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Operation: Gigas Freedom

[OOC Notes: This upcoming event will not go live until June 5th, depending on the result of the votes. No matter what decision is made here, either will have a dramatic impact on the game and especially that of how the game will ultimately end. This is the first of several much larger events as we begin to wrap up major plot points that have been established since very early in the game, and expect the stakes to start getting higher as these events progress]

The feed flickers on to reveal a rather more serious looking Celito and Maeve. They exchange glances and nods, before Celito launches in.

“Hey everyone, Celito here. The Seekers have convened and have issued a directive. If at all possible, it is our duty to free the gods imprisoned by Gigas and return them to their natural state. Unfortunately, with the resources of the Seekers being dedicated to research, this is essentially impossible for us to achieve on our own. So, we’ve come to Union with a proposal. Right now, we have a fairly good idea of the defenses of Gigas, but as we understand we cannot rely on them to remain unchanged for very long, Gigan military is highly professional and they change patterns and routines regularly. I expect it’d be especially true with the Gigases. Right now may be the only opportunity we have to break in and free the Gigases. We don’t come to ask this lightly. We are asking the Union Alliance to join us in liberating the Gigases. We have brought this proposal to your Council and they have authorized us to proceed - if the will of the people will support it. We’re asking for your help, we need to free the Gigases and we can’t wait for another chance. Please, will you help us?”

Giving her brother a nod, Maeve directs her attention to the feed again.

“This is probably a once-in-a-lifetime chance, but it isn’t gonna be easy. There’s a lot that could go wrong here.” Averting her eyes from the camera, Maeve purses her lips into a frown. “We can’t do this by ourselves. We need your help going forward, but we understand if something like this seems too dangerous. Union’s done its best to stay impartial for the most part, but that might not be the case if you help us. Think about that before saying yes.”

[OOC: Voting is live as of now. The question: will the Union Alliance proceed with the attack on Gigas and attempt to liberate the Gigases? This could very well cause an international incident with Gigas, but as stated, another chance will likely not come again. It’s now or never. OOC discussion and IC discussion threads are open, only 1 vote per player please. As before, votes will generally be weighted with the assumption that PCs are in the streets advocating their position. As a reminder, the vote you cast should be your OOC opinion: do you want to go forward with attacking Gigas and freeing the Gigases, or do you want to leave Gigas alone and allow the Gigases to remain trapped, perhaps for good.]
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[Well wasn't this something? Her little Ami, all grown up and so set on this. It'd been a while since they'd last seen one another, the Ranger having kept herself scarce after an ill-fated expedition. Merrill had needed the support, and Yuuna couldn't blame her, so she'd stayed in. But this had drawn her out. A daring and bold plan to do something right. She understood Ami's position perfectly well, but she couldn't agree with her. Not this time.

She cuts in just as the Seeker hangs up, catching the transmission and folding her arms across her chest while she looks down at the camera. There's a harsh set to her jaw, her muscles bulging, and a new scar standing out against the skin of her bicep and disappearing up under her shirt. She looks a bit more haggard than before, weathered, her voice dry despite the attempt at levity.]

Who are you and what have you done with my kouhai?

[Leaning back, she closes her eyes, an almost smile flickering across her lips. Almost.]

You actually expect people to answer you when you talk to them that way? Do you really think that the Seekers are going to stab us in the back?

[Hello Ami. You've basically accused her partner's organization of being a threat.]

You know there's only a handful of them. Including someone who I hold closer to my heart than anyone.
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Well, it's very nice to see you again, Yuuna-senpai.

[On the one hand, she wants to immediately address the fact that her big sister figure is covered in new scars. On the other, the Gigases are still a topic on the table. But Yuuna is someone she trusts, not someone who is avoiding actual answers so her tone is already gentler.]

I think that individual Seekers have proven to be cagey and not forthcoming, just like there are bad medics, there are bad Seekers.

I've been used before, Yuuna-san, in Sanctuary, so forgive me if I'm not running like a Rapidash into this matter. I know there's a handful of them and I know that I've not had a single question answered regarding the safety of this city which I have protected and defended because it has just as many people close to my heart.

Even now, he decided to just hang up on the matter. I may not have been polite but my questions are completely valid.
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[Yuuna frowns and peers at the camera. Taking a breath, she answers briskly, as if the answer is all but obvious.]

Because this network isn't secure, Ami. That's why he wouldn't initially. And he hung up because you were rude, and you missed that fact.

I'll answer for him though. He can't guarantee the safety of Union because there is no guaranteed safety anymore. There's only statistical likelihood of safety. And that lowers steadily with every passing day. Gigas has deities held captive, and a stated purpose to conquer the entire world, while the Elite Four are madmen on the other side of our borders.

Gigas will attack us, that is going to happen. Doesn't it make the most sense and increase the statistical probability of safety to take a chance at removing their most dangerous weapon before it even gets brought to bear, while at the same time doing something for the gods who have protected us by freeing their compatriots?
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Mnn, I agree, I was rude, but I will not apologize for it this time.

He should not have broached the topic on the network in the first place, Yuuna-senpai, because he was going to inevitably be faced with questions just like mine en masse. His hanging up on every person is not going to inspire any one to want to go.

I'm aware of the statistics, Yuuna-senpai. My concern is for numbers. Are we looking at the destruction of two cities or one? How many people will die when or if the Gigases decide to seek revenge on their captives. Simply because there is corrupt leadership does not mean I can condone innocent citizens to die because of the actions of a small handful.

I don't want the Gigages to be held captive, please remember that, and I have fought tooth and nail for the protection of the gods and our city, but my desire is to see absolutely as little bloodshed as possible. You have not been gone so long as to not appreciate that we are still recovering from when the Elite Four decided to show us what a vengeful god looked like.
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[Yuuna hums quietly to herself and shakes her head. No that’s not it at all. She’s willing to bet that most people are going to take things on faith, because of their idealism.]

