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[Taki's not the sort that really mingles well. He tends to keep to himself, even if he's amicable and friendly when he is around others. It's not that he doesn't like people, it's that he's in a constant state of keeping himself at arm's length, and others at two. Which is my explanation for not making a second post with him since APRIL.]

[Late evening, his Warp Band feed pops on and Mari, his Skitty, makes a startled noise and it clatters to the side, showing a clearing of trees near the Dwarfhouse. Anyone paying enough attention to the feed would notice a periodic flash of sparking yellow light that would illuminate the form of the aforementioned Battalion agent, punching at trees like a boxer.]

[It's a few minutes of this before he notices the light from the band and swears under his breath.]

Mari, don't play with that--

[His hand comes into view and the feed shuts off.]


[For those so inclined, a short time after the feed shuts off Taki will be stalking out of the woods behind the Dwarfhouse, knuckles slightly bloodied and a frustrated look on his face, but a very happy Skitty perched on his head.]
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Who: Kili and Thorin
What: After the event, Kili needs to talk to his uncle.
When: Post-event (forward dated)
Where: Dwarfhaus

He'll get better...eventually )
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[ A rather serious-looking man with brown hair tipped with blond appears on the feed and salutes. ]

Kyosuke Nanbu. Steel Battalion ATX Team Leader, Callsign Assault 1. I am here on exchange from Caldera. I look forward to working with you all.

[ Drapped over his shoulders is a very busty blond? How busty, exactly? You tell her, she's certainly not making any moves to hide her figure. ]

Wow, Kyosuke I never thought you'd be the mysterious type. I think I like you even more now~

Hihi, I'm Excellen Browning, ATX's Assault 2, also here from Caldera. You can call me Big Sis Excel, if you want. Or anything else you can come up with, I don't mind~

We're looking for something fun to do around the city. I heard you Unionites have some interesting stuff to keep you busy. Maybe we can find something that even stiff-lipped Assault 1 here can enjoy.

[ She looks away from the feed and toward him. ]

What do you do for fun anyway, Kyosuke?


[ Kyosuke seems to consider this for a moment, looking a bit puzzled. ]

I'm not sure.

[ She gives him a very tired look. It's like they've done this song and dance before, more than a few times. ]

You need to think about your appeal, Kyosuke. If ladies don't think you're any fun, then they won't be interested.

Why is that a problem?

It's a big problem!

I don't understand...

Kyosuke, listen here--

[ And she cuts the feed, likely to lecture him about the inner workings of sex appeal. Or something. ]

[[OOC: Blue text is EXCELLEN, red text is KYOSUKE]]


[ A few miles outside of Union, within the Verdant Forest, the sound of gunfire can be heard. Avian pokemon scatter as the sound rings through the air, and while they aren't aimed at anything in particular, a few dying trees appear to be riddled with bullet holes.

To the casual observer, it's hard to pick up which direction shots will be fired from. A streak floats by, then, suddenly, a barrage of bullets hit. Yet, despite the wide array of wildlife in this area, nothing living seems to be affected. Whoever is practicing here has quite the sharp eye.

If one stays long enough, they might catch a glimpse of the mystery sniper. A woman. Relatively tall, her long, curly blond hair tied into a ponytail. She holds a rather interesting weapon with her, which she'll occasionally lean against a nearby tree to pick up any stray bullet shells. ]
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It's the morning of the 21st and it's clear even to the inexperienced Unionite, Refugee, or Citadel resident that the city has a different air to it. If it wasn't the atmosphere that got them, then the stalls lining the streets would. Many people are still working on getting set up for the night festival, but the stalls that are complete are lining many corners and they are filled to the brim with bright colors. From afar, the streets look like someone threw a rainbow of paint across the city.

They haven't seen anything yet.

It's not yet time for the festivities so any visitors are free to wander the streets. The natives seem to be delighted if amused at all the people interested in the holiday and are happy to sell anyone as much colored powder as the want. Sometime close to noon is when things change. The natives all kind of stop what their doing. The colored stalls start to close up and everyone looks tense.

A long, rattling trumpet sound rings through the streets and that is when all hell breaks loose.

It's every man and pokemon for themselves. Have fun everyone.

