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We found the source! There's some weird... machines in here! They're making a terrible noise that're making the Pokémon more aggressive!


My Pokémon're saying the noise's still here - so I think there's more of these machines! So everyone try to find the rest and stop them o --


[Up and down the streets of Union, the message was passed on in hushed whispers and cries of disbelief. What could it mean? Machines? Man-made machines? It was impossible! For half a millennium, the only people outside of Union they had ever known were the occasional Shifters who wandered in from the wilderness. Who had made these? And why? ...To destroy Union? Did they finally have evidence of outside civilization, only to find that they intended to declare war?

As the groups began to trickle back into Union from the mountains, rumors ran rampant...

And in the present, the people of Union wait with bated breath for the next quake to come... 12 hours passed. A day. ...Two days. ......And still, nothing.

On the morning of the third day, the Warp Bands and emergency systems flicker to life once again without fanfare.]

This is the Union emergency broadcast system with an ongoing assessment of the situation.

......At this time, I am pleased to announce that no quakes have occurred for 72 hours, and no further unusual seismic activity can be detected.

[She pauses, as if to wait for cheering.]

The Council would like to express its immense gratitude and recognize all the citizens of Union who so selflessly gave of themselves throughout this crisis - in defending and restoring the city, in preventing the invasion from below, and in traveling into the depths of the unknown to prevent a calamity. For bravery in the face of immense danger, we have prepared a reward for all who lent their help and support in any way.

Though there is much in Union that remains to be done, the danger has passed for now.

[There comes another pause, a longer one. ...And when she speaks again, her tone is grave.]

The Council will also confirm at this time the reports that the earthquakes were partially caused by man. In response, the Elders have prepared the following statement:

[There is a soft clearing of the throat before she continues on. Her brisk, efficient voice seems to become tight with emotion.]

"Citizens of Union,

Since the time of the Savior, we, the Council, have sought one goal above all others: the survival and propagation of the human race, that we might once more live in harmony and unity in the land the gods have given to us, ever mindful that we share this land with those whom we are proud to call our equals and friends. For over 500 years, we have striven to guard the future of humanity, to ensure that we might never tread so foolish a path as we once did so many years ago. Long have we believed that we were the sole remnants of mankind - that any future, if we sought it, would lie solely within the works of our own hands.

Thanks to the efforts of our courageous citizens... we now know that this is not the case.

Union is not alone.

Rumors and whispers have already begun to spread, and we fear we cannot verify or deny their validity. We fear that such is impossible for anyone. We, too, are human. When we first heard this news, we were not your Council. We were nothing more than a group of frightened old men and women, afraid and uncertain of what it meant, fearful, for the first time, of what the future might hold.

But let us not live in fear.

Let us hold our heads high and let us be proud - be proud of our ancestors and be proud of Union, of all that we are and all that we shall be. We are the people chosen by the gods, the children of the Savior, and in honor of Her goals and Her vows, we chose our name long ago: Union. So let us unite! Let us unite in hope and in faith, and if we are truly not alone in this world, then let us meet our fellows with the same unity of heart! And if they so desire, they may freely join in the unity we offer...

The future lies ahead of us, boundless and infinite. Let us venture forth together... into this Brave New World!"

[The final words ring with conviction before the communication ends.]

((This post may be used as a mingle thread to discuss the news mentioned within. Much of Union remains in need of help, but thanks to the quick work of the characters in completing their mission, no towers collapsed entirely.))


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Iron Mines:
The trip to the eastern mountains is punctuated by the continuing aftershocks. After each one, it may be tempting to glance back at Union to see if any of the towers have fallen yet. The expedition parties move with incredible speed, knowing that the fate of their City hangs on the line.

When they reach the mountains, guided by the coordinates given of the 'strange radio signal', the parties will find that many of the normal entrances and routes have been blocked by cave-ins. In contrast, however, a gaping hole has opened up where none existed before. As this seems to be the easiest way to gain access, the parties slowly lower themselves in...

They will find themselves in the long-sought iron mines.

But there are so many twisting turns and tunnels, it will be impossible to stay together and make any sort of progress. Each group will have to take their own paths from here...

Old City:
Each of the twelve entrances down into the Old City take a different meandering route through the ruins. Though several are blocked off by this time, there are still many potential paths to take. The state of the Old City is poor, being underground as it is, and occasional soft rumblings are certain to cause unease. As the report states, however, there is enough of an interval between quakes that it should be possible to investigate safely.

It would be unwise to venture down alone, but it is impossible, too, for everyone to stay together if they wish to make headway.

The wild Pokémon continue to come out of the Old City, though the frequency has been somewhat lessened. Rubble lines the streets and though no towers have collapsed as of yet, some seem to be dangerously close and certainly nobody should be staying inside of them. As stated, the towers in Sector 3 are the worse off and construction crews work frantically to attempt to restabilize the foundations of these buildings.

The injured are innumerable, the number of casualties is as of yet unknown, and the chaos and panic is difficult to fend off.

There is a great deal of work to be done.

((Please post below with your groups - in the first comment, please note the members of your group, where you are, and whether or not you intend to keep a threading order. Regardless of threading order, mods will be responding at least once every 24 hours to keep the event moving. Groups should be three to four people in size.

At this time, all characters entering the iron mines will be able to choose to bond with a free extra Pokemon listed under 'Cavern' in the Map and Wild Pokemon post. Please respond there if you intend to make use of this. Characters who have already claimed a free Old City Pokemon may not do so.))
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[action-- business district: salvage shop and (later) surrounding areas]

[The salvage shop is a frequent stop on Moonbay's travels, earning a visit from her roughly twice a week. Its owner has come to both fear, respect and tolerate her throughout the years, and one could say the feeling is mutual. Arguments over decent prices are often heard during those visits, and today is no exception.

Anyone around the shop, or even out on the street, can most likely hear some shouting, a few choice words more prominent than others.]

Twenty bucks for this piece?! C'mon, I could get more from the guy two streets over-- the one who eats Pokemon food, and he doesn't even know what it is!! Thirty or no deal.

[Similar talks continue for at least another half hour until Moonbay grabs her bag of remainders, pockets a wad of cash, and steps out the door to leave with a wave to the store owner.

Then she finds her rhyhorn missing. Again. With an exasperated sigh, she takes her warp band and begins to speak.]


If anyone's around the business district, specifically the salvage shop, I've got a little issue. My rhyhorn's wandered off [again] and I have no idea which way he went. So if you see a random one nosing through stuff or generally being weirdly social, gimme a call. Name's Moonbay. Damned thing.

I'll be looking myself, so... I guess watch out?

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