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Meeting of Minds

Who: Ami and Yuuna
What: Ami and Yuuna are reuniting.
Where: Cafe near medic center
When: Immediately following this conversation

Ami was reading, which was honestly no surprised, as she waited for Yuuna at the cafe they agreed upon. It was near the medic center as well as a park in case Yuuna wanted even further privacy on the subject. She had already gotten served an iced tea since she couldn't have anything hot without Rei around.

Aurora noticed Yuuna before Ami did, what with her nose stuck in a book. And Aurora snapped her tail and stood up, bounding over to Yuuna, having missed the other and Ami was quick to stand as well, smiling brightly as she set the book down. While they're reuniting had been initially awkward, it was still Yuuna, her senpai and big sister figure.

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Yuuna, with her Farfetch'd Mifune in tow, approaches the cafe with a broad smile and bends to rub her hand along Aurora's head. It's nice to see you too, little lady. The smile doesn't waver when she hears her name, and even the dour samurai Pokemon has to give an avian grin.

"Hey there."

She approaches and grabs the girl into a titan's hug, spinning her around before dropping her back to earth. She felt a little bad for not saying something sooner but honestly there were a lot of things going through her head the last few months.

"It's good to see you. Sorry, I know I should've said something but...things have not been the easiest."

The new scar, for instance.
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Yuuna does take her seat, looking at the drink absently. It is of course exactly her favorite. Lemon tea, with just a little bit of sugar to it. Mifune hops up on another unoccupied seat, setting his leek down and folding his wings like arms, watching the pair.

"You know I went out on an expedition with Merrill, right? I didn't tell you where we were going because I didn't know exactly. But that expedition went...badly."

Getting right to the heart of the matter.

"We found the first evidence since the Cataclysm of Merrill's homeland. And, have you ever come across something that you thought was going to be amazing, but it turned out to be horrible? Beyond your wildest expectations kind of horrible?"
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“We found the ruins of Arlathan. Exactly where the map the Savior gave her said it would be.” Yuuna lets that sink in a moment, before she continues in a lower voice. “Arlathan was worse than Gigas. It was…everything Merrill expected it to be, turned on end. They enslaved Pokemon and people alike. They were warriors and conquerors who performed dark rituals. There was some evidence of…blood sacrifice, and other…things.”

Fists clenching, she lowers her head, frowning even more deeply. “I think…what hit her the hardest were the things that her people still do. The tattoos on her face? Those were given to slaves. And slaves didn’t get to have shoes. She grew up believing that those were the things that her people did to honor each other. And she was so, so wrong. I’m…not sure exactly how to describe some of the other things we saw, but that’s why I’ve kept to myself. I couldn’t leave her side. She’s getting better, but she needs time. And she needed me.”
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"No, I think she just needs time to recooperate. She'll get there. But she does things her own way. She always has."

Yuuna frowned a little bit at the question, shaking her head emphatically. That was a definitive no.

"Arlathan is dead. It's been dead for centuries. All that was left was a shattered city. It's gone now, and all that remain are her people. The Dalish. They're peaceful nomads. they won't be a problem."

The commentary about scars though, made Yuuna immediately a little self conscious. She held up her arm and studied the new marking with a clinical expression of boredom.

"This? Came from a Tyranitar."
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“I don’t mind talking about the Tyranitar, but there’s not a whole lot to say. It wasn’t anything all that special, it was just a fight. We were traveling and ended up passing too close to it’s territory. It took offense, and then bit me. I fought it off, and we ended up getting away without any more injuries. The other scars, though?” Yuuna peeled up the bottom of her tank top, showing several more healed scars along her stomach and sides, along with the copious amounts of muscle that came from her Fighting typing. “These were from some Beedrill that I stirred up by accident in the ruins, and a couple of booby traps.”

