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[Four Pokemon are playing around outside one of the houses in the Residential District. An oddly colored Smeargle is currently cheekily dotting the face of a Magnemite, while an Axew chortles nearby. A Metapod, meanwhile, has already been fully painted and seems to be quite proud of its new designs.

Meanwhile, a teenage boy with white hair watches them on the steps of his residence. A notebook is open, but he hasn't written anything in a while. Watching these Pokemon, he thinks back to how they joined him. He appreciates their companionship, but at the same time he's begun to realize something. In pretty much each case he can think of, it had been Takuro who had helped initiate the bond, not Hiroshi. Somehow, there was always a gap there, and Takuro seemed to be the one who always had to pull the two sides together. Even when he bonded with Hiroshi himself...

He's beginning to realize a fatal flaw. He doesn't really GET Pokemon, somehow.]


[Yes, there's a video option now, but Hiroshi is too embarrassed by his request to use it.]

Excuse me, if I could have a moment of somebody's time? I am currently looking for someone with a great deal of experience in understanding Pokemon. I... am looking for someone to help me be a better trainer. If someone out there is willing to help out someone like me, could you let me know? ...I am sorry, I would rather not give my name before I get an offer for help. This is... not an easy thing for me to have to ask.

Thank you, and... sorry for any trouble.
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Uh, yeah I guess I might be able to help. I mean, I don't know if I could teach you anything, but I can kind of understand how pokemon are feeling, so I could help you with that.
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Sure, I got nothin' to do right now. Where are you?
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[Sooner or later, another teenager does come by, looking left and right for a weird Smeargle. He looks like some kind of punk, but any intimidation is lessened by the cutsey Espurr backpack he's wearing - though upon closer inspection, it's actually a live pokemon, holding tightly onto his back.]

[He does finally see the Smeargle, but before he can comment on its color, he see the other painted pokemon and grins.]

Ffffhahahahaha oh, man, that's great.
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[Picking up on the amusement from the pokemon, Kuwabara starts picking up the Metapod to admire the paint job. He also glances over at the trainer, and something seems familiar from a big hubbub a few years back but the details escape him.]

Yeah, I'm Kazuma Kuwabara. Haven't I seen you around school or something?
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[Kuwabara seems to think about it... for about one second, which is pretty good for him]

Yeah, probably. So, what do you need help with? These guys seem pretty happy right now. Or are you trying to get stronger?
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[Kuwabara looks serious again, and sets the metapod back down. He looks intently at the pokemon for a few seconds, trying to get a feel for them.]

Hmm. Yeah, they definitely like him better than you.

[...tact is not something Kuwabara often employs.]

But it's not like they don't like you or anything. And I think this guy really cares about you, and wants everyone to get along. That's the feeling I'm getting from them.
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[An unhelpful head-scratch]

I dunno, I can't really talk to pokemon, just get a sense of how they feel...

[He flounders for a name, then realizes he missed something in the conversation] know, it's pretty rude to not tell your name to someone that's already introduced himself to you.
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Alright, Hiroshi. Don't worry, sometimes it just takes a while to warm up. Like me and Eikichi!

[He points his thumb to the pokemon attached to his back, which has been watching over his shoulder the whole time.]

He was kind of scared of me at first, and we didn't even really bond the way most trainers do until a while after I met him. But he's really opened up a lot since then!

[The Espurr continues to stare silently. Its expression could be anything from boredom to paralyzed with fear.]
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Yeah, just like making other friends, you never know how you'll find one.

[He notices Hiroshi's interest, and pulls Eikichi off of his back to hold him up.]

Say hi, Eikichi.


...he's still kind of nervous around new people.
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[Kuwabara cracks up again at the Axew's antics. Eikichi, other than being jostled by Kuwabara's laughter, doesn't react.]

Haha, heh, I think Eikichi's starting to like him.
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[...after a moment, the Espurr starts to wiggle in Kuwabara's hands]

...but I think he's getting nervous with everyone looking at him, hahaha.

[and back to behind his shoulder it goes]
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Uh, yeah, as long as I can remember. It's just like a sixth sense I've got, I guess. I can also tell when there's ghost pokemon nearby, but I'm not sure if it's the same thing. That's more of a creepy tickle-feeling up my back.
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[Kuwabara notices Hiroshi's reaction to the mention of ghosts and silently approves. They quite literally give him the creeps, after all]

I guess... I'd rather fight for myself, though. I'm trying to teach Eikichi to fight so he can take care of himself, but I don't know how to get him to.

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