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[Rikku has been pointedly ignoring all things Gigan related because she grew up in Sanctuary, she is not interested in anything but forgetting those meanies exist.

Besides, she has work to do, which is why today's video comes to live via a Murkrow holding her band while Rikku pokes at something on a worktable.]

So I was thinking. Is there any kind of...big Engineer union or head honcho type person or something around here that'll make getting parts and maybe commissions easier? Because I'm still pretty new here and dunno where all the good stuff is or who needs what and I've gotta find a second job soon--rebuilding won't last forever!
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A month or two ago, a few very formal letters were exchanged between the University of Union and some very prestigious schools and universities of magic in Sanctuary. Deals had been made, a sum of money had been exchanged, papers had been signed, and hands had been shook. Now, with the small but slowly growing number of young mages Union, it was time for institutes of education to see to their training and upbringing. Today, the University of Union was celebrating the opening of their brand new department official studies with a modest banquet.

Several mages had come from Sanctuary. They all wore red robes, carried long staves, and were topped by pointy hats. The were old relatively old (a casual observer would be surprised if any of them was under 50, and most looked significantly older) and they all had the well fed frames of people who had never known hunger or poverty. Their leader1 was a gentleman by the name of Mustrum Ridcully.

After speeches, photographs, and the rather substantial meal2 it was time for after dinner drinks, and an excellent time for any of you who frequent the events of Union's upper crust to hobnob with the good ol' UU's newest staff, and possibly also the man holding it as well.

[Video, and all at high volume]

Hello? Is this thing on? Can they hear me?

[a voice from somewhere off screen assured him it was. A servant or something, perhaps.]

It better be or I'm going to feel awfully foolish...

I say, good morrow to you all, people of Union! I am Mustrum Ridcully, and I am the head of your fine University's new department of of magical studies! Hopefully you're all ready to come contemplate the mysteries of the inner workings of the cosmos with us!

I've got one mystery to contemplate right now that just can't wait: Where's the best fly fishing around here?


1Identifiable by being the tallest, having the most magnificent robes, and being the one shaking hands with the university's chairman.

2All mages are able to put away an impressive amount of food. They get lots of practice at it, as most major events invite them simply out of fear of what might happen if they anger the magic community3

3You know the old saying, after all: "Meddle not in the affairs of wizards, for they are not subtle at all, and quick to anger."
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After weeks of repairs, tightened sanctions on incoming immigrants and the general feeling of unease that hangs heavy around the city of Union, the Council finally comes to a decision. It is not unanimous by any accounts, and there are many that wonder if this is the right approach. Union has existed for generations behind its great walls, and there were those who felt that it was that way of life that they should return to—one of solitude and skepticism. However, in light of recent events, the desire for security has own over the need for seclusion.

An announcement comes over the Warp Band, still hazy from the attacks on the Signal Tower. But it is not the face of a Councilmen that the citizens and visitors of Union are met with, but, rather, the youthful face of one of the leaders of the Seekers.

“Citizens and friends of Union—is that seriously what they wrote? Man, it feels weird talking like that, can I just say ‘hey you guys?’ Whatever. Everyone. We’ve got some big news, so listen up.” Maeve groans at the feed, tossing aside some paper, likely an official statement penned by some Council member. “So, the Council has decided that they want to take a more proactive approach after the attack by Sveta, Alina and their friends, and it comes to me to give you the juicy details.”

Okay, actually maybe she did need that paper. Leaning over in her chair, she ducks off the stream to reclaim the statement. “The Council has asked for volunteers to come together and investigate three possible leads for both our ‘friends’ with the Elite Four, Gigas, as well as some interesting goings-on in and around Refuge: a settlement to the west with supposed ties to Gigas; the inner caves of Refuge; and to the east of Glacier, in the direction which the great dragon fled.

“Now don’t all come flooding in all at once, I know how you Unionites get excited about stuff like this. Groups will disembark immediately, so get any supplies you can and meet up at the Seeker’s HQ before heading out. You’ll be given briefs upon your assignment into a group. If you have any questions, you can ask me or Captain Pirate Krabbypants, Ceilto. Maeve, out.”

