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[Closed] Exploration Log: Eastern Steppes

Who: Raine Sage, Waver Velvet, Sophia Nate, Harry Dresden
What: Examining an mystery ruin in the Eastern Steppes
When: Late June/Early July
Where: Eastern Steppes
Warnings: For squishy mages and possibly ruin mania

[The past few weeks had been filled with a certain trepidation toward what was to come from the war.

At the same time, Raine still had that odd paper that had been left to her by no less than the ghost of the Savior herself. It almost felt akin to a superstition, having something like that still left unexplored in a time when things seemed dire for the world as they knew it. In a sense, it was the day of Fire's celebration that served as a reminder that while they were waiting for the eventual strike from their enemies, they didn't have to sit on their hands the entire time either.

Friends were called, preparations were made and others were reached out to for potential backup.

Which led them now to the Eastern Steppes, following Yuuna's prepared map from months before. So far there hadn't been too much trouble, as the small group drew closer to their intended destination, eventually arriving at the base of the strange outcropping. There should be some man-made ruins nearby...]


[And unfortunately for everyone, Raine has gotten just a little bit ahead, as just being near the area set off that dangerous curiosity of hers, to the dismay of her Pokemon companions.] A formation like this in the middle of nowhere... it must be hiding something!

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Seismitoad, Vulpix, Foongus, Xatu, Blitzle

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[Superstitions about the Savior were one thing; receiving items from her alleged ghost was another entirely. Though Waver still wasn't certain who had given him that insulting (yet oddly engaging) book, there was no denying that it had found it's way to his bedside. With that experience backing him, he less hesitant to trust Raine's source of information than he would have been otherwise.

But, they still needed to be practical about this.]

Don't get ahead of yourself, Raine, [He called, lifting a hand to shield his eyes from the sun as he watched his fellow academic all but leap in excitement.

Not that he wasn't excited, too. He was just better at containing it.]
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[Well, Harry didn't put much stock into the idea of ghosts of mythical figures handing out stuff either. Nor was he much for diving into runes and exploring old crypts so he'd been a little surprised that he'd been invited on this trip. For awhile anyway. Near as he could tell after some time traveling, he'd been brought along as the muscle which was... a weird thing for him to consider. Well... everything's relative.

He stands there, leaning on his staff and watching Raine's excited run around the ruins with a raised eyebrow and turns his head to the rest of the expedition.]

... Is she okay?
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[ There's a metallic growl from Ymir, almost as resigned as it is unimpressed by behaviour it has witnessed before. There's a quiet chittering sound of amusement from the Leafeon, before she hops after the ruins mania'd mage. ]

These ruins are certainly larger in person than Yuuna's report implied, so splitting up may be unwise. Gebo will keep up with her. [says the newest Mage in the party as she folds up the map] Does anyone need a break before we get started?

[ Sophia is ready to keep going herself, pulling her own note book from her back pouch. She'd been very willing to travel for this, needing the distraction from recent events. The ruins here are old, very very old, and she can't help but hope there might be something here that could be useful for the future. ]
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She gets like this whenever she finds something of historical or academic interest, [Waver explained quietly to Dresden, tugging anxiously at the collar of his jacket to loosen it some before gesturing at his Xatu to follow Raine and her...group of bodyguards.]

There's no stopping it, so it's best to just roll along until something interesting happens.
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[ The ruins don't seem keen on playing nicely with the other children: they're silent, dusty, and seemingly unmarked. Bits of straw and grass are scattered about from what might have been nests, but that's more a sign of the local Pokémon making the most of shelter and not any indication to what kind of use the humans used to put this place.

They might want to be careful where they step, however. The ground gives a bit more than might be expected in an area like this. They might not want to lead any of the heavier Pokémon through it... ]
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Well, just as long as she's having fun. [He shrugs and gives a glance over Sophia's way, offering her a crooked grin.] Looks like that's already been decided for us.

[With no other way to go than forward, he starts off and frowns a bit at the ground beneath his feet, jabbing at it with his staff.] Watch your step.
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[ Smile meets grin, with a nod following. So it would seem! Letting the others move on ahead, Sophia remains standing at the 'entrance' to sketch a first impression of the site, and her friends standing in it.

Ymir, being a ghost, has no concerns regarding weight. Gebo, however, steps as lightly as her paws allow, before carefully digging at the dirt beside the rock that Raine is examining, trying to scratch away moss and clinging mud. That the floor seems uneven isn't of much concern to the grass type (yet).

