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1: action

[So. In the vicinity of the Tatsumi Gallery, today? A rather serious-looking man in Calderan clothing is standing outside, talking to the old lady of the place. Kanji’s on his way back from a hard training session, a wide smile on his face - when the two call him inside with a wave.

A while later, he emerges - to sit down on a nearby bench, staring at a piece of paper in his hands as if it’s going to jump up and eat him. His Sylveon’s bouncing around his feet, and his Roselia bops him on the shoulder with a blossom. He’s … not really paying much attention to either.]

M-me? You guys, do you really think I... damn...

2: video

[Some time later, it’s a rather stressed looking Kanji who appears on the video feed. He’s rubbing his head, his ears drooping, trying to get his words out straight. It's not working. It's not happening.]

So. Hey. Uh. I … could use a bit of advice.
There’s … I’ve … I’ve been given an offer. it’s … the chance’f a lifetime. But, if I do … it’s like I’m givin’ up on…

[He pauses, looks away from the screen.]

Givin’ up on somethin’ else important to me. I just … I dunno. Not sure what’s for the best...

If anyone's got any thoughts... thanks.
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[There's been a sign posted in the window of the Tatsumi Gallery for a little while now, that passers by might have noticed.

Arts and crafts lessons.

Notes underneath talk more specifics:

> Clothing alterations for newly-evolved Enlightened!
> Usage of textiles in Engineering and Enhancements!
> Clothing design for Pokémon!

... and a whole lot of similar things underneath.]


[For further advertisement purposes, Kanji's been found handing out flyers, too, around the city: some of his smaller Pokémon have been joining in, dropping leaflets on whoever looks even vaguely artsy and/or craftsy.]

Free art classes: you interested? Anyone you know into this stuff?


[Later on though, on the day specified on the adverts, he can be found in the gallery itself. There's tables set up in an empty room, full of various bits and pieces to be used in projects and tuition: fabrics and threads and paints and crystals and all sorts.

If anyone shows up, he'll give them a friendly wave, if slightly nervous-]

Hey, welcome! Ya here for the class?

13: video

Mar. 4th, 2015 08:00 pm
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Yeah. Hey, everyone.

[The video feed opens on Kanji's home, and the young craftsman looking rather out of sorts. Even the Pokémon on screen look a bit tense; he idly scratches a Pachirisu behind the ears, and sighs.

For a moment, he glances aside to a photo sitting on a desk, before he speaks again.]

I'm gonna cut straight to business, here. Been thinkin' about shit for the past month, really. And I wanna ask...

[He swallows.]

How d'you go about gettin' into the Rangers?

11: action

Jan. 19th, 2015 04:39 pm
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Who: Kanji and anyone who encounters him!
Where: The forest, the habitat
When: 1/19
What: A thoughtful Kanji deals with a surprise when he's out for a birthday walk - and has to deal with the consequences of his choice.

1: Scorched Forest/Hot Springs )

2: Habitat )

10: video

Dec. 6th, 2014 01:42 pm
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[Kanji can't believe he's actually gotten around to finishing this. But in any case, here's a rather worried-looking young man on the warp video feed, various tools of his trade around him.]

Yo, everyone. I've been workin' on somethin' on 'n off for a few months now, and I think some'a you guys might be interested.

It's been kinda hard, but I've been wrappin' my head around Enhanced clothes 'n textile stuff. Man, it's actually easier than the metal crap now I know what I'm doin'... I ain't a professional. But I think it's comin' out looking alright. [He raises something into camera view - is that a pair of gloves? A rather nice pair, too, with vinelike embroidery and a floral trim... with his blatant ground weakness, trying something grass-type made sense.] That's the last lot I did.

So... [Okay, okay, he can do this. Breathe, Kanji, breathe. I'm gonna start sellin' this stuff too. If you want any, hit me up at the usual places, the shop or the gallery, an' I'll see what I can do. I've got a few ideas, an' I think I can do stuff in any Type.

[Fire-type gear for the cold weather, ice-type or water type for the warm, glowy fairy bits for cave exploration... where to start?

He scratches his head.]

That's that. Gimme a yell.

09: action

Nov. 9th, 2014 03:04 pm
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1) Verdant Forest

The past few weeks, training's had to take a back seat for Kanji and his crew. Sorting out the store, organizing and making masks for Lenna's party, and the whole dream thing... yeah. (School had been crammed in there now and then. Somehow.)

In any case... time to make up for lost ground.