Once they arrive, each person will be assigned a group, and after a quick briefing, begin moving to their destination within the day. Most take no more than a few days to arrive at their destination, and will immediately be put to work.

[All event logs are now live! As usual, mod tags will come every 24 hours. Feel free to post all IC questions to the Maeve top level and all OOC questions in the standard mod top level. During this log, several NPCs from prior events may appear. The event is scheduled to last a week and will end at midnight on the morning of March 5th.]
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[It's a video! Rose appears on the screen, wearing her blue shirt, white jacket, and looking generally professional and... merchant-like. She grins, and then she holds something up: a silver platter, with a lid covering it.]

Hi everyone! The Spearowfeathers have decided to start carrying something to be a little pick-me-up for the people of Union. We're proud to introduce...

[She removes the lid, and underneath is a steamed bun. Little tendrils of steam rise up from it.]

...the Mabo Curry Bun! It's a spicy Calderan dish, but it's held inside of a delicious steamed bun. It's hot, it's tasty, and it'll get you going! For the next two weeks, we're giving them away for free for lunch at our stand!

It'll help everyone keep their strength up for rebuilding.

But, after that, we'll start charging! Four dollars a bun. So come try some! It's free food. You can't go wrong with free food?
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[Arriving in Union a few days ago was a rough experience. There was still a lot of devastation to clean up and rebuild, so much to do. The damage was beyond what he had imagined, but he supposed that if a god rampaged through this city, he should've expected more to begin with. Still, he wasted no time getting to work, moving from site to site to help dig through rubble and haul whatever was needed from place to place. No job was too mundane for him, and he hauled all matter of thing around without complaint.

With him, a small Torchic followed him about, chirping encouragement at him whenever he was lifting something especially heavy. After straining to move an especially large piece of rubble out of the way, he threw a series of blows into it, cracking it, and then crumbling it into smaller pieces.

He shook out his hand afterward, though. That smarted more than he thought it would.]

That should make things easier. What's next?

[Still, looked like the new guy in town might have some potential.]


[The broadcasting feed flips on, and Adell initially looked at it quizzically to make sure it was working as he was told it would. While still a little confused with the new tech, the young man looked confident when he addressed the screen.]

Hey to everyone out there who hears this. My name's Adell, and I'm a fresh arrival from Caldera. I came out this way to help out with the clean-up and reconstruction, so if anyone out there needs an extra set of hands right away, give me a shout.

Even if not, I'm curious about the people around here, so if you just want to chat, I've got a bit of time for that before I get back to work. It'd be nice to meet some of the locals.
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[The image is kind of wonky, but it's audible and there is clearly a very oddly dressed young girl on the feed! The base of her clothing is decidedly Sanctuary, but she's got some Calderan accent bits. The feed picks up mid-"conversation" with her Murkrow]

--not my fault I can't make this work! I don't know anything about Union Warp Ba--oh, it's on!

[Finally! She smiles a bit at the feed]

Sorry about that, I was trying to figure out how this worked. I figured it out!

[And feed nearly cuts out before she remembers she should probably introduce herself]

Oh, right! I'm Rikku, I came with the Calderan guys, and if anyone needs anything fixed or something, just let me know, okay?

[It shuts off. She'll be around the city with her Murkrow and Golett if anyone wants to run into her]
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[Action 1]

[Kyosuke Nanbu could be found browsing the commercial district, which fortunately managed to escape the brunt of the attack. What was he looking at? Jewelry, mostly. And growing increasingly haggard as the day progressed. By the end of it, he looks pretty much like a dead man walking.]

