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[Backdated to the 11th.]

[Cecilia talked to Apollo and Lucas about the same thing: needing to talk to Pokémon to find out if they had seen any iron lately. It seems like a good idea to her, though it came from Apollo. But she can do that -- at least with ones that talk. And thus, here she waits, near the indicated place.]

[A huge, ancient oak stands up behind her, and sits on the crest of a hill. It makes it stand out. It's hard to miss. Being short, Cecilia is just dwarfed by it.]

[But, worst of all... she doesn't know Lucas's name.]


Jan. 11th, 2014 02:53 am
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[The voice is clearly that of a young boy's - soft and pleasant, though it seems clear he is making an effort to project in the way that soft-spoken people do.]

Hello, all. My name is Lucas.

I'm a student at the Medical Center right now, and there's a bit of time for lunch, so... I thought I would mention a few things.

If a lot of people are planning to go out, please be careful. There's been a lot of cases of hypothermia and frostbite already, and they were right about the forest Pokemon, too. Just because you don't see them doesn't mean they're out there. If you want some advice, make sure you protect the, um... furthest parts of your body, and try to wear a lot of layers. Getting water in your boots is a good way of getting frostbitten toes, too.

As for the Pokemon... make sure you listen while you're walking. You probably won't see most of them, but you might hear noises you wouldn't expect. That almost definitely means there's something nearby. Most of the time, they won't attack, so... just make sure you don't disturb them.

[action, Verdant Forest East]
[...It had been a long time since he had been out in the woods. The visits had been fewer and fewer since that day, and...

Never mind. Lucas shakes away these thoughts as he explains his situation to the Guard (I used to live here) and exits the city. He heads off to the east, not so much to look for a mine, but just to see if he was still capable of living outdoors as he used to.

He wonders if any of the Pokemon here still remember his family.]


Jan. 11th, 2014 01:25 am
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[Apollo's voice makes him sound a bit older than he is. Anyone who doesn't know him may be in for a surprise later.]

How many of you who are planning on exploring outside the city have spent much time in the wilderness during the winter? If you haven't you should travel with someone who has. You won't be able to find an iron mine if you die.

[With that morbid thought delivered in a completely calm tone, there's a pause before he asks another question, one that he doesn't know the answer to.]

What does an iron mine look like?
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[Cecilia was in the forest when her warp band buzzed with the announcement. She is a little surprise, if only a little. She knows enough from her father's old business interests to realize that this could be a problem, that she should try to do something about it. But, she isn't able to make an iron mine simply appear in the forest.]

[If she could, she'd be well and truly magical.]

[She isn't quite paying attention, though. She hears a sudden chirp -- and recognizes what Raftina is saying next to her. "Look out," the Eevee says. She turns her head, surprised, and then she looks up.]


Jan. 10th, 2014 09:33 pm
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This is the WORST timing. It took months to get the right to build the new floor and now the price of steel is going to triple.

I have no desire to go prospecting myself, but I have access to funding if a more outdoors inclined person wanted to mount an expedition. I think it might save me money in the long run.
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Hello, can anyone hear me? I believe I'm still in the signal area. In any case, I believe that I may have found something interesting! A community of Spearows, so close to the city! I thought that they were solitary Pokémon, and yet there must be at least half a dozen of them nesting here, in close proximity. While I have not been able to get too close, I have been able to construct quite a few interesting ske--

Camille, what are you doing there? Camille, sto--

[The feed abruptly cuts off.]


[The Verdant Forest, early morning, the trees covered in a new layer of fluffy white snow. The ratata are slowly crawling out from their hidey-holes to find their first meal of the day; pidgey cooing gently, welcoming in the day; the sweet, dulcimer cry of an errant Enlightened screaming--wait, what?!]

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