What makes you think shrine over a general gathering place, Raine? [The lack of grave stones and ghost-type Pokémon make Sophia doubt that this is a graveyard site, at least.]
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Even if there is something under there, we shouldn't be quick about it.

[Waver warned, taking out his own notebook to jot down a few notes that he would save for reference at a later time. The little Foongus, ever present with him, hopped off his shoulder and started exploring on its own. In instances like this, its small size was an advantage.

It wasn't so much for the Seismitoad or Blitzle. Stamping it's hooves irritably in the dirt, the colt decided to check out the perimeter just to keep busy. After sharing a look with it's trainer, the Seismitoad followed to keep the rash young pokemon out of trouble.]

Damaging small artifacts is way too easy if we don't think a little first. What's your normal procedure, Raine?
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[Harry ventures in but not too far, only enough hop up onto a chunk of stone to get some higher ground. Which is considerable when combined with his height actually.

He's surveying the area carefully himself, although for likely different reasons than the others. It might just be his own paranoia at work but big quiet places like this make him nervous, especially with so many people who are... well, not exactly used to combat.

He adjusts his grip on his staff and glowers over the ruins, keeping a close eye on where everybody is and what's around them.]
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No worries! c:

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[ There's a light tap of paws on stone as Sophia's Lucario finally joins the group. Ouka had been inspecting the path they'd followed to reach the supposed shrine area, in case of any dangerous stragglers appearing in their wake, and so far, none of the strong bug types they'd been warned about seemed to be in the vicinity. Hopping up to a similar vantage point as Harry in order to keep watch, she spent a moment adjusting her bow with her paws, before the fighting type nodded affably to the older male mage.

Her preliminary sketches completed, Sophia taps the pencil against paper as she walks forward, moving to follow after Raine even as Gebo keeps on digging around the stone. For her part, she doesn't seem to notice any potential issues with the floor..

There were obviously buildings, or at least support structures here. If the gatherings were, say, seasonal or only at certain times of the year, perhaps they would bring tents to provide cover?
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[ As the group continues their assessment of their surroundings, they may begin to feel like they aren't alone. Someone - or something - has their eyes on them. Many, many eyes. From many, many someone or somethings. Always just around corners - always just out of the corners of their eyes.

Something still lives in these ruins. Something watching them.

A shadow falls across the group's path, then vanishes.... ]
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[Waver barely paid attention to the explanation, taking only a note of it while he anxiously looked around the area for the source of the gaze that sent chills up his spine. That-- along with the shadow that passed over them-- had him attempting to Analyze the area for whatever the source of their unseen company was.]

'Lately,' [he intoned, casting a glance around the room to make sure the wandering Foongus was safe.] That means it could have been used long ago....and maybe it's still being used by something else.

[Like ghosts. The thought alone gave him the creeps.]
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[Harry turns to Ouka when she hops up as well, giving her a slightly crooked grin and doffing an imaginary hat to the lady.

He's got a definite bad feeling about this place though, and he activates his Warp Band to call Lash to his side in a flash. The delicate Gardevoir appearing at his side and hovering, feather-light, over the ground, keeping a careful watch.

He doesn't like the feel of this place at all, like there's eyes on him from everywhere. When the shadow flickers across their path, he hefts his staff to hold ready.]

Everybody stay close. You lose sight of anybody, call it out.
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[ The lady doth not protest politeness. But her ears immediately prick forwards at the sudden cast of shadow, senses sweeping out to track any auras in the area.

Gebo leeaf?s at Raine, pausing mid-dig when the woman scolds her. But, stone? Her tail sinks a bit, before she too perks up at the sudden sense of observation. Then she's darting away, over to Sophia, where she leans against her legs. Ymir shimmers back into view at her left shoulder, wary and defensive, hissing metal warning away any potential threats.

Sophia for her part freezes, breath caught, before she glances over to both Waver and Harry.

Yes. We should stay close. But, if someone is here.. We may be the ones trespassing in their home. [she looks up, trying to find someone above] Perhaps we should ask before we explore further here.
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[ Waver's attempt to analyze the area almost catches something, but it'll blink through his brain too quickly to process. A flash of movement will also pass across the corner of Sophia's vision when she looks up. Something is here. Something in flight.

Something moving deeper into the ruins. ]
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..Wait! [But too late. The Leafeon calls too, but whatever, whoever it was, went too far for them to be heard. Maybe.] ..You all saw that, yes?

We should follow, then. And take that opportunity when it opens to us.

[ Ouka hops down and makes her way to Sophia, ears still pricked forwards, trying to get a sense for the Aura of who/whatever flitted away from them so quickly. ]
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Should be!

