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[Sometime late at night, a figure hurries towards a secluded area of town. Ran stops to catch her breath before looking around.]

I came as you beckoned, Master Yukari. May I ask what this is about? I was intending on helping aid the refugees...
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The time for action is at hand, and the players have been set in place. Those who choose to make an attempt at diplomacy head off at the appointed time to meet with Valeria, the clerk and representative of the general who leads the Gigas army. Those who wish to take more direct action against Gigas leave with General Ironbrand to put their plans into motion. In the meantime, the refugees continue to stream into Union, while supplies are gathered and flow the other way.

The outcome of this war may very well depend on the combined results of these four efforts…

((This log will be a catch-all for all four efforts of the attempt to save Caldera. There will be four different parts of this post: Diplomacy, Aggression, Refugees, and Supplies. The first two should be well established, but the Refugees portion will encompass bringing those in Caldera who require help to Union and giving them medical aid and care, while the Supplies portion will encompass people in Union setting up shelters and gathering resources to send back to Caldera, as well as other miscellaneous tasks that may be of help. Gathering resources may entail leaving Union to explore out in other areas. You all signed up for groups, so please try to maintain these groups when posting, particularly to the Diplomacy and Aggression sections. The other two may be more free-form.

Mods will be responding at least once every 24 hours to keep the logs moving.

EDIT 5/31: Please try to group up if possible! We'll generally try to wait for threads to have 2-3 people before we jump in. Threads with 3+ may attract the attention of something a little more... interesting.))
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[So while all y'all are getting excited over evolving, Ran is... still herself. Sure, she got a Fire Stone, but there was no sense in cutting off her own training before she was ready. So here she is out at the shops, Vulpix tails still present, shopping. She doesn't seem to mind, really.]

Hold that basket carefully now, Orange. We must be careful not to drop our shopping! That would be rather unfortunate.

[Orange is... Well, she looks a lot more mature now that she's a Meowstic and not an Espurr. Honestly, Ran rather misses her cuter first form, but she still loves Orange all the same, and despite the famously apathetic look on female Meowstics' faces, she still seems to have some of that youthful eagerness to please. She responds with a cheerful "nya."]

Now, what shall we get today? Do you suppose the Kasib berries are in season yet?
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[Action, around Union]

[A lovely blond woman of undetermined age has been on quite the tear around Union. Always with a glass of wine in her hand, she is accosting people at random, questioning them at length, and generally messing with them. Depending on the circumstances, she may also be teleporting them to random, inconvenient areas if the fancy strikes her, or warping away some of their items.

She seems to be having fun at least!

Behind her, running in her wake, is a rather frantic woman with Vulpix tails. She's trying to find her and stop her but hasn't been having much luck]

((OOC: This is a post for both Ran and Yukari, please specify who you want in the post! If you're tagging Yukari, if possible please specify if you are OK with your character or some of their stuff getting warped to a random location at any point within the log! If no response is received, I will assume no.))


Apr. 5th, 2014 10:40 am
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I'm looking for someone to demonstrate the move Teleport. If you know it or have bonded with a Pokémon who knows it, I'd like to see you in person. I'll pay whoever can show it to me first.

Banzu out.
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Log Deputy: Void [ profile] BeholdtheVoid
Participating Characters: Renko Usami, Marisa Kirisame, Reimu Hakurei, Ran Yakumo
Description: There's something disrupting the signal in the caverns! Renko's gathered up some help to investigate. Hopefully they can figure it out!
Warnings/Notes: None that I'm aware of!

Looking for a way to help in proving herself to the community, Renko had heard about a potential signal disruption originating from the caverns located outside of Union. Knowing she'd be unable to do it herself, and strength in numbers was always a solid strategy most of the time, she had found a couple of others willing to investigate the disturbance with her.

Getting to the caverns was the easy part. It was traversing through them that had Renko interested. Caves had always seemed dark and mysterious. Certainly worth exploring, with or without a goal in mind. Even though she was lacking in the whole being an Enlightened thing, she did her best to keep up with them. Hopping alongside her was Akamu, her Seedot and Proteus the Solosis was in her arms. Her Cleffa as usual, slumbered in her bag.

Turning for a moment to speak to whoever was closest, she broke the silence. "Exactly how far do these caverns go? Have they ever been mapped out?"
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[People who arrive to the Habitat Center today might see something very odd: What has to be the largest Vulpix anybody has ever seen, doing all sorts of things. Here it might be training various Pokemon to move in surprisingly graceful ways; there it might be prancing along and singing a sort of Pokemon-ish song; in yet another way, it might just be laying down, a lot of other Pokemon lying near it. A curious sight, is it not?

If you keep watching said Pokemon, it eventually gets up and, making sure the others are asleep, wanders over to a small closet. It enters... and shortly thereafter emerges Ran, straightening out her clothing.]

Ahhh. It is so nice to go back to nature every so often...
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Elders, I have news to report from the final day of the tournament. I wish I could say that it was good news. I hate to prod at your memories knowing they are still spotty, but have you heard of any technology that can take a Pokemon past their natural end-stage of evolution?
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I have a question for everyone, hopefully someone can help me.

[The camera shifts to show two identical Dratinis, both growling at each other.]

You see, I came across a strange Pokemon when I was down in the Mausoleum. I managed to get a picture of him before... well, before this happened. Here, one second.

