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[ voice ]

Could anybody show their interesting pokémon to me? I went into the woods, but people in the Union have more interesting pokémon. [ ... ] I want to be a trainer with interesting pokémon too.

[ action ; around the verdant forest or sometimes in the Union ]

[ Parsee is doing as all good trainers do - exploring. She hasn't been a trainer for that long, but she's been slowly learning through the opportunity of being one. Play nice, find the ones who softens up to you, and then ask them to come along.

And as for ones that bother you - just make the pokémon you have hit them until they go away.

(a) [ If your character might be the sort to approach another for a chat, Parsee can be found with a lillipup, zigzagoon, and a bulbasaur with her. Wandering around, she looks cheerful enough, and she's always up for meeting people. ]

(b) [ She likes to stop to look at the butterfree, though she can't seem to get down a distance between them and her that doesn't make them fly off. At one point she's even stalks one, the butterfree moving from one place to another, until Parsee finally gets irritated by beautiful thing being annoying and sets off her lillipup to bark at it and chase it off entirely. ]

(c) [ Admittedly, she's still getting the hang of knowing when her pokémon have been afflicted by a status. With so many bug pokémon around, her lillipup has been poisoned, and while he was walking much slower than usual, Parsee didn't take much notice until he stopped following.

And now she's crouched down, looking at him... could anybody possibly be around to help? Or does your character spot them while the lillipup is still lagging behind her as they walk?

(d) [ Or maybe she'll approach your character, now with a leafeon by her side, looking for the chance to feel like she did something good and show off like others have been with their pokémon. A smile on her face, this could be in the Union or in the forest. Maybe your character was sitting down, not up to much? And now here is Parsee, with a smile on her face. ]

Are you a trainer?

[ ... as long as you don't have on display too many rare or uncommon pokémon yourself, that is. ]

(e) [ Or feel free to make up a scene! Maybe your character is doing something interesting to grab Parsee's attention - which admittedly could be a lot of things. Training with a weapon, being surrounded by your own pokémon, or whatever else. Especially if you have pokémon from outside of the woods, Parsee would be curious to see them. ]

( note: while parsee's icons show her with long pointed ears, they're not present in character. )

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