He's in the forest, not far from the city gates, out with some of his crew. And for some of them, it looks like change is afoot.

A Sylveon sits by his side, 'ribbons' waving slightly, as he ponders just how to give something accessories that already comes with them. In front of him, his Axew and Golett are sparring: he yells encouragement at the pair.

"C'mon, guys! You can do it!"

2) In Union

Oh, hell yeah.
This is more like it. Watch out below, Union.

Rocketing through the skies, here we see one boy and his giant mechanical ghost, Kanji holding onto and held tight by his newly-evolved Golurk. Sure, he's flown on Pokémon in the past, but never one one he's raised himself. It's been a hell of a journey, too...

So, here he is, here they are, swooping around the place - leaving a trail of cheers and apologies behind (and probably some destruction, too, as the Golurk gets the hang of steering its own flight)... and okay, eventually, they'll be landing.
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Dream 1: An artist's work is never done )

Dream 2: The muscle blues )

Dream 3: A father's legacy )

((OOC: Pick any dream, or mix and match! #2 is ...well, a hot springs scene, nothing will likely be explicit but still... and #3 might get dark and involve topics of death.))

07: action

Oct. 15th, 2014 06:08 pm
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[So the weather's not that great. Ah, well. Some things have still got to be done, this time of year...

There's activity around the Tatsumi Gallery today. Two people running in and out, and a gang of Pokémon hard at work, too. The artworks for sale being changed up; the collection of Calderan textiles that were recently on display being reorganized to make room for a collection of ornamental masks and even decorative cordwork hung on display in the windows.

And as Kanji emerges from the gallery, his arms full of decorations for the building's exterior, he looks back and calls out-]

Ma, we've got this! Go on, siddown, you're just gonna put your back out!

[Right, then... where to start with this lot? He looks at the Pokémon who're helping him today, and nods. Not too much to do, right?]
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Who: The trainers of Union and their newly hatched baby Pokemon
Where: Anywhere and everywhere around the city
When: All weekend long
What: The eggs everyone got from the Heatran event were set to hatch on Saturday, so this is an all-purpose post for egg-hatching and baby Pokemon related shenanigans. Introduce your new precious little bundles of joy to each other and showcase their personalities and talents! Even baby Pokemon have lots of heart!
Warnings: Possible cuteness overload?

((OOC: This is pretty much just an open log for anyone who wants to make posts for this kind of stuff.  Anyone who wants to can make a top-level comment for people to respond to.  This isn't an official log or anything, and people who would rather make an actual post of their own are certainly welcome to do so - I just thought it would be nice to have a central post to collect baby Pokemon threads so everyone can easily tag everyone else.  Have fun with it!))
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Log Deputy: It was me, Nerdo ([ profile] Nerdorama)
Participating Characters:
-Team Organization: Rise, Apollo, Pamela, Usagi
-Team Heavy Lifting: Chie, Kanji, Yuuna, and Asemu
(Teams entirely subject to change and only implemented so we don't have eight people in one thread. Let me know if anyone wants to do something else)
Plot Description: Some kids from Union help to spread the awesomeness of Pokémon habitats to our desert neighbors.
Warnings/Notes: Probably not OSHA compliant.

Rise has just about exactly enough common sense that she did, in fact, expect that convincing Caldera's and Union's leaders that building a secondary Pokémon habitat in the desert city was a great idea would be the easy part of the endeavor. Now she and some volunteers from Union were doing what she - correctly - figured was the hard part, which was the actual construction of the sprawling structure. Fortunately, between Union's architects and Caldera's engineers, the planning wasn't up to a bunch of clueless kids, and even a lot of the construction was paid local labor - they're mostly just here as representatives of Union's willingness to help out their allies.

That's not to say they weren't doing work, of course. Rise, standing under a parasol, was coordinating the Union volunteers - split between material hauling and doing detail work on the new structure - using her powers. All in all, it was going far.
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So, a question for you all, good people of Union, Caldera, and most recently the Citadel. I've been noticing the trend of Enlightened and even normal trainers hold a certain typing affinity. In Enlightened, of course, it is their own typing but trainers who might otherwise be considered ordinary have their own specializations as well. So, when crafting a team, what is the strategy? Do you create a team solely of the typing you specialize in? Do you branch out to cover the types you do not possess? I am quite interested in hearing your opinions!


