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[Action 1: Forest]

It's been quite a while since Kuwabara started training with his Espurr, and someone stumbling through the forest north of Union City might see the progress they've made - as well as a new team member.

"Come on, guys, let's pick up the pace - and remember you're supposed to be working together, to defend against me."

The pokemon he's addressing are two cats - an Espurr with a blank expression, and a smirking Purrloin. Both nod and prepare themselves.

"Ready, set... go!"

Before he can so much as move to attack, the Purrloin slaps the air in front of the Espurr's face, making it flinch and shout.

"Darnit, Koto, I said to stop that, we're supposed to be training as a team here!!"

[Action 2: Forest Shrine]

In the afternoon, after a long (and slightly frustrating) day of training, Kuwabara has found the tranquil area of the shrine. He's lying on his back, staring up at the trees and the sky, scratching the ears of his Espurr, which is lying on his chest staring up as well. His purrloin, however, is curled up on his legs and enjoying a nap.

"I didn't know there was a place like this near Union City. It's so peaceful and calm... I can just feel the calm everywhere around me."

Depending on when you find them, you might catch him napping too.
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It has been said that great discoveries are rarely preceded by 'eureka', but rather, 'huh, that's funny'. The Delver who ended up in the rubble of the old buildings off the path into the Iron Mines would later insist that he thought the buildings were important all along. His companions would note that he was holding the map upside down when he had gotten separated from them.

Regardless of how it happened, sifting through the ruins would reveal an entrance - an opening into one of the largest and best preserved buildings ever discovered in the Old City.

...A mausoleum.

Rows after rows of vaults, each assumedly housing a coffin, though no one was terribly interested in cracking them open to verify. It was enormous - it took 30 minutes to walk from one end to the other and half that going by width. Though one of the original entrances was sealed in from the other side by solid rock, the other three opened into tunnels made by Pokémon, leading off to who-knows-where.

The discovery, made immediately after the earthquakes, was kept quiet for a bit before the Council deemed it important enough for an announcement:

Before a full assessment is made, the building should only be entered by experienced Delvers, Enlightened, and Trainers. Any native Pokémon, if they exist, are as of yet unidentified, although preliminary forays have shown signs of inhabitants within the building and connecting tunnels.

Of course... no one really doubted what kind of Pokémon would be discovered in a place like this, did they? As right they shouldn't.

In the middle of the night, they begin to make their presence known, following the human explorers back up to their homes... Some will be rudely awakened by the sounds of crashes and screams in their homes. Others will blearily blink awake and find themselves face-to-face with a disembodied head floating before them. They drift throughout the city, excited to have found a new haunt... It seems for the time being, the people of Union will have to deal with these nuisances - and hope they have strong hearts.

[For the next few days, the following Pokémon will make sporadic appearances in Union: Misdreavus, Drifloon, and Shuppet. They will generally be mischievous rather than aggressive, although you may feel free to NPC aggressive ghosts if you wish. They will become bored and return to their homes before the Contest begins, ICly. The ghosts native to Union may also become excited by their fellows and might stir up a bit of trouble: Duskull, Gastly, Golett, and Litwick. You may comment here to explore the Mausoleum or to initiate ghost scenarios as you wish. You may also make new posts in reaction.

Mods will not be responding to any threads unless a Player Plot of some sort is requested.

The area Mausoleum has been added to the Map/Wild Pokémon post.

Unrelated to these events, due to inconsistencies in mechanics, the abilities of the Caretaker profession are being adapted to the Enlightened Ability Mastery of Training. This announcement will be repeated in our next OoC announcement post, but it is effective beginning immediately.]
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Shizuru stands outside what used to be her workplace, staring in dismay at the lack of progress rebuilding in the aftermath of the earthquake. It was a hair salon. She's not sure what it is now.

She ducks inside the doorway to see how bad the damage is, noting as she does multiple presences nearby. Purrloins. Some strays have found a new home, it seems. Shizuru makes a face.

Passersby may notice shouts issuing from the once and future hair salon as she fruitlessly threatens the pack of Purrloins. She knows she can't take all of them at once in a fight, but that doesn't mean Shizuru won't try to convince them otherwise.

"Get out now, or you're in for serious pain!"



[Someone is checking out the new video feature. Shizuru has a cigarette in her hand and a small rueful smile on her face when she starts talking.]

Hey, everybody. The building where I work took damage in the earthquake, and not only are the repairs going slower than expected, I startled a pack of Purrloins in the process of purloining anything they found.

I could use some business. If anyone wants a haircut, come see me at home and I'll take care of you here rather than at the salon.

Otherwise I might get bored.

[She's clearly not the only one bored, as an Eevee jumps into her lap and nudges her while she's talking.]
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[Hey look, it's a pompadour on your screen, followed a close-up eyeball as Kuwabara tries to figure out if this is working or not. Finally, he pulls it back a bit, and you get to see his face, with an entertained grin.]

Hey, everyone! This thing is pretty cool, heheh! I'm Kazuma Kuwabara, and I'm the worst punk at Union University! But that's not what this is about. I was just wondering, does anyone know how to get a pokemon to fight? I mean I'm not gonna force him into fights or anything, but he's scared of pretty much everything, so I wanna teach him how to fight, so maybe he won't be as scared, y'know?


If you're wandering the streets between towers in the Residential District, you might see something strange - a teenager trying to get his own pokemon to attack him.

"C'mon, Eikichi, just hit me with whatever you've got. I promise it won't hurt me, I'm way too tough. I bet it won't even be that strong, you little wimp!"

The poor pokemon he's yelling at is an Espurr that's just staring passively at him. It might be a statue if it didn't blink periodically. It would be almost impossible for most people to tell how it feels about this, but someone that could sense emotions would feel that it's scared and anxious - not of the trainer, but pretty much everything and everyone else.


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[Four Pokemon are playing around outside one of the houses in the Residential District. An oddly colored Smeargle is currently cheekily dotting the face of a Magnemite, while an Axew chortles nearby. A Metapod, meanwhile, has already been fully painted and seems to be quite proud of its new designs.

Meanwhile, a teenage boy with white hair watches them on the steps of his residence. A notebook is open, but he hasn't written anything in a while. Watching these Pokemon, he thinks back to how they joined him. He appreciates their companionship, but at the same time he's begun to realize something. In pretty much each case he can think of, it had been Takuro who had helped initiate the bond, not Hiroshi. Somehow, there was always a gap there, and Takuro seemed to be the one who always had to pull the two sides together. Even when he bonded with Hiroshi himself...

He's beginning to realize a fatal flaw. He doesn't really GET Pokemon, somehow.]


[Yes, there's a video option now, but Hiroshi is too embarrassed by his request to use it.]

Excuse me, if I could have a moment of somebody's time? I am currently looking for someone with a great deal of experience in understanding Pokemon. I... am looking for someone to help me be a better trainer. If someone out there is willing to help out someone like me, could you let me know? ...I am sorry, I would rather not give my name before I get an offer for help. This is... not an easy thing for me to have to ask.

Thank you, and... sorry for any trouble.

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