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Who: Lute Sforzando, Estelle Bright, Lux Crownguard, and Merrill
Where: The Coastal Valley ruins
What: Exploring! The junior members of the Seekers are.... seeking. Clearly they are experts.
Warnings: neeeeeerds None

[Lute has been dying to go on an official expedition ever since he joined the Seekers. The ruins in the Coastal Valley seemed perfect. He managed to convince the other new recruits to come along. And after a lengthy trek they all stop outside the ruins for a final equipment check before heading in.]

This is it! Are we ready to head inside?

[He's all but bouncing in excitement. What could be in there? More ancient writings? Statues? Unheard of Pokemon? He brought with him plenty of paper and pens to take notes, as well as some extra containers in case they need to bring back samples. And this time he remembered a light source. Sort of. Actually his Litwck is just really clingy and wouldn't stay at home. Attuned to his warp band he also has his Gardevoir, Gogoat, Dugtrio, and Ursaring. Just in case.]
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Who: Jinxie Tenma, Shyvana, Banzu, Rei Hino, Lute Sforzando
Where: Old City
When: Week of August 10th
What: Searching for more Rotom parts
Warnings: Open tag order with mod tagging back every 24 hours to keep the thread moving. Also probably action brackets because I'm lazy.
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[action, Business District]
[A few days after the hustle and bustle involving the Plains and the Citadel, a perhaps familiar face can be seen in the heart of Union with a ladder up against an unoccupied building. He's got some nails clamped in his teeth, and he's struggling to keep a sign steady while hammering it in place.

The sign is charmingly handpainted and reads:

Seekers Union Branch: Established August XXXX
Open for Business

Underneath it there's a taped portion with a big map stuck on with certain areas circled in red as well as the words 'Now Seeking Seemly Seekers to Seek Seamy Secrets'. Areas that haven't been discovered yet aren't displayed on the map.

At some point in time, he'll smash his thumb with the hammer and fall off the ladder.]

...Damn. This is harder than dealing with that monster.

[public Warp Band network]
Good news, everyone. Forget about those boring rewards, I'm here to announce the real upside of all of this crazy monster business. I mean, come on, who needs incredibly rare and valuable evolution items, anyway? Don't be Team Evolution, guys.

Anyway, we've got permission to start up a base of operations here in Union. I know, right? - I'll wait a second for applause.


You guys are pretty easy to make happy; it didn't even take that much brib -- negotiation with integrity and mutual respect. I'll be your friendly Seeker liaison for the time being, so feel free to ask me anything, and I'll give you answers. ...They might not be the right answers, but you'll get something, anyway.

((Characters may now join the Seekers if they wish and may express affiliation in the Organizations page.))
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"It's here."

The feed to the Warp Band flickers on. The image projected is intensely distorted and shaky, showing nothing but the too-close face of a woman. She's running; it's obvious from her breathing and the way she keeps glancing over her shoulder. Though her voice is carefully calm, spitting out words between each breath, she's continuously interrupted by the sound of an enraged bellows from close behind.

"This is Mamir, of the Eastern Gale Tribe. The beast has emerged again, southwest of our tree."

The video flickers terribly as she thrusts the Warp Band behind her - it's incredibly difficult to get a good view: blurred images of an enormous, seemingly grinning face, of swarms of... somethings darting through the skies in a panic, of waves of some liquid rippling out through the plains leaving trails of steam and smoke...

And then, through no planned effort of her own, the running Valkyrie takes a few steps without jostling her arm, and a clear view of the creature is displayed for the world to see. It bellows again and a plume of fire erupts fifty feet into the sky.

"Matriarch! It's advancing quickly! We're keeping it at bay for now, but we have to retreat! Our companions - they refuse to obey commands - they're too afraid to get near. I... I've lost Aerie."

It isn't entirely clear who or what Aerie is, as a shockwave echoes through the plains, sending the Valkyrie tumbling through the ground. The image on the Warp Band distorts wildly before it cuts off into static.


Hardly ten seconds later, the feed flickers on again to display the grim countenance of the Matriarch.

"Well. I think it's in everyone's interest to get rid of this thing before it heads say, west towards a certain comfortable volcano, or south to warmer climates, don't you think? My girls could lead it in circles to another destination, but we'll keep it in the plains if you step up to the plate."

((This is the final portion of the event, and the first Legendary Pokemon (openly) encountered within the game. In dimensions, Heatran is about 12 feet in height and 20 in length. Like all Legendary Pokemon in this game, it exudes an aura that induces fear and terror in all opposing humans and Pokemon. This sensation can be mastered by the strong willed, but is difficult to overcome. Also like all Legendary Pokemon, Heatran is incredibly powerful and should be handled with care.

Please remember to sign up here and post in your groups. Each group may individually choose how they approach this situation; in terms of RP, it will be considered that each group runs into Heatran in a separate location on the Plains and confronts it before it moves on to the next group. There are several potential outcomes depending on how the majority of groups respond to this threat.

Thanks and have fun! We'll be responding about once every 24 hours regardless of whether or not the whole group has posted, as per our usual policy. Questions can be asked in the sign-up post.))
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In the wee hours of the morning, a bit after the matriarch's announcement, a video feed will come through. For the first minute or so, it appears to be a static image of someone's desk, before the soft clattering of little bird feet on parchment. Suddenly, the feed is turned sideways.

