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Thespians for Sale! (Date Auction)

Who: The Union Divine Theater, volunteers, and YOU(r money)!
What: Date Auction/Raffle for fundraising
When: September 3
Where: Union Divine Theater
Warnings: Excessive fabulousness.

Almost there! It had taken them the better part of a year, but the Union Divine Theater had nearly been restored in the aftermath of Kyurem’s attack. As a historic monument, they had to be careful to only use period-appropriate building materials, and employed only the finest craftsmen. But now they’re nearly ready for business again.

So of course, they’re holding a fundraiser. And, of course, it’s a date auction.

Not just any date auction, though! The courtyard has been taken up with several small tables, behind which each thespian being raffled off is seated. Interested bidders are welcome to chat with the “prizes” or to check out the long line of tables across from the auction decorated with several super-classy glass jars. Each jar has a person’s name on it, and a small watercolor picture of the person in question next to it. These individuals have volunteered (or been volunteered) to serve as extra dates - just buy a ticket from the Slowking and the Wooper at the end of the tables and you can enter to win!

Small placards scattered throughout the event specify that all “prizes” must be 18 years or over, and that all dates must be family-friendly. All “prizes” also have the option, if they desire, of specifying which gender of date they prefer. Additionally, while the humans mingle, their Pokémon are encouraged to chat with the Nidoking who’s waiting just inside the theater. He’s giving tours of the stage area complete with the option of putting on a production! Be sure to tell your Trainers to buy tickets to the Theater’s next show!

The event will run all day, with bidding starting at $25 (Union currency). Are you ready to make a new friend??

[[ OOC: The date raffle and auction is live! Please follow the instructions beneath each top-level below. Each character being auctioned will have their own auction thread, where all bids go for that character - threadjacking is encouraged, and a mingle thread where people can talk to that character. Each character being raffled has their own section for people to note they’ve put in a ticket, but these can all be replies to the top-level. Each character being raffled also has their own spot for mingling. OOCly, results for the auctions and raffles will be announced in about a week.

Pokémon interested in performing on stage can leave top-level comments in the section at the bottom of the post. Their scene partner tags in with a result from the RP Scenario Generator: this is the scene the two Pokémon are encouraged to act out. An assortment of costume pieces, sets, and props are available. Break a leg! ]]
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[Living in Union had exposed Raine to some strange traditions over the last few months, but this one? She's completely mortified at the fact that she's here, dressed in a white blouse and skirt, as much as she tries to cover her emotions up with a cool facade. Mostly by attempting to be as out of sight from that jar as possible. For charity. For... work? A work enforced break? She wouldn't have minded just making her own donation and leaving it at that. She was shocked -- and furious, even -- when she had discovered that Yuuna had signed her up for it at all.

... And occasionally looking down at a book when the area seems quiet enough, though sometimes her companion Pikachu gives her a nudge in an attempt to get her to engage with others more, though she does her best to ignore him. Surely no one had any reason at all to put a ticket in that jar, right? She was home free? No, she was doing this wrong...?]
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[Raine glances up from the page at the interruption, sliding in a bookmark and closing it almost guiltily.]

So it is, but I have my ways of managing. [Hard not to recognize Haruka of course, even if their paths didn't cross often.]

This fundraiser has summoned quite a lot of attention. You must be pleased by it.
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[Raine is simply one of those people when asked about the environment, could give any amount of data on whatever was going on around her. When it came to what was directly around her or pertaining to her, she was... far less aware, though she could tell enough that the other young woman perhaps... wanted to talk more? That seemed doable.]

I'm certain they'll all be smiling a lot more once the theatre's fully repaired. Do you believe today's events will succeed in meeting that goal?
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[... Oh.

Oh. Was that why she had walked over?]

I... yes, that's true. We don't usually cross paths enough to speak these days.
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[Fittingly enough, it's a book about the theatre's history in Union and the historical value of the building itself. The dedication to preserving the old architecture... that's kept her interest.]

Well, I'm always studying in one way or another. Otherwise, work tends to keep me occupied.

[All work and no play... it's no wonder she's practically a maniac when her interests are engaged.]
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What can I say? I enjoy learning, and I like to be occupied. [And the two go in hand often. Something new to explore. Things to keep her mind off of pesky, personal matters.

Speaking of turning the topic away from herself... hard not to notice that the taller woman is still in a cast from the Gigan battle.]

How has your recovery been going?
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You don't have to go overboard with the flattery, you know.

[She's honestly a little surprised by Haruka's continued interest. The last time she was on any kind of "date" had been when she had attended a dinner for certain heads of families in Sanctuary while they subtly tried to debate her prospects with one another over her head.]

... But hopefully you're not too far away from a full recovery. You're not in any pain, are you?
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[It's true, but the language she's using is the language of those who push themselves because it's simply what they do. Which is her language.

So she doesn't believe a word of it.]

Well, it only proves how dedicated you are to seeing this through.
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Well, I do have a donation I'd like to make... but I didn't have any intention of having it be part of a bid.

[She sees no reason not to be honest about that... after all, she didn't exactly ask to be put into this situation to begin with.] Is this a popular tradition in Union?
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From what I can tell, one that goes above and beyond when it comes to including it's neighbors... let alone close bonds, despite having such a closed society initially. It makes instances like this a little more strange to puzzle out. How much did Union shift when they opened their borders, or for the most part, were you always this open among yourselves? That sort of thing. It's fascinating, really...
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[... Oh. Well. That is what she gets. Is the actor already regretting her potential bid...?]

... Yes, it is. And the world's very lucky for that.
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[There's a set up there for a cold pun somewhere, but she is not going to accidentally open that door.

She's not.

The prospect of food, though, that's a nice distraction from the awkwardness of standing around on display.]

That sounds like a good change of scenery to me. I'm curious to see what food will be available.
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Are they your companions?

[It's not directed at her, so that's an inference she can make from observation.]

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