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[Waver saw the flash of motion as well, and mentally kicked himself for not considering inviting some of his wilder, and far less subtle, friends along for this expedition.]

We might also find out something about this place, [he chimed in, knowing well the benefits of an inside resource for information.]
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I saw it.

[Harry frowns in the direction the shadow vanished into, considering the situation.]

If it wanted us gone ["or dead" he stops himself from adding] it just had a perfect chance to make that happen and didn't take it. I think we're okay for now, we'll just have to keep an eye out.
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[ The passageway whence the shadow disappeared has seen considerably more Pokémon use than others. Fur and what look like the remains of nests lay on the ground, along with fragments of Pokémon eggs. There's no bones, though, so whatever it was must have been a successful hatching.

At the end of the passageway, there's a slightly ajar door. ]
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That's true.

[Sophia feels heartened by that and once the group starts moving, she settles to the middle, the Lucario to one side and Ymir flanking. The Leafeon immediately follows in the silver haired mage's week, bouncing between the nests, and snuffling at the egg fragments.

She rolls a large piece out of an abandoned nest, and Sophia stops, crouching to look at the egg, hoping to identify the type. It could be relevant to approaching the shadow leading them further in.

Until she notices..]

Raine.. [there is a sigh to the woman's name as Ruin Mania sends her haring off.] Ouka, stay with her, please.
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[Waver picked up a fragment of one of the eggs as well, and attempted to Analyze it for a better understanding before he was distracted by Raine's excitement. Looking up, all he could do was heave a tired sigh.]

We may as well all follow, [he said, carefully wrapping one of the pieces up in a bit of cloth before putting it in his bag for further examination later.]

There's no point in stopping her when she gets like this.
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[Well, that's interesting. The sight of eggshells and tufts of fur really is a far more encouraging sight than a cavern full of bones. It means that whatever's been using this cave has been using it as a hatchery rather than... well, an eatery.

He crouches down by a large nest at the wall and looks up when Raine goes rushing off to the mysterious door up ahead and opens his mouth as if to protest before sighing a bit.]

Mouse. [He nods to the Stoutland who woofs and goes bounding off to back up her and Ouka. Harry, meanwhile sets down his staff and roots through the nest before coming up with a patch of fur. He closes his fist around it and concentrates, focusing his senses on the bits of energy still remaining. Everything carried it and as far as that energy was concerned, it was still connected to the Pokemon these hairs had come from.

Focusing, he blocks the world out and extends his senses along the trails of energy. If the Pokemon that left this behind is still in the area, he should be able to get an idea of its whereabouts. If not just what it is.]
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[ Harry's energy search doesn't connect to anything in the area, though his mind will be filled with the sights and sounds of extremely happy...um....of....

....he's got a brain full of this. As does Waver from his analysis. GJ guys.

Meanwhile, just beyond the door, Raine will find what looks to have previously been a mural, but the tiles have been gouged at with what looks like gigantic claws of some sort, so pieces have fallen to the ground. It looks like there's enough of them to reconstruct, if anyone were so inclined. And not, you know. Worried about what made the gashes. ]
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[That... that was not the mental image he was expecting to get from this. At least it's probably a better alternative to something to something spitting fire and covered in spikes and claws and teeth. That are also on fire.

Setting the fur down and straightening up, he glances back toward Waver and Sophia.]

Did you two get that?

[Mouse steps up beside Raine, eyeing the claw marks on the ruined mural and huffing. He sniffs at the marks then raises his head, turning from side to side to see if the scent of whatever made them is on the air.]
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I feel like I'm going to get a cavity.

[Waver complained halfheartedly before trudging in after Raine to see what she was getting excited about. Something about that image felt a little to...sugary for his tastes.

The small consolation here, though, was that the pokemon lurking nearby might not even be that big of a threat.]
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From what?

[Evidently she didn't pick up on whatever it is the boys have, even as she stows a fragment of shell into one of the pouches on her belt and straightens up.

She hears the delight in Raine's voice, however, and immediately steps towards her, noting how Ouka slicks her ears back at the gouge marks in the wall then heads a little further down the corridor. Not too far, mind you, she stays in view. But the Lucario wishes to be prepared.

Though who knows what for.

Sophia does stop to reach and touch at the marks on the wall, fingers not quite making contact, before she glances down. Gebo, ever underfoot, is delicately nudging fragments right side up with her paw. All the better to see what colours there may be.

Maybe some extra light will help. [not that it's dark, yet, but a bit of extra light never hurt anyone. Right? She calls upon Flash anyway, balancing the sphere of light that forms on the flat of her palm] Just how far does this stretch..?