Jun. 2nd, 2016

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To the admitted surprise of the Seekers, the support for an operation to free the Gigases was overwhelming. And so it was that the Union Alliance met to undertake perhaps their most daring plan yet.

True to their word, the Seekers had intelligence - guard patterns, passcodes, and detailed maps. The atmosphere was grim as the twins Celito and Maeve, joined by a number of Seekers, some familiar, some less so, outlined the plan.

“We unfortunately weren’t able to get close enough to the Gigases to figure out what all of the binding measures are. The chains definitely look impressive, but I’m not convinced they’re the real controlling agent. Gigas must have many, many backup measures to make sure they stay docile. We need to find them and unravel all of them to free them. It won’t be easy… and there’s no telling what they’ll do when freed. We’ll be personally accompanying every team. We have… some potential methods that may help keep them calm. Old artifacts and the like that are said to be tied to them. We want them to escape, not kill everybody.

This will be very difficult. I expect a stiff resistance, but I think we can do it. The Magi of Sanctuary have given us some extra aid, during the operation we should be able to punch the Warp Band signal through their jamming. That means we can run a command center as well as keep in contact with the other teams and summon Pokemon with the Warp Band. Figure out where you’re going to be, and then we’ll head out. The operation starts in two days. Be ready.”

[OOC: Signups for the event are now OPEN! These logs are open to everyone and as this is a major plot event, they are highly encouraged. Logs within Gigas should expect to see combat. The Command Center logs will have the ability to freely talk and communicate with all other logs, as well as be able to see and hear everything in all ongoing logs and will be able to spread information among the groups. The Command Center will see no combat. You may sign up alone or in a pair of two, we will randomize groups and event logs will go live June 5th at midnight.]
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Who: Ami and Yuuna
What: Ami and Yuuna are reuniting.
Where: Cafe near medic center
When: Immediately following this conversation

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