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[The feed turns on to everyone's favorite fortune teller, accompanied by a cute little Pancham sitting in her lap. Something seems different too. The way that she's dressed; Nozomi has ditched her usual loose-fitting robes that she wears in the shop for something more fitting for the hot weather. It's a bit scandalous compared to the usual fashion in Union.]

They weren't kidding when they said it was hot out here!

[But the clothes were cute and airy, so it didn't bother her much. This place could use a beach.]

It's much different out here too. All the pokemon are really cute, and the people are interesting. This has been a nice vacation. I feel like my spiritual power got a boost from the trip, not to mention a bit of shopping done. Maya, Jinxie, I got you something special~

The fashion here is really cute, and keeps you cool. If anyone wants me to pick something up while I'm here, let me know!


[Exploring! Caldera was nothing like Union as far as Nozomi was concerned and, with Mithra and the new kid Sarutahiko the Pancham, Nozomi can be found wandering around the city, poking her head into various places.

If they're playing today, she'll even go to check out a game of Earthkin Clash, although she'll find quickly that she doesn't actually like it that much.]
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[The second wave of help comes rolling into Caldera during midday, many of which look as if they've had a hard time of it. The desert certainly took its toll, on some more than others, but there's a certain blond that, despite looking a bit wilted, is in high spirits.

Also on a somewhat high, fiery horse.]

All right, everyone, stay together! It's hard to say what we'll be running into. Renko and you all ( OOC: left open to others who join Lux's group ), we should look to find out who is in charge, so we can get an idea of what is going on.

The rest of you, try to run reconnaissance. Let's see if we can find some of the others from Union and reconnect with them as well.

[She continues to give out a few orders, then dismounts, taking hold of the makeshift lead on her Rapidash and starting to walk around to get a survey of the lands. Feel free to recognize her, take her orders, question her orders, what have you.]


We've reached Caldera. It's... about as bad as we thought it would be. Gigas has them stretched thin. Right now, we're trying to get as much information as we can. Hopefully we'll be able to get a bit more as time goes on, but things are heated to say the least.

If you do have questions, I can try to direct them to the right channels.
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[The feed turns on to show Renko rubbing at her temple with her free hand for a moment, like she'd just woken up. Behind her appears to be a wall that's apparently quite old. Anyone who's been to the ruins will probably realize that's where she is.

She lets out a sigh before she speaks.]

Has anyone ever encountered a Pokémon in the wild that was unusually colored? I know that they're supposed to be unbelievably rare, but...I'm fairly certain I just encountered one.

[She mumbles something about the fact that she didn't even get a chance to try and bond with it, but it's not very audible.]

Are there any tricks to locating them? As in, do their behaviors differ from others of their species? I'd be interested in finding out if anyone else has experience with them.
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Log Deputy: Void [plurk.com profile] BeholdtheVoid
Participating Characters: Renko Usami, Marisa Kirisame, Reimu Hakurei, Ran Yakumo
Description: There's something disrupting the signal in the caverns! Renko's gathered up some help to investigate. Hopefully they can figure it out!
Warnings/Notes: None that I'm aware of!

Looking for a way to help in proving herself to the community, Renko had heard about a potential signal disruption originating from the caverns located outside of Union. Knowing she'd be unable to do it herself, and strength in numbers was always a solid strategy most of the time, she had found a couple of others willing to investigate the disturbance with her.

Getting to the caverns was the easy part. It was traversing through them that had Renko interested. Caves had always seemed dark and mysterious. Certainly worth exploring, with or without a goal in mind. Even though she was lacking in the whole being an Enlightened thing, she did her best to keep up with them. Hopping alongside her was Akamu, her Seedot and Proteus the Solosis was in her arms. Her Cleffa as usual, slumbered in her bag.

Turning for a moment to speak to whoever was closest, she broke the silence. "Exactly how far do these caverns go? Have they ever been mapped out?"
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[After visiting the council and seeking permission to stay in Union City, Renko was more than pleased with their answer. They'd even given her one of those Warp Band devices she'd seen most people around the city wear. Needless to say, she looks thrilled once she gets it all figured out and starts recording.]

Hey, this thing isn't as hard to figure out as I thought it would be! That's great!

So it's pretty obvious that I'm not from around here. That aside, my name's Renko Usami, and I've decided to stay here! It's quite a bit different than what I'm used to in most ways.

[She pauses for a moment, debating what to say next, all the while counting the seconds away in her head. She needed to make a good impression on these people. She hoped she was doing a good job.]

I'd really like to learn more about all of you. Your stories, culture, technology, any of it, really. Is there a library I can check out? Other than that, any advice at all would be appreciated, especially with exploring some of the areas outside the city. It didn't seem so bad on the way here, but I was in a group then. I'm guessing going solo would be a very different experience.

Anyway, that's it for now. Thank you for allowing me to stay in your city.

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