"Did you get it, Stravinsky? ...It's on? That's wonderful! You're a genius!"

Diving into the picture--still sideways--is a sandy-haired youth. There are circles under his eyes, as if he hasn't slept in quite some time, but he still appears to be in good spirits. The source of the scuttling earlier, a Torchic, hops upon his head and proceeds to start preening himself. He adjusts his glasses before he speaks.

"Hello, people of Union! And other places now, I should say. Ha ha! My name is Max Akers, and I am head of the Department of Research with the Seekers, Calderan chapter. I imagine some of you met my colleagues earlier. After hearing from them, I knew reaching out to you at a time like this would be our best bet.

"As we are a relatively small group of scholars here in Caldera, and all of us are positively abuzz with curiosity over this Matriarch Frea and her tribe of Citadel, not to mention the large Pokémon she made mention of!"

He certainly sounds excited, as he clasps his head together. Stravinsky, however, is disinterested and has taken to instead preening his human's hair instead.

"I propose we work together to investigate this problem they are having. Scholars don’t make the best warriors, unfortunately, but some intelligence we have in the general area lead us to believe it may be quite powerful, and quite possibly related to a few texts we've managed to restore of older times. It’s really quite exciting! Any information found will be shared, of course; it’s much like Miss Frea says, we help each other! What do you say?”

He smiles at the, still lopsided, camera, as Stravinsky dryly peeps at it. It’s crooked, birdbrain.

The Raids

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[As the people of Union begin to move out into the plains, they'll find that the Councilor's warnings were apt. Though not everyone is targeted, it isn't long before a few unlucky travelers find themselves on the receiving end of the same type of attack. The bandits, whoever they might be, are experts at swooping out of the blue, striking so swiftly that the victims almost never even catch a glimpse of them.

How exactly will they put this to a stop? There's so many, it seems impossible to take them out one group at a time... Perhaps they have a base somewhere.]

((This post is for both groups who wish for mods to run and players to thread freely amongst themselves. You may feel free to handwave having been attacked and thread the aftermath of that event. Please respond to the appropriate section depending on where your character is. Thanks!))
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Who: Pamela Isley and OPEN
What: Pamela’s 19th birthday party. Everyone is invited.
When: July 18th
Where: The Isley manor

[Although Pamela’s mother Cordelia Isley is a known socialite, the Isleys don’t often throw parties – or not large ones, anyhow. Pamela’s father Walter Isley is a high ranking Engineer and a workaholic, so most Isley parties are just small affairs organized solely by Cordelia, or sometimes by Pamela’s grandparents, Hugh and Jocasta. In the latter case, the parties tend to be for an older crowd.

In light of Pamela’s nineteenth birthday, her recent evolution, and her involvement in the diplomatic relations between Union and Caldera, her grandparents felt generous and decided to throw a large party. Pamela herself had been hoping for a small event, but her grandparents and mother were having none of it. So Pamela took it upon herself to personally improve her grandparents’ front yard and garden. There’s a long winding path leading up to the Isley home, thoroughly adorned with flowers that are in full bloom.

The invitation was extended to everyone in Union as well as their Calderan visitors. Although nowhere near the entire city is here, there’s still a fairly large turnout of people from all social stations ranging from poor to nobility.

(ooc: Changed the date from the 19th to the 18th so that characters can attend without clashing with the upcoming game plot!)
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[Well, that's certainly a rock crashing fairly near the screen. Feliks, despite the shiny new Calderan outfit Nozomi enabled him into getting, bursts out with a fairly unladylike exclamation.]

Shit! Whoa! Okay, okay, Ignacy, just like calm down--it's not that big a deal, you don't have to blow up over stupid junk all the time! It was seriously just a joke, Savior!

[Ignacy the Geodude does not seem pleased with this excuse--or with Feliks's behavior. Any Kindred Souls will hear him ranting about "vandalism" and "bringing you to justice for your crimes", hurling rocks at Feliks all the while. Looks like someone found out about his various vindictive pranks on Fai's uncle... Feliks, like a sensible person, starts running, finally noticing that his Warp Band is on.]

Gods, he's totally out of control! Did you guys just see that, like seriously? Ugh!

[There's another crash; he winces, cuts off the transmission, and focuses on running faster. In the next couple of hours, he can be found running around all parts of the city, or even the areas of the forest nearby, trying to ditch his self-appointed "parole officer."]
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[Ah, a fine afternoon in the local park. Lovely weather for some outdoor leisure. But Lute is a huge nerd, so maybe that's why he's currently sitting on a bench perusing a large book. There is a Ralts next to him, equally absorbed in their reading. But maybe he should be paying a little more attention to whats going on around him.

Like the Skiddo laying next to the small stack of books next to the bench. It has the top book open and is slowly and thoughtfully chewing on the pages.

Or perhaps the Misdreavus hovering behind his head, who appears to be trying braid his hair. It's got some flowers to decorate him with too. That'll be fun.

But he should really be paying more attention to the two flying Pokemon in the trees behind him. At first glance, they appear to be playing tag. But a closer inspection reveals that the Hoothoot seems to be having trouble seeing clearly in the bright sunlight. Aren't they nocturnal anyway? The poor thing must be nearly blind out here. That would be enough of a handicap, without the Pidove deliberately leading it towards branches and other obstacles. And occasionally looping around behind it to push the poor Hoothoot into things.]

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