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[Kili is holding his Darumaka close as he makes this video, very unamused]

It's freezing down here! How do you people stand it!? There's not enough blankets in the world to keep people warm down here.

[AKA Calderan boy doesn't like Union Novembers]


Oct. 26th, 2015 08:51 pm
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Who: Kili, his team, and anyone else who wants to stop them!
What: Kili's birthday just happened and he's kind of bummed.
Where: Union. The whole city.
When: October 26th

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What: Kili's having a hard time with his upcoming birthday
Who: Fili and Kili
When: forward dated to the 16th

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[Really, just read the title.

Kili draped over Kuna, giggling at nothing as the Gogoat gets him back home, carefully picking her way through the crowds and heading to Thorin's forge.]

You were right, Bahiri. Those flowers are fun.

[He laughs. Belbul, hovering by his ear, sighs]

Really fun. Super fun. Hey, hey Belbul, we picked some more right? I wanna keep that stuff...

[Stop and wonder what happened? Or mock the stoned kid?]
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[It's been about three and a half months since he arrived in Union to help his dad set up this branch of Junes, but now came the one thing he was dreading about it. Business was fine, but his dad wanted to advertise a little more, and what better than to have his son do an advertisement for the store on the Warp Band? Yosuke groaned and protested, but eventually agreed. He didn't want to do this, but here he is-]

Ahem. Uh... [He reads nervously now from a paper that's heard as he uncrinkles it, with a cheerful demeanor and an apprehensive customer service voice over the feed. He really doesn't want to do this.]

This week only, Junes is offering a store-wide discount! Most items are ten to twenty-five percent off! Don't miss this great opportunity for all your shopping needs!

Every day's great at your Junes...! Heheh...! [He laughs half-heatedly, embarrassed.]


[There is a scream sounding in your direction. It's distressed. As if someone is trying to escape a deadly situation.]


[The boy runs, looking for help. Shadows seem to be following behind him, closely. He needs a hand, because whatever it is that's following him, is something he can't take on by himself.]
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Who: Fili, Kili, Bilbo, Hayato

What: Going on an adventure! They're just taking some time to wander around outside of Union and de-stress.

When: backdated to Aug 3, probably back by the 7th at the latest

Where: The mountains/iron mines/deeper mine

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Who: Kili and Thorin
What: After the event, Kili needs to talk to his uncle.
When: Post-event (forward dated)
Where: Dwarfhaus

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Who: Fili and Kili
What: Going into the caves was a massive mistake and now Fili's an emotional mess
When: July 24

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[Kili is at the Coastal Valley! He'd left a note telling his family he was going out for a bit and not to worry, but Belbul is convinced that his family will be pissed off when he gets home. Kili's certain she's just jealous of Bahiri, his new Ralts, and so she's not talking to him. But Kili doesn't care. He's enjoying this little trip to the Valley, exploring and seeing the news types of Pokémon. It's nice, being by himself. Of course people in the area are more than welcome to stop and talk to him!]


[It's Belbul.]

CARBINNNN! Bibi! [Thorin! Fili!

The rest of the video is the Carbink telling the family that Kili is okay, she's not sure where they are, but she will have him home tomorrow evening, she promises.

Hopefully you can speak Poke.]
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[Kili is SO FREAKING EXCITED RIGHT NOW CAN YOU TELL? He keeps bouncing in place, making his poor Drifloon work to keep the band focused on his face]

I did it! I did it! Azaram, show 'em.

[The Drifloon sighs and pulls away so you can see the shirtless Kili. He's shirtless for a good reason, though. His shoulders (and thighs, from what can be seen peeking beneath his shorts) are grey and a bit stony looking. There's also strange Unown runes on his shoulders, painted blue.]

I evolved! I thought I was gonna be like Belbul and not evolve, but I evolved! I did it! And before the holidays, too. Ma's going to be so shocked, I can't wait.

[He grins]

I did it!
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Who: Thorin and the Idiot Two
Where: Hospital
When: Post-event
What: Thorin was an idiot and got hurt. Fili and Kili are worried.

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003 Video

Jun. 8th, 2015 11:51 am
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It’s me again. [Fili looks a little sheepish, rubbing at the back of his neck. There’s a small Teddiursa snuggled in his lap, sucking happily on her paw.] I wanted to let everyone know that for the time being, I will be taking over Thorin’s commissions, so until all of that is finished, we will not be accepting commissions. In the interest of getting jobs done in a timely manner, I don’t feel comfortable accepting any new ones at the moment, at least not until Thorin is home again.

[The Teddiursa gets up to amble off, and Fili gives her a passing glance before his attention goes back to the broadcast.]

I know I ran into a few medics before… Ami, I think? I would appreciate it if someone could take a look at my uncle. I know he’s in the hospital, but an extra pair of eyes won’t hurt.