Honestly, as morbid as it seems, the competitive Fighting Type woman is pretty proud of these scars. They’re not so bad.
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"I have no idea. Maybe we stumbled into places we weren't supposed to be? There were some rooms that had remained sealed, but not many, and those were the places we found those traps. Simple things, really. Dart traps. They wouldn't need much in the way of mechanical parts, and what they did need could've been made of stone and not corroded."
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Yuuna hadn't exactly thought to bring back the devices, sadly. But she'll just move right on along, taking a swig of her drink and meeting Ami's icy blue eyes.

"What am I going to do now? Honestly, I don't know. I still have my Ranger duties, and I'm back on active assignment as Division Three's commander. I guess mostly play catch up with that, and go back to what I was doing before we left."
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"Will I..." Yuuna stopped, putting her hands on the table and blinking. "Will I be at your wedding...?"

She stood up suddenly, gripped the table, moved it aside with casual ease, and grabbed Ami out of her seat and into a hug.

"Ami. I would sooner eat my own jacket than miss your wedding. Gods, what kind of question is that even?"
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Of course. Her father. Yuuna knew about some of those issues. He’d been one of those people who’d taken off as soon as he could get out of Union. An artist, and in her mind? The exact opposite of what Ami deserved. She smiled sadly and kissed the top of Ami’s head, setting her down gently.

“Ami. Honey. I wouldn’t miss your wedding for the world. I’m not going on any long expeditions anytime soon. The next one I might take isn’t until next spring, and even that won’t be but a week or two. And even if I was? I’d reschedule things to work. I’m going to be there. I’m not your dad, I’m your friend, and I’ll always choose you over any expedition. Don’t you worry about that.”

She pulled Ami’s face up gently with a poke to the chin.

“You matter. You’re important to me. And I will never, ever abandon you.”
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Yuuna was a lot of things, not all of them good. Brash, self-destructive, actually destructive, whimsical, goofy, and even a little bit cynical now that she'd spent two years as a trainer out in the field. But the one thing she was not was uncaring. She knew Ami's history as well as anyone else, and she knew the other needed some reassurances sometimes. Yuuna was hardly someone she would personally consider a pillar of the community, but she'd grown to realize just how much her opinion and her actions mattered to the people around her. That came with command, and it came with a hefty responsibility.

And it also came with some perks. Like getting to hug someone and know that it meant something.

"Always, sweetie. Even if I have to fight my way through a hungry Tyranitar to get there."
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“Hey, sometimes we need that, and I haven’t been around to reassure you much lately now have I?” Yuuna quipped, running her fingers up Ami’s cheek to brush away a few stray tears. She knew what she meant to her little kouhai, and it wasn’t like she needed to be told. The drink alone had been enough, but Ami clearly wanted to do more.

“I will, of course. I really don’t need much right now, but if I do you know I’ll call. Life’s been pretty simple lately, though, except for the operation. No real problems, just lots of sitting around in my pajamas with my Pokemon and Merrill. Sad we didn’t get to go to Gigas with the rest of you though.”
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"Detached is...not exactly what I'd hoped to hear, honestly." Yuuna sucked in a breath, looking off to the west with a critical eye. They were neighbors of this city, and it was so painfully clear that Gigas didn't really understand the way things needed to be.

There's something more, too, that sticks with her. She'd read Sophia's report, and Waver's as well, and what had stood out to her was something odd. Something more personal, related to a cave, and an old friend.

"I heard there were arenas. Is that true?"

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That's not why she's bothered by it. It's nothing to do with Pokemon, but rather something else. An ugly nightmare, the memory of a false face. Something she'd only seen the once.

"What about people? Do they fight in these arenas?"
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“Because of a bad dream. Nothing important. Just…something that I’d thought about,” Yuuna answered airily, tension flowing away from her immediately. She didn’t really want to discuss what had happened in the caves with Diancie, really.

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"I have a Spiritomb that takes care of it. This was a while ago, though. Don't worry about it anymore, sweetie. It's in the past."