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[Amid all the Salvation Day preparations and wellwishes, there's always bound to be a little bit of normalcy, people just going on about their business. And there's also bound to be a people using the period to spring into new things and make resolutions and find inspiration to change their situation in the story of the Savior. Sometimes it might not seem like much, but to those people, like the young woman who's now addressing the Warp Band? It's a huge deal.

She looks a little nervous and uncomfortable sitting outside under a gazebo, but seems to be managing to smile. It's not forced, but it's a little uncertain, like she's not sure what exactly she's supposed to be doing]

Good...Good afternoon, whoever's paying attention to this thing. I know everyone's probably getting ready for the holiday, but I just got the video function upgrade for my Warp Band and I thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Yukiko Amagi. [Her head dips in greeting.] I look forward to you guys with this. I...uh, well...I guess that's about it.

[Yukiko waves a little awkwardly and finishes with:]

Uh...Happy Salvation Day.

[She's about to reach down and close the feed when something green hops up into her lap before shoving it's eye right in the camera. Hope you don't mind a Bulbasaur staring right at you.]

Jiraiya! Cut that out!

[The Pokemon turns around to look at her, not even considering what might be revealed for all to see when he does so. There's a yelp and the feed clicks off, but not before Union gets a pleasant view of a Bulbasaur butt being lifted away from the camera, and a very, very red-faced Yukiko.]


[For anyone that prefers to face to face instead of video to moon meetings, Yukiko's heading out of one of Union's many parks, walking briskly to keep warm in the snow. Jiraiya is prancing around on one of the paths at her feet, hopping up and down excitedly as he dashes towards one of the southern gates in spite of the weather. It may be a bit cold for a first day, but...well, no point in saying you're going to do something if you don't actually do it. There's an air of nervousness to her, as if she's expecting someone to jump out and stop her at any point, but once she reaches the gates and heads outside she seems to relax a bit. Of course, if you actually want to make her jump, it'd be incredibly easy...]
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[This is a very unhappy Guy on the network today. Anyone who knows him or the fon Fabre boys will know that he's been gone since their disappearance, trying to find them. They're his best friends (yes Asch even you). He can't just leave them out there. He's back in Union for now, needing to get more supplies.

There is a Lillipup barking somewhere off-screen.]

Still haven't found Asch or Luke. I checked the entire forest, or as deep into it as we could get right now, and I didn't see any sign of them. I'm really starting to get worried.

[Guy sighs]

Has anyone else heard anything from them?
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[Estelle appears on the Warp Band network, grinning brightly and leaning down towards the camera. Union's residential district is visible behind her, complete with the towers. And the snow. She's grinning at the camera cheerfully.]

Happy Salvation, everybody! This is a pretty fun holiday. I was thinking, though...

[She nods. Then she looks... a little smug, maybe, because she has a great idea and that sticks in her head, now.]

I know a great place that sells fireworks in Caldera! I bet we could get some other stuff there for the holiday. Anyone wanna come with me next week? We can get all sorts of cool stuff! Let me know.


Dec. 9th, 2014 03:06 am
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Who: Luke, Asch ([personal profile] albertstyle), and you!
What: After almost 2 months, the twins return from the wastes.
Where: Just inside Union's gates.
When: 09/12, around 9AM

[He was tired, hungry, and still kind of scared when they finally saw the city on the horizon. It felt like a mirage, but it was all he could do to hope that they had finally made it home. Once they'd become lost, Luke and Asch had been forced to survive with only the help of their Pokemon and their Shifter forms. For two spoiled, pampered young men it had been more than difficult. At least, in their Pokemon bodies, they had a bit of instinct and were able to survive. This had also forced them to evolve. Once Fennekin, when the two twins finally arrived at Union they were bigger, taller... Two identical Braixen with curiously green eyes entered the city, looking skinny and beaten up, their fur scruffy and unwashed. Unhostile, the Guard let them pass through and they wandered inside, Luke feeling almost apprehensive.]

{We're actually home... can you believe it?}

[The twins had never quite gotten the hang of changing back and forth from their Shifted forms, so they've been stuck like this for quite a while. It would be simpler to change back and make a beeline for the Fabre estate, but while they were still unsure of how to change back it was difficult. At least, this time, they could climb steps. Luke looked at his twin, almost unsure... Over the course of the months he'd gotten quieter, listened more. He had relied on Asch to get them out of the trouble he'd put them into. His loud mouth had been quieted, at least for the time being. They were home, and that was what mattered. Hopefully, they would run into someone they knew on their way back to the mansion to help explain what was going on. The last time they had returned as Pokemon hadn't been very pleasant.]

