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Jul. 10th, 2014 08:44 pm
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[Today's video comes live from Kanji's workroom at home. Perhaps not the most exciting of environments, but it works for him. Rolls of cloth, various resources, crystals, half-finished projects that he's been working on - busy young craftsman, it seems.]

Hey. So I've been visitin' Caldera a bunch lately. Lookin' at some'f the stuff they do over there. An' comparing it t' some'a the stuff I've been working on around here... heh. I've gotta lotta work to do.

Got me thinkin', though. This one kinda goes out to any Engineers watching... What's the most complex thing you've worked on Enhancing? I was thinking 'a doin' some Enhanced clothes for my guys, but I ain't had any luck finding out the best ways t' do it. Everything I've looked into has really been things like armour and weapons, you know? I've been doin' a bit'f metalwork, but it ain't really my thing.

So... has anyone done anything like that before? Got any tips?


Jun. 24th, 2014 10:01 am
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[Action; University library]

[Anyone who spends a lot of time at the University will probably notice that Merrill has been in and out of the library quite a bit recently.  She carries a small pack in with her at her side, holding onto it quite protectively as she heads straight for the sections on history, legends, and the occult, each time taking a number of books with her toward the back of the library.  And once she's there, she spends hours at a time poring over the thick volumes, seemingly searching for something and never finding it.  Every so often, she picks up her pack and looks inside before returning to her work.  Anyone who's paying close enough attention may even see her remove an odd-looking stone from it to examine it closely for a few moments before securing it again.  Obviously, Merrill's hope is that she's being quiet enough and enough out of the way that no one will disturb her or ask what she's doing, but clearly the world never works that way.

See what she's up to?]


May. 19th, 2014 05:58 pm
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So, uh, it's like... a week late, but...

What'd you guys get your moms for Mother's Day? Like, what'd be a good gift? One that says "Sorry I forgot and thanks for putting up with me while I was friggin' bedridden." I'm open to suggestions. And yeah, I know it's an asshole-ish thing to do, forgetting like that, okay?

[ Let's ignore the fact that Jean's been away for over a month... ]

[ filtered to Rangers: ]

So I let the bigwigs know but I didn't like, make an announcement or anything but... I guess I kinda... evolved? Like a month ago? So I was getting used to new wings and shit. But the point is I'm good now. And I can fly! Uh, a little. So take that, Eren!

[ Except that buttwings moniker is totally gonna be more obvious now... ]


May. 9th, 2014 10:08 pm
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[the warp band video is as grainy and black and white as always. When it comes on, it's pointed toward the kitchen table. Laid out on the table are feathers. Three of them are about three feet long, and another four are between a foot and six inches. Even without color, it's possible to tell that these aren't just any ordinary feathers. These feathers seem to be made of gleaming metal, the individual barbs at the base coalescing into solid steel just a few inches higher.

Then, Eren speaks

Hey. I'm finally done molting, so I have a new crop of feathers to sell or trade. Molting sucks. But at least I can make some money off of it. I used two of them to make new swords for myself, and then payment for the blacksmith, and then a few weren't really high enough quality to be used…

uh. Oh! If you don't know, Skarmory feathers make some of the best swords ever. They're light and just flexible enough to not break, and they hold an edge like no one's business. [Eren turns the warp band to himself, and he draws one of his swords. It only vaguely resembles the feathers on the table] You just have to take them to one of the blacksmiths in town and you can get whatever kind of hilt you want on it. The smaller feathers make good knives and stuff.

Anyway, prices are negotiable, but don't expect to get these cheap. They're worth a lot more than you'd think, but I'd figure I'd try and sell them over the warp bands first. I know there's lots of Guards and Rangers and [he makes a small gagging noise] Swords check the warp network a lot. [pause] Even if you don't need a blade, they make good gifts.
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[After discovering the sudden disappearance of the foreign plant life, Aster is out and about investigating! ...Not that he still has any clue as to what made it all disappear. His only guess would be that, well...something or other did it. After all, strange plants don't just suddenly appear, reappear when gotten rid of, and then disappear altogether a few days later!]

