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Guess Whose Egg Just Hatched [Video]

[The video pops up on what could be just about any average apartment. Basement by the placement of the windows, slightly gloomy maybe, and with little furniture besides a sofa, a large easy chair and some bookcases.

And that sparse furniture is in the process of tipping and falling all over the place as what looks like a hurricane roars through the small space, leaves visibly whipping and blowing all over. There's no sound except for a tune played over it all, courtesy of a certain Rotom.

A Gardevoir rolls past, looking positively outraged at what's going on. A Zorua scampers by, and quickly ducks for shelter behind the overturned sofa. Then the wizard himself slides into view, arms pinwheeling and a Pachirisu clings to his shoulder for dear life, flapping in the breeze. Mouse lunges in, teeth clamping on his trainer's shirt in an effort to keep him from blowing straight over while the wizard yells something that can't be heard over Toot's music. It works.

Until a flying book gets him right in the face and he goes right over as the music finally concludes.]
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[ Oh. O-oh dear. ]


That looks rather.. Uh. [don't laugh dontlaugh]

Are you all right there?
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Re: Video

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[Hand lifts, covering her lips, before she nods slightly. But eyes are dancing.]

You, ah. You have a few leaves there. [hands lifts further, gesturing to her hair. A small noibat peeks into camera view from where it is clinging, and makes curious noises] That was quite a whirlwind you had going in there.
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It was a rather good Leaf Storm, especially for someone so young.

[ Not that she condones unnecessary ability use indoors, but it is clear they're dealing with a very small child-pokémon here, and her smile is a touch rueful. ]

But it is better to practice that sort of thing outside. Preferably with supervision.
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Encouragement when they are young is important. You don't want them to lack confidence in their abilities as they grow.

I've a small amount of experience. I have another egg due to hatch soon, in fact. But for Bulbasaurs.. I met Elhaz when he was an older Pokémon. But maintaining plenty of access to fresh water and sunlight is a good step.
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[...Well. This certainly looked like a circus. She was ready to go back to minding her own business about it when Harry himself came into view, which helped identify some of the reacting Pokemon.]

... Are you all right?
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... I'm wondering if that's what I have to look forward to, to be honest.

[She has her own Bulbasaur egg that hasn't hatched yet, and analysts don't miss much. Her pikachu was starting to fuss a little with her hair in the picture once he realized she was talking on the band, though she's not paying him too much mind.]

But otherwise, we're fine enough.
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Believe me, that's a rule I firmly stick to here.

[She sighs a little, glancing over at some of her assorted companions. The cute but clumsy togepi in particular. The new ralts, steadfastly pacing.] But... accidents can and will happen.

Pika! [Limone agrees, finally a little satisfied with her presentation.]

They do keep life interesting. As if it could ever be boring.
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Oh, I don't know... but wouldn't you just be bored? [.. Sorry, what's a vacation? Raine still has difficulties with this concept. Still, that's a tease she can afford to make. Probably.]

Although if you mean, less hectic, I certainly can agree there. We all could do with less wars and threats of our destruction in this lifetime...
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I can't disagree with you there. Although, I can't quite picture seeing you sitting with a bundle of yarns, either. Now, finding a spell that can knit for you would be an idea, though that would take away from the point of it all.

[This was... utterly bizarre and light conversation, which wasn't Raine's forte at all. Still, something seemed almost... needed about it, in the breathing space between conflicts. Which, to her, that was all this was.]
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Painting might be good... I'm not sure how to feel about that last one, though. I'm just getting the mental image of Sue trying to tackle you while you're trying to roll around...

[She is in a teasing mood, it seems.]
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You alright there?

[ Rumbles a rather bandaged fellow. ]
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gack I lost this thread.

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So have I.

So... er, what caused that?
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Re: No worries I'm slow as hell lately.

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Well, yes. Those are war wounds.

[ He nods. ]

Well, that's rather amusing. Mine are less... rambunctious.

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That's not a common need in caldera. Or, I would imagine, elsewhere.
[ He interprets the comment as a compliment. ]

It would appear, however, that you have found the solution to your own quandary in this matter, however.

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It was an attempt at a joke. Forgive me if I didn't deliver it properly, i'm not often given to levity.

[ He gives Harry the flattest look. ]