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Right. Isabela here.

[Wearing a jaunty hat she probably stole, Isabela greets Union from the Port, specifically the deck of Pathfinder.]

That was a bit of a messed-up little campaign, but we all made it back alive and with some new friends, eh? Something told me a place named Sanctuary was suspicious...least I didn't get stabbed.

Anyway, in celebration of our success there, I'm offering steamship trips to the Tropical Island half off for the rest of the week, departing from the port at 9am and returning at 11pm sharp-like. Get your beach gear and shirtless Calderan men together and get ready for a party.

[Video; private to Banzu]

By the way, I'll be helming Pathfinder for the rest of the week, so don't worry your head about that price reduction.
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[Private Video]

[personal profile] outtahere 2015-06-14 04:36 am (UTC)(link)
I think these two broadcasts came in the wrong order, but I guess this means I can catch up on a bunch of shit. Maybe be a pantsless Unionite for a bit while no one's around.
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[Private Video]

[personal profile] outtahere 2015-06-21 02:43 am (UTC)(link)
I agree. It's so liberating.

And I wouldn't be opposed to copies of any pictures of shirtless Calderans you might end up getting either.