[There’s a noise behind him, and Fili glances over his shoulder.]Kili! Be careful with Fleur, she’s--

[Kili isn’t listening as he reaches down to pet the Teddiursa.]

She’s what? Adorable and cuddly--ow!

[Kili yanks his hand away from Fleur with a muffled swear while the Teddiursa just goes back to sucking her paw. His hand is bright red and a little bloody]

Holy--what the hell, Fee?!

[Fili just sighs, shaking his head.] I was trying to tell you!

Tell me what, that you’ve got a psycho Teddiursa?! I thought they were supposed to be cute! And cuddly!

[Belbul meanwhile is just facepalming with Magnith’s hand]

You scared her, that’s all. [Fleur wanders back over to Fili, taking her paw out of her mouth to reach for him with both paws. He picks her up like a rather furry toddler. Kili grumbles and goes off to find the first aid kit.]

Hey, Fee, I need help with the bandages and since it was your psycho Teddi you get to help.
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Hey, Union. This is a bit of an odd request, but there anyone that needs help with something? Anything, really. I'm used to working in the mine so hard labor isn't a problem. Craftsmanship is doable too. This offer is going to stay open for as long as I'm here.


[Fili is so. Bored. He's going to die of boredom. He paces back and forth, trying to occupy himself with anything he can. His hands are shaking; he needs to put them to use or he's going to go mad.

You can find him wandering and pacing the city aimlessly, trying to find something to do or someone to help.]
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[Kili is wandering around the city, looking a little pensive, which isn't normal for him. It's been a few days since the disaster with the earthquakes and the time traveling and Fili arriving and he's finally had time for it all to sink in.

He doesn't like it. It was all too much.

He kicks at a pebble in the streets, not caring where it goes or where he goes, possibly running into people]

[Video to Fili and Thorin]

[He looks down]

I'm...gonna be out for a bit, okay? Fee, if you wanna come with I can show you some of the places in and around Union? Might even find you a friend for Dagny.
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I've just been given approval by the Seekers to investigate the earthquake-affected areas near Union. I'll be the first one to admit I'm a little worried about the whole thing, considering no one's made it back yet, but I'm trying to be optimistic. They wouldn't send anyone if they didn't think it was safe, right?

[ At least that's what she told herself. ]

Anyway, I've been assigned a group to work with among the volunteers around Union. Let's see...

[ She picks up a piece of paper and reads from it a bit. ]

Oh, Lenna's on this list! Usagi too. I don't think I recognize any of these other names. Thorin, Kili and Domri. Maybe they're new around here?

In any case, I'd love to meet who I'm working with, if I haven't already.

That reminds me, is there anyone else who has been given permission to check things out? What do you think we'll find down there? Hopefully not another one of Team Evolution's machines.
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[It's funny that it's early Spring and he's finding he wishes he had a jacket to shrug into, but he never did bother to ask anybody what the weather in Union was gonna be like. A new face wanders into town and, pushing his sunglasses up onto the crown of his head, sets his hands on his hips and surveys the area. Beside and behind him, a Rhyhorn and a Scyther settle close but not too-close, and he looks between them with a smile.]

Union, eh? Our first time here. [He tosses his head toward the Rhyhorn with that comment, looking at the Scyther. Aforementioned Bug Type seems uninterested and idly slides its bladed arms together, looking the other direction. Taki just laughs, and pulls up his Warp Band, switching what side of his mouth an unlit cigarette sits in.]

Helloooo Union! Tell me somethin', where's a guy gotta look for someplace to stay for a while?
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[Today's broadcast is brought to you from the Lake Shrine area as Kili is playing with his 'mons by the water. Kuna is romping happily in the shallows, Magnith is avoiding the water and sunning on a rock, and his others are playing near by.

Also enjoy the shirtless Calderan, Union]

There's so many different types of Pokémon out here. I thought it was going to be boring because how many Grass-types and Water-types can one place have, but wow, was I wrong. Anyone have any suggestions for a good Water-type I can find around here? I heard something about a fishing rod--who do I need to pay to get a good one?

[He cuts the feed. Anyone interested in ACTION can find him playing with his 'mons, napping under a nearby tree, or training them (and trying to work out Kuna and Azaram's issues) in some nearby grass.]
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[Good afternoon/evening, Union. This is Belbul. Belbul is a Carbink, and she has a Problem.

The Problem would be the (obviously foreign) boy sleeping on the bed next to her. They're in a low-end inn on the edge of Union and she is frankly worried. She pans the band out to the window, where the sign for the inn can be seen, back to the boy, and then she adds, very loudly:]




Her cry wakes the boy up, who flails and looks around]

Belbul? Where's the fi--oh, hey, you got it to work! [He takes the band, yawning] Is this thing on?

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