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[ Video ]

[ The inside of a room in the Medical center can be found. Garviel is frowning down at his camera, and says ]

Well, I'm stuck in here, and rather bored. I've finished my copy of the Chronicles of Caldera, and I'm looking for suggestions for books. History, mythology, a book of Philosophy, even a manual of mathematical instruction would be better than simply waiting around to heal.

[ Near the Council Hall ]

[ A large man in a white chiton, bandages showing from under his simple white clothing, is sitting and chewing on a sandwich as he is attended by an Oddish and Honedge that waddle and float nearby. He occasionally rumbles observations about the architecture to them, and looks like a combination of grumpy recovering invalid and wide-eyed tourist. []

[ Teeter's: ]

[ Loken is here, drinking wine by the glass, and quietly watching the rest of the crowd. He sticks out a bit, a burly Calderan amongst the Unionites, but the scars of battle and his own still-healing wounds suggest that if nothing else he's willing to fight beside them, and so he's generally left to his own devices to drink and think. He doesn't seem unapproachable though, if someone were to be adventurous enough to approach him ]
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It is good to see you recovered. You had us worried on the field when you fell from that blow.

[ The Valkyrie still feels aches days later, but is otherwise looks to be no worse for wear - particularly in comparison to Garviel. ]
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That may be so. But that you live to fight another day is good for Caldera. The Gigans did not back down until their Gods were freed.

[ Their reverence never really kicked in until it became clear they WEREN'T under their thumb any more. ]

I believe the Gigans suffered many casualties. I know not the final tally of dead and injured on our side, though we had more of the latter than former, thank the Tree. Thus far, another ceasefire is called.

[So no, no more war. Yet.]
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[proudly.] I am a Valkyrie. I was assigned here at the turn of the year.
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Quite. It is how I have encountered many who are from or come to Union, as a matter of fact. [Union is aggressively friendly. Or something like that.] Gwendolyn of Clan Ragnanival.
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Clans are somewhat family groups, but each helps guard and manage the territories that fall beneath the Tree's great shadow. Some are crafters, others tend to herds. Ragnanival Clan roams to the northeastern territories and handle Bouffalant, for example. We do keep a herd of Miltank closer to Citadel, though.

Are you the first then in your own family to join the Steel Battalion?
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..Oh. [She looks stricken a moment.] I am sorry.

[She cannot imagine a life without some form of clan. But claiming the Steel Battalion as his family makes sense to her, and she manages a smile in answer] I am glad to hear that. Other soldiers of the Steel Battalion have proven able fighters and staunch allies.
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[ action | Pokémon Visit! ]

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[So Minako had taken up Garviel on his word, and was traveling with his requested companions to come visit him at the hospital. Have some visitors!]

Mr. Garviel? [She poked her head in the room.] Hello! It's Minako. I have your friends here.

[She also had her own Doublade, as well as a Persian with her.]
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Re: [ action | Pokémon Visit! ]

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I hope you don't mind that the others came along. My Doublade was happy to see the other ghost-type, and, well, my Persian is really helpful with a lot of things. They're the calmer two of some of my team.

[She didn't want to bring her excitable Sylveon. He would have been into everything.]
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Re: [ action | Pokémon Visit! ]

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This is Artemis.

Sian. [Hello. A casual greeting.]

And this is Blade. [Not a very original name, but it was more a nickname than anything. The sword-like 'mon didn't seem to mind either way. It shifted the two sheathed blades to approximate a curt bow, using the streamers like arms to add flourish, one folding across in front, the other folding across in back.]

Doublade! [Hello! It had a firm and regal sounding voice.]
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Re: [ action | Pokémon Visit! ]

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I think they're alright for now.

[Both her Pokémon nodded... or, at least, Doublade attempted to nod.]

You should sit, though. [She saw that rubbing and how pale he was.] Don't push too hard. [She'd just come over and try to help him do that.]
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Re: [ action | Pokémon Visit! ]

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I'm sure you will in time, but pushing too hard too fast might just make things worse.

[Her friend was a doctor, after all. So, that totally made her an expert... right? She would just busy about, attempting to fluff his pillows and help him get comfortable... hopefully without hurting him!]
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[Duo was also still healing, and, while his visible wounds like bruises and whatnot were faded, though he had some scratches still. His movements were visibly stiff, though, and he appeared to have something of a limp.

He spotted the large Calderan sitting alone, and also still somewhat healing, so he wandered over. They at least had recent injuries in common?]

Mind if I join you?

[Though, in all honesty, the other reason Duo headed this way was because it was a closer chair, and he was starting to get tired... not that he'd admit it.]
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Re: Teeter's

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Yeeeeaahhh... [He sighed.] Getting better, though. [And totally pushing it.] That Emperor jerk froze my Unfezant and slammed him directly into me. It was cold and kind of painful. [Not to mention a few cracked ribs as a result.] I've been working my way up to getting over to the habitat to check on him, but it's kind of far for me, yet.
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Re: Teeter's

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Yeesh. Sorry to hear that.

You're getting better, right?
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Re: Teeter's

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Well, that's good, at least. You gotta get your team trained up, sounds like. I have a feeling that isn't the last time we're gonna see some heavy fighting.

[Duo considered Garviel for a moment.]

You're Calderan, right? So, you're probably already pretty tough. That musta been one heckuva hit.
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Action, near the Hall

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[Oh, how Garviel stands out amongst the crowd despite the simplicity of his garb. A huge man, familiar, and large. He caught Adell's eye quickly, and he couldn't resist heading over to say hello in his own way. His Blaziken followed casually behind him, and a Ralts shyly edged behind Adell's leg, unsure of what to make of the very large man with a ghost-sword at first.]

Hey! You're looking a damn sight better now than you were after the battle. Knew you'd pull through, but it's a relief to see you up and around.
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[He nods in return.]

That's right. I grabbed you after the Earthquake and hauled you out of there. You're really made of some tough stuff. Or you're really lucky. Maybe both. Either way, glad you're on the mend.

Didn't really get much time to get acquainted before the battle though. Name's Adell. I'm from Holt Village. Some in Caldera call me "Demon Hunter."

[After bringing in that one Dark type fellow causing a bunch of trouble in the region that claimed to be a "demon overlord."]
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[And believe it or not, that statement says enough. At least, about what he's seen of Garviel thus far.]

Steel Battalion? That explains a lot. Thought about joining up in the past. Might still do it one day, once I get done adventuring on my own.

And... well, sort of. I haven't encountered any actual demons, just lunatics claiming to be. I turned one of those guys over to the authorities after he was terrorizing my hometown. Apparently they'd been looking for him for quite awhile.
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Don't be. It's a good story to be able to tell. I didn't mention that it was that fight with the guy that brought awakened my Earthkin powers, and how I bonded with Andy. More good came of it than not on my end.

[He smiles.]

I know. The Battalion's well organized, serious, and tough work. I respect them a lot. They do very good work for Caldera and even for Union these days.