[Action 2]

[The following day, we find Kyosuke purposefully entering a local casino, an expression of steely resolve on his face. Those who follow will find him methodically cleaning up at the poker tables. They may also find that he will be there pretty much two days straight]

[Action 3]

[A few days later, we again see Kyosuke in the commercial district, this time spending quite a bit of money. He's buying jewelry, by the looks of it. Nice, expensive and all in Platinum. He's also carrying a giant bear that is probably about the size of his torso, all quite nonchalantly]
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The thing about being on the road for a chunk of time like Ryuko's been, it means you miss out on a big chunk of local news. It gets even worse when your Warp Band communications drop out like hers had just the day before. At the time, she'd found it kind of annoying and weird but nothing worth getting bent out of shape about. Wasn't like she had anybody to talk to anyway.

At any rate, it meant that the sight of the damaged city and the bustling activity of workers was a bit of a surprise. But at least it meant that one new arrival to the city was going largely unnoticed as she wandered through town. True, the sight of a teenage girl carrying a large metal guitar case strapped to her back was a pretty uncommon one but there were more important things to worry about, right?

It's not until sometime later that she's come to a stop, leaning up against a wall and checking out of her new Warp Band that she plugs into the signal network, pulling up the video function.

"So, uh, I just got into town." She glances around and tosses something up and down in her free hand. A lemon. She catches it and lifts it to her mouth to take a bite out of it, skin and all, chews and swallows. "Kinda gettin' the feeling I missed something. What's the deal?"

[OOC: Intro post! Feel free to respond to her on video or run across her in person. She'll just be kinda out bumming around town for the time being.]
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The warriors of Union fought hard, and in the end, victory was their reward. Seeing the battle lost, the fanatics of the Elite Four fled into the night, those that were not killed or captured of course. Sveta was nowhere to be seen, nor was her mysterious companion, and as its rage was reaching its peak, the mighty Dragon simply vanished in a blaze of energy, recalled by its trainer but not before slamming the mysterious red dragon into another tower for good measure.

As quickly as they had come, the gods of Union vanished, leaving behind the ruined, devastated city. What was once panic has subsided to a quiet shock and horror as the dead and wounded are gathered and people try to find out what was damaged and if their family and friends are still among the living.

While the damage is great, the defenders of Union can take heart in the fact that it could have been much, much worse. The habitat suffered a major blow with a great hole blasted into it, but it is otherwise undamaged and salvageable. The forge likewise had one smithy station destroyed from a divine claw smite, but is otherwise unscathed. The signal tower took moderate damage from the initial attack, but it is reparable, given time. The biggest toll, however, is on that of the people. The Residential District, as well as parts of the Entertainment district lie in tatters. Several towers are gutted, and a few even fell completely, many of the citizens inside them trapped and unable to escape. In all, the death toll numbers around 700, with at least 1,000 wounded, and is expected to rise as rescuers desperately comb the wreckage in search of survivors. Never before has Union lost so many of its citizens, never before has such suffering and violence come to Union. People are afraid, they are angry, but, in the true spirit of Union, they are banding together. The City of Union has survived. But it will never be the same.
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An unsettling calm hung over the streets of Union, a chilly, early morning fog settling in. The words of their newest visitors were unwelcome, and when word spread that the two would be leaving at sunrise, the people were grateful, if not a bit apprehensive. The Elite Four, their Champion, and the whole of Ever Grande—their radical ideologies were not only off-putting, but their methodology was more than a bit off-putting. They would need to be watched, closely.

In the early hours of the morning, warp bands around Union buzzed with life, a gentle light spilling from the devices. “Hello again, friends.”

It was her.

Her voice rang clear, and while her face wasn’t present, one could hear the smile in her voice. “I hope I didn’t wake any of you up. I wanted to thank you all for being so hospitable to Alina and myself, at least initially. But talk about the Union chill. Normally I like a little cold, but this is a bit much.

“When we first heard about Union, we were excited. Finally, we had found a worthy ally for our cause. So you can imagine our... disappointment, when we saw your true colors. You’re nothing but cowards! And here I thought, a city championing for peace, who were blessed by the Gods themselves, willing to live alongside pokémon without subjugating them to your will, would be able to understand the world that we wish to create. Instead, you hide behind your wall, hide behind others, and assume that by ‘defending yourself’ or those you deem unable or unfit to fight that you’ve somehow absolved yourself from guilt.”

