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[Anders is sitting in a small clearing in the forest right outside Union, his back up against a tree. He's fairly relaxed, and noticeably so for those who know him from working at the Medical Center, as that's more than rare for him. He's even smiling a little.


I've left my job at the Medical Center, and I'll be working as a Field Medic from now on instead. I'm going to spend at least this week training, but if anyone is planning an exploration soon and would like a Medic along, let me know.

Queen Cleo would like to help out as well. Wouldn't you?

[He turns the warp band to show a tiny Espurr, who appears much too busy licking berry juice off her paws to pay much attention. She glances up, though, briefly, making a small annoyed noise as if to say, did he have to do this in the middle of lunch?

Anders turns the warp band back on himself.]

She means she'd be happy to help. Just let us know.

[[ooc: open to action to anyone in of Verdant Forest North.]]
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[Action, around Union]

[A lovely blond woman of undetermined age has been on quite the tear around Union. Always with a glass of wine in her hand, she is accosting people at random, questioning them at length, and generally messing with them. Depending on the circumstances, she may also be teleporting them to random, inconvenient areas if the fancy strikes her, or warping away some of their items.

She seems to be having fun at least!

Behind her, running in her wake, is a rather frantic woman with Vulpix tails. She's trying to find her and stop her but hasn't been having much luck]

((OOC: This is a post for both Ran and Yukari, please specify who you want in the post! If you're tagging Yukari, if possible please specify if you are OK with your character or some of their stuff getting warped to a random location at any point within the log! If no response is received, I will assume no.))
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[ Ib and Mary are having a little practice battle now that they have a little more verity in their bonds. If anyone wants to watch, give advice, take sides or just hassle 9-year olds go ahead. ]

The terms: each is allowed three Pokemon around level 10. The matches will be 1 v. 1 and go until forfeit. No knockouts (those aren't friendly.)

At an open space in town, Ib stands on one side with a Spinarak on her back, a Budew in her arms and a Girafarig standing next to her. There's also a shiny Bellsprout by her feet but she only recently bonded with Goldie. It's not ready for a battle like this but Ib thought it might benefit from watching.

"Ready, Mary?"
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Um... if anyone needs me this week, I'll be training on the island. I'm taking Dokuro with me, so don't worry. I'll check in every once in a while so people know I'm safe.

[Action/Video; Tropical Island; all week]

[Jinxie's been doing a pretty good job with adventuring and bonding with lots of different Pokemon, but she's met a lot of people who are pretty personally capable even without their Pokemon around, and sometimes it makes her feel like she's lacking something. She isn't strong like Melaka, she isn't in the Rangers like Quinn, she's not a shifter like Ran, she's not a noble like Asemu or Lux, and she was born into a branch family so she doesn't have channeling powers like her cousin Maya.

So what can Jinxie Tenma do that's special?

That's what she's here to find out. Anyone adventuring around on the island at any point during the current week will find Jinxie there, sitting on a rock in a purple one-piece swimsuit with her legs crossed, meditating under a waterfall. She'd always heard that the old mystics used to do this kind of thing to find spiritual enlightenment, and as someone with the Ghost and Psychic types who specializes in charms, it seemed as good an idea as anything else.

Only her Duskull, Dokuro, is with Jinxie while she's out here - and only for protection in case any wild Pokemon should happen to draw too near. Jinxie wants to do this on her own this time, to prove that she's capable of it. For once, Dokuro isn't teasing her or interrupting her while she tries to concentrate, seeming to sense how serious she is about this. She does take periodic breaks to eat, sleep, and check in with everyone through the Warp Band's network, though, so it's possible to talk to her to find out what the heck she's doing.]

[Action and Accidental Video; Tropical Island; end of week]

[And anyone present at the end of the week or watching the feed coming from Jinxie's Warp Band will witness something miraculous happen. As Jinxie's meditation draws to a close near the sunset of the last day, the familiar light associated with a Pokemon's evolution begins to shine out from underneath the charm she usually wears on her forehead. Jinxie herself doesn't even notice until the light has burst brilliantly forth and faded once again. The charm peels off and drifts away in the breeze, revealing a glowing brand in the shape of the symbol normally painted on the charm. And when Jinxie opens her eyes, the irises are red like her Duskull.]

Dokuro...? Wh-what happened? I feel... different.

[The little Duskull seems as pleased as anything, floating down excitedly, its skull mask twisted into the equivalent of a smile as it circles around her head. Jinxie holds up one of her charms, which is now glowing with the same soft light.  In a burst of excitement, she jumps up and runs over to where she had her Warp Band sitting on a nearby rock.]

W-was that recording...?  Did you all see?  I did it!  I really did it!
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[People who arrive to the Habitat Center today might see something very odd: What has to be the largest Vulpix anybody has ever seen, doing all sorts of things. Here it might be training various Pokemon to move in surprisingly graceful ways; there it might be prancing along and singing a sort of Pokemon-ish song; in yet another way, it might just be laying down, a lot of other Pokemon lying near it. A curious sight, is it not?

If you keep watching said Pokemon, it eventually gets up and, making sure the others are asleep, wanders over to a small closet. It enters... and shortly thereafter emerges Ran, straightening out her clothing.]

Ahhh. It is so nice to go back to nature every so often...


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Tell me, people of Union. What did you make of our visitors? I've heard the rumblings, of course, but little definitive opinions. What do you think they're capable of? Are they villains? Misguided? Trailblazers, perhaps?
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Elders, I have news to report from the final day of the tournament. I wish I could say that it was good news. I hate to prod at your memories knowing they are still spotty, but have you heard of any technology that can take a Pokemon past their natural end-stage of evolution?
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Elder Tiki, Master Yukari. I request to speak with you immediately. It is about these newcomers, and how this city's handling of them may impact our decision to continue living here.

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