{ooc: Asch and Luke are back! They've evolved into two scruffy Braixen and are back home after 2 months spent surviving outside of Union. Asch and Luke will both be replying as we go, so have fun!}
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[Someone's dressed in a cute sweater, hat and general winter gear!

It's not actually Lux, it's Camille, who looks sullen about the whole thing. Cute clothes do not make cold weather better.

Lux, however, is still in what look to be Seeker work robes.]

It's snowing outside! I'm actually pretty excited about it, even if I can't get out of work right now to look at it, because that means the salvation holiday is coming up, and the end of the year! And I really like snow, but that's beside the point.

My family is having their annual salvation and new year party at the end of the year--and, well, my birthday I guess--

[She can't really avoid it, although she does smile and chuckle a little shyly.]

But anyway, for the first time, we've managed to maneuver it to be relatively open to the public! You just need an invitation from myself or from Ezreal. Don't ask about that, it's really complicated. But anyway, if you want to come, let me know and I'll be sure to take care of it.


Oh, right! There's something else exciting going on, but I can't really talk about it yet. That's why I've been so busy lately, so I'm sorry that I've been a little hard to get a hold of.

[Another pause.]

Although I probably shouldn't have said that, because now everyone's going to be curious. Whoops.

[GJ Lux, Camille gives her a deadpan look before the feed ends.]

[VOICE; private to Jayce]

Hello, Jayce? I need a favor from you, are you busy? I can pay you.
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Hello, my name is Cordelia Chevalier, for those who may not know me. I am here on behalf of the Rangers and Swords of the Savior to make a small announcement. Due to the colder-than-normal winter that we experienced last year, we will be providing warm weather gear for those travelers wishing to go outside of Union, as well as those in Union who are ill-equipped for the upcoming winter. Our hope is to also be able to branch out efforts to bring warm weather gear to those in Citadel as well.

However, we will need a few donations to make this possible, as well as volunteers to help hand out supplies both in Union as well as Citadel.

[There's something in her voice when she mentions Citadel. There are more than a few Rangers that are a bit... hesitant to go back there a second time. Something about being tared and feathered does that to you.]

In any case, our headquarters will be open to any and all who need assistance, as well as those willing and able to help. Please feel free to stop by.

[ACTION 1; open log style]

[Snow is falling, and sure enough, the Rangers HQ is abuzz with activity, people flitting about either trying to get supplies or providing supplies to other people. There is a pavilion outside providing warm drinks available to those who need them.]

[ACTION 2 (closed to Rangers & Swords); open log style]

[It's the end of a long day of volunteering and, because so many people are together, someone--either a Ranger or a Sword, it's hard to say--has decided to plan a party to celebrate the Savior, or snow, or getting inebriated (it's not clear which).

Regardless of who planned it, there are drinks and food, as well as music. Families are encouraged to attend.]

10: video

Dec. 6th, 2014 01:42 pm
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[Kanji can't believe he's actually gotten around to finishing this. But in any case, here's a rather worried-looking young man on the warp video feed, various tools of his trade around him.]

Yo, everyone. I've been workin' on somethin' on 'n off for a few months now, and I think some'a you guys might be interested.

It's been kinda hard, but I've been wrappin' my head around Enhanced clothes 'n textile stuff. Man, it's actually easier than the metal crap now I know what I'm doin'... I ain't a professional. But I think it's comin' out looking alright. [He raises something into camera view - is that a pair of gloves? A rather nice pair, too, with vinelike embroidery and a floral trim... with his blatant ground weakness, trying something grass-type made sense.] That's the last lot I did.

So... [Okay, okay, he can do this. Breathe, Kanji, breathe. I'm gonna start sellin' this stuff too. If you want any, hit me up at the usual places, the shop or the gallery, an' I'll see what I can do. I've got a few ideas, an' I think I can do stuff in any Type.

[Fire-type gear for the cold weather, ice-type or water type for the warm, glowy fairy bits for cave exploration... where to start?

He scratches his head.]

That's that. Gimme a yell.
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Who: Natalia L.K. Lanvaldear and Shyvana
What: The start of a new friendship...?
When: Week 43
Where: Near the Council Hall

cut! )
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[It's a pleasant enough dream to start with. It's Natalia in her house, decorating for the upcoming holiday. She's not alone--Luke and Asch are helping her. The conversation as they do so... is less of a conversation and more like Natalia's interrupting any squabbling between the twins with attempts at normal conversation. She turns, humming a cheery tune as she puts up another decoration and the room seems to fall into silence. When Natalia turns back, intending to ask why the pair had fallen silent, they've vanished without a trace. Her face falls as she puts the box of decorations down and she sighs.

