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[There are a few false starts, the video coming on for a second or two, focusing on a face, before going off again. After the third or fourth time that this happens, the camera pulls away, a young woman staring at the world with a bit of a perplexed look.]

Is this on? How can you tell? Is there a light or--


[It looks like she's found it.]

There we go. My name is Elhaym, Elly for short. This is what people in Union use to communicate, right? It seems pretty convenient. What else is it used for? Does everyone in Union have one, or just the Enlightened? Are Enlightened really that common here?

[That's a lot of questions, Elly. She smiles a little at the camera.]

Sorry, I just got here a few days ago, and I have a lot of questions. I heard that people in Union "bond" with their Pokemon? How does that work? Oh, and speaking of work, how does one find work here?


[Midday, one of the parks in Union. A redhead walks briskly like a woman on a mission, avoiding looking behind her as much as possible. Occasionally she'll glance back, make a bit of a face, and then continue to walk with her head down a bit. She looks like she is trying to get away from something, but what could it be?]


[It's a Mareep, tailing her, doing the best that it can with its stubbly little legs to keep up with the woman. Hey, where are you going? Excuse me? Miss? Excuse me? You're going to get yourself lost! Excuuuuuuse me!

Stopping, the woman sighs hard, bending down as she puts a hand out, stopping the electric sheep in its tracks.]

Why are you following me? I don't know what you want, I can't understand a word you're saying?


[The Mareep tilts its head to the side and Elly deflates a little. You're really cute, but what does she even do? A little help?]
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[Jade had been mostly absent from the Union for a good few weeks, having been busy familiarizing himself with all the newly-discovered areas. Today would be the first day that he spends any length of time in the Union since the events at Caldera. He spends much of his time around the Outpost and at the bar.

All in all, it was shaping up to be quite a normal day up until the moment he first falls through a wall and into someone's house.]

...Oh dear.

[He spends the rest of the day exploring his newfound powers, "accidentally" stepping through walls into restricted areas or into private property. In particular, he can be found around the Signal Tower, Laboratories, and Council Hall, snooping around areas he normally doesn't have access to.]

Private text to Flemming: )
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The Advance Party arrives to find a city besieged. Nestled about midway up a towering mountainside, the area to the east is stained with the glow of torches and the assembled legions of Gigas, their distinctive gray banners flapping in the wind. Their encampments are neat and orderly, with rows upon rows of soldiers, Ponyta cavalry, and Pidgeot cavalry, as well as several cannons well-protected within the ranks.

Upon your arrival, the city greets you warily, and it takes a number of exchanges before an aged but stern man appears on the walls. These walls are much smaller than those of Union, but they are unique in that they appear to be formed of raw iron, not forged but instead shaped around the city. The city itself is also rough-hewn from stone and steel, the buildings squat and functional but not terribly graceful. Caldera is easily the size of Union, but without the sweeping towers of Union it is much smaller in population, numbering perhaps only 200,000 souls at best. But it is a hearty place of strength and resilience, and even as beleaguered as it is the soot-stained faces of its people still shine with grim defiance.

After a brief discussion, the man orders his men to open the gate and permit access to the city.

"I can't say my people will trust you, but any offer of allegiance is better than none. I am General Brand Ironborn, I have defended Caldera for some fifty years now. Gigas has ever claimed this land to be part of its former empire, and demands our surrender that we might be re-incorporated into their civilization. We would have none of it, but we cannot fight much longer. You are welcome within my city, and any reinforcements you can send are appreciated.

You may have free rein of the city and I am happy to answer any questions you might have. The major issue before us is the army. We cannot hold them for much longer. We either need to convince them to back down, or we need to cripple their supply lines that they cannot keep themselves fed. Hopefully that will prove enough to force them to withdraw. Either way, if this "Union" you speak of is as large as you say it is, then perhaps we can make it through this siege yet.

He hesitates for a moment.

"I hate to be the beggar, but in our hour of need I am left with no choice. Please, good people of Union, some of my men are gravely injured, and we have many elderly and children behind our walls. I need them escorted to safety, if you can spare the aid. Will you take them in?"

[This is an open post, characters are free to tag General Ironborn at will and ask questions about Caldera and the situation]
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Log Deputy: Void
Participating Characters: Jade Curtiss, Chester Barklight, Cress Albane
Plot Description: Going deep down into the depths of the Old City to search for powerful Pokemon
Warnings/Notes: Possible violence?

[There have always been rumours floating around that tell of highly dangerous Pokemon lurking in the Old City, just waiting to ambush unsuspecting Delvers. Someone somewhere decided it was high time to investigate, which is why Jade finds himself down in his least favourite place in the world, along with a possibly-suicidal Ranger and his best friend, who didn't even happen to be a Ranger.

