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 [Anise was currently sitting at a large table in a quiet corner of the library. Papers were strewn about the table along with a few books open to certain pages. The papers ranged from previous tests to work she was currently doing for classes but the books she had acquired appeared to be on becoming a trainer and certain steps to take.

Seems like a certain meeting with a green haired boy sparked an interest in her.

Looking at the previous tests, one may think that it would probably be for the best she pursue different interest from school since she appeared to have mostly low marks with a few 100%s here and there. 

Which may be why she seemed to be concentrating really hard on a book at hand. Her Eevee, Tokunaga, is the only one seeming to keep her company; doing so by staying curled up in a chair right next to her.]
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[Sync blew into the library with Scherzo on his shoulder as he strode quickly past Anise, giving her a polite "Hey" as he moved to the bookcases. He was really put off by Team Evolution, and the library was a great place to check for any possible signs that humans might have been spotted in the past. He suspected the Council may or may not keep detailed records off the public books, but he was hoping something may have slipped through the cracks.

This of course meant he had to be polite again as she had a good-sized table. Grabbing several books and piling them on a corner, he had a seat, and a chirp made him look over at Anise.

Good seeing you again. I didn't think it'd be this soon, you studying up for a test?
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[Watching the abrupt movement, he looked amused while his Fletchling darted down to the table, hopping around a few times as it looked over all the books. Sync meanwhile opened his book, looking down at it as she spoke.]

Yeah. [He knew about that sort of thing a little too well.] What are you deciding on?
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I think that's everybody.

[Sync was a bit jealous she could suddenly sit down and plot out such things at the drop of a hat; he'd been essentially putting off a decision like this since he ran away.]

You having trouble with it or just bored?
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[He closes the book and looks up. Scherzo chirps and tilts his head at the sudden action.]

Well don't let them push you around. Can you fight?
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Then why is it bothering you?

[Sync barely had any room to talk; when the pressure got too much, he ran away from his home, gave up his status, and is pretty much living on the run as he plays at being a Trainer.]

Do something. Quit, fight back, but don't just take it. Be better than them.
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Have you tried talking to them yet?

[He leaned back in his chair, and Scherzo hopped closer, only for Sync to ignore him. He was thinking too now.]

Regardless, the first step is getting a Warp Band, you'll need to be able to bond with more Pokemon.
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Jeez. [He got up, moving over to her, and Scherzo was on his shoulder again quickly.]

Get up, we'll find out really fast if being a trainer is right for you, then I'll show you where the Warp Bands are.
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Just come on.

[The eventual destination was out in the Verdant Forest, just out enough to not put anyone at risk, but close enough that wild Pokemon interfering shouldn't be an issue. Once he stopped, Scherzo leapt from his shoulder, stretching at his feet.]

We'll practice a bit out here, on the trees and stuff.
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[Not standing idle while they had their chat, Sync moved to set up a very basic dummy out of sticks, and attached a branch with leaves on it to the top. When Anise said she was ready, Sync nodded.]

Well good, have Tokunaga attack that dummy.
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[So Tokunaga wanted it that way? A smirk bloomed on his face as he looked down at the Eevee, and Scherzo hopped back onto Sync's shoulder, suddenly matching the gleam in his partner's eye.]

Scherzo, maybe we can have a small battle today after all.
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[Sync shakes his head, unimpressed.]

Well get him to show me something. I need to know what you can do together.
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[Laurent, like most days, has set up shop in the library for his own studies. His books are piled high, and he's nearing the end of his current journal. He'll have to buy a new one on the way home to continue his notes. When he gets to the last page he sighs and looks around. There's not much activity, but he does spot Anise... and sees her "concentrating" face, which looks... a bit painful. Does he look like that when he studies...? Laurent hopes not. He hesitates a moment before packing up his things to leave, but stops to speak to her against his better intuition.]

What are you researching, miss? It looks quite intense...
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Ah... you plan on graduating early then? A lot of people do...

[Ahhh no, he scared her. Laurent fidgets a little, disliking the idea that he's probably annoying her or something. It probably doesn't help that he's so tall.]

I shouldn't bother you then......
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It was a bit rude of me to just approach you, I'm sure.

[He adjusts his glasses nervously.]

My name is Laurent. It's nice to meet you, Anise.

[With a shrill 'woopa!' something blue pops up from under the end of Laurent's long jacket where he was chilling at his ankles, smiling stupidly up at Anise and her Eevee.]

Ah, and this is Shidora. He's usually quiet, I nearly forgot he was there.
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[Shidora jumps up at her nice tone, then nuzzles into Tokunaga happily.]

He's friendly....

So... you're studying to be a trainer, Miss Anise?