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Enter, stage right

-Action the first-

While the wider world has started to open up to Union, travel between cities is still dangerous, and thus not TERRIBLY common for individual people to make, so it's a bit odd for a lone traveler to arrive at Union's main gate. One did, though. On foot, no less, with a honedge drifting along behind him. The guards asked him the purpose of his visit, as is standard procedure, to which he replied, "I have many goals here, but my main purpose is seeking out he who saved my life."

He leaned in closer to the guard in a conspiratorial sort of way as he continued, "But first, I have been traveling for a long time. Do you know of an ale house or tavern where I might wet my throat before I begin my work?"

-Action the second-

Eventually, Iskandar found his tavern. It was a bit rowdier than he was hoping for, if the chair flying through the air or the man and primeape swinging from the same chandelier were any indication, but it didn't slow him down. He stepped in and grabbed a pair of brawlers in his massive hands and shook them in the air to make sure he had everyone's attention. "Yes, brawling is a fine sport, but let me tell you..."

It was kind of amazing to listen to, really. Despite having come in and waded right into the worst of the brawl, the large man somehow actually put an end to the violence in the room with a stirring speech about honor and camaraderie. Maybe fifteen minutes later, the fight had been forgotten, and everyone was singing one of the more popular drinking songs in Union. There were more verses, of varying levels of creativity and dirtiness, than any one could ever hope to learn in his first night on the town, but the chorus is easy enough to pick up: "The wine gets drunk! But you get drunker!"
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Sanger had just gotten to Union himself, and was just trying to enjoy a hot meal with the tavern brawl had started. He had let it go on, avoiding the brunt of the damage by staying in his corner and not making a fuss, but there was still a small pile of bodies sleeping next to his table after some patrons had unwisely decided to rope him into the fight.

Sanger hadn't had properly cooked food in months, like hell he was going to let it be interrupted.

Iskandar's arrival had been a welcome relief. Bawdy singing was much easier to deal with than bits of food flying everywhere, but he hadn't joined in with this one either. He wasn't nearly drunk enough for that.

"Good job with the crowd," Sanger finally walked past the giant of a man, although he was only just a little bit smaller, and nodded, actually hoping to be on his way out.
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"You may very well be right. Unfortunately I don't drink very much, so." He looks pointedly over his shoulder at the small pile of casualties he's racked up, and leaves it at that.

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Action 2!

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In the midst of the fray, there was one figure who was noticeably smaller. More... delicate-looking, too, from the pretty sundress on down to the sparkles that occasionally shimmered their way off of him when he got excited. In spite of looking like most of the other brawlers could break him in half one-handed, he seemed like he was really rather enjoying himself.

He was happy enough to calm down when everyone else did, though, and to fetch himself a new drink and join in when the singing started. After a few verses, he spotted an open seat next to the newcomer and tossed himself down into it without a second thought.

"Don't know the words, or drunk enough to forget them?"
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"Not a super high bar, but thanks," Feliks laughed, raising his own glass (small, and filled with something clear and strong-smelling on the rocks) to the stranger. There was no point denying that he didn't look all that tough, which was fine with him. Kept the element of surprise on his side, didn't it?

"So, what, are you new? This one's kind of a classic."

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Meanwhile, Isabela was in the middle of her approximately-nightly pub crawl and had just gotten in the mood for a nice violent time, so she headed on down to the usual bar fight, only to find everybody singing.

It wasn't a terrible song, but she was nonetheless rather shocked.

"What in the sea god's blowhole happened to you lot?" she wonders - although not too loudly given the very large man in the center of the mess - as she sits down with her own drink.
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"It's bloody unnatural, although I guess I can't complain about someone deciding they don't want a sharp piece of bottle to the eyebrow once in a while," she says, shrugging it off.

"You must be new here, though. Not for the whole no-fighting thing, mind, just because I tend to make a note of seven-foot-tall men."

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Action the second

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I don't believe I've ever seen someone break up a fight like that.
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You seem like you're good at getting their attention.

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To say that Gilgamesh sometimes started fights between patrons was an understatement.

Years of careful attention paid to those who deserved it and a keen eye was all it took. Many pub-going mongrels had the usual points of bitterness, soreness. Lack of job, lack of love, lack of self-confidence... Gilgamesh knew what wounds to dig his fingers into. More, he knew how to lure two surly individuals into fighting each other, using words like sleight of hand. Yes, if nothing more, Gilgamesh found mild entertainment in the first punch thrown. Occasionally, too, he would find a laugh in the methods his targets would use to get at each other's throats, their faces flushed red from drink.

But, he did not anticipate that this evening. Interruptions usually only came in the form of others reeling them in, but that giant of a man was something peculiar. He watches him, sidelong, as he makes shambles of his handiwork. He would have perhaps been annoyed, but change was welcome when it spurred his interest. And, eventually, it is enough to get him to leave his seat.

Once upon a time, he would have roused men and women in fashions both similar and different. His commands absolute, he would incite operations, wars. His grounds were never their grounds, but they wished to maintain them all the same. They turned their gaze to him, unwavering.

It might be read, in the way that Gilgamesh draws up him. Nothing in that posture speaks of uncertainty in his height or otherwise. He places a hand upon his hip, lifts his head to view the man more directly. His smile is one that promises to be full of teeth if he were to part his lips, his eyes somehow brighter than the pub's dim lights should allow.

"What ruckus you've inspired, to have parted one disturbance for another," he says. His voice is one that seems to belong and not belong in that body of his. It drags, but it drags as innocuously as the tip of a blade through the dirt. He tilts his head, heavy earrings swaying with the motion. "Though, it appears you've missed opportunity to better their song."

Sanctuary, in his opinion, had far better. When one of higher caliber unwound, it was no doubt that their usual repression allowed for the mightiest celebrations of all.
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Second Action

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Shyvana had only recently gotten back from her own travels, and found herself in the tavern when Iskandar got in. While she was enjoying the brawl as entertainment alongside her drink, but the merry singing people were a little bit much as she was starting to feel left out.

"The wine gets drunk, huh?" She isn't speaking to anyone, more of a thought aloud. "What is that even supposed to mean?"

Of course, being slightly on the tipsy side, the words were a little louder than she intended them to be.
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"Oh, I see. So the action of being drunk rather than the wine intoxicating itself." She nods sagely, and takes another swig of her whiskey as if it were juice.

"Makes sense. Thank you. For clarifying."

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2nd action;

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Here was Rincewind, a tall, thin wizzard magus draped in ratty, blood red robes garnished with sequins and looking in dire need of repair. He'd been enjoying his third beer when the fight had broken out. Rincewind wasn't much for fights, so when the going got tough, Rincewind got going ... under a solid, oak table where he could nurse his drink in relative peace.

Fifteen minutes later, well after the fight and when the song reached its peak, Rincewind emerged from under the table with an unsteady wobble. Seeking purchase, he flailed his arms out and found, to his embarrassment, the massive bicep of someone very large and in charge.

"Sorry! Sorry. Don't know my own two legs. An' everything's gone all slanty."
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"It's beer, I'll have you know," Rincewind retorted indignantly. He waved his mug and then fixed a scrutinizing squint at the glass. "Er ... it was beer. It seems to have gone missing." Wobble. Wobble. Tilt.

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