It's a rather annoying situation, to put it mildly.

It takes a lot of walking (and a few circuitous paths; Jade doesn't want them venturing anywhere near his old laboratories) before they finally venture deep enough into the Old City that they're in an area all but unexplored by people from the Union. Jade raises his lamp high, trying to take stock of their surroundings.]

I'm sure there's no need to tell the two of you to be cautious.
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Ugh, this sucks. Why do I have to patrol? It's so early...

[About 11AM, there's a long haired boy in a Swords of the Savior uniform walking around one of the more populated parks. There's really no telling why they've let him wear his hair down, all that red flying everywhere. At least the flower petals and stuff have gone, that was annoying. He kicks a nearby rock in irritation before flopping down on a bench, not noticing the lady nearby who'd been walking towards it to sit with her baby... He doesn't even notice her huff and walk off. There's an Eevee in a cute sweater that's been trying to keep up with the seventeen year old, who finally jumps up onto the remaining space next to Luke and chimes in with a squeaky little 'Vee!' Luke groans.]

Don't add to it, Thing. You're so annoying!

[He tries to shove Mieu off the bench, but he just curls up under Luke's arm instead and he gives a dramatic sigh. His life is horrible.]

I should just go home already. Dad's probably at work, I could get away with it...
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Who: Feliks, and whoever shows up. Mingle log, everyone's invited!
Where: The old Łukasiewicz manor
When: In the evening, on the day after spring's sudden onset.
Warning: Alcohol will be available? Otherwise, depends on the players--stick a warning in the subject line if anything gets out of hand.

Swaying and sweeping, and always keeping cool... )


Apr. 5th, 2014 10:40 am
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I'm looking for someone to demonstrate the move Teleport. If you know it or have bonded with a Pokémon who knows it, I'd like to see you in person. I'll pay whoever can show it to me first.

Banzu out.
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It's Friday night and Ezreal decided to take the esteemed Luxanna Crownguard to a bar generally frequented by Delvers, Guardsmen, Rangers, and all sorts of other rough-and-tumble men and women who make up Union's thriving blue-collar community. The bar, of course, is quite a dive, with loud, boisterous people having just finished a day's work coming to take a load off and get frightfully hammered.

[This is an open mingle post for anybody who might, for whatever reason, find themselves in a dirty, grimy bar full of loud sweaty people on a Friday night. There will be mingling and, of course, the inevitable bar fight. Enlightened are encouraged to use their powers interestingly but remember - no lethal damage! It's all in good fun. Overenthusiastic enlightened may find themselves responsible for large chunks of the repair bill for the bar, be warned.

Also of note: legal drinking age is 18 years old but this bar is likely reasonably easy to get into if you're a bit underage.]
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[And what does our illustrious Commander have to say about Team Evolution and everything relating to them?

Very little, apparently, though his expression, brows drawn down and together, speaks volumes.
] I don't think I need to remind any and all Rangers -- and aspiring cadets -- to be civil, polite and welcoming to our honored guests, do I?

[Pause.] Provided, of course, that they are also discreet. [A short nod and he turns off the video.]

[Only to switch it on a moment later, looking suddenly frazzled like he's only just remembered something.] I-In addition, I'd like to take this opportunity to remind all applicants that they should absolutely not take any interest in or notice of idle gossip regarding their potential superiors, and that failure to follow this advice may result in their applications being denied.

[Lbr here, he's talking about the commonly circulated rumors about himself and Corporal Levi and their status as "roommates" and "confirmed bachelors".]


Feb. 22nd, 2014 12:00 am
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They were noticed a half hour before they arrived.

The Guardsmen atop the city walls, their keen senses trained to observe anything out of the ordinary, had not failed to observe the flight of birds disturbed from their nests and the distant shuddering of trees. The pace was steady. Not of wild Pokémon meandering about, but of something with fixed, determined purpose.

News spread quickly, as it ought. The Council was aware of the situation in five minutes flat, and the guard on the walls surreptitiously tripled in the same amount of time. It didn't take much longer for idle citizens to realize something was amiss, and as the rumors propagated -- There are people coming through the forest! -- so, too, did the number of people thronging at the gate craning their necks to get a look.

They emerge from the forest, their pace brisk and their numbers thirty strong. Many wear attire that is hardy, made for traveling - leather boots, thick wool pants, and long jackets in shades of deep crimson and black. Others, clearly of some higher rank, are clad in suits or other formal wear; a few wear pristine white coats that must have only just been changed. As they approach, most stare coolly upwards at the assembly gathered before them atop the walls of the city.

At their lead stands a man with a mild smile and shaggy red hair. Two others stand close beside him: a young woman in a crisp, fur-lined white coat, sleek black hair pristine and perfectly in place and a gentle smile on her face and an aloof woman with brown hair wearing a sharp suit who appears extremely disinterested in the proceedings.