[The pokemon researcher is currently wandering aimlessly around town, trying to see if there is any plant life at all remaining. Thus far, he's had no luck, and his pokemon aren't really helping. Tonitrus the Eevee is on his shoulder, looking around the area and yawning. The other two were left back at his home because for some reason getting up early to investigate the town did not interest them. What strange pokemon they were.]

I can't believe that it's really all gone. It doesn't make much sense, but none of those plants are left. And all of those pokemon are gone, too. I guess I shouldn't complain about the lack of sneezing, though. I'm definitely glad to be done with that!

The weird weather's gone, too, boss.

[Aster grimaces.]

Oh, don't remind me about those incidents, Tonitrus.

[The Eevee seems to smile proudly at the "pain" induced in his trainer.]


Apr. 5th, 2014 01:48 am
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I. backdated video; Monday the 31th
ooc; option for anyone that understand pokemon speech. bertholdt can not reply.

[The young man being broadcasted over the video seems exhausted, out of breathe and puffing for air just to feed his lungs those needed amounts. The sweat just dripping off his skin, Bertholdt looks as if he’s having a heatstroke. His body temperature is reaching dangerous levels for a human being and his consciousness is fading. Transforming at this point wouldn’t be possible unless his body forced him into one..

He’s had heatstroke before but nothing of his caliber..]
I… I’m very.. sick..

[This is all his manages after turning on his wrap band. Anyone.. even if they don’t care at least other will know just in case something grave where to happen to him.] I can barley breath.. I don’t.. understand.. What’s wrong with me. [His condition only seemed to worsen by the second, the boy looks like he’s in total agony.

Sadly, he leaves no indication to where he is nor if his state is fatal. Eyes so dim he doesn’t even notice his wrap band is queuing out. Bertholdt can't remember the next few hours but when he does awaken he’ll be in for a surprise.

Sundrop, his Magby, his sister from years takes the wrap band. She’s not sure how it works or if she can help direct anyone to Bertholdt’s location but his condition is far worse than she’s ever seen. To a human her calls mean nothing but perhaps to the Pokemon with them they could communicate.]
Magby! Magby Mag--! Mag..

'M-My brother, please, he shouldn’t be this sick!! I need help!!'

II. video;
ooc; bertholdt can make replies to this one. you're welcome to handwave that they tried to contacted him early this week.

[It’s been a few days since Bertholdt frantic wrap band call..]

Hello everyone.. [His hair is longer.. The liner of his eyes tinned with red which was previously not there. His teeth growing jagged, nails growing longer..] Um.. I’m fine.

Sundrop evolved.. that’s nice.

[He looks so relaxed comparative to his last call.] I’ve grown as a shifter as well.. [Not one to tell the word what Pokemon he’s become, but Bertl can give value details. The teen is just happy to be alive.] I-I’m fine, my body was simply evolving..

I’m.. sorry if I worried anyone.

~06 text

Mar. 4th, 2014 08:22 pm
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[After trying (unsuccessfully) to exclude Team Evolution from receiving the message, Armin decides to bite the bullet and be vague enough to prompt interest from his friends, but not be insulting:]

I wonder how far the Warp Bands can actually communicate with one another. Is there a certain point when it's...out of range? I suppose we'll find out, won't we.

[As for why this is a text and not a video...this next message is sent to people Armin's spoken to at least two or three times:]


Would you mind if I spent a night with you sometime soon? On your couch, I mean, just until I find a permanent spot.

O1 : action

Mar. 2nd, 2014 01:51 pm
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[ Around the union, people may find one of two things.

One being a young girl walking around the Union with a confused, upset face. She keeps stopping to look under objects, she's obviously looking for something or someone. After a moment, she stops where she's going and wipes her eyes. ]

Where could she have gone! [ She continues to look under and in everything that she can. ] This isn't fair! It wasn't my fault! [ Not that they could hear her.]

[ Another sight to see is a feisty Shinx sniffing around. Every now and than it'll look behind itself and run forward a bit. However, if you have a pokemon out, it'll stop and watch for a moment. There's a quiet, almost playful growl before the Shinx attempts to pounce on the other pokemon. A thin maroon collar around it's neck is visible under the blue fur. ]
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[And what does our illustrious Commander have to say about Team Evolution and everything relating to them?

Very little, apparently, though his expression, brows drawn down and together, speaks volumes.
] I don't think I need to remind any and all Rangers -- and aspiring cadets -- to be civil, polite and welcoming to our honored guests, do I?

