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This is Dhaos. It has occurred to me that I ought to attempt to seek out the original owner of this body, given that... [An awkward pause ensues as he tries to find a way to phrase this.] ...If you happen to spot someone who is currently a man about six-and-a-half feet tall with curly blond hair, would you kindly direct them to me? I wish to speak with them.
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[The face on the screen is probably familiar to those who stop by the labs every now and again, if perhaps a bit more blue and a with a bit of a different pattern than normal.]

Recently I evolved. Certain abilities have proved useful, but I have found that there are also some minor difficulties as a result. With that bit of context, does anyone perhaps know where I might find a tailor that can make clothing that dries quickly and does not drip terribly much after being submerged? Balancing keeping myself from drying out and working with materials that does not function well if more than very slightly damp is becoming somewhat problematic, and I fear I may cause one of my coworkers to slip if I trail small puddles behind me.



[It's often nice to unwind from a hard day's work by visiting the hot springs. It's perhaps not quite so nice to find that the bit of the spring you initially thought was empty is actually occupied by a man who'd apparently been underwater for the past ten minutes and apparently decided "This is getting a bit too warm, so I think I'll stand up for a few minutes to cool down."

Or perhaps he hasn't surfaced yet, and unfortunate conclusions are drawn by those who don't draw the conclusion that blond is a water type. Perhaps even something else entirely. Regardless, at least Dhaos seems to be enjoying himself.]
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I have wondered for some time...

[A pause as the speaker rethinks his approach to the topic, then starts again.]

...It is generally accepted that humans are a separate kind of being from Pokemon. It is not something that is usually thought about, but I cannot help but wonder if this is the truth of the matter.

All life that we are aware of that have minds of their own are Pokemon, save humans. Why is this, if it is true? Why are those we call Enlightened able to gain abilities as Pokemon do, or even become both Human and Pokemon at will in the case of Shifters. Why can some speak as Pokemon do when most humans cannot?

Perhaps... Perhaps Humanity was punished not solely for its abuse of Pokemon in the past, but in part because in its arrogance the people of bygone times forgot that humans and Pokemon are one and the same...?

[Another moment of hesitation.]

...But perhaps I am incorrect. Still, I believe it is a thought at least worth consideration.


Jun. 7th, 2014 01:30 am
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[Well. That's... not a human face staring at the screen. Actually, it appears to be a slightly distressed Venomoth. Looks like someone is using their human's Warp Band while he sleeps. She chitters at the camera, hoping someone will understand her enough to answer her question.]

Is this on? I think it's on, so I guess I'll ask. Hello everyone. Um... What's the best way to comfort a human who's sad about losing their mate? I know it happened a while before I met him, but he sometimes gets really sad about it and I don't know how to help...
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[Hello Union. Enjoy the expression of a man who decided to go for a walk to enjoy the weather and ended up the perch of more than a dozen pokemon who have apparently decided that he's a comfortable and non-threatening spot to attach themselves to for a bit. He's certain that someone is going to get a good laugh out of this, but that's not terribly important at the moment.]

...I appear to be in somewhat of a predicament. Despite my efforts so far, I have been unable to convince them that I am not entirely comfortable with this. If anyone wouldn't mind providing assistance...?


[If anyone should come across the poor man, he's right where he was when he stopped talking into the Warp Band, trying desperately to convince the swarm of bugs, plants, and fairies that it's quite nice to see them but he really would like to not be anchored to one spot anymore.]

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