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Log Deputy: Nerdo ([personal profile] nerdorama, [plurk.com profile] Nerdorama)
Participating Characters: Rise Kujikawa, Asemu Asuno, Kaito, Ichiro Ogami, Sakura Shinguji, John Egbert, Lucas, Jinxie Tenma
Plot Description: Earthquake leads minor celebrity to getting in way over her head, so it's time for a dramatic rescue and a sudden development of minor superpowers.
Warnings/Notes: Surprisingly none considering what this is attempting to emulate...

The back side of the towers. )

--hello?--I fell...happened--underground--help?

((Rise is trapped in a section of the Old City that's mostly cut off from the surface now, along with a good number of panicking Pokémon. This is the log to come rescue her and hopefully the trapped mons as well. We have a large group so no tagging order is necessary and it's not going to be a long dungeon-crawl so I think we can just single-thread this. Thanks!))
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[Action: Union Divine Theater]

[Shortly after the earthquakes, a siren sounds within the theater, echoing through the halls. As they begin to sound, doors swing open, and people begin running through the halls, the theater coming to life.

Sakura, in her pajamas, is one such person, moving with purpose through the halls. She appears to be looking for something, or someone.]

o3. action

Jan. 18th, 2014 10:01 pm
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Who?: Anyone from or affiliated with the Union Divine Theater
What?: Bonding time in the mountains, also training!
When?: 1/18
Warnings: It's frickin cold, hope you guys bundled up. Rocky-esque music montages optional.

[[BGM: The Heartwarming Life of the TeiGeki]]

Mister I'll make a man out of you! )
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I have a problem, hopefully someone here can help.

How do you keep two Pokémon from fighting with each other?


Or one Pokémon from fighting another. I just bonded with a new companion and, well...


[The Union Divine Theater house, mid-afternoon. A relatively peaceful afternoon, in fact.

Or it was, until a Ralts goes bolting down the halls, occasionally teleporting a few feet. Chasing after it is a Magby wielding... a stick. Sakura hasn't given him a training sword yet for obvious reasons, so he's decided to resort to other measures.

At least Sakura instilled in him to not shoot fireballs inside. Still, the two are tearing through, making a mess in their wake. Their human partner is nowhere to be found. WHAT DO.]


Jan. 15th, 2014 01:33 pm
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[It's been quite a week for the Swablu shifter - getting a job with the theater - chorus yes, but chorus, and making acquaintances with humans, and learning other shifters exist. Kaito decided to take some time in the Verdant Forest to go over these facts.

He slipped out of the city as a Swablu, with his Fletchling friend following after - heading southwards, before resuming human form in case they encountered Rangers and Explorers]

So Flicker - the humans aren't so bad after all, little confusing - but fun! Don't you agree?

[He listened to the Pokemon's chirps, and continues on with the conversation, not caring someone might over hear]

Yeah - it's kind of weird, but their nests are so comfy!

[They paused at the rustle of grass, human? Pokemon? a strong gust? They went to take a look]
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[Like many others, he heard the announcement, but did not process it as clearly as others - just that this isn't good news for the humans, and muses they might be looking for momentary cheer before getting down to work. He went to a well-populated square in the entertainment district where many of the humans gathered and drops a cup on the ground, gathering their attention before he breaks out into song - most of them classics and old standards that everyone knows. When he finishes one melody, someone may shout out for another and he obliges.

After a half hour of singing, he takes a break, collecting the cup - jingling it to see how much the humans gave him before heading to a nearby restaurant to grab a quick bite, musing over the recommendation of going into the Verdant Forest]

So the Forest - I wonder if they'll find what they need there.

[He murmurs out loud as he pulls his fluffy muffler around his lower jaw]

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