Her voice grew cold, turning deep; “People like that make me sick.”

“Divinity is wasted on you, to be quite honest.” Her voice bounced again, chipper and clear. “If you can’t walk alongside us, then you’ll only serve as stepping stones toward a peaceful tomorrow. Union, like Glacier and so many other settlements before it, will serve as an example to those who wish to defy the will of the Gods. The pit of humanity needs to learn its place, crawling on its belly in fear from the true inheritors of the earth. We lay ourselves prostrate to their glory!

“Union believes that they’re able to decide what is right and what is just, but I disagree. I bring to you, the divine word of the Gods themselves! Listen well, people of Union, and all others! This is the world we seek to create, our perfect vision of peace! Hear me, O Great One, and come to my aid. Strike down these heretics where they stand!”

BMG: Gates to Infinity: Clash with Kyurem!

Answering Sveta’s call, a great dragon bearing the frost of the deepest winter appeared in the center of the city. With a roar of power, it’s unearthly presence sent waves of fear in the souls of even the bravest citizens of Union. Opening it’s vicious maw, it unleashed an enormous roar, a battle cry of deafening proportions, a Hyper Voice attack! While the sound was ear splitting to all who dwelt within Union, its power was focused. The great Signal Tower, a beacon of Union technology and innovation, began to crack heavily. Jagged scars appeared as chunks of stone fell unbidden from the tower. It still stood—but against such an assault, not for much longer. The force of the blast sent cracks sprawling through nearby towers as panicked shrieks began to echo throughout the city, a chorus of terror at the power of the god before them.

But in that moment, the humans were not alone. Two high-pitched cries met the titanic roar as twin dragons flew to Union’s aid, spiraling around the mighty ice dragon and attacking with twin Dragon Breath attacks. Once again, the great hounds and birds, as well as the Lady of the Moon and the Lord of Nightmares, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Entei, Raikou, Suicune, Cresselia and Darkrai stood at Union’s side, unleashing their own attacks. The people of Union felt the blessings of the gods with them. Here they would have to stand and fight—drive back the invaders and save their fair city!

[OOC: With the damage to the signal tower, Warp Band communication is offline and Pokemon cannot be summoned - thankfully the habitat is close and your Pokemon allies will come to your aid as the logs begin]
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The day begins with a commotion around the gates of Union. The Guards, who otherwise have been left with little else to do but to clear the paths leading in and outside of the city’s walls of snow and ice, gather en masse as a small party of strangely dressed individuals congregate there. Standing at the head of the crowd is a young woman, her two-toned hair and odd clothing a stark contrast from the norm around Union, holds herself confidently, a jovial smile on her face.

“Like I said,” She began, her voice surprisingly peppy, bouncing slightly on her heels, “We want to speak with your leader. It’s very important, and we've come such a long way.”

It’s an unusual scene to say the least, and as people pass by, they may catch the young woman’s eye, getting a pleasant smile and a chipper wave before she redirects her attention to whoever she happens to be talking to. Passers-by are urged to keep moving, nothing to see here, and after a very long, very circuitous series of conversations, the newcomers are given a personal escort.

The rest of the day passes without incident, until the evening, when all Warp Bands come to life. Standing in the frame is a young woman, no older than 18 or 19, her black-and-white hair tied up to one side with looks to be a crystal of pure ice. She smiles, practically beaming, leaning in toward her audience.

“Hello, people of Union! My new friend tells me that all of you should be able to hear and see me. What a convenient thing, haha. In any case, my name is Sveta, and I come representing a group of individuals calling themselves the Elite Four. I must say, actually seeing this city, I’m impressed! The stories don’t do this place justice. I hope to be able to meet more of the Gods’ chosen for myself while I’m visiting!”

Humming a bit to herself, she sits down, crossing her legs. “We believe that fate has brought us together. We heard that there were other civilizations out there, but never did we imagine that there would be people with the same aspirations as us! But I should explain. You see, the Elite Four, seek to understand our past, and be able to atone for the wrongdoings that our ancestors have committed. So you can imagine how excited we were when we heard about Union. I had to rush over.