Aug. 11th, 2014 10:20 am
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[When the feed clicks on, Chie can be seen sitting in one of the Valkyries' feasting halls with a plate full of an absolutely absurd amount of meat on it.  This isn't that surprising for people who know Chie and her obsession with getting lots of protein in her diet.  What is surprising is the fact that the meat is still on her plate and not being shoveled into her face.  And speaking of her face, she's looking a little worried.]

Hey, uh... has anyone seen Morgiana lately?

[She tries to keep from frowning too hard, but it's just not working out for her.]

We were fighting the raiders together before that huge Pokemon showed up, and then I kind of lost track of her.  She never came back home after all the fighting was over.  I thought she might have come here to train with the Valkyries, but they haven't seen her either.  I mean, I know she can take care of herself, but...

[Sighing and trailing off, she picks at her meat with her fork, moving it around on the plate.]

If anybody's seen her or talked to her, let me know, okay?  I'm getting kinda worried.
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Who: Makoto & Kanji
What: A fated meeting over cute bentos and adorable handcrafts
When: Backdated to before the Citadel event
Oh, high school )

The Raids

Jul. 19th, 2014 11:56 pm
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[As the people of Union begin to move out into the plains, they'll find that the Councilor's warnings were apt. Though not everyone is targeted, it isn't long before a few unlucky travelers find themselves on the receiving end of the same type of attack. The bandits, whoever they might be, are experts at swooping out of the blue, striking so swiftly that the victims almost never even catch a glimpse of them.

How exactly will they put this to a stop? There's so many, it seems impossible to take them out one group at a time... Perhaps they have a base somewhere.]

((This post is for both groups who wish for mods to run and players to thread freely amongst themselves. You may feel free to handwave having been attacked and thread the aftermath of that event. Please respond to the appropriate section depending on where your character is. Thanks!))

06: video

Jul. 10th, 2014 08:44 pm
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[Today's video comes live from Kanji's workroom at home. Perhaps not the most exciting of environments, but it works for him. Rolls of cloth, various resources, crystals, half-finished projects that he's been working on - busy young craftsman, it seems.]

Hey. So I've been visitin' Caldera a bunch lately. Lookin' at some'f the stuff they do over there. An' comparing it t' some'a the stuff I've been working on around here... heh. I've gotta lotta work to do.

Got me thinkin', though. This one kinda goes out to any Engineers watching... What's the most complex thing you've worked on Enhancing? I was thinking 'a doin' some Enhanced clothes for my guys, but I ain't had any luck finding out the best ways t' do it. Everything I've looked into has really been things like armour and weapons, you know? I've been doin' a bit'f metalwork, but it ain't really my thing.

So... has anyone done anything like that before? Got any tips?
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Who: Lenna Charlotte Tycoon, Aqua, Peter Parker, Hans Westergard, Kanji Tatsumi
What: Exploring the mountains
Where: Mountains, eventually leading to Coastal Valley
When: Some nebulous date during the current week that doesn't conflict with the Seeker expeditions or the Pokemon races
Warnings: None aside from the usual potential dangers in exploring new areas

[It's been several weeks, and Lenna has finally gotten approval from the Council to mount an expedition into the mountains to look for her father.  Ironically, had Councilman Tycoon been here, she would probably have been able to get permission much faster, but then there wouldn't have been much of a reason for her to go at all.

She didn't really want to talk too much about her personal reasons for coming here when recruiting her group, but a few of them have likely guessed at them anyway.  All the same, though, whatever their reasons, these five people have come together to bravely explore where few Unionites have gone before.  Lenna is ready for whatever comes, new friends and new Pokemon at her side.]

All right... here we go.  Everyone stay together - I don't know what we'll run into once we cross the peaks.

12 ♪

Jun. 11th, 2014 11:47 pm
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Hey everyone!

[That's definitely Rise's voice, but the camera is pointing at what is clearly a serenely floating Gardevoir .]

So, I have a couple evolution-related announcements. The first is that I'm now partnered with the most elegant Pokémon in the world, Miss Himiko here.

[The Gardevoir takes a bow.]

The second is I think I evolved myself!

[She turns the camera around to give it a smile and a look at her face, which honestly doesn't look any different other than boasting bigger hair ties.]

I was in Caldera for my sixteenth birthday, but the morning of I swear my hair got about a foot longer and I grew three inches all at once. Also some other stuff I'm not talking about over the Warp Band, so don't ask, 'kay?

Plus, I can see more stuff without, you know, seeing it now. Items and things and not just people and Pokémon. Actually, I guess if it wasn't for that the rest of this could just be puberty giving me an encore, but apparently that's normal for Normal-types evolving...

