep, this is all too exciting, and I feel like I've been bursting at the seams for days now. We should find out what happened, strike while the iron is hot, what does everyone think? Let's go investigate! I've got some books here that I can look in, maybe we can have a few rangers look outside the city---

[She goes on. Is anyone even awake?]
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After an unusually long and cold winter, the land is finally beginning to stir in the anticipation of spring. In the forest, the first flowers are beginning to peek out of the ground, the hum of Bug Pokémon begin to be heard, and of course, the first wisps of pollen begin to incite misery amongst the more sensitive of the population. The sun sets later and later each night, and at the end of a long workday, the prospect of escaping early to enjoy a stroll out in the brisk spring air becomes more and more enticing.

The pall cast by Team Evolution has long faded into little more than a distant cloud on the horizon. Though the mystery of 'Mega Evolution' remains unsolved, it seems inconsequential in the face of the strength that Union itself is gaining. All damage from the earthquakes has finally been fully repaired, production of iron and steel has been greatly enhanced by the discovery of the mine, there were plans to build a new port and to enhance the range of the Signal Tower, Enlightened and Pokémon everywhere were evolving one after another... On the whole, morale was high.

The city takes it upon itself to reflect this.

When the people of Union begin to stir early one spring morning, they will awaken to discover a cheerful city, indeed. All of Union, overnight, has become covered with vines and shrubs and flowers - plant life, everywhere the eye could see. Though the majority haven't yet begun to flower, the rainbow assortment of buds promises a lovely sight to come in the near future. A few citizens, annoyed, set to work removing the intrusive flora from their properties, but the majority simply take the unusual sight for what it is.

And for the particularly observant, dotted here and there among the landscape, the occasional large pink blossom can be spotted already in full bloom...

((You may use this post as an IC mingle if you wish!))


Apr. 5th, 2014 05:04 am
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[Outskirts of Union]

[If you're anywhere near Kaido's training spot today, you might notice something is... off. He seems more aggressive than usual, working himself out a lot rather than paying the usual attention to his pokemon, and at the same time... he's not quite as fast and efficient as he normally is, and might even be trembling slightly.

His pokemon have noticed something is off, Scraggy half-hiding in his own pants while Floette flies around, trying to keep an eye on him and his surroundings both.

Suddenly, after delivering a vicious kick that sends his dummy's head flying, he keels over, his skin starting to glow in patterns, shining brighter until it flashes, leaving him panting, still one knee to the ground, and...

... apparently unchanged, at least as far as physical features are concerned]

Damnit... no one told me it would hurt.

[His voice, however, sounds... uncharacteristically hoarse]

[Residential district]

Or you might encouter him later in the day, pacing the area and looking rather cranky. He doesn't want to go home just yet, for a bunch of reasons, but he's got nothing to do, and he's too restless to just go to Teeters or something.

So he's walking around with Floette, a scarf wrapped around his neck. The way he walks is slightly different from usual. A bit unstable, but also more fluid]


Apr. 1st, 2014 05:57 pm
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[Observe the interior of Garry's classroom as it's obvious he's twisting his wrist this way and that to get a good look at the Warp Band.] So this is what all the fuss is about...? [Yes, that was a defeated sigh. Good ol' Garry.]

I'm not sure going out is the best idea .. besides, we still have class. So don't think you're going to get out of doing homework! [Right? Right. He's not that scatterbrained.] But maybe a little venture out on the weekends would be okay. During the day. [No thanks for night time.]

I guess it's customary to ask for tips or something like that. [He's really only ever focused on things that had nothing to do with leaving Union so pokemon training has never been his forte. The cute little blue Floette on the edge of his desk sits patiently, looking on.] Instead of tips.. why don't you tell me your favorite thing about training? ...and exploring? [He asks like he's talking to one person instead of a network at whole. Because that's easier and opens communication more. And also might help him a little better. Maybe.]
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Log Deputy: Wighty ([plurk.com profile] holsety)
Participating Characters: Atsuro, Kaido, Hiroshi
Plot Description: The Tropical Island seems to have strange heat-waves rolling in. From the distance, while surrounded by craggy peaks that deny access to most parts of the island it does appear to have some high mountainous area. Atsuro goes there partly out of curiosity, partly in search of materials for Good Rods, drags Hiroshi along with him because they're friends (kind of) and friends go out and do things together! Kaido is partly dragged along, partly decides to go himself out of concern for Atsuro and Hiroshi (that part is a secret).
Warnings/Notes: Nothing yet.