[Ooc: Feel free to make your own top levels in addition to using the prompts below! Have fun guys!]
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[Hey, Union! It's that chatty Calderan photographer you all know and love. Hayato appears on the feed with a slight smile on his face. It not his normal humor but it looks like he's trying. Hm.]

Hey, city. Everyone still winding down after that battle? I'm still not quite sure what to make of it, but I guess we'll see what happens.

[That sounded more like a shitty attempt as small talk more than anything.]

So! Day of Fire is coming up! I don't know if you Unionites have ever heard of it, but that's what we call the summer solstice in Caldera. It's a lot of fun. It's basically just one huge party all throughout the night with dancing and singing and the Throwing of the Colors. You guys should go check it out, you won't regret it.

[His smile is much more genuine this time, at least. It honestly looks like he's got a secret he won't tell. Mostly its that he hopes Union comes and they are delighted and aghast at literally everything that transpires for this holiday. But also he feels like you guys need to lighten up and have fun. It's with that he ends the feed.]

[Action, near Downtown. OPEN]

[Hayato was never a guy who stayed at home. He could always be found out doing something.]

[This time it looks like he's trying to train one of his pokemon. He's crouched down with an Aron in front of him. In front of the Aron is two things- a small pile of scrap metal and a nice looking dagger of some kind.]

Okay. So, let's go over this again. This [He gestures to the scrap] is NikonFood. This? [He points to the weapon.] Is not food. It is Thorin's livelihood. We do not eat Thorin's livelihood okay?

[Nikon the Aron nods.]

Now, what do you eat?

[Nikon goes for the scraps! Hayato sighs in relief and just as he's about to congratulate him on being good he looks down to see the Aron has also started munching on the dagger. He sputters.]

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Who: Thorin and the Idiot Two
Where: Hospital
When: Post-event
What: Thorin was an idiot and got hurt. Fili and Kili are worried.

Here )
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[Hayato is an oddly somber individual when he turns on the feed. His expression is calm but serious when he finally speaks.]

So, with the upcoming fight, I just wanted to wish everyone luck. If we can pull this off-- and I know we will-- there's going to be a whole city of people that are going to have their lives and freedom back.

That said... I know Union is a pretty peaceful town. While it's admirable you guys have done so well by not resorting to violence, and I mean that, I do, don't forget that ...this is very much a war. Gigas isn't going to care about a thing like that. They'll shoot to kill, and if they take you alive.


Hope that they don't.

That's ...all I really wanted to say. I want to see everyone one of you make it back here. I don't want a single person landing on an MIA list, I mean it.

[And he does. His expression is much more grave this time. He likes this place and he likes the people and he doesn't want to see another body count. He ends the feed.]

[Locked to Mission Eight.]

[His drops the grave expression for something much more resembling a smile.]

Ah, Hey! Everyone assigned to Mission Eight! We should talk or get together before we set out. I don't know some of you very well and we should change that if we're going to be relying on each other to watch our backs.

If you don't already know who I am, my name's Hayato Ichimonji. Nice to meet you.
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Hey, Union. This is a bit of an odd request, but uh...is there anyone that needs help with something? Anything, really. I'm used to working in the mine so hard labor isn't a problem. Craftsmanship is doable too. This offer is going to stay open for as long as I'm here.


[Fili is so. Bored. He's going to die of boredom. He paces back and forth, trying to occupy himself with anything he can. His hands are shaking; he needs to put them to use or he's going to go mad.

You can find him wandering and pacing the city aimlessly, trying to find something to do or someone to help.]
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Who: Thorin and anyone!
Where: Around Union/the library/his workshop etc
When: Early May
What: open catchall log for downtime. training? also music.
Warnings: None so far!

I'll come around someday. )
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[Kili is wandering around the city, looking a little pensive, which isn't normal for him. It's been a few days since the disaster with the earthquakes and the time traveling and Fili arriving and he's finally had time for it all to sink in.

He doesn't like it. It was all too much.

He kicks at a pebble in the streets, not caring where it goes or where he goes, possibly running into people]

[Video to Fili and Thorin]

[He looks down]

I'm...gonna be out for a bit, okay? Fee, if you wanna come with I can show you some of the places in and around Union? Might even find you a friend for Dagny.
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Something we saw in that... memory? Vision? I'm not sure what the word is.