It's not the same without them around.]

07: action

Oct. 15th, 2014 06:08 pm
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[So the weather's not that great. Ah, well. Some things have still got to be done, this time of year...

There's activity around the Tatsumi Gallery today. Two people running in and out, and a gang of Pokémon hard at work, too. The artworks for sale being changed up; the collection of Calderan textiles that were recently on display being reorganized to make room for a collection of ornamental masks and even decorative cordwork hung on display in the windows.

And as Kanji emerges from the gallery, his arms full of decorations for the building's exterior, he looks back and calls out-]

Ma, we've got this! Go on, siddown, you're just gonna put your back out!

[Right, then... where to start with this lot? He looks at the Pokémon who're helping him today, and nods. Not too much to do, right?]
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[Nozomi comes on over the feed, wearing an interesting hat, her hair tied in a braid to the side instead of her usual pigtails.]

Hi everyone! I know Soulfasting is still a month away, but I wanted to let everyone know that we're selling decorations and masks at my shop, Etteilla. If you want a special order, you'll need to make it pretty soon, otherwise we won't have time to make them.

Also, in honor of the holiday, I'll be doing tarot card readings for ten percent off, or fifteen if you buy anything from the store. We're open throughout the day. Come see us!

[Action; Open to all]

[Etteilla, nestled in the middle of Ninetails Vale on a busy street corner, is particularly busy today. One of the big places to go for Soulfasting supplies, Nozomi, along with Mithra the Nidoking and Coeus the Reuniclus, are busy at work. While the first two are selling their normal wares along with decorations, Coeus seems to be working on something else, an easel set near the cashier's desk. There are paintings near him, all with price tags. They range from people, to other pokemon, to landscapes, and while they are certainly amateur works, they're not bad. He seems very proud of them, at least.]

[Action; Locked to Eri]

[It was late, and Nozomi was restless. Something had been on her mind lately. After sharing a vision with Rei Hino, she found she couldn't stop thinking about it.

Seeing herself perform on stage, standing with others, it seemed more than a bit out of character for her. But despite this, she got the feeling that she was enjoying herself. There was a warmth that she hadn't felt before, something that was hard to place.

What was the purpose of that vision? Who were the others standing with her, dancing with her? She felt that most of them were familiar to her, if not close.

Her cards were being difficult. They always were when she was on the brink of a breakthrough. Leaning over the array of cards, her mug of coffee steaming not too far away, Nozomi sighed heavily. She should go to bed, but this was going to bother her in her dreams if she didn't get it figured out.]

[Voice; to Maya]

[Sometime between 2 and 3 in the morning, a voice transmission comes in over her warp band. Nozomi sounds surprisingly quiet, her voice a little less confident than usual.]

Mayocchi? Are you around?
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Sheesh, its been boring here lately. How can any of you stand it?

[The Warp Band feed shows Sho looking bored out of his mind. And a bored Sho usually meant some sort of chaos was going to happen in the near future.]

And what's with all of this stuff? [To punctuate his point, he flicks a decoration, making it wobble dangerously.]


[Normal people would use the walkways like everyone else. The paths existed for a reason after all. But Sho didn't care much for such things. As of right now, he was just leaping between buildings and getting around that way. Down below, his Houndour Kagutsuchi trotted along easily and in no rush at all to keep up. They always found each other in the end anyway so he saw no reason to fret.

Coming to a stop on one roof, Sho looks around briefly, makes a bit of a disgruntled sound and leaps into the street below, not bothering to check if he almost landed on someone or not.]
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[Warp bands are still too foreign for her and being this her first time ever trying to use the network she is actually pretty lost about how to use it. While she originally planned to use only the audio function for this she seems to have chosen video too by mistake, an error that now shows an image of her awkwardly close to the camera.]

I recently moved from Caldera and saw lots of cute decorations around. Can anyone tell me more about them?

[The amount of candy going around caught her attention more than the decorations though, as expected of a huge sweetooth like her.]


[It's hard, honestly hard, to miss them.]


[Not only a young girl, a deerling and a surskit are sitting right by this fancy pokepuff shop snacking on a generous sized pack of them without any care in the world, though luckily not clogging the entrance at least, but they also have a surprising amount of luggage with them which only makes the scene even more bizarre. Few things can top the sight of a lively surskit eating pokepuffs that are about it's own size when it comes to absurd sights to begin with.

