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Soulfast Mingle

What: Soulfast
When: During Soul Fast
Where: All over Union, but particularly Ninetales' Vale, people's homes, etc.
Summary: The Celebrations of Soulfast Begin!

It's that time of year again, and all throughout Union and in particular the Ninetales Vale, celebrations are beginning. A festival celebrating the passage of another year, of remembering and honoring the dead, and of placating particularly violent spirits has begun. Soulfasting, an old Union tradition, is one of the most popular holidays celebrated, with the Ninetales Vale being overrun with people of all ages.

Children scamper through the streets of the Vale in masks and costumes, begging for candy, while surly teenagers do the same and occasionally play pranks, and adults celebrate in a variety of fashions. Elaborate, highly fashionable costumes are all the rage, and even the nobility slips out into the Vale for a bit of fun. It's not exactly a popular destination most of the year, given the high concentrations of Dark and Ghost-types but during the festival it's most definitely in vogue and teeming with people all happy to help revitalize the area for a week.

The sounds of music drift through the air, celebratory tunes, dirges, jigs, and tunes for all ages. From the Kurain school on it's hill overlooking most of the Vale, a pipe organ solemnly plays out traditional tunes, and is surprisingly cheery for a ghost school. Across the neighborhood on another hill, Hikawa Shrine has it's doors wide open to welcome visitors, with decorations of all sorts set out.

Games are set up at both locations, including Apple Bobbing, Ducklett Pond raffles, and Pin the Scroll on the Spiritomb, though there are others set up all over the Vale's plazas. Skeeball, Target Shooting, Bell-and-Hammer games, and perhaps most strangely a “Whack-the-Diglett” that's been possessed by one of the local ghosts to give the little wooden Digletts faces all hideously angry ones. Eating contests, Pokemon Battle Circles, a Haunted House (with real ghosts!) and dozens and dozens of fortune telling stands all further add to a carnival atmosphere that even the dead can enjoy!

Lanterns and faux Spinarak webs hang from every lamppost and awning, and food stalls line the streets as vendors ply their wares. Food from all over is available, and it all seems to come together around a central square between the two hills. A stage has been set up, with musicians from all over the known world called in to show their stuff. There are dance tunes from Caldera, Union Pop and Jazz songs at work, setting crowds on fire. Sanctuary has sent a full orchestra to play various classical pieces, while Citadel's famous woodwinds and tribal drums surprise and delight. And towards the end of the day, a band from Glacier comes on stage. Their music starts out slow and ambient, but after a few sets they set up electric guitars and the gloves come off. A folk metal concert, complete with an armored warrior-woman doing the vocals and several of the soldiers from the battle weeks prior (some still bandaged) backing her up. It might be a bit shocking, but some of the youth are definitely getting into it...

And then night falls, and the party atmosphere becomes a little quieter. Plays, family meals, Ghost-story tellings, and more subdued activities become the norm though there's still a contingent of rowdies at the heart of the celebration. It's then that the ghosts really come out to play, slipping through walls to greet relatives or tease revelers. For the most part they seem friendly but not always. As usual, some specters of ill-repute have slipped in among the friendly ones, and they're making trouble. Good thing you have a Warp Band to call an exorcist, right?

((OOC: This is a general mingle log, feel free to put up your own top levels and tag around! Welcome to Soulfasting, everyone! We hope you enjoy!))
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At some point in his search for a trash can, Ken will walk by something a bit peculiar lurking in the shadows. It might be a relatively large creature wearing a tablecloth or it might be an extremely lumpy table.


The lumpy table shifts slightly to display a smiley face painted in some kind of unidentifiable black liquid.


Should Ken make the mistake of pausing too long, the painted smile will slowly advance closer to his own face until it hovers about six inches away.

"............Ho. Ho. Ho. Merry Soul-Passing."
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Ken did not just start. No. He did no such thing. That is not the sort of thing child geniuses do, be they mild-mannered or secretly dreaming of world domination. He merely took a step back, that is all. Because this person (?) was in his personal space. A perfectly rational explanation. Everything about him is perfect.

"Fasting," he corrects bluntly, and tries to step around this...obstacle. Those who don't even feign politeness to him don't deserve politeness in return.
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A large tail twitches out from underneath the cloth and by perfect coincidence, lands in the middle of Ken's path and settles there nicely. It doesn't seem inclined to move.

"But I believe this is the holiday by which your kind celebrates the passing of souls, no? Your language is very imprecise. Perhaps I shall submit a petition..."
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A tail. A Pokémon, then? Or a costume inside a costume? Either way, Ken doesn't have time for this nonsense. No one who approaches him on the street wearing a sheet can possibly be important enough to converse with the future ruler of the planet.

"You're blocking the street," he points out: no time for any of this, really. He finally has a decent plan for showing the world what he's made of and the city has to go and throw yet another holiday. Doesn't it ever do anything else?
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The tail very slowly twitches again.

"So it appears I am."

The tail moves just enough so that Ken will have to squeeze awkwardly around it if he wants to get by.