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001 | Action, Video


Shizuru stands outside what used to be her workplace, staring in dismay at the lack of progress rebuilding in the aftermath of the earthquake. It was a hair salon. She's not sure what it is now.

She ducks inside the doorway to see how bad the damage is, noting as she does multiple presences nearby. Purrloins. Some strays have found a new home, it seems. Shizuru makes a face.

Passersby may notice shouts issuing from the once and future hair salon as she fruitlessly threatens the pack of Purrloins. She knows she can't take all of them at once in a fight, but that doesn't mean Shizuru won't try to convince them otherwise.

"Get out now, or you're in for serious pain!"



[Someone is checking out the new video feature. Shizuru has a cigarette in her hand and a small rueful smile on her face when she starts talking.]

Hey, everybody. The building where I work took damage in the earthquake, and not only are the repairs going slower than expected, I startled a pack of Purrloins in the process of purloining anything they found.

I could use some business. If anyone wants a haircut, come see me at home and I'll take care of you here rather than at the salon.

Otherwise I might get bored.

[She's clearly not the only one bored, as an Eevee jumps into her lap and nudges her while she's talking.]
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*This face. And far too close to the camera for any personal comfort. Unless you know the girl, and even then there's a chance this is weird.*

Your house!? I always wondered what sort of apartment you lived in? What color are the walls, wait, no, I want to be surprised!

Also I can try to talk to the Purrloins, but they never listen to anyone. Most of them are rude little brats that way.
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Of course it is, it's your home, every home is special! *Imogen is a sentimental basketcase.*

Well, they might have bypassed the barricades when the earthquake happened, and not know that the Old City is safe again. So I could try to coax them back to where they should be. But they probably will need more convincing than that.

*Immy has a Purrloin, and Lash is also a jerk. A useful jerk, one who helps out in exploring the old city, but is still a whiny jerk.*

But yes, I ma sure Mulberry will be much more fun to talk to, because he isn't a jerk.
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If by respond well you mean take the bribe and then continue as if you did nothing? Sure!

*Total. Brats.*

Anyway, I will be over soon! Then we can figure out the best way to rid the salon of some unwanted thieves.
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To most people, the girl approaching the small house in the lower districts would only share a passing similarity to Imogen Moreno. But most had never seen her hair down, and wearing clothes that were... simple. Imogen didn't feel the same pull to fanciful clothes if her hair was so drab.

She skipped up to the door, humming lightly to herself and knocked in rhythm to the music in her head. Which nobody else heard because Dark Types can't be read that way. Then she waited for the door to open, swaying a little to the tune in her mind, enjoying the peaceful day out.
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"Ohhh," ignore Imogen as she moves through the room looking at everything, "I always love the homes down here, they feel so much... more alive."

It wasn't just the size, even if that was a big part, it was the... little inconsistencies. The tiny things that made each of these homes unique. The ones that homes like her own didn't have. Worked out by the cleaning staff time and again.

"Oh, just didn't feel like doing something bright and flashy while my hair's all down like this. It didn't really look me, you know?"
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"Something like that," Imogen was still moving around exploring, "Our house every flaw is carefully hidden and taken care of. ...Except me!" Lots of Imogen's stories involve her doing things directly in defiance of her mother's rules and social order. The only thing missing is starting a fistfight with anyone.

"I can manage that, I'll just go shopping on my way home!" One of the perks of Imogen's status she hasn't parted with, a rather extensive discretionary fund. Both from her family funds and from her personal earnings (supplemented by a lack of regular expenses). "Hmm..." Imogen held up a photo of both siblings, "Who is this?"
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"My dad's cool, if I never had him I'd never have gotten here. I'd still be one of the other girls all waiting to be married and bred." But every other part of her family was much along the same line of any other nobleborn. Lost track of what matters before they were born. "He supported my creative exploits, all the way."

"I know, the worst!" Imogen sounds sincere, but of course Imogen sounds sincere fairly often when she lies. She put the picture down and glanced over her shoulder, "Oh, he asked me to attack him to try and help motivate his partner to fight for itself. It... was a really stupid plan. I don't think he realized how much I work out."
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"Yeah, they are," there's a bit more wistful than Imogen usually shows in her words. Like something beyond what's there is at issue. But it's quickly lost with the fact that Imogen attacked Shizuru's brother.

Imogen jumped a little at the change, usually she caused the whiplash in the room, not the other way around. "Part of the reason he wanted me to do it was because Eikichi was freaked out because I was a Dark type. I assumed he was a fighting type and if I hit him with something Dark he'd be fine," Imogen quickly waved off how she phrased that, "And he was fine except he really learned not to underestimate how strong I am. ...Oh and Eikichi attacked him for the whole... trick, thing."
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[Action, at home]

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Toward the end of the day, Kazuma returns to the apartment with a very stressed Eikichi, as usual. "Hey Shizuru, I'm home."
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Kazuma's just taking of his shoes when he realizes what she's doing. "Sure, I gu- wh- hey wait a minute, why is there hair all over the floor, what have you been doing all day?!"
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Kuwabara leans back a little from his sister as she leans in. "Yeah, but don't you have a shop for that that's not our home? There's hair everywhere, and I bet it's gonna end up smelling all girly and gross."
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Kuwabara knows well enough how Shizuru's job helps, so he just groans and heads back to his room. "Alright, fine then. But I'm gonna keep Eikichi in my room if there's anyone weird out here." It was a bad bluff, since his pokemon was only slightly less afraid of his sister than anyone she might invite as a client.
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You need them cleared out?

[ A beat ] Ma'am?
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Civic duty and all, after the quake. Tell me where I'm going and we can work out a simple payment and I'll clear them out.
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[ Hmmm. ] Honestly, I won't spin you - a Purrloin back won't be too hard on me, probably. I got an advantage there - but I'm gonna check it out before I gave you a price. A little recon, so I don't undercharge me or overcharge you.
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Sure, let's save time and meet there.

[ With a smile, even. GOOD BUSINESS. Sure it's not Ranger stuff, but it reminds her of odd jobs she used to do ]