I’d say none, if the Gigases are as benevolent as most of the other gods have been. The sane ones. I don’t condone the deaths of innocent lives, either, but we’re going to have to take that risk. Otherwise Gigas will turn itself on the alliance we are all a part of.

[She extends her arm, rotating it a little while studying Ami.]

I was here for the attack. I did my part and fought the thing head on. I agree that as little blood spilled as possible is right, but I have a feeling that freeing the Gigases will spare the most lives on both sides. Can you imagine what it would be like if we went to war while we still don’t know the location of the Elite 4? And can you imagine what might happen if we free the Gigases, and negotiate from a position of strength rather than weakness? Shaking Gigan High Command is the only thing that will do that, and our options are to assassinate them or to free their trump card, which they don’t know we’re even aware of. I don’t condone assassination, personally, and that’s why I’m throwing my lot in with the people trying to free the gods.
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How far does benevolence extend when you are kept captive by a city? [She closed her eyes.] It's all there, of course, the statistics, the possibilities, the outcomes. The more information I get, the more probabilities I can come up with. [Most of them bad.]

I can imagine it, Yuuna-senpai. [She looked back at Yuuna, maybe she wasn't as shy as she was before, but she's not so different. They're both concerned for Union and the well being of the city.] I can imagine quite a bit. And that's the hardest part. Because I can account for that .00002% or the probability of various factors. [Sometimes she wished she could turn off her mind, but only Rei could get her that focused and calm.

But she doesn't trust Celito... she does, however, trust Yuuna. She let out a deep breath and rubbed her eyes. It wasn't like she was trying to stop the release of the Gigas, she just wanted more than vague platitudes. She wanted a plan, she wanted facts, she wanted numbers and plans and details, concrete things she could continue to factor away to make the harsher probabilities go away.

Assassination would only create a power vacuum and new, possibly if not far worse people being put into power. Better to handle the enemy we know than the enemy we don't.

[She looked away.]

Exactly how much input are we going to be allowed to provide? Or are we expected to blindly follow that as well? [This wasn't about sides, and she wasn't trying to see it that way. She was smart enough to know Yuuna and she were on the same one at the end of the day.]

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You aren’t the only person who can account for and calculate those probabilities, Ami.  [Yuuna could too.  She was vastly intelligent in her own right, though that was thanks to her unique talent and years of experience more than a naturally high IQ.]  And I think that the probability is higher than zero that we can pull this off and head off a war before it even starts, letting us focus on the Elite 4.  [She gives Ami the smallest of smiles.] And it’s even probable that we can convince the imprisoned gods that their quarrel is with the leadership and not the people.  The only mad gods we’ve encountered have been the ones held by the Elite 4, the others have all shown a reasonable streak and gratitude.

I think that this is the right thing to do.  And sometimes, like my dad says, you just have to roll the hard six.

[Gamblers metaphors, of course.  But they still hold true.]

As for plans and input?  I think that they’ll be shared when we commit and when we’re able to really assess the situation for ourselves.  Merrill works with these people, and I have too.  They aren’t stupid, and they’ll give us an outline when it’s time.  For now I think they, and the council, wanted to see where we stand.  I don’t believe for a second they’ll push us over the edge blindly.
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You asked if I could imagine it, Yuuna. I wasn't implying in the slightest that you couldn't or that others couldn't.

[Who needs to push anyone over when it seems everyone is more than willing to just leap? Still, she trusts Yuuna, and vaguely, at least in concept, she trusts Merill. And Merill is a Seeker. If A = B and B = C then A also = C. It was simple mathematics.

But she was also in the minority, she doubted she could make a difference even if she did maintain protests. She didn't, and she wasn't so proud as to stand in opposition merely because she had been scolded or given the counter point.

Very well. [There wasn't much else she could say on the matter. She wasn't going to bring up that her agreement mattered little.]
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[It is. Yuuna smiles fondly at the camera and dips her head. She was glad that the girl was coming around, but honestly her opinion might not have changed things. She did want Ami to think though, and maybe she'd reacted a little harshly, but Merrill was important.]

Let's just see what happens, and adjust our plans accordingly, okay? [She can tell Ami still isn't fond of this.]

If it's a bad plan, you won't be alone in voicing discontent. I won't risk a single life on a hairbrained scheme. You know that.
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Regardless of the plan, I will offer my services as medic. I doubt I'm what they are looking for in terms of actual infilitration.

[She sighed, but smiled a tiny bit. She was at least glad Yuuna could understand her unease.]

I do. It's the only reason I'm yielding in the discussion at the moment because of that knowledge.
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Good. I don't want my first day back on the bands to be arguing with my oldest friend.

[That would go nowhere, if they started butting heads...]
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Welcome back, by the way, I would love to take you out to lunch to hear how everything went.
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We can do that. I'm not exactly busy. [But a note in her voice says something more...]

But it's not really the most pleasant conversation.
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I don't expect it to be, all things considered. But I would like to hear it if you are willing to tell it. I missed you, and I want you to get checked by a medic as well.
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I've been checked, sweetie. I've been back for a month or two. I just...haven't said anything to everyone. Things have changed at home.

[That should be enough of an indication that something big's going on.]

Free in a couple hours?
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[She inhales sharply, not... wanting to let it show that Yuuna being back for months but not saying anything hurt. She knows Yuuna had her reasons and she wanted to respect them and her. She nodded though and tried to cover it with a smile.]

No more high capacity in the center, anymore. Pamela and I can even get back to working on the antivenin. I can be free in two hours.