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[Funny, Harry figured that with the specter of a Gigas invasion not hanging over his head any longer that he'd be sleeping better not worse. Nonetheless, the past few nights have been restless and filled with dark and ominous dreams. Bad dreams weren't new to the wizard but these felt like something different, and after such a restless night he wasn't going to be doing any effective analyzing of the situation.

So, he decided to blow off some steam and head out for an earlier-than-normal morning jog. And we do mean early. The sun's low enough that the city is still mostly dark thanks to the shadows of the tall buildings blocking it out. The dim streets of Union empty except for the tall man running circuits around the city side-by-side with his giant Stoutland and an overly excited Pachirisu on his shoulder. Maybe he'll run into some people, or maybe he'll even swing by a couple of acquaintances and see if they're up for joining in.

And, naturally, when he's done with all that what better way is there to finish off a morning exercise than by ruining all that hard work by stopping in for coffee and donuts for breakfast? There isn't one. That's why he'll also be stopping in at a donut shop as soon as places begin to actually open.]

[OOC: So, Harry's out for a jog and some breakfast. Run into him and have a good time, or find him getting some breakfast. Feel free to handwave any plans he might have made with anybody to drag them off for a run at the crack of dawn!]
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action - during the jog

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Jolt! Jolt! Jolt! Jolt!

[ He's huffing, and puffing, but he's not giving up. This Jolteon is rounding a corner, also out for a (solitary) run, when -

Stoutland! Right ahead of him! Quick, brakebrakebrakebrake -

Gold halts himself in mid-stride, trips on himself, and goes somersaulting towards the group. If he manages not to bowl himself right into one of Harry's party, that'll be all on them. He is an uncoordinated mess. ]
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[ Gold's tumble is broken by a helpful paw! He smacks into it and lies on the pavement for a moment, counting his paws and catching his breath. He'd also let off sparks on contact. Hopefully none of them hit his savior.

Whew. He cocks an ear and risks a look upward. Is everyone okay? ]
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Jolteon. [ ....He just happened. And he is so sorry. Gold tries to remain looking small, contrite, and miserable as he picks himself up off the ground. He did it again. He's out here to try and get better, and he did it again.... ]
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[ These are good people. Heartened by this fact, Gold lifts his head and perks his ears slightly. One is still a little bent, but it does that easily. Thank you! Where are you going? Is there any way, to make it up to you, that he can help? ] Jolteon ee?
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[ More people who like running! Gold considers this. Trainer likes to run. And his friend Super Beauty especially likes to run.

...Come to think of it, all the happiest people and Pokémon he knows are runners. So with a hopeful heart he looks up at them. Can he really come? And will running make him stronger? ]
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[At the breakfast shop, there's a woman in red standing at the counter, having a "discussion" with the clerk and sounding increasingly annoyed.]

What do you mean, you've discontinued that flavor? Your manager needs to do something about this!

[... Good thing that there aren't too many waiting patrons at this hour, but there might be if this keeps up.]
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[She frowns, turning her head to face the new challenger. Some humans. Couldn't he see she was busy here without throwing his two cents in?]

Really? Then tell me, what's the point of saying that "the customer is always right" if they don't intend to fix their mistake?

[And Unionites were supposed to be more accommodating. The more she considered that, the more outrageous it seemed.]
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They shouldn't say it if they don't mean it.

[Oh he picked a fight all right, and the clerk looks mildly alarmed at the prospect at this escalating despite being let off the hook momentarily.]

I'm spending money for a service, and the service should provide. Otherwise what's the point in all of it?
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It's my money, and they should want it. Otherwise I'll just have to find somewhere else to spend it, and that hurts them. Really, they're the ones who are going lose.

[Huff. Not that she particularly wants to go all over the city to see who else might be carrying the flavor. If it was even carried by others. Such an inconvenience.]
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Oh really, you think that I'm just going to step aside for you now? [She scoffs, turning back around with a flip of her hair.]

Unbelievable. You're just going to have to wait your turn and deal with it.

[While she figures out a new order, staring hard at the listed specials and not liking any of them. A couple of minutes of pure silence from her, if she's not provoked into saying anything- finally, she looks back over at the clerks.]

Fine. Tell me, are you at least able to make Kelpsy muffins and a Magost shake?

["... We'll see what we can do, ma'am."

Which in the meantime meant more waiting. "If you'll come wait over here...?" There's another server looking apologetically in Harry's direction, as well as the next person appearing behind him.]
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That's more like it.

[Arachne just wants what she came there for, but they can't all have nice things.

So she waits, still a little agitated -- though it does take the edge off, knowing someone else is more annoyed than she is. She has no reason to feel apologetic about that at all. She flicks a glance back toward him, almost daring him to make a comment, before waiting, again for the person to return.

