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[ It's the middle of the afternoon when the black and white feed opens up to Ion in a large open field, though the trees in the background make it recognizable as just outside Union. He bows his head a little in greeting and smiles into the camera. ]

Hello everyone. I don't want to impose, but I have a favor to ask of those of you with access to energy based attacks.

You see, I've been working on an ability of mine, and I'd like to... actually, perhaps it'd be better if I simply demonstrated. [ And with that he drops halfway offscreen to rummage around on the ground for something off camera. When he straightens up again and shakes the dust off his white coat he's holding a couple rocks of varying sizes in one of his hands. ]

Let's see...

[ He looks back and forth between the warp band and the background a few times probably to gauge its field of vision before closing his eyes and concentrating. It's not exactly easy to make out, given the quality of the video, but something clear? seems to ripple and shimmer into existence in the distance, visible only in the wavy distortions of light it causes. ]

I can make barriers, [ Ion explains, ] and while I've determined that they can hold up well enough against this-

[ He tosses the rocks he's holding at it. The first one misses, but the second one can clearly be seen rebounding off the distorted patch of air. Ion beams again into the camera. ]

-I'd like to figure out how well they'd measure up against other things. Unfortunately, Spianato and Oppure's methods of attack are a bit too direct for me to ask their help with this, which is why I'm asking all of you. [ The Purrloin in question leaps up onto Ion's shoulder and tosses his head haughtily. Ion's Ralts on the other hand is nowhere to be seen, but Ion's expression does change to one of surprise briefly with no visible reason before he laughs lightly. ] ...I think I may have insulted them a little with that.

Anyway, I'll be outside the north side of Union for the rest of the day, so if you'd like to come by, well, [ he closes his eyes and dips his head a little demurely ] I'd welcome the company.


[ True to his word, Ion can indeed be found just outside north Union for as long as there's light out. His Ralts and Purrloin are with him, and though it might not be immediately obvious what they're doing, it's clear enough he's working with his Ralts on something, considering the short lived glimmers of light that show up around the Pokemon every so often. He doesn't seem to do as much directly with his Purrloin, but Oppure doesn't seem to mind: conveniently enough, his Assist makes it so that anything that Spianato learns benefits him too. So for now, the Purrloin simply keeps a watchful eye out. ]

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