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Enter, stage right

-Action the first-

While the wider world has started to open up to Union, travel between cities is still dangerous, and thus not TERRIBLY common for individual people to make, so it's a bit odd for a lone traveler to arrive at Union's main gate. One did, though. On foot, no less, with a honedge drifting along behind him. The guards asked him the purpose of his visit, as is standard procedure, to which he replied, "I have many goals here, but my main purpose is seeking out he who saved my life."

He leaned in closer to the guard in a conspiratorial sort of way as he continued, "But first, I have been traveling for a long time. Do you know of an ale house or tavern where I might wet my throat before I begin my work?"

-Action the second-

Eventually, Iskandar found his tavern. It was a bit rowdier than he was hoping for, if the chair flying through the air or the man and primeape swinging from the same chandelier were any indication, but it didn't slow him down. He stepped in and grabbed a pair of brawlers in his massive hands and shook them in the air to make sure he had everyone's attention. "Yes, brawling is a fine sport, but let me tell you..."

It was kind of amazing to listen to, really. Despite having come in and waded right into the worst of the brawl, the large man somehow actually put an end to the violence in the room with a stirring speech about honor and camaraderie. Maybe fifteen minutes later, the fight had been forgotten, and everyone was singing one of the more popular drinking songs in Union. There were more verses, of varying levels of creativity and dirtiness, than any one could ever hope to learn in his first night on the town, but the chorus is easy enough to pick up: "The wine gets drunk! But you get drunker!"

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