The company pauses. And there is a long, awkward silence before the man with the red hair takes a step forward. He speaks, and his words, though understandable, have a strange, foreign inflection.

"My name is Rory Donnachaidh. We have come on behalf of our people to serve as a diplomatic presence to your city."

...Another awkward pause.

"...I believe it is appropriate to say - take us to your leader."

He smiles more broadly, as if he's made a joke.


We are Team Evolution.

We represent a group of people with a common purpose - to restore humanity to the peaks it once ascended and to raise up all Pokémon alongside us. We call ourselves Team Evolution for the only path forward for both human and Pokémon is to evolve. When we realized that our signals could be detected no longer, our scouts reported that the reason was human sabotage. Imagine our surprise to learn that a human civilization lay so close to those mountains... But what do I say? You, of course, must all have experienced surprise in equal measures, no?

We have come here for reasons twofold: to establish relations with this city and to retrieve the materials that you have been holding for us. It was a prototype, you see, and we would wish to have it returned.

Of course, we understand that you have little reason to trust us and great reason to drive us away. We will not attempt to enter your city if that is preferred - but we will camp outside, between the forest and the gates, for the space of 10 days, after which we will depart, with or without our materials. We hope you will be willing to speak with us during this time. We would also like to... hold a demonstration to explain our actions, if you and your Council are willing.

Please, come and speak with us if you have any questions. That is an offer extended to anyone in your fine city. I shall personally ensure that any visitors are treated with the greatest of courtesies...

((For approximately 10 IC days, the people of Team Evolution will be camped outside of Union. The next part of this event will require sign-ups. There is an accompanying OoC post to this post here. Please see that post for more details.

Please feel free to use this IC post to talk with the NPCs. All responses here will receive an NPC response.))
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[Prying open this row of vaults had proven to be a great disappointment, as none of them contained anything save for dust and cold, dank air. There's not even a coffin to be seen, which is quite peculiar, considering where they are. Jade is about to move onto a new area when something catches his eye. Is that a doorway?]

[Curious, he approaches it, the Drifloon he had just bonded with bobbing behind him. A closer look reveals that yes, it is indeed a doorway, and the corridor it opens up into looks too rough and cramped to be man-made.]

[Jade is about to step into the tunnel when he realizes that he should probably alert Erwin. But he doesn't particularly feel like calling out to him, so instead he simply says, seemingly to himself:]

Hmm. How interesting.

[If the Commander isn't paying attention, then Jade sees no need to do anything more. He had always preferred investigating alone anyway.]
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[Is it any wonder that Commander Handsome is one of the first to perfect the use of the new video equipment? After all, dramatic speeches are so much more effective when he can showcase his cheekbones to their full potential.

Except now he's keeping it short and sweet, preoccupied with other matters, clearly:

It seems recent events have sparked an...admirable rush of civic pride. I encourage anyone who is interested to see about applying for the Scouting Corps. We can always use Rangers with your sort of passion and drive.

As for everyone else -- continue to serve Union and humanity whole-heartedly.

[A brief salute to end this...clearly-rehearsed speech, and the video flickers off.]
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[From all the laughing going on behind him, one may guess that Jade is at a party. Unfortunately, that isn't the case.]

Private to people who had participated in the Caverns expedition )

[And now, a public voice post to everyone, which may be somewhat hard to decipher as the laughing in the background grows steadily louder.]

Does anyone have any experience with persuading unwanted Pokemon to leave your homes? Normally, I'd simply dispose of- [Ah. That could be construed in a negative light.] - that is, dispose of them if necessary, although generally I prefer to drive them out. But it seems Duskull has taken quite a liking to his new friends and I'd rather not harm them.

[There's a loud crash behind him. Jade sighs.] Although I'm beginning to reconsider.


[Late evening finds Jade heading down to the newly-discovered Mausoleum, Sandshrew trotting along beside him and Duskull swooping around cheerfully over his head. He tries to avoid anyone exploring down there, mostly because he guesses most people wouldn't approve of what he's doing. Which would be trying to pry open the vaults and take a peek at the coffins.]

[He has reasons for doing so. Honest.]
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So. I actually managed to get some good information out of Napoleon, with some bribery. Damn stuck-up dinosaur. I told him if he told me everything he knew, I'd let him hang out in the breeding center for a while. He uh... yeah. Do I really need to explain it?


It seems like some of these other humans from other settlements, whoever they are, installed the machines in the caves not too long ago. They used a "really stinky gross spray" to keep pokémon out of the way while they worked. Some sort of repellant spray, I'm sure. Then he said that horrible noise started and didn't stop until we destroyed the machine.