The servers look a little strained to deliver this news. "We're out of Kelpsy, but we have Wiki muffins as a substitute?"

She frowns, fingers tightening at being unfamiliar with that berry, and being frustrated at this long ordeal.]

Fine. If that's the best you can do.

["Yes, ma'am." They're relieved, though the order itself still needs to be wrapped up so they can continue.]
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[It's just a faint brush against the corner of her mind. She might have missed it if the Cubchoo she'd recently adopted into her merry little band hadn't decided to cuddle itself up against her feet fifteen minutes ago. She'd been on the verge of finally drifting back to sleep when that foreign fear creeps into her senses, one that she knows isn't her own. It's been a long time since she and Harry communicated telepathically with one another, she'd almost forgotten it could be done at all. Of course he was the stronger of the two, being of the Psychic type himself. Feeling his raw anxiety rouses her up from bed, smaller Pokemon tumbling away from her as she sits up (or stealing her spot, like the Pancham does, ahhhhhh human trainer warmth!).]

[Elaine peels back the covers and eases her feet onto the ground, the hem of her oversized t-shirt falling over her loose black shorts as she stands to her feet. Not bothering to look for socks, she jams her feet into her sneakers, and blearily heads out the door to plod heavily down the steps towards Harry's gross dungeon basement apartment. She knocks a few times, but if he fails to answer, she's going to have to start disabling any wards he set up and use that key he gave her to just barge right in.]
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[Who else would it be? It's Elaine. With a severe case of bedhead. And if he knows what's good for him, he won't mention it, because she already looks pretty worried the way she's folding her arms that tightly.]

Morning to you too.

[She looks him up and down.]

You're actually going out jogging at this hour?

[Elaine can probably guess why, as the pieces are starting to fall into place.]

I'm guessing it's because you're not sleeping well.
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It might be the bags.

[She lifts a hand to point at her temple, finger flicking up and down.]

Or it might be because I heard you shouting in your head, something you haven't done since we were teenagers. Can I come in?

[Because this is going to delve into some private and personal parts of their past, she's sure. She'd rather talk about it behind a closed door instead of discuss it while huffing and puffing as they jog out in public for all of Union to hear.]
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Neither did I. 'Surprise?'

[Jazz hands. Then her arms drop to her sides and she gets her first look at the floor. Unsettling, but admittedly, impressive. She can't help but squat down on her heels and press her fingertips to the floor to reassure herself that she really isn't about to plummet to a horrible spiky death.]

Harry, this is good work. You've been keeping up with your studies.

[She can weave some pretty good alarms and illusions herself, but this is a marked improvement over where he was when they were teenagers. Elaine stands up straight, rubbing her fingers against her thigh.]

So what's bothering you?
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[She means it, too, no sarcasm here. She'd ask where he got the little ball of black fluff, but she didn't stroll down to the dungeon apartments this early in the morning to talk Pokemon.]

Recurring nightmares, or are they different each time?

[Elaine will just make herself at home, plopping onto the couch and patting the cushion beside her to indicate he should do the same.]
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I'm surprised you haven't started analyzing it already. It doesn't seem unusual to you?

[If this sort of thing DOES happen all the time, that's all the more reason to be concerned. She's had her fair share of nightmares that leave her huddled and panting for breath in bed, shortly before a mass horde of Clefairies pile themselves around her to sing their sweet little fairy songs.]

Tell me what 'the usual' is for a start, and then we'll get to the twist.
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[Elaine almost sighs. Always with the jokes. But it her opinion it seems more like a defense than anything. No one likes admitting when they're scared. She knows she sure doesn't. So if he needs to sprinkle the description with sarcasm to avoid embarrassment, she'll let it slide.]

Do you think they would be less scary if you could see who they are?

[Is it fear of the unknown, or is it something more specific?]
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[This is sounding more and more serious. Elaine shifts on the couch as she turns to face him, curling one leg underneath her, her elbow on the back of the couch.]

Are we talking a mental attack here? Or just some premonition?

[Her brows are creased with sympathy, but she's also more tense despite her attempt to look relaxed. Psychic assaults are nasty, and they both remember all too well what someone tried to do to them twenty-four years ago.]
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[Surprisingly, or perhaps not considering she's a part of the city's police force now, Saber has almost the exact same morning routine, including a very early donut stop.]

Hm? Oh, good morning.

[Normally there's very few people in this early, let alone someone she doesn't know. The Luxray curled up under her feet perks up as well.]
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[She can respect a light breakfast. Honestly, she's mainly here because waffle house omelets were getting expensive compared to donuts by the half-dozen.]

Morning shift. It hasn't quite started yet, but I like to get my training in early.
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Very true. Much less distraction out before most people start their day. To say nothing of avoiding summer heat this time of year...