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[Sinbad adjusts the screen, and leans back as an Eevee clamors up his back and onto his shoulder]

So Valefor figured out what he wanted to evolve to, and it means going to the Icy Rock, so uh - is there anyone else heading up that way I can go with given... I'm not exactly a big fan of the cold, I mean that I'm not quite familiar with that area yet.

[Action, Viridian Forest]

[It's good to take a break from the city, between the politics and waiting on getting his business license approved, he's been too tense for his own liking, so he decided to pack his things and pokemon and head out to the woods to have a picnic. Badr was still getting used to his evolved body by weaving through the branches, while Vepar flops unhappily in his fishbowl, whining about not wanting to evolve as Sinbad unpacks their lunch]

Oh come on, it'll be great. I won't force you, but you can't be a Magikarp forever!

Try me!

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Let me actually find some pants and I'll head up there with you.
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It's cold up there! You think I'm going to dress like I do around town or at sea? I'd freeze my best features off.
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Probably. It's pretty terrible in winter.
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Icy Rock, huh?

Solo here's a fire type. [Cue adorable Houndour panting away in the background.] He could keep us warm. [Another on cue moment at Solo decides to demonstrate by using Ember on Duo's chair.] Wha-?!

Damn it! [Duo quickly puts the fire out.] Solo!

[The small fire hound whined a little in apology.]
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[Duo laughed sheepishly.]

Nuh-uh, man. Don't worry too much. He doesn't do that a lot. If he did, I'd have a bigger furniture bill.


No, no. He just gives off a lot more body heat than non-fire-types. It'll be good to have him hanging around.
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Yeah. It's a pretty good idea, at least.

I found out that Solo here is good for that, too, when I was on my own for a while.

When are you leaving for Icy Rock?
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[ Pearl's on her way to her usual spot near the forest shrine when she happens upon the picnic. or rather, her Pidgeotto happens upon it first while he's darting through the branches showing off and making a racket, and calls out triumphantly at seeing the food. Pearl follows a few steps behind trailing her Meowstic, and by the expression on her face and the hands on her hips, someone is about to get a scolding. ]

Haruto! What have I told you about bursting in on other people? --Oh! It's you, Sinbad.
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Re: action

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[ she gives a small wave back - and a warning glare to Haruto, who almost immediately swoops back to perch on a tree further away from the other Pokemon. ]

Oh, I was on my way to the forest shrine, actually. But chasing after Haruto when he wants to show off can often turn into a full-time job! I'm sorry if he bothered all of you while you were trying to relax.
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Re: action

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[ Haruto chirps something back under his breath that might be careful? ace fliers like me don't need to be careful - but Pearl, not being able to understand Pokemon speech, doesn't quite catch that. ]

Yes, I often go to the shrine to train or meditate. [ she looks between Sinbad and the Magikarp in the bowl, curious. ] Why does he have a problem with evolving?