May. 22nd, 2016

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[OOC Notes: This upcoming event will not go live until June 5th, depending on the result of the votes. No matter what decision is made here, either will have a dramatic impact on the game and especially that of how the game will ultimately end. This is the first of several much larger events as we begin to wrap up major plot points that have been established since very early in the game, and expect the stakes to start getting higher as these events progress]

The feed flickers on to reveal a rather more serious looking Celito and Maeve. They exchange glances and nods, before Celito launches in.

“Hey everyone, Celito here. The Seekers have convened and have issued a directive. If at all possible, it is our duty to free the gods imprisoned by Gigas and return them to their natural state. Unfortunately, with the resources of the Seekers being dedicated to research, this is essentially impossible for us to achieve on our own. So, we’ve come to Union with a proposal. Right now, we have a fairly good idea of the defenses of Gigas, but as we understand we cannot rely on them to remain unchanged for very long, Gigan military is highly professional and they change patterns and routines regularly. I expect it’d be especially true with the Gigases. Right now may be the only opportunity we have to break in and free the Gigases. We don’t come to ask this lightly. We are asking the Union Alliance to join us in liberating the Gigases. We have brought this proposal to your Council and they have authorized us to proceed - if the will of the people will support it. We’re asking for your help, we need to free the Gigases and we can’t wait for another chance. Please, will you help us?”

Giving her brother a nod, Maeve directs her attention to the feed again.

“This is probably a once-in-a-lifetime chance, but it isn’t gonna be easy. There’s a lot that could go wrong here.” Averting her eyes from the camera, Maeve purses her lips into a frown. “We can’t do this by ourselves. We need your help going forward, but we understand if something like this seems too dangerous. Union’s done its best to stay impartial for the most part, but that might not be the case if you help us. Think about that before saying yes.”

[OOC: Voting is live as of now. The question: will the Union Alliance proceed with the attack on Gigas and attempt to liberate the Gigases? This could very well cause an international incident with Gigas, but as stated, another chance will likely not come again. It’s now or never. OOC discussion and IC discussion threads are open, only 1 vote per player please. As before, votes will generally be weighted with the assumption that PCs are in the streets advocating their position. As a reminder, the vote you cast should be your OOC opinion: do you want to go forward with attacking Gigas and freeing the Gigases, or do you want to leave Gigas alone and allow the Gigases to remain trapped, perhaps for good.]
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[Union - Various Areas; OTA]

You may be visiting the local markets for some food and supplies. You could be heading off to work in the Industrial District. Or you're just strolling thru some of the nicer parts of the rebuilding Residential District. But at some point in the past several weeks, you may have noticed an odd little thing.

A very loud, odd thing.

You see, there's a Haunter and a pair of Gyarados, trying to play out some instruments similar to those played by Glacier natives. Plus, they're singing at the same time they're attempting to play. It's very loud, very rough-sounding, and quite honestly, just extremely noisy in the 'disturbance of the peace' way. And are those bottles of alcohol laying around them...?

Either way, feel free to either admire(?) their music, or try and shut them down.

[Union Divine Theater - Closed to non-Theater CR]

Maybe you're really good friends with Right. Maybe you're rather exasperated with him at times. Or maybe you're just one of those he's met a few times, and highly respect. But for whatever reason, at some point after Gigas opened its gates to Union and its allies, Right has invited you to drop by his room at the newly-rebuilt Divine Theater to discuss 'something important'. And for once, it's mostly empty of his small army of Pokemon. Really, the only ones there are the Crobat snoozing in his closet and the Herdier that's snuggled up in his lap.

He's also a little nervous. Hard not to when he's got something important to say, but doesn't want the wrong people realizing what he's doing until after it's happened. "Thanks for coming by on short notice. I really appreciate it."

((OOC: First option will have Right butting in after a few comments in each thread. Second option is where he spills the beans regarding the secret group behind the Divine Theater. All options take place over the past 4 or 5 weeks, for reference.))

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