The girl finishes eating her own portion happily and casually wonders something before reaching for the next pink treat.

Do you think they'll let me have the recipe, Deery?

[... The Deerling seems to have it's doubts about it.]
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[Option 1: Video]

So you know what this kind of weather is totally the best for?

[Hot new boots! Well, that too, but he's focused on something else right now.]

Mushroom hunting! I saw a ton of mushrooms while I was checking out those new islands, but Jadwiga kept keeping me from trying to eat them, I guess 'cause they weren't a kind we knew so they might have been poisonous or whatever.

[No big, right?]

Anyway, we should so go out in the forest around here and see what we can find! I bet there's a ton of berries right now, too...

[Option 2: Action]

[Now that he's back from his adventure on the Archipelago, the weather is striking Feliks as more fall-like than it was before he left. And the change of seasons means shopping.]

[So he's hitting the town, all dolled up like a noble girl, with endless petticoats and a ribbon in his hair, flitting from shop to shop. Feel free to bump into him anywhere in the shopping district, but especially around the fashion boutiques!]
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[You thought it was going to be a quiet afternoon. But it was me, Dio! As you go about your business around Union, either you'll be accosted by something and/or witness an incident.

It's a Kingler, waving his claws around like he owns the joint. Cause he does. You just don't know it yet.

He also has an eyepatch for reasons. If asked how he got it, he'll wave his claws at you menacingly. BOW DOWN PEONS OR YOU GET THE CLAWS.

Well, that is, if he doesn't fall over when he chases you. The possibility exists and is very real.]


[Also seen around Union: A familiar blond. She appears to be looking for something, and isn't quite paying attention to her surroundings. She seems concerned.]


Sep. 24th, 2014 07:21 pm
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[Forward-dated to the end of the week, after the Wildwoods log]

[Cordelia is quiet. She looks tired.]

Luke and Asch have not been home in so many days, and have failed to report for duty as well. I've tried to contact them, but...

[There's a long, painful pause. She likely knows what's happened, but--]

Please, someone tell me that they have seen them. The two are hard to miss. They're twins, with long red hair, green eyes, not particularly short or tall. You may have run into them as pokemon as well. They look very similar to a Vulpix, but gold and red in color, with a single tail.

If you've seen them, please tell them to come home. Their mother is worried sick, and we would all like to have them back where they belong.

Thank you.
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Who: Everyone!
When: 8/27
Where: The Tropical Island
What: The end of summer is quickly approaching, get your last bit of summer fun in now!
Warnings: Beach episode shenanigans.

Fun in the sun )
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[When Pamela appears on the warp band, there’s a baby Dratini sitting on her lap. With a gentle touch to her new Pokemon’s face, she guides her to look toward the warp band.]

There we go. This is Morning Glory and she just hatched earlier today. Although that’s actually not what I’m here to announce.

[But like a proud trainer/Poke-mom, she made that announcement first.]

I have two projects that the council has recently approved that I’ll need help with. One project will involve going to Caldera and fortifying the agriculture within the city walls. We’ll be turning the upper floors of one building the Calderan authorities have approved for this purpose into something like our agricultural tower here, and transporting fertile soil from the Verdant Forest for growing crops indoors. We’ll also be digging to check for untapped groundwater, so we’ll need Engineers, Delvers, and people to help with general labour.

[She pauses briefly, giving everyone a moment to digest that information before she continues.]

The second will be a project right here in Union to clean up the city. It will be a two-stage project, first cleaning up trash and graffiti and taking care of any minor repairs to public equipment that have fallen by the wayside. The second stage will involve setting up flowerboxes and planters throughout the city and beautifying Union. The Isley family will be supplying all the flowers for this initiative.

[And anyone who was at Pamela’s birthday party in July has seen how impressive the Isley gardens are. How could someone who loves plants as much as she does allow for anything else than a perfect display of nature’s beauty?]

Your help with either of these projects would be greatly appreciated.
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[Well, this little device was an odd little thing. Kyoko didn't get why they seemed so important, but whatever. She'd give it a try. If what she'd heard was right all she had to do was...tada, she got the voice function activated. She doesn't waste any time in speaking once she realizes this.]

So, this is the Union, huh? I expected something a little...I dunno, more.

[Well, something considerably more exciting, anyway.]

There anything good to eat around here? I'm starving.

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