[Pause.] Provided, of course, that they are also discreet. [A short nod and he turns off the video.]

[Only to switch it on a moment later, looking suddenly frazzled like he's only just remembered something.] I-In addition, I'd like to take this opportunity to remind all applicants that they should absolutely not take any interest in or notice of idle gossip regarding their potential superiors, and that failure to follow this advice may result in their applications being denied.

[Lbr here, he's talking about the commonly circulated rumors about himself and Corporal Levi and their status as "roommates" and "confirmed bachelors".]
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In all these years I've spent here in Union, I can't help but be a little impressed with what our, err. Friends over at that evolution team are capable of. It's "different".

[He gives a sober look. The good doctor has been mulling over this for a while now... or at least, mulling over how he should present the issue... no, opportunity.]

I couldn't care less about their ideology, their theology, or whatever keeps them sleeping soundly at night. [As if Union's beliefs are any better, he thinks.] What's important is we have evidence there's a wealth of resources still left intact, just like our Old City out and beyond. We have something they don't have, but more importantly, they have something we don't! We don't have to like them. Worst comes to worst, I'm expecting at least a couple tussles. I mean, look at them, flexing their muscles at our faces. After reports of people injured, that's just asking for trouble.

Consider this a public statement from me, Dr. Ivo Robotnik. Why don't we use whatever's ahead of us as a learning experience? While we have the chance.

This is nothing less than... yes, an opportunity, I daresay. It's an opportunity for the ages!

[Action: University grounds]

"E-G622, I beg of you, do something about your butterfingers. For my sake! Unlike E-K599 or E-M081, you're the only one with hands!"

[Outside the university walls, but still within the campus fields, a rotund man is overseeing a rotund Golett lifting some heavy metal weights... only whenever he lifts them, without much issue, it promptly trips.]

"Ugh. Out of all the little clay automatons deciding it wants to follow me, it had to be the one with the balance problem. Looks like my assistant search is still on..."

[He sighs and rubs his forehead, knowing that endeavor's doomed to fail from the start. The Golett lifts itself up, still trying its darnest to lift the weights.]

"... There's no such thing as an A for effort, you know." [Robotnik crosses his arms, waiting for the Golett to stop trying.]


Feb. 23rd, 2014 09:45 pm
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[ Jean's normally spiky/fluffy haircut is even spikier today, if that's possible. The culprit? His baby mareep, which has decided to perch itself on his fluffy head. Babies are tiny, ok. And also full of static. ]

So the egg hatched the other day. You wouldn't believe what a pain it is to keep an electric-type from friggin' waking you up all the time when you've got feathers. This dumb mareep won't stop messing with my wings! But ma' likes her a lot, I guess, so we've been keeping her at home. Personally, I think she just wants free wool. (Don't let her know I said that.)

Anyway I guess I'll add my two cents in saying this tournament stuff is bullshit. But it beats getting attacked by weird machines so whatever, y'know? As long as they don't pull that shit again, who cares?

[ Pause............ ]

Oh, and I joined the Rangers, I guess. You can blame friggin' Eren and his dumb face. I know this shit ain't my journal or whatever but I've been kinda busy so I figured I owed some of you guys an update.

Still sucks that I couldn't get into the Swords, though.
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[Eren has to make time at least once a week for "field trips" outside of Union. The pokémon he bonded needed fresh air, space, and, in Napoleon's case, to hunt for prey. Eren had never visited the Forest shrine, so he figured that today was as good a day as any to visit it. He sets down his bag of snacks, supplies, books, and his Ranger application and warps his Pokémon into the area. From there, they sort of fan out to do their own thing.

Eren sighs, petting Blitz, who sits at his side
] How the hell did I end up bonded to so many Pokémon. How.

[He sighs and takes out his application to work on]

[Rosa the Zubat is fluttering through the trees, collecting berries and fruit and occasionally attacking the shit out of some poor weak bug pokémon for its delicious life juice. She's skittish, though, and may hide if approached]

[Victor the Lombre is taking a nap in a patch of sunlight by the shrine. Hey, it was as good a place as any, right? He's also dressed… cutely… He has on a knitted vest and a silky scarf because wow he's super cool]

[Matilda the Scraggy is not so quiet. She's rampaging through the forest and clearing, challenging any Pokémon she comes across to a fight. Any pokémon. She's kind of ridiculous.]

