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[Action A]

[He always appreciated a good, solid training session-- one where both his body and mind felt reinvigorated and focused from the intense practice that required the two of them to work in tandem-- but even he knew when to take a break and recover his strength, or when not to push his limits.

Never, even during his most dedicated athletic days, had he ever considered training out in the snow.

Bundled up in a heavy sweater, boots, and a thick woolen scarf, he was out in one of the many parks scattered around Union with a Pangoro and a Gallade....and, curiously, a bo staff that was held in his gloved hands. Close observers would notice the intense concentration in his stance and gaze as he watched the two pokemon demonstrate...and those who knew him would almost be able to hear the muttered string of mathematical equations that he was running under his breath as he honed his focus.]

...Length of staff: approximately 1.8 meters, light weight, average flexibility. Arms: apart, with staff held at a fifty degree angle above the ground--

[He didn't have too long go think before both pokemon shared a knowing look and intervened. Hanai pulled his trainer off of his feet in a veritable bear hug, ignoring all sputtered protests while Shiro, ever a practical one, picked up the staff himself...and gently tapped Rei on the head to get the teen's attention before using utilizing the prop best as he could.

It was made for a human of average height, not a smaller (and slimmer) pokemon.

Rei may have been a hopeless cause when it came to actual combat but, after that incident in the Northern Marshlands, neither Shiro nor Rei himself really saw that they had much of a choice in the matter any longer.]

[Action B]

[It was early evening, and Rei was taking an easy jog down the quieter streets with his little Vulpix trailing behind him. With Salvation drawing nearer by the day, Rei was eager to see all of the decorations that people were still decking their homes with. Every house was different-- that was what made the holiday special.

Every few blocks he would stop and admire one of the buildings, enjoying it for the sheer beauty it carried. The little Vulpix enjoyed it too, and sometimes added her own flare to the show-- shooting up little embers to dance in the air like fireflies before they faded into the snow and darkness.]
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[He'd heard they had video on the Warp Bands but his old one hadn't had that feature. Maybe it's a good thing this one does.

Martin is in a room in the medical center when he starts it. Which is the problem. He died. He's not supposed to be back in the medical center two months later decidedly not dead and an Enlightened!

But he's back and now he has to adjust to these sharp little claw-nail-things on his fingers on top of everything else. What is his life?

Before Martin gets a chance to say anything, a Budew grabs the band and starts poking at it.]

No, Laterose, not right now.

[The Budew goes out of sight and Martin focuses it back on him with a sigh]

Um. I...I'm not quite sure what to say right now. I'm back? Is that what you say when you die and wake up two months later in the Forest? Is this normal for Enlightened?

[He clearly has more questions but cuts himself off]

Anyway. Could someone catch me up on the last two months?

04 [Video]

Jul. 25th, 2014 08:13 pm
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.... As I was reminded of this...

Has anyone's evolution resulted in weight gain that is not ... visibly obvious?

[ Duke is standing with arms crossed, inspecting a chair. It looks like it's his work area, to judge by the notebooks and regular books about. ]

Because either I have, my chair has been swapped for another, or someone's pokemon is eating at it.

[ For example, Duke settles carefully into the chair. It creaks in protest, which is odd, because Duke isn't exactly thick. His floette leaves his hair just before-


Duke is now on the floor, blinking in surprise. Yep, sure did just broadcast that.


Apr. 30th, 2014 01:05 am
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Hello, everyone. I suppose it's high time I introduced myself.

[it shows a young boy, who looks somewhat uncomfortable in his own clothes. He hasn't worn anything like this before] My name is Nate, and well... I guess there's no other way to say it. I'm not from around here, I'm from a village called Sekiun.

I can't really answer many questions about it, but... it's very different from Union, and I can't exactly go back. It's a long story.

But I'm here now! I want to learn as much about Union as possible! I want to be a trainer...! If there's anyone who'd be willing to help someone starting out, I'd very much appreciate it.


Yeah, that's all I have for now. Thanks for your time, everyone.
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[Hello Union. Enjoy the expression of a man who decided to go for a walk to enjoy the weather and ended up the perch of more than a dozen pokemon who have apparently decided that he's a comfortable and non-threatening spot to attach themselves to for a bit. He's certain that someone is going to get a good laugh out of this, but that's not terribly important at the moment.]

...I appear to be in somewhat of a predicament. Despite my efforts so far, I have been unable to convince them that I am not entirely comfortable with this. If anyone wouldn't mind providing assistance...?


[If anyone should come across the poor man, he's right where he was when he stopped talking into the Warp Band, trying desperately to convince the swarm of bugs, plants, and fairies that it's quite nice to see them but he really would like to not be anchored to one spot anymore.]
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[ There is some splashing noises in the background. While that video function is fascinating, he's not interested in using it at the moment. ]

...I've never had a water type before. If it doesn't have legs, should it be kept in a tub? I would ask her but...

[ There are tiny vibration sounds with the splashing now. ]

Laulyse says it isn't saying much, so I don't feel that bad about barely understanding it.

[ baby speech ]


And a quick run through of his things has proven that.. he doesn't really have baby suitable food anywhere. Maybe a giant bowl as well. He'd rather not keep the tympole in the sink.
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[ Voice ]

[ It all starts with the unmistakable sound of several books falling. Judging by the undignified noise from a human throat in the middle, these several books fell on someone. Possibly someone in the middle of a nap.

There's a Flabébé making scolding-chiding sounds, and Duke's voice is a little muffled.

Yes, stacks of seven when I sleep at the desk are no longer acceptable. What do you think about five?

[ That only gets more scolding, and Duke shifts books about until he no longer is quite so muffled. ]

Good point, more shelves is probably the way to go.

[ Action ]

Its cold enough out that he probably looks a little ridiculous, having pulled a loose sweater over the turtleneck he was already wearing. For once, Laulyse hasn't put her flower anywhere immediately obvious, finding it a bit too cold, but has tucked herself up against the side of his neck, under all that white hair.

"... Not just shelving, I think we might need more food..." And so his path abruptly changes. He'll be around the Salvage Shop eventually, looking for something he can prop up more or less flat.

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