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[Hey there Union, are you feeling a little more relaxed now? Well, even if you aren't, Mukuro is. She's decided today is a good day to finally get around to really exploring all the corners of Union... And what better way to do that than to shift?

If you're around Union today, you might see a Poochyena trotting around. She might stop and watch you, but generally won't interfere with anything unless you come bother her. You might also notice she's a bit more... freckly than other Poochyenas.
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Who: Squid Girl, Arietta, Absol, Chester, Apollo, Pamela, and Rise
Where: The ocean's shore and a cave full of Trubbish
When: April 29th
What: Cleaning up the ocean
Warnings: Two groups here - one keeping the Trubbish back while the other dams up the hole they're coming through.  Going with no particular thread order here, just to keep things running smoothly and so threads don't get bogged down.  Post when you can and we'll just work through it as we go.

It's been about a week since Squid Girl discovered the horrifying cave full of Trubbish that feeds into the ocean via underground river, periodically dumping walking bags of toxic waste into her natural habitat.  And naturally, as a proud denizen of the deep, she's decided to do something about it.  So today Squid Girl has returned with a crack squad of environmental freedom fighters - or just the first six people she could wrangle into helping with this plan.  Either one is good enough for her.

"Okay, shut your beaks and listen up!  We're here to save the ocean from getting even more cluttered up with these Trubbish suckers!  Through careful inkfiltration, I've located their secret base in a cave not far from here!  We'll split into two teams - one team will go into the cave and make sure no more Trubbish come through, and the other team will dive underwater to dam up the hole they're coming through!  I have prepared lumber from the Verdant Forest and tools from the city for us to use.  It won't be easy, but we're doing somefin gilly important here - somefin that will be remembered by generations of Water Pokemon to come!  So what are you all waiting for?  Let's get kraken!"

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[ Around the union, people may find one of two things.

One being a young girl walking around the Union with a confused, upset face. She keeps stopping to look under objects, she's obviously looking for something or someone. After a moment, she stops where she's going and wipes her eyes. ]

Where could she have gone! [ She continues to look under and in everything that she can. ] This isn't fair! It wasn't my fault! [ Not that they could hear her.]

[ Another sight to see is a feisty Shinx sniffing around. Every now and than it'll look behind itself and run forward a bit. However, if you have a pokemon out, it'll stop and watch for a moment. There's a quiet, almost playful growl before the Shinx attempts to pounce on the other pokemon. A thin maroon collar around it's neck is visible under the blue fur. ]

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