[And of course, Napoleon the Tyrantrum is on the hunt. He's not very subtle, but he's pretty quick, and he makes up for his ungainlyness with big jaws. Of course he misses. Several times. And lets out a roar of frustration!! HE'S HUNGRY, DAMMIT!! Why won't the food hold STILL?!]

[[OOC: kind of a choose your own adventure open action post!]]
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[Levi has it set up so his Warp Band's video is facing the stove of his little apartment. He's on the other side, staring the camera down. There's a fry pan on the burner (not turned on, but it's hard to tell with the black and white feed,) and he's holding and egg over it. The Pokemon egg he got from the Breeding Center after the earthquakes.]

[It's trembling and there's cracking noises from the inside, glowing a little bit at the cracks that are slowly appearing. Obviously, whatever Pokemon is inside it is about to hatch and needs a little bit of help from Levi. He's obviously helping a lot. He gives the camera a sharp look, his eyebrows furrowing as he glares furiously, and gives the egg a rap of his talon claws. A visible crack appears and the egg starts to open at the bottom. He's holding it about a half a foot above the pan, so it's not a very long fall.]

[Still, when the Pokemon suddenly slides free of the egg with a sharp baby cry, it splats against the frying pan with a loud slapping noise. Levi swears a little... but only because its made a huge mess in his otherwise spotless kitchen. All for a dumb joke. The newly born Goomy burbles and slowly rights itself from the inside of the pan, purring up at Levi and drooling.]

Shit. I wasn't countin' on it being as messy as a fucking egg. I was gonna make a dumb breakfast joke too... What the fuck are you, anyway?
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[The egg had hatched some time last night, a little baby Eevee.. Bertholdt hadn’t been there for his birth, and the morning after turned into a wild goose chase to find this eevee, but all in all the tiny thing was eventually cuddled up in some warm blankets and fed.] It seems many of us have had hatching as of late..

…Does anyone have advice for young, fragile, baby pokemon?

[Bertholdt knows a lot about pokemon, he can tell you the facts and recite a book of information to you. Take care of pokemon in their childhoods or adolescents but.. a baby? Just hatched baby pokemon? He’s a little worried and has been since getting his egg.

Any advice is good advice.. ]

closed action; (posting order bertholdt -> eren -> levi;)

[Little to Bertholdt’s knowledge Eren and Levi were about to take more self-taught flying lesson today, meeting up with the Ranger after work as they discussed their days. Well, Eren discussed things, Levi just scowled like usual and called him a shitty brat and the world continued to go round.

What made today different for the tall, sweaty, teen was his pokemon of choice to today’s exterior patrol. On Wednesdays most of the other guardsmen never saw one another till the end of the day so what better time to give Larvitar some breathing room than now? The pokemon didn’t seem to get along well with humans, Bertholdt didn’t blame him..]
Today was nice, wasn’t it? Who Sunny Day are we under do you wonder?

[The pokemon has grown a little closer to Bertholdt, showing off his lazy nature just letting the other carry him and agreeing tiredly -- defiantly nap time.]
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[Armin decided that the best place to watch his eggs hatch is in the sector of the Habitats where he's been sleeping since the quakes -- because someone is independent to a fault and hasn't let on that his home was damaged. But it's better this way, because there's enough room for Meredith-the-Ralts and Murgatroyd-the-Cherubi to cluster around the two eggs, with Gertrude-the-Steelix (who does NOT belong in this part of the Habitats, wow) looming protectively over the little group.

The black-and-yellow striped egg had cracked first, and now it slowly splits open, revealing what appears to be a tiny ball of fluff. Armin draws in his breath, gently tugging Meredith away from poking at the new baby --

Mareep! You're a Mareep! [This is whispered in the most reverent of tones, then the Warp Band is hastily switched on.]


It's a Mareep!! [Warp Band is promptly turned off, because what is context?]
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Today, I have added a powerful new ally to my inkvasion force!  His name is Drowny the Bidoof, and I don't mind telling you he's gilly strong - in fact, he's probably in the top percentage of all Bidoofs.  Right now we're doing some inktensive training to get him ready.