“I promise that we won’t take up too much of your time or space, but I want to get to know you, the people of Union, better! I believe that we can all come together and create a better world. Your council has been kind enough to give us temporary lodging here within the city. I hope that we will be able to get along! Okay, how do I turn this of--”

And with that, the impromptu feed ends, the cheery young woman’s face fading away before another quick message takes over the airwaves. But worry not, citizens of Union. Over the next few days, the young woman from a strange new land will be wandering the streets of your city, observing, talking to others, and generally doing her best to not make a nuisance of herself. It’s hard to say how successful she’ll be at that last part.

[[This post is open for interaction.]]

26 [Video]

Jan. 11th, 2016 11:50 am
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[The charred branches of the Scorched Forest are visible behind Feliks, who's sitting down on a fallen tree trunk next to a large Houndoom.]

I was just thinking... It was probably like, about two years ago, right? When the gates opened up, I mean.

[His smile, briefly, is a little less boisterous than usual.]

I kind of spent forever thinking about getting out of the walls, and wondering what it would be like, and stuff like that, and now it kinda feels like it's been like this forever, a little?

This is where I came the first time I went out of Union! It's where I met Emilia... She's the first Pokemon I bonded with outside of the city!

[He ruffles the Houndoom's fur, and get only a brief growl of irritation in return, so she's not actually that irritated.]

I... I met Fai here, too, that day. So it might not look like much, but it's totally a special place.

A lot of stuff has changed since then, but it's been way exciting, hasn't it? So I'm totally excited to see what happens this year, too. I hope I can meet even more rad Pokemon, and find even more friends!

What about you, Union? Like, what are you happy about from the last couple of years? What are you excited about right now? Tell me all about it, I wanna hear!
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Hey, everybody!

[A red-haired girl in her late teens, perhaps early twenties, is leaning towards the Warp Band -- she'd just made sure it was on -- and flashing a smile down at it. It's bright; it's also practiced, like any true saleswoman's would be. She's done this before.]

My name's Rose. You've probably never heard of us, but we're the Spearowfeathers. We're merchants from Caldera, and we decided that we couldn't let Junes have all the fun.

[She winks.]

...So come check us out! We've set our wagon up in the business district, and we're selling some stuff we brought from Caldera -- and from Glacier, too! If you've got any special requests, you can bring those in, too.

I can also help you with trading Pokemon. I'm really good at that.

[Action, a little while later...]

[...unfortunately, things aren't going quite as well as Rose hoped. The wagon is there, sure, but the Gogoat that was pulling it got away an hour ago -- and all of the running in the world just didn't catch up to it. One of the other Spearowfeathers had been training that particular Pokemon. That leaves their wagon tipped over.]

[And with a cracked wheel, which Rose is holding up, and stuff scattered throughout the street. Spearowfeathers -- wearing their tan trousers and blue vests -- are darting to and fro, picking up goods.]

I... guess this could be going worse.
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[ Closed to Yuuna ]

[ Two days have passed since her arrival in Union, and very little in the way of change has occurred where Sophia's memories are concerned: still absent, with no explanation as to why nor medical reassurance that they will return any time soon.

But they would return.


At least, that was the hope, even if it felt rather small right now. But for the moment Sophia had a different predicament on her hands: the temporary board at the ranger station was exactly that, and now that they were assured that she was well (memories excepted), she would now need to find her own way out in the world. Though not alone!

The nurse who'd kept an eye on her the day before (and had asked any number of strange-seeming questions to boot) had ushered her into the lounge used by off-duty rangers with the request to wait - someone would be 'along soon' to lend her a hand with getting started. It is here that Yuuna will find her: sitting stiffly, near-perfect poise disguising her unease as Sophia leafs through one of the reports that had been left open on a side table. A cooling cup of tea sat untouched, while a well-mended cloak had been left on the back of her chair.

Her pokemon companion is almost conspicuous in his absence.


