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[ It's been a long day for Bart. He's finally managed to get to Union City! He had seen the Pokemon Habitat, and procured a Warp Band (though he didn't stick around long enough for an explanation of what is does). All he wants to do now is get home and rest. The only problem with that is... Where exactly is home? He knows Fei came to the city, and that he's TOTALLY going to let Bart stay with him. But, beyond that, he has no real facts.

So, rather than using his Warp Band, he is wandering the residential area, harassing everyone he meets. If you're out and about, you're getting stopped by this hurried young man and the seemingly hyperactive Zigzagoon that's darting around his feet. You'll also get this wonderfully helpful description of the man he's looking for.

Hey've you seen a guy with a long ponytail, and this kind of face? [ It's really hard to discern what he's going for here. It looks like an expression that's somehow sullen, angry, and nauseated. That's his impression of Fei's "concentrating" face. ] His name's Fei. He's a pretty strong guy. I know he's here somewhere!

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Jan. 4th, 2014 09:10 pm
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