[Squid Girl turns to look behind her.]

You hear that, Drowny?  Let's get kraken!

[A short pause.]

...Drowny?  Don't tell me you fell asleep again!

[In the background, the lake can be seen, along with a rather concerning trail of bubbles coming up from the middle.]

Uh, gotta go, sorry!

((ooc: Feel free to run into her in person at the lake or respond by video!))
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So. I actually managed to get some good information out of Napoleon, with some bribery. Damn stuck-up dinosaur. I told him if he told me everything he knew, I'd let him hang out in the breeding center for a while. He uh... yeah. Do I really need to explain it?


It seems like some of these other humans from other settlements, whoever they are, installed the machines in the caves not too long ago. They used a "really stinky gross spray" to keep pokémon out of the way while they worked. Some sort of repellant spray, I'm sure. Then he said that horrible noise started and didn't stop until we destroyed the machine.

But here's the craziest part; he said he was a Tyrunt right up until the noise started. He said he wasn't really ready to evolve yet, but he's not complaining. I had to bribe him with a whole fancy tauros carcass to get THAT info. But I think it's worth it. Even if I'm pretty much broke now, ugh. I have half a mind to release his prissy ass back into the wild.

[ACTION; Closed to Jean and Marco]
[Another day, another dollar, as they say. Many of the Guard recruits had been moved from patrol duty to clean up and rebuilding, and Eren, Jean, and Marco are among them. It's tough work, but it certainly feels good to help people.

But Eren has other things on his mind.

... I'm going out training in the forest again this afternoon. Either of you wanna come?


Feb. 6th, 2014 11:23 am
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[Has Armin been ambused by an Exeggcute? No, he just has his two little Pokemon eggs -- one is his reward, the other Eren's, since he's a little more suited for parenting than his Skarmory-ish buddy -- clustered close beside him as he opens up the grainy video on the Warp Band. Mama Hen mode: activated.

He'll give the tiniest of waves, looking unsure that this whole "broadcasting" thing will even work. Besides the two eggs -- both of which appear to be wearing sweaters -- Meredith the Ralts is there, along with a new buddy, Murgatroyd the Cherubi. The cute is a little overwhelming, feel free to shield your eyes.

Erm. Hi. If...if anyone can hear me, of course. Ah, I was wondering if anyone had any...any tips for taking care of eggs? [A concerned look as he pats the nearest, slightly larger egg.] I...know it's best for them to stay in the Breeding Center, but...I don't...really want to leave them all alone. Without me. Alone. By themselves. Alone.

So...so any help would be most appreciated, thank you.
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[Bertholdt has been a member of the City Guard for about a year now. His co-workers have tried time and time again to speak with him, get to know him, most attempts have all failed but some of them have that persistent personality (whether in a positively or negatively attitude) that makes those individuals guard materiel.

One guard in piratical that stood out from the others was Mr. Eren Jaeger. Much like Bertholdt, Eren had joined around a year ago, his experience branching just a tab longer than his own for Bertholdt stretched his schooling longer than some.. They had their differences, Bertholdt was one year older than Eren and much taller, their elements differ, but one thing that was similar -- they were both shifter. Eventually, Bertholdt was going to have to talk to him.. As well as any guardsmen on his team, perhaps even their family or friends.

Normally, Bertholdt would be long gone by the time anyone could speak with him after work but today he was running a little slow..]

II. OPEN TO ALL; backdated- pre earthquake.

[It's not often, but on Bertholdt's days off he'd venture to other places outside his home in the Pokemon Habitat. Running freely amongst other wild Pokemon in areas considered dangerous to normal people, that shifter was fine. The wild Pokemon knew he wasn't the same as them but they also knew he wasn't completely human. Some accepted him, some did not. However, there was rarely conflict.

Today Bertholdt is out venturing in his Pokemon form, a shiny Cyndaquil that for anyone would surely be an amazing bond.

Wherever you find him, whether during an adventure or on his way home to the Pokemon Habitat, you will meet him in his shifter form, as a shiny Cyndaquil. As a 'Quil Bertholdt is much more scruffy than your usual one, not to mention a whole foot longer.]

( ooc: pose and actions brackets are both welcome. I have a plotting post up here if you want to work something out with me before hand. )

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