But here's the craziest part; he said he was a Tyrunt right up until the noise started. He said he wasn't really ready to evolve yet, but he's not complaining. I had to bribe him with a whole fancy tauros carcass to get THAT info. But I think it's worth it. Even if I'm pretty much broke now, ugh. I have half a mind to release his prissy ass back into the wild.

[ACTION; Closed to Jean and Marco]
[Another day, another dollar, as they say. Many of the Guard recruits had been moved from patrol duty to clean up and rebuilding, and Eren, Jean, and Marco are among them. It's tough work, but it certainly feels good to help people.

But Eren has other things on his mind.

... I'm going out training in the forest again this afternoon. Either of you wanna come?
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[Meditation in the forest shrine is always rather peaceful.

You know.

When it isn't cold as balls.

Of course, the cold-as-balls is good for resistance training, which is exactly why Maya is out there, her duskull, Shi, hovering above her head. She wears her usual furisode, crouched on the ground where she's cleared a space of snow.

After a good few hours worth of meditation, she decides that it'd be good to take a walk-- perhaps to encounter some pokémon (or perhaps just to regain feeling in her hands) or to see if anyone else is out walking along the forest path. As Shi slides into her hiding place in Maya's hair, Maya rubs her hands together and sets out to explore.]
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Log Deputy: Rei [personal profile] antiseptic and Charles [personal profile] makeitquick
Participating Characters: Jade Curtiss, Imogen Moreno, Flynn, Chris Ramirez, Ezreal, Melaka Fray, William Flemming, Varun "Banzu" Elmas, Eren Jaeger, Armin Arlert, Elhaym van Houten (Elly), Ondorus Univir, Lux Crownguard...possibly more! Feel free to gatecrash the party at any time.
Plot Description: A group of intrepid explorers set out in search of an iron mine. Things probably don't go as expected.
Warnings/Notes: Possible violence?

QUICK LINKS: Pre-exploration mingling | Travel | Arrival at Caverns | Group 1 | Group 2 | Group 3

At 6AM, the group will be meeting at the city gates, where there'll be some time for mingling and last minute emergencies before they set off.

The group will travel east through the Verdant Forest for around half a day before reaching the Caverns. It will be freezing with a few flurries of snowfall. Try not to get lost! Or disturb hibernating Pokemon, for that matter.

At the Caverns, Jade will split everyone up into three groups. Group 1 will consist of Elly, Eren, Armin, Ondorus, Chris. Group 2 will be Jade, Melaka, Banzu, Flynn. Group 3 is Imogen, Ezreal, Flemming, and Lux. These groups aren't fixed, and characters are free to protest and try move around! Ideally, each group will end up with at least 4 members just for safety's sake.

Aaand after that, the exploration begins! At first there'll be nothing but caves and tunnels, but it shouldn't take very long for that to change...

Misc notes: Feel free to go wild with thread-jacking! The mods recommend not strictly enforcing a post order since things will probably stall that way. Also, if anyone wants a random wild Pokemon bonding encounter going in the mountains during any of this, just respond to the Map post as usual!

If you need to ask any questions, the quickest way to get in touch with me will be through PMs.

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Greetings, everyone. I'm Jade Curtiss, Ranger, part of the Survey Corps. As I'm sure we've all heard, the Union is in need of an iron mine. That is why the Rangers are putting together an expedition to the Caverns in search of one, to be led by me.

[He's less than enthused at the prospect of leading so many people, but it doesn't show as he continues to elaborate on the details of the expedition, brisk and informative:]

Unfortunately, there's not much information about the Caverns, or the Pokemon in them. This is why we'll need people with the ability to locate iron deposits, people able to communicate with Pokemon, and people who are able to fight, although we'll do our utmost to avoid battles in the interest of saving time.

[Did he just sound faintly sarcastic then? Who knows.]

The expedition will likely last for two days, perhaps more. It'll take at least half a day to reach the Caverns, and possibly much longer before we locate a mine - if we can. Therefore, I'd suggest that everyone pack wisely. If you're feeling lost, the staff at the Outpost should be of assistance. Funding will be provided upon request.

If you're interested in participating, or would like to field any inquiries, please respond now. If all goes well, we'll be departing from the city gates tomorrow at six in the morning.

[ooc; Hello, everyone! This is the network post that will kickstart the expedition to the Caverns, which is a player plot that has now been mod-approved! A log post will go up tomorrow for the expedition itself.

Due to my wonky timezone I'd appreciate having someone to help with writing out NPC encounters/events in order to keep things moving! Please PM me if you're interested.]


Jan. 10th, 2014 09:33 pm
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This is the WORST timing. It took months to get the right to build the new floor and now the price of steel is going to triple.

I have no desire to go prospecting myself, but I have access to funding if a more outdoors inclined person wanted to mount an expedition. I think it might save me money in the long run.

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