05: video

Jun. 11th, 2014 09:02 am
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[Kanji looks a spot edgy on the feed today. His plans for the week? Take a trip over to Caldera to help with the repair efforts. However? He'd made a promise - no long distance journeys, even with the warp, without a Flying type by his side. Just in case.

Said Flying type... well.]

Hey, everyone. Got a problem.

I'm ... kinda worried about Flick. Uh, she's my Pidgey? [Panning the view around to the bird in question (the cute little waistcoat making it quite clear who's training her) - she's trying to hide from view.] She's always been kinda shy, but it got worse after me 'n a few of the others went off training - you know, the other week. When we evolved. Wasn't sure what'd gotten into her.

But she was workin' hard last week, and... I saw her start to evolve too. Thing is, soon as it started - she kinda freaked out 'n - stopped.
I get the feelin' it's not the first time from the way my others looked at her.

[He sighs.]

How'm I meant to help her?
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Action: At Magnet Rock )


Uh. Hey, folks.

[And there's Kanji's face on the screen, looking rather proud. Not quite as those who know him might recognise it, though. Zig-zag markings in golden yellow sit at the side of his face, and a small one across his nose. His ears have changed, long and pointed, tipped with the same colour - small nicks out of them look almost like battle scars. Compared to this, the blond colour of his hair's nothing...]

Well... Ain't any hiding it, is there? Been dreamin' about this day since I was a little kid... Always wondered what it'd be like. An' ... [he laughs] here we are. Brand new me, huh?
Feels kinda weird, though. Like I'm gonna break everythin' I touch. How long does this take to get used to?

But... [A slight blush starts to creep onto his face, tinting the ends of his ears.] This is kinda awkward. Could someone warp me, uh. An extra large set a' clothes? Only the set I brought don't, uh, quite fit right now... Ma, if you're watchin' this? Sorry 'bout that, but... ya know.

[He lifts a hand to scratch his head, revealing an arm similarly marked with angular patterns in yellow and black that suggest gloves, and black bands bearing short spiky studs that sit around his wrists.]

Maybe somethin' with wider sleeves, too? Guess I know what I'm doin' next week...
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[Action; Verdant Forest]

[Anyone who's been out into the forest lately has probably seen Chie doing some intensive training with her Pokemon recently.  She's been working hard polishing her moves and following Morgiana's lessons in preparation to join the Swords of the Savior.  After a brisk jog with some weights around her ankles, she decides to push herself a little and try to kick rocks apart with her bare feet.  She started with wood and has gotten pretty good at it, but something inside her is telling her that it's time.]


[The first kick collides with the large boulder she's set up in front of her.  A small crack appears, and Chie reels back from the recoil, the bottom of her foot bleeding just slightly.  Not enough.  Gotta try again.  Refocusing, she lashes out with the other foot this time.]


[The crack deepens as Chie opens another gash in her foot.  Gritting her teeth and falling to her knees, she rests for a moment before giving it one more try.  Her Pokemon have all stopped their own training, a hush falling over them as they watch their friend.]


[And with a loud cry, Chie spins powerfully in place, delivering a roundhouse kick directly down the center of the crack she'd formed with her previous two attacks.  There's a rush of energy that feels more like all the heat leaving the clearing at once as her foot impacts the boulder - a thin layer of frost forms on the plant life for a moment, and the boulder freezes solid beneath the pressure of her kick before shattering into a thousand tiny ice crystals, breaking apart in the air and drifting to the ground like a fine sparkly mist.  For her own part, Chie flops backward onto the forest floor, breathing heavily.  Little puffs of air can be seen from her mouth, as if it were the middle of winter, and she just lays there smiling and laughing.]

...I did it!  I really did it!


[Later on, Chie takes to the airwaves to celebrate her victory.  Oddly, she's bundled up in a coat and a scarf, despite the fact that it's the middle of spring.  And once again, her breath is visible on the feed as she's talking.]

Hey!  I think I evolved!  I was training in the forest, and I felt this... sudden rush right before I let loose with a kick.  Everything got really cold, and then the rock I was training on turned to solid ice and shattered!  It was awesome!

[She gesticulates wildly with her arms to punctuate her story as she excitedly recounts what happened.]

Good timing, too!  School's out now, so at the end of this week I'm joining the Swords of the Savior.  If I make it through the next three weeks of training, I'll be a full member!  Wish me luck, everyone!

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