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[ voice ]

Now, I'm not really a cold-weather guy, but the woods sure look nice with snow on 'em.

[ Most Delvers and Historians will be familiar with this brand of unasked-for optimism; Hanekoma's outside of Union. His shoes crunch in the snow. In the background is the jeering of Murkrows, getting steadily louder. ]

The Rangers do a dangerous job, but there's plenty in it to enjoy. [ A pause, slightly too long; the crunching stops. ] Hey, Spikes, watch it--

[ There is the determined, piping piii! of a very small Pokemon, a funny crackling noise, and then: an explosion. The Warp Band gets only the heavy, shuddering sounds of displaced air and heat, and Hanekoma's few sudden footsteps.

There is the cawing of a very upset Murkrow. Then a moment of quiet. ]

Whew. Sorry for the static-- Metronome can get tricky.

[ southern forest or lake shrine ]

[ Freezing temperatures and a Flying typing have, in fact, convinced Hanekoma to make an effort with his outfit; he's got a coat, a scarf, and the usual shades half-hiding his eyes. His Togepi, surprisingly hardy but not terribly fast in snow, has been mostly living in the crook of his arm or perched, wobbling, on his shoulder. Hanekoma scoops him up again now, heedless of the acrid Selfdestruct smoke and scorchmarks on the ground. The Togepi cracks an eye open, burbles unhappily, and withdraws further into its shell.

Yes, it knocked itself out. A God of War Enlightened and his trusty starter, everyone.

A little rest, and he'll be fine. That's no trouble. They're not here for training, really: it's curiosity. Hanekoma wants to see the shrine. ]

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