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[Four Pokemon are playing around outside one of the houses in the Residential District. An oddly colored Smeargle is currently cheekily dotting the face of a Magnemite, while an Axew chortles nearby. A Metapod, meanwhile, has already been fully painted and seems to be quite proud of its new designs.

Meanwhile, a teenage boy with white hair watches them on the steps of his residence. A notebook is open, but he hasn't written anything in a while. Watching these Pokemon, he thinks back to how they joined him. He appreciates their companionship, but at the same time he's begun to realize something. In pretty much each case he can think of, it had been Takuro who had helped initiate the bond, not Hiroshi. Somehow, there was always a gap there, and Takuro seemed to be the one who always had to pull the two sides together. Even when he bonded with Hiroshi himself...

He's beginning to realize a fatal flaw. He doesn't really GET Pokemon, somehow.]


[Yes, there's a video option now, but Hiroshi is too embarrassed by his request to use it.]

Excuse me, if I could have a moment of somebody's time? I am currently looking for someone with a great deal of experience in understanding Pokemon. I... am looking for someone to help me be a better trainer. If someone out there is willing to help out someone like me, could you let me know? ...I am sorry, I would rather not give my name before I get an offer for help. This is... not an easy thing for me to have to ask.

Thank you, and... sorry for any trouble.
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[Lucas tentatively responds after a little bit. He hardly thought himself an expert, but...]

I... I might be able to help. I'm not sure. What do you think you're looking for...?
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It's a little like asking how to be better at knowing what people want. Everyone is different, right? Having an ability to be able to tell... It's almost like cheating, in a way, but... I think anyone should able to learn to befriend Pokemon.

All you have to do is treat them with respect and kindness. And usually, they'll respect you, too.

That's not always the case, but... it's a good place to start.
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[Lucas pauses for a moment.]

You'll just have to find it, then.

I think the more afraid of it you are, the more difficult it'll be. If you tell yourself it's not something you can ever overcome, then... you probably won't.

But it sounds like you have a good teacher with you already.

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Uh, yeah I guess I might be able to help. I mean, I don't know if I could teach you anything, but I can kind of understand how pokemon are feeling, so I could help you with that.
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Re: [Audio]

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Sure, I got nothin' to do right now. Where are you?
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[Sooner or later, another teenager does come by, looking left and right for a weird Smeargle. He looks like some kind of punk, but any intimidation is lessened by the cutsey Espurr backpack he's wearing - though upon closer inspection, it's actually a live pokemon, holding tightly onto his back.]

[He does finally see the Smeargle, but before he can comment on its color, he see the other painted pokemon and grins.]

Ffffhahahahaha oh, man, that's great.

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Sure, strange man, I'll help teach you! What do you want to start with?
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Re: Voice

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Well, they probably shouldn't kill anyone. Unless that person is evil but that's a more advanced lesson, better to keep it simple for now.

You don't own any expensive vases do you?

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Re: Voice

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You should definitely not let your pokemon play with them. Unless you need to break them for a trick, or because they are full of gold.

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I can't communicate directly with pokemon or anything, but I have a decent grasp on them.
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Being gentle, usually. Though it depends on what type it is, there are some that find it offensive.

Talk to them, even if they can't understand it they can usually understand the tone even if you're not connected to them with the warp band.
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Well.... Lady steals things from around the house and office, but I don't think it's actually out of malice...

What is the pokemon doing?

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voice (and I love your naming choice for your Smeargle)

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[After a while, you get a very enthusiastic, young voice. Perhaps a little too enthusiastic.]

Hello! I don't know if I can say I have a lot of experience, exactly, but I think I know quite a bit about Pokemon! I'm still studying, of course... But I'd like to help all the same! Do you have anything specific you'd like to know?
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Will there be a Misao? Or a Viola? Or more Ib characters?

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Oooh, that's pretty easy! And, er, hard too, though. Most Pokemon you can bond with are a lot like people, you see! So it depends on the individual. I mean, of course they'll show some attachment if they like you - of varying degree, of course. Some might be openly affectionate and show they want to spend time around you, some will simply silently stay around you, some will tease you! It's important to take their personality into account... My Togepi acts somewhat coldly at times, and won't respond to any names I've tried to give her - but she still chooses to stay around me, and we can communicate when it's important-- so I think we're doing pretty good!

[The word you're looking for is "tsundere", Atsuro.]

But yeah, do you have some trouble with your Pokemon? Or is there one you want to Bond with, but don't know if it'll like you enough for that?
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I need to brush up on my indie horror rpgs studies. I played Corpse Party last

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[Sorry, Hiroshi, you're in for MORE info dumping.]

Hmmm... I can definitely see where your concern comes from! But it's also possible you are worrying too much. It's okay if you're not as active and sociable as your Pokemon! You just have to do the best you can. The most important part is not to lose your ability to communicate with your Pokemon! It's different for all trainers, and some talk very little or don't talk to their Pokemon at all - but that doesn't matter if they can understand each other without that!

Er, I guess what I'm saying is... You need to understand if you really have difficulties with understanding Pokemon, or if you just have a quieter way of approaching them!

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