[The camera moves again and quickly cuts out, a fuzzy picture of a fox-like Pokemon flickering on the screen, staying for a few moments, before going back to full video.]

When we first met him, he looked like a Drifloon, but changed to look like Camille. I managed to pick out the fake the first time, but now...

[The two are really going at it, both bristling.]

I could really use some help. It was easy enough to figure it out before I bonded with him, but now... They even sound the same!
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Elder Tiki, Master Yukari. I request to speak with you immediately. It is about these newcomers, and how this city's handling of them may impact our decision to continue living here.


Feb. 22nd, 2014 10:18 pm
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[Fai is looking unusually somber, and even in monochrome, it's easy to tell that he's a lot paler than usual. On his shoulder stands Babycakes, now evolved into a Floette, like an equally serious guard of honor with her flower like a rifle against her shoulder.]

[The young man says nothing at first, just holds up a rather skillfull sketch of a poké ball. Those with a bit of knowledge in history should probably recognise at least the general shape and design of it.]

Nevermind that they put those machines there to force Tyrantrum to evolve without their consent, but... they use these. Team Evolution, I mean. They keep pokémon imprisoned in these things, just like in the old days.

[He draws a deep, shaky breath.]

Despite how abhorrent this practice is - and believe me, I understand if you're angry - we should remember that they are from a different place with different laws. Wild accusations and demands aren't going to do us any good, is it? It's better if we try to reason with them, try to make them see why such treatment is wrong.

After all, the people in the old days were not all evil. If they were, why would the Savior have thought us worth sacrificing herself over? They were just ignorant.

But I thought you should be... warned.


Feb. 19th, 2014 05:51 pm
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[The Habitat is as hopping a place as ever, with caretakers of all sorts watching over both the Pokemon and occasionally going in to check on the eggs. A relative newcomer is among them, and she is a flurry of activity, to the point where some of the older employees are convinced she can bilocate. Truly, a force of nature.]

Come now, don't put that in your mouth! You three, be careful playing, we don't want anybody getting hurt. Hmm, I believe this egg warmer might be malfunctioning. Could somebody check on it please? You there! I saw that!

[She looks like she knows what she's doing, at least, if someone needs to talk to her.]


[...of course, even forces of nature abate on occasion, and so here's Ran, sitting outside the Pokemon Habitat with a nicely packed lunch and a slightly exhausted look on her face. Whether this is a better time to speak with her is up for debate.]
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[A face comes on the feed. She looks genuinely amused.]

I wake up, and suddenly there are messages that people have eggs hatching, and I can't help but notice a lot more baby Pokemon around the city. It's so cute!

But, I want to make sure you people actually know what you're doing here. Baby Pokemon can be a handful! There's a lot of things you might not think about in the first few weeks that are important to making sure that they grow up strong.

So! If anyone needs help at all, I'm the girl to go to. I actually have a lot of experience with babies and would be more than willing to help. No charge, I know that money can be tight. Besides, I really like children.
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So. I actually managed to get some good information out of Napoleon, with some bribery. Damn stuck-up dinosaur. I told him if he told me everything he knew, I'd let him hang out in the breeding center for a while. He uh... yeah. Do I really need to explain it?


It seems like some of these other humans from other settlements, whoever they are, installed the machines in the caves not too long ago. They used a "really stinky gross spray" to keep pokémon out of the way while they worked. Some sort of repellant spray, I'm sure. Then he said that horrible noise started and didn't stop until we destroyed the machine.

But here's the craziest part; he said he was a Tyrunt right up until the noise started. He said he wasn't really ready to evolve yet, but he's not complaining. I had to bribe him with a whole fancy tauros carcass to get THAT info. But I think it's worth it. Even if I'm pretty much broke now, ugh. I have half a mind to release his prissy ass back into the wild.

[ACTION; Closed to Jean and Marco]
[Another day, another dollar, as they say. Many of the Guard recruits had been moved from patrol duty to clean up and rebuilding, and Eren, Jean, and Marco are among them. It's tough work, but it certainly feels good to help people.

But Eren has other things on his mind.

... I'm going out training in the forest again this afternoon. Either of you wanna come?


Feb. 6th, 2014 06:23 pm
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[There's an odd sight at one of the gates into the city today.

The woman herself is odd enough. The prongs on her hat twitch every so often, as if there are ears underneath. And if there were any doubt at all she was a Shifter, that would go away the moment someone registered the Vulpix tails she sported. So yes, that's an odd sight.

The equally odd sight, however, is the small army of children she enters with. Some of them appear to be Shifters themselves, others regular humans. There's even a few Pokemon here and there. It's like watching a school come back from a field trip, except there doesn't seem to be an average age among the kids. They seem to range the gamut from very young to teenaged. Huh.]

All right, children, we're finally here! Gather round, please, and let me do a head count. Remember, we need to be on our best behavior right now. For the time being, we are only guests to this city. With any luck, they will be kind enough to admit us, so let's all hope for the best! Now come, come, let's make sure everybody's here.

...Ohhhhh, bother. Has anybody seen Elder Yakumo? [Some murmuring.] Not me, of course. Lady Yukari. When DID she wander off? *sigh* Orange, did you notice?

[The small Espurr next to her shakes her head.]

That figures. I'm sure she'll show up when she wants to. She's always been like that.

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