[ Over the course of the next week, Sophia takes the time to explore what she can of Union, map in hand and pensive expression on her face. If this is to be her home, temporarily or otherwise, she should try put in the effort to get to know it. Right..?

Good idea, in theory. But far easier said than done in practice thanks to the Salvation celebrations! Between map routes being cut off by festive stands peddling wares for the season, decoratively hidden street signs and getting temporary getting waylaid by well intentioned Delibirds, it is certainly an interesting impression to gain of the world for the first time.

Ymir, meanwhile, simply glowers at everyone and everything, the Honedge managing to radiate the most sour levels of dourness with that singular eye as he floats along beside her. Someone is definitely not feeling the Christmas Salvation Spirit!

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Action, around Union

[Kyosuke has been wandering Union with a book in hand, one he received during the recent gifting. He, for the record, did not witness the young woman who was delivering them out. In the other hand, he has an almost comically large drumstick, which he is munching on idly as he reviews it]

Hmmm... that doesn't sound safe, strictly speaking. I don't think human limbs are intended to bend into such a position.


I have a question for natives. Is all Salvation food so... unhealthy? It's very good but it doesn't seem like the best idea if you're trying to stay in shape.
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[The feed is quiet for a moment while she finishes adjusting the camera. Still, the video has been carefully framed, like someone's spent a lot of time thinking about it. There's a faint noise from behind the camera of a Pokemon giving some encouragement.]

Right, okay. Hey, everybody. I just got this band recently, so I thought I should say hello. [She rubs her arm briefly and glances away as if trying to remember something.] I've been out of Union for a while. Has much changed?


[It's pretty early in the morning, so maybe there won't be many people out at this time. This way maybe Max can get a few photos of what decorations are still up before there's too much hustle and bustle.

But while Max is preoccupied with that whole taking photos thing, her Deerling has other ideas. Ever the social butterfly, she's started roaming a bit. Hey! You there! She's totally trotting right over to you, whoever you are.

Dee! Dee deeer. [Isn't her fur just gorgeous? It's about time she got some more admirers.]
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[So, this isn't necessarily an abnormal occurrence really, but it has been a while since the last experiment went completely awry. Really, things have been working out pretty swimmingly for Lucca and her work since she came to Union, but she'd been trying something new, tweaking something existing, and...well...it hadn't quite worked as intended.

So, forgive her frazzled appearance when she pops onto the Warp Band today. There's a gigantic, Golurk sized hole in the wall behind her and her glasses are hanging askew...]

Hey guys? I was...uh...wondering if you could do me a favor. If you happen to come across Gato today, can you gimme a call? Like, as fast as possible? And don't touch him, or really get too close. Something kinda went wrong, and uh...his new belt might be a liiiiittle unstable. More than I initially thought, anyway.

Uh...thanks! Seriously! Call me if you see anything!

[And then she's leaping off the feed, the roar of a Rotomcycle gearing up the only thing audible anymore.]

Action: Union, Residential District and the Southern Gate

[Lucca wasn't kidding when she said Gato was a little bit unstable. The gigantic automaton doesn't seem to be completely able to hold his form properly. Walking through the residential district, the Golurk's size seems to be fluctuating with each step. One stride he'll be his usual nine feet tall, and then another? Barely a two feet. And then another? He'll be somewhere in between. The stone of his body groans and creaks as the stress begins to wear on him.

He's pretty heedless of traffic, stepping on carts and knocking over fruit stands, and walking right through crowds without seeming to notice. It's almost eerie how silent he is, and how careless the normally amiable Pokemon seems to be.

Eventually, unless stopped, the golem will pass through the southern gate and stand there, the lights of his eyes flickering as he stares up at the sun. There's something comforting in that it seems, because he stops moving, standing there and seemingly awaiting something. The light inside seems to be shifting colors, going from yellow to a sickly green, to a pale blue...and then repeating in an odd pattern.

Maybe this would be a good time to call Lucca?]

[ video ]

Oct. 26th, 2015 03:54 am
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So, yeah... Now that we're all back.