Under the cut! )
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It's Friday night and Ezreal decided to take the esteemed Luxanna Crownguard to a bar generally frequented by Delvers, Guardsmen, Rangers, and all sorts of other rough-and-tumble men and women who make up Union's thriving blue-collar community. The bar, of course, is quite a dive, with loud, boisterous people having just finished a day's work coming to take a load off and get frightfully hammered.

[This is an open mingle post for anybody who might, for whatever reason, find themselves in a dirty, grimy bar full of loud sweaty people on a Friday night. There will be mingling and, of course, the inevitable bar fight. Enlightened are encouraged to use their powers interestingly but remember - no lethal damage! It's all in good fun. Overenthusiastic enlightened may find themselves responsible for large chunks of the repair bill for the bar, be warned.

Also of note: legal drinking age is 18 years old but this bar is likely reasonably easy to get into if you're a bit underage.]
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Hello everyone. I do hope that you are well.

[A smiling face greets the feed, though what one will probably notice first and foremost is her fancy, if not a bit old fashioned clothing. With her pale skin and black hair, she almost looks like a doll. Her arms are steepled together just below her neck, and on her lap is what appears to be a Budew.]

My name is Celestia Ludenberg, though "Celes" is also acceptable if you prefer it. I've seen many people use this network, but so few actually introduce themselves. Rather rude to ask for favors and the like without a proper introduction, don't you think?

[She giggles, though it's not a particularly girlie one. In fact it almost sounds rehearsed. Her Budew looks up and stares at her curiously, resting its head against her stomach. In response Celes gently pets its head with her index finger. ]

But I digress. This little one and I managed to bond a few days ago, though it's still become apparent that I've a lot to learn when it comes to exploring. So with that said, would anyone mind accompanying me on my next venture? It would be more logic to travel as part of a group than with only myself and my two partners, of course.
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[So, the tournament is over and Team Evolution have finally departed, some time ago now. But the events of those ten days are still on about everybody's mind, and Atsuro is no exception. He's spent several days thinking about it, and finally gathered enough courage to write his thoughts down - it's easy enough to talk about it with people close to him, but he feels like his duty is to organize his guesses, and let others know about them.

So, almost a week since Team Evolution's departure, a public text message appears on the intranet.]

It reads: )

6 ♪

Mar. 3rd, 2014 10:38 pm
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[Video -- During the end of the Tournament Finale]

[The video footage is grainier and shakier than normal, as the person holding the Warp Band up is apparently trying to stay out of sight and hissing "quiet" to someone nearby.]

[What the image actually shows is an unobstructed view into one of Team Evolution's tents, wherein TeVo member Sakina constrained with huge, powerful metal bindings, eyes glowing red. The other missing representative, Crystal Verdine, and two orderly-like Team Evolution grunts can be seen injecting the struggling woman with some kind of liquid - a few moments later, she slumps over, looking half-asleep. Rise's whispered voice comes over the video shortly thereafter.]

I...we went to go find the missing Team Evolution guys during the final match. That's them.

Guys, that woman is Enlightened and stupidly powerful. There's something else, too, but I can't quite tell what. I don't know what's going on, but--

[Suddenly, at Dr. Verdine's orders, Sakina is released and unceremoniously slumps in place. A few other scarcely audible orders and the visible Team Evolution members begin to scramble to pack up the equipment and the tent it's in, getting ready to move. Possibly the whole camp. A few moments later, Sakina starts moving again, sluggishly.]

Oh crap, we need to get out of here.

[Rise's feed cuts off as she gets ready to run back to Union with her reluctant companions in tow. It may be a few minutes before she can respond to anyone but Asemu and Jinxie.]


Feb. 23rd, 2014 09:51 am
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[You know who's, for once, not found outside Union? This guy.

Partly because of the people camping outside. The city officials might be all chummy with them, but he almost got trampled by a rampaging Nidoking because of them, and he doesn't feel like talking to them nicely. Or handing them any piece of technology, for that matter.

He knows himself well enough to know he'll just start fights if he tries interacting with them, so he's keeping himself inside the walls for now. It's probably best after this mindless training anyway.

