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Closed: Illusion is the first of all pleasures

Who: Some of Waver Velvet's ([personal profile] untalented) pokemon, some of Haruka Tenoh's ([personal profile] actsmagnificent) pokemon-- & possibly Haruka herself.
What: Something has been bothering Waver, and his pokemon decide to do something about it.
When: July 6th, after dark
Where:The Divine Theater

[Rare were the moments when the little Foongus actually found his trainer annoying. The Mageling was overprotective at the worst of times, but he was always earnest and exceedingly vocal about the problems that were bothering him. This particular instance was unusual, and Orpheus-- having born witness to the whole encounter between The Mageling and his sparkling, Fairy-typed friend-- knew exactly what the problem was.

It was clear that Waver wanted to go approach that one Shiny Human at the theater about what had happened, but the various personality conflicts Waver had with the various other trainers in the city was a point of conversation and amusement among the team. Only Atlas the Seismitoad, who had been with Waver even longer than Orpheus had, stayed mum on the topic.

But this was something that Orpheus knew he could take care of, if the Mageling wouldn't do it himself.

After some convincing (and promises of ice cream pilfered from somewhere only the Gods could guess at,) the little Foongus managed to convince the inquisitive (and far more polite) Amaura, Khione, to join him in this venture. The heat was a little much for her, but Khione reluctantly managed on the condition that the two of them would try to clean up any mess they made afterward. The trails of hoarfrost that followed in her plodding footsteps quickly melted in the summer heat-- but the journey was that much faster.

And, upon arrival, Orpheus climbed up upon Khione's head and balanced himself delicately between her rainbow colored sails.

Taking a deep breath, he took the only move that was available to them at such a time of night:

He sang the song of his people.]
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[ !!!! Music!

Gene the Wooper was getting ready to settle down for the evening - he has a nice little bed made out of spare singles of those weird fake fur things humans wear between their feet and their heavier fake fur (Gold is good at picking up those objects with his own natural fur without realizing it) - when he found himself serenaded. Which is, frankly, amazing. And he has to go investigate.

So he woops on down the hall, ignoring the late hour and drawing Natto's attention as well. Natto has the sense to grab a lantern on the way out, and, though he shakes a bit due to his Fire weakness, gets it lit. What's going on....? Can he help you...? ]

Woop! Woop! Woop! Woop!
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Woop? [ The music is gone. Why is the music gone? Gene wanders in a circle singing to himself to bring the music back.

Natto holds his lantern a bit higher and pitches his voice a bit louder, too, to be heard over the serenade. Here, come into the courtyard. He's not sure he can let you into the buildings without Trainer, sorry, but there's a nice place to sit and talk next to the tree. Is everything okay? ]
Leava leavanny lea?
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Leavanny. [ Natto makes room for their guests, shutting the gate behind them so they won't be interrupted (from that direction, anyway.) He looks a bit worried. This must be important.

Gene widens his circle of wanderings to the entire tree. He gets that for some reason the singing has to stop, so he hums instead. ]
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[ The other humans? Natto nods, kneeling to be more on Orpheus's level. He likes all of the humans who live here, so he looks out for them when and how he can. It's the least he can do after they've given him such a good life here in the city among them and their other Pokémon.

Though he can hardly claim to know everything about them...is something wrong? ]
Leava leavan. Leavanny van van leav. Leava?
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[ ...Natto is kind of glad it's so dark. He thinks he's doing an okay job not letting his worry show on his face too much, but if Orpheus is suggesting what Natto thinks he's suggesting...Oh, dear. That's a very important secret.

....that he makes custom battle uniforms for, but the double standard escapes both Trainer and Pokémon alike in this case.

Still, he doesn't want to jump to conclusions and get Right into trouble if it's not the Big Secret. So he puts a "hand" to his mouth. That does sound serious. Do you know what the secret was about? Of course, he'll understand if you don't want to say, too. It being a Secret. ]
Vanny leavan.

[ Thunder cracks above them ominously on the word "secret". But it's just Gene, Rain Dancing to water some nearby flowers. ]
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[ Ohhhhh. That secret. Natto nods. Thank you for letting them know. He will...

Gene runs between the two of them, wooping happily. Natto whips a large leaf out of some pocket in his own leaves, holding it above Orpheus's head until the rain following Gene has moved along. He will make sure the secret doesn't spread any further. If your Trainer has any questions or worries, he can stop by any time, too. They can't take back what's been done. ]
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Van van. [ Natto nods, withdrawing the leaf now that the rain has passed. They should do something for you since you came all this way to warn them.... ]
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Van leava... [ No, it's all right. He'd like to express his gratitude somehow...

Oh, he knows. Natto pulls that leaf back out and begins folding and stitching. Soon he has turned it into a little rosette, the likes of which a very stylish Foongus could wear around town with the application of just a little bit of String Shot.

Here you go. It's not much, but he hopes you like it! ]
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[ He likes it! Natto smiles, then considers the question. He can't quite bring himself to admit that he thinks Passion's, well, passions may already be otherwise engaged....especially since the lady herself has not stated as such...so he just places that "hand" in front of his face again. One never knows. But she is sleeping right now. ] Lea leavan.
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Lea. [ Anytime!

Though, speaking of the time, it's getting late. Do you want him to walk with the two of you back to your house? Or, if you don't want to walk in the city in the dark, you can stay in a spare room in the theater. They have a bunch of those in the dorms, so he's sure it would be no trouble. ]
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Leava. [ That is impressive. Natto shows due appreciation to the sails, then stands and dusts off his knees. He shouldn't keep you, then. He hopes it's a safe trip back.

Gene bounces past, the cloud having deposited itself elsewhere. Is it time to dance now? ]