[Estelle sighs. The way the gods appeared to them is still a mystery and she's not sure how to explain it. They might never know, exactly, she realizes.]

In the one we saw... the people there had one of those devices Gigas uses to contain Pokemon. They got one of the gods with it, I think, and sealed them inside at the end. I... don't like the idea that something like that could be out there.

[video; locked to the Seekers]

We might wanna start taking notes about what people saw. I think headquarters will wanna know, and... uh, if they can compare it to the things we saw, that might be good, right?

[She's a little unsure about that. Taking extensive notes and compiling reports isn't Estelle's specialty. She usually gets the materials they write reports with. But, there's nothing to retrieve, this time.]

[action, later that day]

[Estelle's taking some time off. The events of the mission are still weighing on her mind and making her worry. At the moment, she's taking a walk through the forest, because getting away from the crowds in Union feels like a good way to do that. And taking a walk...]

[That's an easy way to try to take her mind elsewhere.]

[Adol the Flareon is pacing afterward, keeping an eye on her while she walks. She's lost in thought, which means she might walk into a tree. Or a person.]
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[There's a new face on the warp bands, a tired looking young man with blond hair and soot on his cheeks.]

I'm a bit lost... Could someone please point me towards where I can find Thorin and Kili? Dark haired, absurdly tall? Kili has a Carbink with him.

[He rubs the back of his head.] I came here looking for them, but no luck so far. Seems I inherited Thorin's sense of direction.
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[The smiling, cheery photographer does not appear to be in right now. What the feed gets is someone who is tired, frazzled, and angry.]

I'm glad to see that it looks like everyone made it out of that mess alive. I don't- I don't really know what to make of what we saw down there, but I can say this: I'm not really fond of a bunch of Gods that would put kids through something like that. That was bullshit.

[There's a pause while he tries to get himself under control.]

I need a drink. I need ten drinks. I'm going to go get ten drinks. Someone tell me if there's a place in town that has good drinks.
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[ For someone who seemed positively tickled at the idea of investigating the strange things going on, Lux doesn't look particularly happy once the search parties make their way back to Union. ]

I hope everyone got back safely. Things--ah--got a bit intense while we were down there, and I don't think I really understand what happened. We all saw some things, things that some of us weren't prepared for.

[ That was an understatement, considering her tone of voice. ]

The Gods were testing us. They wanted us to see those things. Past humanity's hubris. They wanted to see how we would react.

I don't--

[ She paused for a moment, then smiled a bit hesitantly. ]

We should remember this, and how we reacted. Whether or not we thought it was the right thing to do in hindsight, this is the impression we've left, for better or for worse.

I hope we did the right thing.
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I've just been given approval by the Seekers to investigate the earthquake-affected areas near Union. I'll be the first one to admit I'm a little worried about the whole thing, considering no one's made it back yet, but I'm trying to be optimistic. They wouldn't send anyone if they didn't think it was safe, right?

[ At least that's what she told herself. ]

Anyway, I've been assigned a group to work with among the volunteers around Union. Let's see...

[ She picks up a piece of paper and reads from it a bit. ]

Oh, Lenna's on this list! Usagi too. I don't think I recognize any of these other names. Thorin, Kili and Domri. Maybe they're new around here?

In any case, I'd love to meet who I'm working with, if I haven't already.

That reminds me, is there anyone else who has been given permission to check things out? What do you think we'll find down there? Hopefully not another one of Team Evolution's machines.
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[Hello, warp band owners. This evening you're treated to a close up of a girl's face. She gives the feed a sort of suspicious look before she pulls back with a smile. If you pay close enough attention, you'll hear a guitar strumming softly in the background.]

Oh cool, it's on! [There's a pause as she thinks of what to say now that she's got her newly acquired warp band working. Meanwhile, an Emolga peeks over her shoulder, chittering quietly.]

Relax, it's not gonna hurt us. Anyway!~

I'm Xiu, and I guess I'll be staying in this Union place for a bit. [She pretty much beams as she continues.]