The other reason is currently resting against his legs. His egg finally hatched, revealing a Trapinch... which is cool and all, except it keeps kind of falling forward with the weight of its own head if it's standing on the ground... and he can't keep it burried all the time. Especially when you live in a tower.

So his baby Trapinch is slowly following after him, bumping its head against his legs whenever they stop. He would have lost his patience long ago, had his newly evolved Floette not been calming him down.

Be careful not to fall into any holes. Thankfully, they shouldn't be too deep]


Feb. 22nd, 2014 12:00 am
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They were noticed a half hour before they arrived.

The Guardsmen atop the city walls, their keen senses trained to observe anything out of the ordinary, had not failed to observe the flight of birds disturbed from their nests and the distant shuddering of trees. The pace was steady. Not of wild Pokémon meandering about, but of something with fixed, determined purpose.

News spread quickly, as it ought. The Council was aware of the situation in five minutes flat, and the guard on the walls surreptitiously tripled in the same amount of time. It didn't take much longer for idle citizens to realize something was amiss, and as the rumors propagated -- There are people coming through the forest! -- so, too, did the number of people thronging at the gate craning their necks to get a look.

They emerge from the forest, their pace brisk and their numbers thirty strong. Many wear attire that is hardy, made for traveling - leather boots, thick wool pants, and long jackets in shades of deep crimson and black. Others, clearly of some higher rank, are clad in suits or other formal wear; a few wear pristine white coats that must have only just been changed. As they approach, most stare coolly upwards at the assembly gathered before them atop the walls of the city.

At their lead stands a man with a mild smile and shaggy red hair. Two others stand close beside him: a young woman in a crisp, fur-lined white coat, sleek black hair pristine and perfectly in place and a gentle smile on her face and an aloof woman with brown hair wearing a sharp suit who appears extremely disinterested in the proceedings.

The company pauses. And there is a long, awkward silence before the man with the red hair takes a step forward. He speaks, and his words, though understandable, have a strange, foreign inflection.

"My name is Rory Donnachaidh. We have come on behalf of our people to serve as a diplomatic presence to your city."

...Another awkward pause.

"...I believe it is appropriate to say - take us to your leader."

He smiles more broadly, as if he's made a joke.


We are Team Evolution.

We represent a group of people with a common purpose - to restore humanity to the peaks it once ascended and to raise up all Pokémon alongside us. We call ourselves Team Evolution for the only path forward for both human and Pokémon is to evolve. When we realized that our signals could be detected no longer, our scouts reported that the reason was human sabotage. Imagine our surprise to learn that a human civilization lay so close to those mountains... But what do I say? You, of course, must all have experienced surprise in equal measures, no?

We have come here for reasons twofold: to establish relations with this city and to retrieve the materials that you have been holding for us. It was a prototype, you see, and we would wish to have it returned.

Of course, we understand that you have little reason to trust us and great reason to drive us away. We will not attempt to enter your city if that is preferred - but we will camp outside, between the forest and the gates, for the space of 10 days, after which we will depart, with or without our materials. We hope you will be willing to speak with us during this time. We would also like to... hold a demonstration to explain our actions, if you and your Council are willing.

Please, come and speak with us if you have any questions. That is an offer extended to anyone in your fine city. I shall personally ensure that any visitors are treated with the greatest of courtesies...

((For approximately 10 IC days, the people of Team Evolution will be camped outside of Union. The next part of this event will require sign-ups. There is an accompanying OoC post to this post here. Please see that post for more details.

Please feel free to use this IC post to talk with the NPCs. All responses here will receive an NPC response.))


Feb. 16th, 2014 07:46 pm
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[There seems to be a bit of a scene in front of the Pokemon Habitat today. Some other teens seem to be accosting another one, who is standing with a stony expression on his face. If you move closer to the group, you might overhear the conversation; they're not exactly quiet about it.

"Hey, we should contact the authorities. Some idiot let the Murder Nerd have Pokemon, ha ha."

"Hey little Axew, how about you come be my Pokemon instead? You'll live longer. Ha ha ha ha.

Man, where'd you get this Smeargle? It's WAY too cool looking for you -- hey, the little bastard just ruined my shirt! Lousy --"

You might know the one standing by saying nothing, although he does seem to stand up for his own Pokemon here and there. When people say terrible things to HIM, however, he shuts up for some reason. Is this something you even want to get in the middle of?]

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