Jul. 27th, 2015

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As people face their fears and insecurities, the images slowly fade away as they are funneled into a singular cavern room. The walls are lined with floating images - records of the trials faced playing across the walls. Hovering above the floor in the center of the room is a strange Pokémon, its eyes closed in meditation. As more people enter the room, the swirling memories begin to form around the Pokémon, coalescing into a symbol. As the images merge with the Pokémon, it appears changed.

Greetings, Humans of the New World.

The voice is soft, warm, and nurturing.

I am Diancie. I guard the gate to the final evolution. I have heard much of you. I am pleased to say that others have spoken quite highly of you. I am here to give you a gift, one never before granted to humanity. But then, many among you are not entirely human anymore, are you?

Be warned, the power I give today is not to be taken lightly. We have observed your progress and we are pleased with your triumphs. Sparing your kind was not a mistake! It is our hope that you will use this for good use.

[OOC: With that, the event has officially ended and things will return to normal. Characters may use this post to ask questions of Diancie.]
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Action 1, Teeters

[It seems Teeters has a new regular! Friday Poker Nights managed to capture the eye of one Lt. Kyosuke Nanbu, and unfortunately they've never been the same since. Kyosuke, it would seem, possesses the devil's own luck, and has a killer wit and instict to match. Suffice to say, he's been making a fair bit of money each night, but the likely challengers have become slimmer and slimmer each night. He's on the lookout for new contenders. Care to give it a try?

OOC: I don't particularly mind Kyosuke losing, so feel free to let me know the kind of poker game you're looking for. If you have no major opinion, he does tend to win. A lot.]

Action 2, open training grounds

[While always diligent in training, it seems recently Kyosuke had kicked it up a notch. He's picked a recent spot and has been using live rounds. The steel training dummies, Calderan steel, are showing some major signs of wear and tear. He's definitely done a number on them.]

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