[Duo was looking a bit better after getting knocked out in Glacier and spending most of the celebration there healing up. He held up his gift from the locals, a Blastoisinite.]

I've learned that most special stones like these usually do something with Pokémon, and clearly this is a Blastoise something. Has anyone figured out what the ones we ended up getting actually do, yet? Like... does it evolve them like Sun Stones or something? Seems to make the most sense, yeah?
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[Long time no see, Union. When the feed clicks on, there is one somewhat confused Hayato Ichimonji looking into the camera. He glances up to make a face and it's easy to see the gates of the City behind him. Goro the Marowak is dutifully on his shoulder while he heads further into the city.]

You folks sure know how to get into trouble after a guy leaves. Was I really gone that long? Yeesh.

[He looks back at the camera.]

I've been keeping up with most of it over the network but if anyone wants to give me the juicy details, please. I need to get caught up. Also!

If anyone has been wondering about Kazuya Taki, I just want to let you know he's been trapped in paperwork Hell thanks to the Battalion. If he doesn't drown he'll probably come back but he's hanging back in Caldera for now.

[Private to Fili and Kili]

I'm coming back if you guys didn't rent my room to anyone while I was gone. [That's mostly a joke.] You guys doing okay?

[Action: Downtown.]

[Hayato's getting right back to work, so he'll be easy to find in his usual places. He's either out running around with a notebook in hand, or taking a break at his favorite cafe. Come back him or any of his Pokemon friends!]
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[The battle was over and the god Reshiram defeated, driven away by the aid of Union and its allies. The city was safe, by and large, and as the news spread throughout the peoples of the tundra, they began streaming back into the settlement in droves. Dirty, ash-coated faces were filled with relief and gratitude when they saw that it wasn't just a rumor and that their home had indeed been spared. Not everyone was so lucky, but they'd weathered worse, of course. The people of Glacier endured, as they would always endure, and they were also a people that repaid their debts. And they most certainly all agreed that they owed their rescuers a debt.

So, as night fell after the battle, a great celebration was prepared in the center of Glacier. A wide square was cleared away in a matter of hours, and the people gathered what they could in a show of thanks. Tables of food, bonfires towering into the night sky to keep out the autumn chill, and throngs of cheering wellwishers lined the area. Warriors of glacier, men carrying swords and women all bearing axes offered enthusiastic handshakes and claps on the back. Music of all kinds was played, though tribal tunes full of horn and percussion, chanting and yodeling, and even some brass groups dominated the soundscape.

A platform for various elders was set up, and they offered speeches, of course...but those were somehow dwarfed by the presence of the divine beings that were waiting silently for the proceedings to end. Some of the gods that had come to the aid of the war parties had apparently decided to stay, though their reasons were as mysterious as they themselves. The humans would have their time, and the Servants would mingle freely throughout the evening.

Food, of course, is set out in piles. Meat, fish, arctic berries, and various pastries and the like line table after table. A smorgasbord of Glacier specialties, each with a new and unique flavor all their own, and some (such as the stew) possessing a smell that only a native could probably endure. Akutaq in particular seems to stand out among the worst offenders, but the Glacier natives seem rather fond of it, and offer it to their rescuers with great gusto.

And the rewards do not stop at simple meals. either. As the speeches begin to wind down, a woman some might find familiar walks up onto the stage carrying a singularly massive trunk and dropping it down onto the wood with a heavy thud.]

Southerners! You have done a great deed this day! We, the people of Glacier, would like to thank you and honor your sacrifice! Few would do as you have done, coming to the aide of strangers against the might of that dragon...and you have accomplished something we did not think possible. To that end, we would like to present you with the first of many gifts, a token of our gratitude and a promise that should you need it, we will come to your defense in a time of need!

[And then with a sharp kick, she cracks open the trunk and reveals a veritable treasure trove of three different stones to be distributed by her subordinates.]

Rest well, and enjoy the festivities! You are welcome here, for as long as you like! Eat, drink, and be merry within our halls!

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