Everyone should totally stop by and listen to my music! It's pretty good. If you don't, you're really missing out.
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[It's funny that it's early Spring and he's finding he wishes he had a jacket to shrug into, but he never did bother to ask anybody what the weather in Union was gonna be like. A new face wanders into town and, pushing his sunglasses up onto the crown of his head, sets his hands on his hips and surveys the area. Beside and behind him, a Rhyhorn and a Scyther settle close but not too-close, and he looks between them with a smile.]

Union, eh? Our first time here. [He tosses his head toward the Rhyhorn with that comment, looking at the Scyther. Aforementioned Bug Type seems uninterested and idly slides its bladed arms together, looking the other direction. Taki just laughs, and pulls up his Warp Band, switching what side of his mouth an unlit cigarette sits in.]

Helloooo Union! Tell me somethin', where's a guy gotta look for someplace to stay for a while?
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[Video; private to μ's members]

I've been reviewing some of your running times. I'm not impressed. We need to get some serious training in if we want to be ready to perform. I'm working on a new regimen right now. I want to get everyone on it immediately.

[Video; public]

I've noticed a lot of different styles of both swordplay and dance here in Union. Is anybody particularly proficient in either? I'd like to learn some of Union's techniques, if possible.
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[Today's broadcast is brought to you from the Lake Shrine area as Kili is playing with his 'mons by the water. Kuna is romping happily in the shallows, Magnith is avoiding the water and sunning on a rock, and his others are playing near by.

Also enjoy the shirtless Calderan, Union]

There's so many different types of Pokémon out here. I thought it was going to be boring because how many Grass-types and Water-types can one place have, but wow, was I wrong. Anyone have any suggestions for a good Water-type I can find around here? I heard something about a fishing rod--who do I need to pay to get a good one?

[He cuts the feed. Anyone interested in ACTION can find him playing with his 'mons, napping under a nearby tree, or training them (and trying to work out Kuna and Azaram's issues) in some nearby grass.]
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Action, the Verdant Forest:

[Okay, so she'd taken a wrong turn on one of the paths. She had to have, because she should totally be back in Union by now! All she'd intended to do was poke her head out into the forest to get some basic reconnaissance and some preliminary training of Gato done. But without a map it was a bit easy to get lost in that sea of green. Especially for someone who'd never really been outside of Caldera before. Smart and competent she might be, but Lucca most definitely new to the whole exploring on her own.

That said, she's not exactly panicking if anyone happens to come across her. She seems perfectly calm, perfectly rational. And that's probably because she has yet to actually notice that she's gotten lost! She's casually inspecting just about everything. Rocks, trees, streams, berries, basically just anything she comes across. On her back is a small pack that seems to be bulging, and the little Golett running along behind her is similarly weighed down by a backpack of his own. Periodically, she pulls out a notepad and scribbles something, too.

But in the midst of this scientific rampage, something Weedle this way comes. Lucca's search has attracted the attention of a local, an annoyed little creature who's just popped out from a rotted log she'd disturbed with a kick...and the instant she catches sight of it, Lucca lets out a piercing shriek.]


[Apparently the intrepid scientist...has a fear of Bugs!]

((ooc: Tag before the Weedle if you like too!))

Video, Nightfall

[A video comes through the Warp Band, and it's a young woman, clearly. She's dressed...oddly. Almost haphazardly. A scarf around her neck, a tunic visible in the video, and a helmet. With an actual antenna sticking up from the right side. She adjusts her glasses before speaking, and opens with a long sigh.]

Right, so. My name's Lucca Ashtear. Recently of Caldera, and I've set up shop here in Union for the time being. Gotta say, these warp band things are pretty incredible An Aligning tool, communication device, and a homing beacon all at once? Ingenious. I couldn't have designed them better myself. At least...not and kept them this small.

[A pause as she removes her glasses and wipes away some fog.]

Couple of questions for you. First, because I'm new in town, where's a good place to pick up spare parts? Wires, copper, steel, that kinda stuff. Also are there any glassmakers around. Definitely going to need that. I have trouble making that myself.

Second, a more...heh...normal question. Is it just me or is it chilly around here? I don't know how you guys stand it in the lowlands. When does the weather usually shift? Or is this what passes for spring?

And one last thing. The Old City. I'm planning on going down there to nose around soon, but a guide or escort would be nice. More a safety precaution than anything. I'd pay, of course.

And...yeah, I guess that's about it.

[And off goes the feed.]

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